A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned From its opening scene to its breath catching climax Liz Carlyle s newest novel is a vividly etched portrait of passion and intrigue When a woman consumed by sinister secrets opens the door to a stri

  • Title: A Woman Scorned
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9780671038267
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • From its opening scene to its breath catching climax, Liz Carlyle s newest novel is a vividly etched portrait of passion and intrigue When a woman consumed by sinister secrets opens the door to a strikingly handsome stranger, a powerful desire rushes in and a love she could not have imagined Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Jonet Rowland is surely that BuFrom its opening scene to its breath catching climax, Liz Carlyle s newest novel is a vividly etched portrait of passion and intrigue When a woman consumed by sinister secrets opens the door to a strikingly handsome stranger, a powerful desire rushes in and a love she could not have imagined Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Jonet Rowland is surely that But she is also lovely, rich, and it is rud an unrepentant adulteress When her philandering husband, the marquis of Mercer, is murdered in his own bed, it s whispered that Jonet is a femme fatale in ways than one Shunned by society, the daring widow steels herself to fight for what truly matters her children When his scheming uncle begs him to investigate the death of his brother, Lord Mercer, Captain Cole Amherst refuses But it is soon apparent that treachery stalks two innocent boys, and Cole plunges into the viper s pit that is Jonet Rowland s life Nothing could have prepared Cole for the lust Jonet inspires But as danger swirls about them, he is tortured by doubt Can an honorable soldier open his shuttered heart and let a wicked widow teach him how to truly love

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      Dear Readers, The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull, introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously I came to writing rather late in life, and I m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love, and that I get to stay home while I do it My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said, I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art But if you set out to make art, you re an idiot I have never tried to create art, but I do try to tell one heck of a good story Yes, I try to write with a hot iron, while the heat of the story is in me And I try, always, to entertain my readers.Regards,Liz


    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsA Woman Scorned is yet another worthy effort from Liz Carlyle, but in my opinion, not the strongest of her novels that I have read to date. As with her other books, A Woman Scorned also contained an intriguing mystery element, this one involving the murder of the heroine's husband. The mystery was a bit more prominent in this story though, and consequently, I felt that it overshadowed the actual romance, in some ways. Aside from a strong physical attraction and mutual lon [...]

    2. Originally reviewed January, 2011.I am actually re-reading this book again (which I find myself doing more and more with my bookshelf due to the economy) and am enjoying it.A Woman Scorned is considered a prequel to the Lorimer Family series and it is a very good beginning.Update: I finished this book, by one of my favorite authors, and found that Cole is one of my beloved heroes by Ms. Carlyle. I’m not really into blonds, but he is an exception. He is dashing and moral and has a sense of humo [...]

    3. Different coverIt's been a while since I've read the other books in this series, somehow this book just escaped me at the time and it was recently that I realised I hadn't read. Since I'm a Carlyle fan I decided to pick it up asap!Jonet Rowland, the Marchioness of Mercer is lovely, rich, and—it is rumored—an unrepentant adulteress. And when her philandering husband is murdered in his own bed, it's whispered that Jonet is a femme fatale in more ways than one. It will take a dashing and honora [...]

    4. 22 Dec 2017. Probably the third or fourth time I've read this book (over a period of a few years). It still stands up really well. A lovely and deeply felt romance, as well as two intriguing mysteries wrapped up in the story. As a repeat reader, it doesn't worry me that I already know the answer to the mysteries and I know whodunnit. It's still an enjoyable read.Captain Cole Amherst, cavalry officer, scholar, cricketer and more a man of quiet integrity and intensity. Somewhat against his will, h [...]

    5. It has been whispered that Jonet killed her husband in order to be with her younger lover. Captain Cole Amherst has been ordered by his uncle to find out if it is indeed true that Jonet murdered her husband. Instead what Cole finds is a beautiful woman pushed to the brink of sanity trying to keep her sons safe from an unknown evil. Cole, on the verge of taken his vows to God, finds himself pushed to the brink himself as he fights his overwhelming attraction to Jonet. For Jonet's part, no man or [...]

