The Circus of the Earth and the Air

The Circus of the Earth and the Air A woman volunteers for a circus magic trickd vanishes When her husband sets out to discover what has happened he is tortured tempted and analyzed and eventually sheds his identity and gains a new o

  • Title: The Circus of the Earth and the Air
  • Author: Brooke Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780156002066
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • A woman volunteers for a circus magic trickd vanishes When her husband sets out to discover what has happened, he is tortured, tempted, and analyzed and eventually sheds his identity and gains a new one as a tightrope walker whose strength is his vulnerability Photographs.

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    1. This book has been described as an "action novel," as "ethereal" and "esoteric" and "suspenseful." I argue that it is none of those things. In fact, I would argue that this book is nothing more than a meandering, clumsy tale that appears to have been made up as the author went along.The set-up is great, and as far as novel concepts go, a good one: a couple go to a circus, the wife volunteers for a disappearing act, and, uh-oh, she never reappears. The circus performers completely ignore the pani [...]

    2. Brooke Stevens joined the circus as a young man, and somewhere along the way he realized circuses are kind of like a religion. Or maybe stages are like life and we are all performers? Or maybe audiences are what hold truly incredible performances back and so the trick is to have a permanent circus isolated and without spectators.Or maybe he just decided it would be great fun to write a story about a man whose wife vanishes inexplicably after volunteering for a vanishing act at a circus and said [...]

    3. i love this book. it haunts me. i want more from the author. or maybe not, maybe this is enough. it left me longing for a tutu and the truth.

    4. Perhaps because it is very psychological, surreal, and almost on the border of incoherent did I really love this book. The description really throws you off, I didn't want to read about circuses (i hate circuses) yet this is not a circus loving book, but the metaphor of the grim realities of it and symbolism. its almost filled with philosophical anecdotes, the aching feeling of loss - and the heart ache it leaves you - the psychological trauma of it, theres also history (i won't spoil it).icana [...]

    5. I've lost count of how many times I've read this book. This book will suck you in in under twenty pages, you won't want to book this book down. I burrowed this book from a friend in high school and I never want to give the book back to her. It took me a very long time to track down this book.

    6. Failed the "100 Page Rule" - If after 100 pages you still don't care about any of the characters, life is too short to be reading this. With this book, it failed the 100 Page Rule by page 93. Next!

    7. This book is a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, fantasy, and romance.A man and his wife visit a circus, where she participates in an act as a volunteer from the audience, to disappear. Only she really does disappear, and her husband can't find her anywhere, especially when the circus vanishes without a trace of anyone knowing about its existence.

    8. From the inside jacket, this book sounded like a real interesting read. The comments on the back jacket also gave me hope that this book was going to be something like I've never read before.They weren't wrong, they were just right in a different way.It sure is nightmarish - the editing is atrocious. It's like whole paragraphs of explanation are completely left out. If this was a film it would be rife with jump cuts.It sure is utterly fascinating - fascinating that this got published.I made it t [...]

    9. This book is so memorable. I read this book over 20 years ago and still sticks in my head. I had gotten out of Bangor Public Library. I remember where it was and the smell of the library and everything. Very memorable.

    10. The book started out good and then I just wanted to know the end. Could have just skipped all the weird stuff in the middle. It didn't really make sense and the surprise ending was just kind of annoying. I went through all that to find out what? Eww.

    11. From Josh Bazell interview: I just finished a so-called literary novel, The Circus of the Earth and the Air by Brooke Stevens. It has about 20 things I hate in a book—dream sequences, doppelgangers, magical realism, and so on—but was fantastic.

    12. I'd give it 2.5 stars if I could. There are a lot of really beautiful surreal scenes in here, like something in a weird dream or maybe the background in a music video. I got sucked in for those periods, getting lost in the pure bizarreness of the micro-worlds Stevens creates. But the story does nothing for me. I feel like I never actually got to know the characters in any depth or understand them in any way beyond surface motivations or snapshots. I kept holding out that all the strangeness woul [...]

