Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence After the murder of a teenage girl a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit That man wa

  • Title: Hard Evidence
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: 9780425212608
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After the murder of a teenage girl, a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit That man was Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver police He s closing in on the trail of a human trafficker and killer Tessa s accusations could blow hiAfter the murder of a teenage girl, a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit That man was Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver police He s closing in on the trail of a human trafficker and killer Tessa s accusations could blow his cover, and he wants her off the investigation.But just as Tessa has made Julian a target of interest, she is now a target of the killer And as they are forced to trust each other, their physical attraction escalates as intensely as the threat from a ruthless murderer who wants to see both of them dead

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      USA Today best selling author Pamela Clare began her writing career as a columnist and investigative reporter and eventually became the first woman editor in chief of two different newspapers Along the way, she and her team won numerous state and national honors, including the First Amendment Award and the National Journalism Award for Public Service In 2011, she was honored by the Colorado Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists with their Keeper of the Flame Lifetime Achievement Award for her work A single mother with two grown sons and two cats, she writes historical romance and contemporary romantic suspense within view of Colorado s beautiful Rocky Mountains She is a two time RITA finalist Surrender, Defiant and a three time Daphne du Maurier finalist I Team series She loves history, having studied archaeology in college, and has traveled extensively, living for almost three years in Denmark, which feels like home to her She attributes her love of historical romance with the years she spent visiting ruins and castles in Europe.


    1. INVESTIGATION REPORT ON HARD EVIDENCETHE ALLEGATIONSThere has been a recent spate of 5-Star reviews of Pamela Clare’s I-Team series at . As a result, an investigation was launched into the allegations of how amazing this series is. My initial investigation into the engrossing and thought-provoking Extreme Exposure has made this investigator think that there is indeed some validity to these claims. In an attempt to obtain corroborative evidence and ensure a more thorough analysis, I jumped righ [...]

    2. 4.5 Much Better than book one StarsI enjoyed Hard Evidence so much more than I did book one. I loved Julian. He was just so damaged and sexy. He was the perfect combo of asshole and protective sweetheart. I also really liked Tessa. Although she did some things I thought ditzy and down right stupid she was relatable. Her pursuit of the bad guys made more sense. You could understand were she was coming from even if she did recklessly put her life at risk. Julian and Tessa were great together. The [...]

    3. 4 stars!Continuing on with my re-read of this series! :D I adored the first book which I thought was pretty suspenseful, but I keep forgetting that with each new book in the series, the author takes the suspense up a notch so plot-wise this was even better than Extreme Exposure! And then there’s the fact that the author has created this irresistible, protective hero Julian that I couldn’t help but swoon over"I’m half Italian.""Which half?" the words were out before Tessa could stop them. W [...]

    4. Hard Evidence is book 2 in the suspense filled I-Team series. This story focuses on one of the most horrific crimes imaginable – the buying and selling of human beings. It is something that I find so abhorrent, and how anyone can look into the face of an innocent child and think that it’s ok to force them into a life of prostitution or worse is beyond my ability to comprehend. It takes a truly evil person to be capable of such atrocities, and I’ve no doubt that there’s a special place in [...]

    5. 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseThis is a very intelligent, well-crafted, intense, smokin’ hot, edge-of-your seat romantic suspense thriller!Tessa Novak is an investigative reporter who embarks on a crusade of justice after personally witnessing a brutal drive-by shooting of a teenage girl at a convenient store. It’s not long before her investigation and naïve journalistic ideals put her in danger, from both the mafia crime syndicate behind the murder and the attraction she feels for sexy, cyn [...]

    6. Hard Evidence was an excellent book. It quenched my thirst for good romantic suspense, that's not just about a hot hero and a cute, likable heroine scratching an itch while dodging bullets, and ultimately falling in love. No, there's nothing wrong with that. But it's great to read something that goes deeper and touches on issues that are real and meaningful in the world today while I get my high octane romance fix.Julian is a man who has spent most of his life in the dark. He started out with a [...]

    7. Una novela completamente adictiva; esa mezcla de romance y thriller, junto a la fluida pluma de Pamela Clare, hace que casi sea imposible despegarse de sus páginas.Esta segunda entrega me gustó más que la primera en cuanto a la trama policial, pero con lo que no logré enganchar nunca fue con sus personajes principales, o mejor dicho, con la relación de ellos. Por un lado tenemos a Tessa, una periodista de investigación, que si bien nació y vivió su infancia en la extrema pobreza y con un [...]