    6. After rereading the book, my initial rating stands. This is a solid 4 star book for me. The relationship between Jonet and Cole was definitely what kept me interested while the mystery surrounding Jonet's husband's death was a bonus. The mystery was not poorly done and was a good foundation for throwing the two characters together. Cole was interesting for hero. The fact that he took orders and was meant for the church was fascinating to me. When Carlyle describes him slipping on his gold-rimmed [...]

    7. Jonet Rowland, é uma jovem rica, adorável e bela e também considerada infiel e desprezada por uma sociedade hipócrita. Mas, Jonet é uma mãe abnegada e quando o marido muito mais velho é envenenado é acusada de te-lo matado. No entanto, ela não dá a minima para os rumores e tudo que ela deseja é a segurança dos filhos. Quando o irmão do falecido marido, implora para Capitão Cole Amherst para que ele investigue a morte do irmão, ele recusa. Porem, logo volta atrás e decide aceitar [...]

    8. A great sophomore novel from Liz Carlyle! Again, she flips the traditional emotions and roles of the romance novel hero and heroines. Jonet Rowland, Marchioness of Mercer, is a feisty, temperamental, passionate woman who finds her perfect foil in the most unexpected place: the cool, studious and serious Captain Cole Amherst. Great secondary characters rounded out this book. It was gratifying to have small children in the book who weren't cloyingly cute or obnoxiously precocious. They read like r [...]

    9. Hmmm there's nothing wrong with this book but it's another favourite which lost its magic that would be the second Liz Carlyle in my re-reading spree. Still, I am glad I did reread so many of her books as she's such a marvelous author with a simply splendid writing style. C+

    10. Unlike the first book in the series, this one had a very promising start. The prologue was quite entertaining and I hoped the rest of the book would follow, but I was sorely disappointed. Apart from trying to figure out who did it, the book was a dreadful bore and hero got on my last nerve. Cole is suppose to be deep and complex, tormented by his past and his moralities. But he is simply self-righteous, sanctimonious ass who quickly jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Jonet is more likeable. At [...]

    11. I guessed the villain right. I tend to think the unsuspected character to be the villain because I think there might be some twist in the end. So, I'm not really surprised of the outcome. I might not know of the true relationship between Jonet and Delacourt if only I didn't read the fifth book first. So, that kinda ruined the spoiler for me.

    12. Enjoyable, but I have to confess I read it so I could enjoy some of LC's later books more (we meet at least two characters that will have their own books).

    13. I was a little surprised by who the villain was in this story. I read the story a number of years ago and I think I was surprised then as well. Ms. Carlyle does a good job of hiding the person’s identity until the very end of the book. This story also has the surprise in that there is a small mention of bondage and domination mixed in. I was very pleased to find that scene. This is a wonderful example of the complex writing style of Ms. Carlyle. She brings such life to her characters are the p [...]

    14. This book always leaves me frustrated. I have likely read it a half dozen times and have yet to be satisfied. This probably is a sign of something, hmmm, maybe not so good. There are two primary problems with this book. First, the plot is overly complicated. Let's just take a peek at the interactions between the key characters as an example. There are three degenerate friends: the Scot, the dead husband, and the other guy. The Scot rapes the other guy's wife. The other guy challenges the Scot to [...]

    15. Didn't care for this one. Started skimming at the 25% mark, because I found the long-winded characters and their haughty posturing to be incredibly annoying. The narrative was wordy and became tedious.

