Baby-Sitters on Board!

Baby Sitters on Board Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they re going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida a boat trip around the Bahamas and

  • Title: Baby-Sitters on Board!
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590442404
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they re going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida, a boat trip around the Bahamas, and then three days of fun in Disney World Of course they have a million adventures Claudia gets notes from a mysterious Secret Admirer Kristy, Mary Anne, and Stacey makeKristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they re going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida, a boat trip around the Bahamas, and then three days of fun in Disney World Of course they have a million adventures Claudia gets notes from a mysterious Secret Admirer Kristy, Mary Anne, and Stacey make some unusual new friends Dawn has her first real romance And they still have time for what they like best of all baby sitting.

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      Ann Matthews Martin was born on August 12, 1955 She grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, with her parents and her younger sister, Jane After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children s books She s now a full time writer.Ann gets the ideas for her books from many different places Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood memories and feelings Many are written about contemporary problems or events All of Ann s characters, even the members of the Baby sitters Club, are made up But many of her characters are based on real people Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes Ann has always enjoyed writing Even before she was old enough to write, she would dictate stories to her mother to write down for her Some of her favorite authors at that time were Lewis Carroll, P L Travers, Hugh Lofting, Astrid Lindgren, and Roald Dahl They inspired her to become a writer herself Since ending the BSC series in 2000, Ann s writing has concentrated on single novels, many of which are set in the 1960s After living in New York City for many years, Ann moved to the Hudson Valley in upstate New York where she now lives with her dog, Sadie, and her cats, Gussie, Willy and Woody Her hobbies are reading, sewing, and needlework Her favorite thing to do is to make clothes for children uscmillan author annmma


    1. this is the first of the super specials. i remember being so psyched about this book's release when i was a kid. it was extra thick & had chapters from the points of view of every club member, plus byron, mallory, & karen. the premise: mr. pike won a contest at work, & the prize was an all-expenses paid cruise for his entire family, plus three days at disney world. i bet whoever came up with the bright idea for the contest was kicking himself when mr. pike, father of eight, won. with [...]

    2. It's been a few weeks but it's time for another: 'Book from my mother's house that I read as a child!'This is the start of an epic Babysitter's Club add because I had a LOT of these books. I remember I use to go into WHSmith with my Dad (the man who started my passion for reading) and get the 'Special' books if I was good. I loved these girls. So 80's, but where else was I going to get an inspirational role model like Kristy? Entrepreneur, woman boss. Actually, Stacey was my favourite. Super co [...]

    3. This book was way more boring than I remember it being, except for some intense lesbian subtext. The BSC goes on a cruise with the Pikes and the Brewer-Thomases. Dawn gets dragged around by an overly pushy dude, and nobody finds anything wrong with it. Claudia has a stalker, and it's So Romantic (ugh). Kristy spends the whole cruise hanging around an old man, which makes me wonder where her parents were throughout this trip. But the subtext, man. I admit that I was a naive kid. I didn't know whe [...]

    4. first note: I was not able to get The Be Sharps' Baby on Board out of my head the whole time I was reading thisper specials are different from regular bsc books in that they are significantly longer (this was 24 chapters as opposed to the usual 15 chapters), and the narrator switches from chapter to chapter. in this, the FIRST EVER super special, the baby-sitters go on a cruise in the bahamas that ends in a three-day trip to disneyworld. the pikes had won the trip for their whole family and deci [...]

    5. The BSC takes an inexplicable cruise to Disney World in this first super special. It's interesting to read for many reasons: it almost seems like Disney sponsored this book, since it talks so much about Disney things, also Mallory Pike is a character even though she is not yet a regular member with regular books, also how did Ann M Martin and her editors come up with the idea for Super Specials? I absolutely LOVED them as a kid.Things I remember from reading this as a kid:Very little. The only t [...]

    6. So, my mom found a little paper from when I was in third grade upon which I wrote "My favorite book is Baby-Sitters on Board by Ann M. Martin. I like it because I feel like I'm really there." I decided to re-read it as research for a book I'm writing about third-grade-age kids (that's right, a book I'm writing!). It no longer seems like a masterwork of literature, but I could see where my third-grade self was coming from.Some thoughts:Not nearly enough Claudia outfits!I enjoyed Kristy's friendsh [...]

    7. I wanted to read this SO BADLY when it came out, but my library never got a copy, and I couldn't justify paying extra for it out of my allowance when I could have bought two other BSC novels for the same price.So, this was the first time I've read this, even though I'd read other Super Specials when I was young.I was a little creeped out by Claudia's secret admirer, and by the fact that 10 year old boys were allowed to just run around without supervision on an unfamiliar Caribbean island. Seriou [...]

    8. Reading these from book one with my almost-third grader, but I got good kindle deals for the supers and stocked upd couldn't resist a preread on my own. Two fun hours of my childhood back!! I love how these books are wholesome, highlight each girl with diverse interests and personality types but all are equal in value, from tomboys to fashionistas to quiet bookworms. A character for everyone to identify with, I think, if you're in the 8-10 age range of innocent eagerness to be 13. I also appreci [...]

    9. I read this book over and over again when I was young. The BSC super specials were some of my favorites of the series. They had so many adventures! I'm on a quest to own every BSC book published, and I'm also occasionally re-reading them, too, and this one is a little disappointing now that I'm an adult. Claudia's Secret Admirer plot just seemed creepy. Kristy is more annoying than usual (seriouslyrowing chip bags on the floor just to annoy Dawn?). And Mary Ann and her new friend Alexjust WEIRD. [...]