    13. I liked pieces of this book on their own, but put together it is a totally disjointed narrative. I wanted to like this more than I did. The whole island section, okay on it's own, barely even fit into the story and afterward had no effect on the main plot or characters. You could have taken the whole middle of the book out and you would never have noticed a gap in the story or character growth. It was odd. Like all that time and training on the island was totally forgotten by him the instant he [...]

    14. This book would be better categorized as some kind of inner-journey fiction, rather than fantasy. Both the good and bad reviews of this book are spot on. The synopsis says all you can say, becuase this isn't an action book, and, 'a guy goes to the circus, looses his wife and spends way too long looking for her,' really says it all. In a summary like that, you can't add, 'but he looks for her with the most poetic musings', and not make it sound FoS.That said, I read this ages ago, but I remember [...]

    15. This book is written in a very surreal way. The type of way that makes everything in the book feels like a hallucination or a dream sequence. The events that occur, the people Alex met, the things Alex does, they all blend together in one quest to find his missing wife. It is very hard to tell if magic and the supernatural is supposed to exist in this book. If it does not, this a book about a man gone insane with the disappearance of his wife, hopelessly chasing after the circus to find her. If [...]

    16. This book has great examples of vivid imagery and I like the surrealist theme. There are couple things wrong with this book and like everyone said it was trying a bit too hard to be symbolic and yet it didn't get the meaning across. Towards the end Alex's search got tedious and I felt like the book would have ended nicely with him eating macaroni on a tight rope forever. Then maybe they could have the old man come at the end and tell him. As for the plot twist at the end I was a bit confused bec [...]

    17. The book first appealed to me because the synopsis on the back implied that it was going to take you into a nightmarish scene in the circus world as a man tries to find his wife, whom he believes was abducted by traveling performers. What I wished for was a novel that had the same light irony as Nights at the Circus was instead some weird, poorly written piece of people struggling to join this circus troopeminded me unfortunately of George Orwell's 1984. Basically, alot of people died, actors we [...]

    18. I'll admit that I was suckered into reading this by the descriptions on the back that involved 'hallucinatory' (if I recall correctly). I'm always a sucker for something hallucinatory. But this didn't really live up to its promise. The story is definitely non-standard and could I guess be considered downright weird, which is fine by me. Maybe it was the writing I didn't really enjoy - it was a little bland for my taste. But for all my bitching, I was pretty engrossed through most of it and didn' [...]

    19. This started out great but then went downhill quickly. I like mysticism as much as anyone but it has to flow smoothly with clear content threaded throughout. This one lost its way pretty early on; it showed great promise and I was disappointed by the downward spiral. I was unable to finish it, which is rare for me. I'll try to pick it up again later, as perhaps I'm expecting too much out of any book with the word "circus" in its title.

    20. I had high hopes for this book. Between the weird cover and mystical nature of the circus. I was thinking this book would be a supernatural roller-coaster ride but it never came to fruition. I kept waiting for some great explanation to the mystical circus. I was also looking to be immersed in a twisted circus atmosphere Over all I expected much more Mildly entertaining.

    21. This was an awesome read! I loved the vivid descriptions of the circus performers and their acts. It came alive so well in my thoughts; everything from the flying mans's animal like laugh, to the image of Macaroni perching on his high wire. It was the type of story that leaves you hanging though. I'm hoping for a sequel! :)

    22. Favorite QuotesEveryone has to play a role; everyone has to take a point of view.When you’re growing up, it takes a long time for you to realize that there’s something different about you. On one level, you know there’s something strange, but on another, yourself is the only thing you ever knew.

    23. 25 years after reading it for the first time I still think about this bookIts haunting and at times strange sometimes even heart wrenching but it is never boring. I'll likely read it again, for a 3rd timeas its been awhile and I kind of miss it!

    24. So far, this book is really good. It is a story about the love of a man for his wife and how that love takes him into a strange world of cruel people. The world may or may not be real. It also involves a circus ;-)

    25. A very original story, beautifully crafted. It's like you've entered the twilight zone. My only complaint is that the end leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but this is still a very enjoyable and fascinating read.

    26. Two trusted friends recommended this to me so I took it on my honeymoon but was very disappointed. Though sometimes I remember the language and want to give it another shot. Haven't had the heart yet, though.

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