    8. Opening Line: “Coffee was Tessa Novak’s heroin.”Oh this was just so good, and once again I have to thank everyone who kept recommending this series to me, I’m just sorry now I waited so long to start it. And Pamela Clare thanks for writing yet another amazing book, it seems that you can do no wrong, as this was a superbly written, exciting, intelligent, intriguing, suspenseful and oh so sexy story. And holy hell with the heroes; these men of yours just keep getting yummier.Hard evidence [...]

    9. MAY 2011 REREADView my review atUnder the CoversThere's this love/hate relationship with me and Ms. Clare’s heroines. Sometimes, I'm green with envy because they have to deal with the most amazing guys. Sometimes, I'm mad because they can be soooo persistent and driven in their work that they forget that their safety is in danger. There are times when they cause more trouble than solve problems. But at the same time, I admire their courage and strength. Whatever the case may be, the reason why [...]

    10. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. It was that good! This is the second book in Pamela Clare's I-Team series, and while all three were excellent reads, this one is my favorite by far!Tessa Novak is an investigative reporter for the 'Denver Independent' newspaper. While stopping for coffee (her secret vice) at a gas station/convenience store, she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing the drive-by murder of a teenage girl. After the murder, Tessa notices [...]

    11. Ever read a book and felt like you just wanted to turn around and start it all over again?!! This is definitely one of those books: I didn't JUST want to read the "good passages" again I wanted the whole darn experience of discovering Julian and Tessa's love affair all over again. Unfortunately, that's never possible, but maybe if I can tuck it away for a good long time and resist picking it up, it will definitely be one that I'll savor yet again! It's always hard for me to write my 5+++ star r [...]

    12. me ha encantado. Tema duro, personajes con un pasado duro, buena trama y buen romance . Julián es fkfjfakfafl JULIAN y Tessa valiente valienteRelectura y 5* otra vez. Me encanta.Julián Darcangelo me matas, ME MA-TAS

    13. What an amazing, awesome, fantastic, phenomenal book. I absolutely loved it!I have been wanting to read a Pamela Clare suspense book for some time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge.The story was extremely good and kept me interested from page one. The ending was so heart wrenching in a happy way that I had tears of joy.I loved both Julian and Tessa, they were both great characters. The sexual tension in the first half of the book is very high and when they finally hit the sheets SSSSSSSSSSS [...]

    14. Is it my imagination or do the heroes in Pamela Clare’s novels just get hotter and hotter with each subsequent book? If so, I can’t wait to get to Unlawful Contact.Hard Evidence was a fun book to read. Interesting choice of words since the subject matter was anything but fun. Hard Evidence is the story of an investigative reporter and the world of human trafficking. Tessa Novak is a tenacious reporter, often following leads that lead her into harm’s way. She witnesses a murder and sees a d [...]

    15. "I'm half Italian.""Which half?" The words were out before Tessa could stop them.Was she flirting with him? She never flirted with men.His lips curved in a slow, sexy smile that made her heart trip. "From the waist down." Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has come a long way from her childhood. She works hard and believes in getting the truth to the public. When she witnesses a drive-by shooting nothing is more important to her than bringing the bad guys to light, getting justice for the poor y [...]

    16. This started out okay, but by the third or fourth chapter it was clear the heroine was TSTL and every reason I hate journalists as main protagonists. She got in the way of everything, refusing to listen and jeopardizing all the people the investigation was hoping to save in the end. And somehow her mantra of 'I'm a journalist, I have a responsibility to tell the truth! I'm trying to save people by outing your entire investigation on the front page!" is not only accepted, but admired by character [...]

    17. Well. Yet another author for my 'must buy' list thanks to all my buds on . Pamela Clare blew me away with this tightly plotted romantic suspense novel that will get your pulse rate moving in more ways than one.Investigative reporter Tessa has always fought for the underdog. And when she sees a young teen blown away literally before her eyes, she decides to do what she does best.stigate. Before long she's hip deep in danger and lust with undercover agent Julian. But when Julian needs her to keep [...]

    18. Second read 5/28/12Tessa worked my last nerve a bit this time through. I mean how many time did Julian have to tell her that Alexi was a sadistic SOB that took pleasure in the torturing of girls???? I mean come on WAKE UP cupcake! But push all that aside and this is an amazing story written by a truly gifted story teller! First Read 2/19/10-2/22/10Pamela Clare has managed to out do herself with the second book in the I-Team series! I can certainly see where everyone gets their love for Julian. I [...]