    10. I read all these books when I was a little girl and loved them. And even though it has been many years, I still remember the joy these stories gave me. Adventures of ordinary girls, with their own personalities. I could relate to each one in their own way. The lessons in getting through every day life gave hope and encouragement to a shy girl who was often teased as a girl. I could escape into one of the books and pretend I was in their group. I even wrote myself into a fanfiction or two back th [...]

    11. This book is why I must go to Walt Disney World, take a cruise to Nassau, and fall in love with a mystery admirer/former child actor all while taking care of someone else's children. And you best believe I will be charging manicures to my room, or "cabin", Karen Brewer-styles!Aaaand I can't believe I remember all that off the top of my head. Kathleen Kelly was right -- when you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does! (I a [...]

    12. Hahahah, okay this is obviously getting 4 stars for purely nostalgic reasons. This had to be the first book in my childhood that made me obsessed with the idea of cruises and vacationing with friends. Karen's little manicure that she charged to her father's account was like the highlight of my elementary school life back in the day! But even then, I remember finding Claudia's little stowaway stalker more creepy than adorable, but I guess they were all kids back then and it was all harmless. Haaa [...]

    13. I felt guilty in Sunday School because I didn't pay attention to the lesson. I was too excited about going home to read this book.

    14. The BSC takes off on their first super special vacation that includes all the sitters, and a great deal of the kids. What I love is that while the babysitters get to have their chapters in their point of view (everyone gets a turn) so do quite a few of the kids, which is a nice change. Don't you love seeing into the minds of the triplets? Karen is, of course, always a trip.What I liked? So many divergent storylines that do wind up coming to a nice and neat resolution. What I didn't like? Serious [...]

    15. I was so excited to dive into the first Baby-sitters Club Super Special that I started reading when I was exhausted, so I had to stretch this out over two days. Which is kind of embarrassing. But hey, these books are looooong! (Compared to regular BSC, that is.)What's not to love about Super Specials? There's usually travel involved, the whole Club is generally together, there's always a romance or two, and I love how each chapter is narrated by a different character - and sometimes by non-BSC m [...]

    16. Who wants to start an "I Hate Karen Brewer Club"? I'm down to be president and organize all of our hateful discussions about this little brat.This was the very first Super Special, and as a kid these were all very exciting. They were bigger, for one, than a regular book and they featured characters that you didn't always get to read about as individuals. Do I really WANT Byron Pike narrating a chapter? Not necessarily, but it's something different I guess.I just really hate Karen, guys. This kid [...]

    17. Kristy’s entire extended family, the Pikes, and all of the Baby-sitters go on a cruise around the Bahamas and a three-day trip to Disney World together. I don’t want to think about how much that cost.The format of the Super Specials is that each club member, plus several secondary characters such as the baby-sat, get to narrate a handful of chapters spread throughout the book, so that multiple plotlines and viewpoints can be explored. In general, this narrative experimentation produces disap [...]

    18. Posted originally on my blog: The Writer's InkwellI wasn't entirely sure how to fit in the Super Specials when it came to my rereading schedule for this series. After some research, I discovered this book was released after book twelve in the series. Of course, this doesn't exactly fit the timeline because it's supposed to happen during the summer before the original five head into eighth grade. It doesn't even fit the summer schedule because it takes place after Stacey and Mary Anne went to Sea [...]

    19. I didn't much care for the Super-Specials when I was a kid because they kinda confused me with the shifting points of view. I also usually had a problem with the sort of contrived individual plots in which it seemed like the author was trying to give each narrator an individual conflict and silly resolution.In this book the Pike family goes on vacation. Whenever the Pike family does anything, you know it's going to be full of hijinks, because there are eight children and some of them are pretty [...]

    20. In the first Super Special book, the book changes narrators as all the babysitters go on a cruise with the Pike family. They won a trip, and Kristy's rich stepdad decided to pony up to bring everyone else in the books, so they all got to have a ball . . . except that every one of them had a mystery to solve or a story to tell.These Super Specials didn't really work very well for me because everyone was handed some kind of "issue" that would be solved shallowly by the end, and one of their issues [...]

    21. Oh, nostalgia!I used to obsessively read this book when I was the proper age for it. It was probably my second favorite book in the series, after the Super Special where they go to California. I always liked the Super Specials better than the regular books since they didn't focus as much on babysitting; when I was eleven, I wasn't fond of babysitting or children, but I did like wacky adventures, and the Super Specials had plenty of those.Characters that annoyed me to no end in this book: Kristy, [...]

    22. In which Watson shows up John Pike by going on the same cruise on a whim, Satan Karen is a megabrat who needs locked in a cage, K. Ron frets over a gift, is a slob, and chills with an old guy who I like to think of as Rudy from Survivor, and Mel-ry narrates for the first and only time as a sittee. Also, Caludia has a stalker but it's romantic, STFUDawn falls madly in LUV in minutes, MA chills with a lying bitch, and Stacey has The Diabetes. This Super Special is bizarre to me because Stace spend [...]

    23. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love! And the [...]

    24. I mean, I pretty much had to bump this up to 4 stars just for plain old nostalgia's sake. I was OBSESSED with The Baby-Sitter's Club series when I was younger, and while it doesn't hold up THAT well to the test of time, I still love these little fluffy books so much. It's hysterical how you notice things as an adult now, especially Mary-Anne's total lesbian crush on a passenger on the cruise ship. Hilarious. (Also it blows my mind that Maggie is the same age as the Junior Baby-Sitters in this se [...]

    25. There's an excellent 10/10 podcast currently out there called "The Babysitters' Club Club", in which two guys in Brooklyn read and discuss a BSC book each week. Highly recommend. People look at me strangely when I'm listening to it on the train and cracking up. Which I guess is better than the strange looks the guys reportedly get on the subway for reading the books. Anyway, I reread a couple to prepare for the upcoming podcasts on these books. It's weird how much you remember and how different [...]

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