    19. Relentless, successful reporter covering the Denver police beat. Wide-eyed, oblivious, self-absorbed innocent.That could work if the two fall in love through the excitement of a fast-paced, action-packed plot.But actually, both descriptions are of the same character, Tessa, an investigative reporter without a clue about vice in her city, despite supposedly being an experienced reporter assigned to the police beat. After witnessing a drive by, she stubbornly tries to find out who is responsible, [...]

    20. Y otra saga a la que me engancho y ya van El segundo libro de la serie iTeam escrita por Pamela Clare toca un tema duro: la trata de mujeres, y me ha recordado en algunos momentos a la saga Mercenarios de Lori Foster, cuyos dos primeros libros recomiendo encarecidamente.Aunque repite en exceso el esquema del primer libro, la trama está mejor desarrollada y la relación de la pareja protagonista es explosiva, aunque echo en falta el sentido del humor de Kara y Reece. Las amigas son quienes ponen [...]

    21. 5++ Stars - It has been awhile since I read this book, but loving the talent of its author and following her recent updates, I wanted to add my thoughts.Another great story by Pamela Clare with the perfect balance of romance and suspense. I would give this a 10 if the ratings went that high! This book captured me, held me and wouldn't let go until the last page was read. And yes, I know I'm being redundant when I say that Pamela Clare has an amazing talent that when added to her intelligence, he [...]

    22. 4.5 Stars So this is my second novel by Pamela clare. And so far Im so thrilled that i had finally got down to this series. You must wonder why i gave this book a 4.5 star? Well,I got into the story so much that i felt sort of personal with the heroine here. To point out the good and the bad of the story (IMO) i will say what worked for me and not.- For starters, let me just say that Pamela`s writing is in one word incredible. She morphs from creative,to lush, to gut wrenching all at the same ti [...]

    23. HARD EVIDENCE – the second in the I-Team series. What can I say * pauses to wipe drool from chin* - where was I? Oh, that’s right I was going to start describing how hot this book was. I couldn’t put this sucker down! I was pulled into the whirlpool that is I-Team.So, Tessa Novak is a cop reporter for the I-Team which in lamens terms is the Denver Independent newspaper. Tessa ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes eye witness to a murder of a young girl. While being [...]

    24. Tessa Novak is an I-Team reporter with Denver Independence covering the cop desk. On her way home from work, she stops at a convenience store and becomes a witness to a murder of a young girl, moments after she pleaded for help. Tessa is determined to use her position to help find and expose the girls killer, even if it runs afoul of police efforts. Julian Decarangelo is an undercover federal agent who has been working the territory that involved the murdered young girl. It doesn't take long for [...]

    25. Re-Read August 25, 2013:This book is still one of my favorites. I loved reading about Tessa and Julian (Dark Angel). Julian was fast loosing his soul to the darkness of his work. Years of blending in with the horrific would of sex trafficking, his horrible childhood that ultimately led him to his careerdarkness.Tessa was his light. How she got thru his defenses. Her gentleness and strength helped guide him back to the light. Still my favorite couple! Nicely written. I love how Pamela weaves a ta [...]

    26. FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC!I am just loving these books! Definitely makes my top 5 favorite series!These stories are a perfect combination of suspense and romance. We all know how I love my romance books, but this is done just right. Not too much, not too little. Great storyline too with the human trafficking. I just wish all the kids in the world could be saved from that. It's a sad but true reality. Julian aka Dark Angel, how appropriate. He is yummy! I really enjoyed Tessa's character. S [...]

    27. First read March 8-11, 2011What can I sayLoved it!Was on the edge of my seat at the end! Julian and Tessa are amazing and their amazing together(once they get through all their layers).Can't wait to read book in the I-Team series!Second read July 15-16, 2013LOVED, LOVED this book the second time around!What can I say Julian is PERFECT! and Tessa is one of my favorite female characters in the whole I-Team series (right up there with Kara).I loved the writing, characters, and story even more this [...]

    28. Im really REALLY digging this series!! The suspense, the police-drama, the journalist perspective of things, the lust, the sexs a pretty package rolled into one. The more I read, the more I want to be a investigative journalistor a senator or a police detective! Or just plain have my soul-mate be one of Pamela Clare's alpha males. DAMMIT! On to my next love-affair!

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