    16. Ceritanya lumayan bagusWalaupun memang awalnya aku tidak terlalu suka dengan Jonet karena mengira dia wanita tukang selingkuh,tapi akhirnya aku sedikit cukup bisa menyukai wanita ini karena kegigihannya untuk melindungi anak-anaknya setelah suaminya meninggal dunia dan dia menjadi tertuduh utama dari pembunuhan itu sendiri.Cole sendiri adalah laki2 yang sangat gentleman dan baik hati. Dia berusaha untuk tidak terlalu berprasangka buruk terhadap Jonet walaupun memang tetap merasa cemburu dengan k [...]

    17. Kapten Cole Amherst awalnya menolak permintaannya pamannya, James, untuk menyelidiki kematian Lord Mercer yang diduga meninggal karena diracuni oleh istrinya sendiri, Lady Mercer. Akan tetapi keputusannya itu berubah begitu dia melihat Jonet Rowland, janda Mercer yang sangat cantik itu begitu ketakutan akan keselamatan kedua anaknya, ia pun memutuskan untuk menjadi guru privat bagi kedua putra Mercer dan yakin bahwa pembunuh Lord Mercer bukanlah jonet, dan pembunuh itu masih berkeliaran menganca [...]

    18. So boring. Wanted it to end. No emotional buildup.Reads like a long drawn out mystery – slowly peeling away the layers of an onion. Although, I think many readers will be able to figure out who the villain is and what the Delacourt secret it long before the author gets around to revealing them. The characters and events weren’t interesting enough. I wanted it to be over. Someone killed Jonet’s husband. Cole became a tutor for her two boys. She and Cole started falling for each other. Jonet [...]

    19. The story started out glumly but ended the opposite way, but there is a lot of gloom in the atmosphere not enough to make up for the happy moments. It started with a death, then murder was ruled out and the main suspect is Jonet (heroine), the wife of the deceased. I loved how the author combined a mystery, suspense, and romance and everything worked out perfectly. Characters are unpredictable and unconventional. Sure Jonet was a damsel in distress but she was no meek damsel. She faced her battl [...]

    20. Loved, loved, loved it! The hero Cole is totally scrumptious and Jonet the heroine is a sparkling delight, even with her temper and outbursts. Both of the main characters are incredibly well-written and alive. Love how Cole finally resigns himself (with a secret happy grin) to marrying a "shrew". I realized who the villain of the story is almost as soon as they were introduced, but that only made the story more interesting, to see how it would unfold and how the other characters would figure out [...]

    21. I have enjoyed Liz Carlyle's books for ages, and just finished a re-read of "A Woman Scorned," originally published in 2000. It has aged very well!Carlyle really shows off her writing and storytelling skills here. Jonet and Cole are both very fully realized characters. They have depth and scope -- their thoughts and emotions are vivid and realistic. And wowe they steaming hot together!"Scorned" is a complete package -- there's Jonet and Cole's growing relationship as well as a nice tightly woven [...]

    22. Di curigai meracuni suami nya sendiri , Lady Mercer menjadi target penyelidikan pamannya,James dengan mengutus kapten Cole Armhest anggota Pasuka Dreagon Kerajaan InggrisSo boring, karakter Lady Mercer yg bitchy dan Cole yg lemah terhadap godaan perempuan,penyendiri sangat mengganggu dan benar2 membuat bosan membaca nya[image error]Yang menarik di baca cuma adegan ehm ehm nya ajadan cukup banyak juga sih.[image error]Bermaksud untuk menggabungkan misteri denganromance, sungguh cerita ini tidak b [...]

    23. I thought this book was very good. I enjoyed a lot of the characters, especially Cole. I've always preferred blondes. :) His character was ideal in the way that he had values and morals that often are not seen in most of the regency period, but he wasn't a whimpering sod, a self-righteous blow-hard, or an evil villain just because he was "religious". That, in itself, was a nice change. Carlyle gave the H/h in this book such passion that it was hard to put down. I knew a few of the secrets throug [...]

    24. This Victorian (well, not really - it's set too late for a Regency but too early for a Victorian. A Williamian? :P) is so so so good! The hero is an officer in between postings who used to think about becoming a clergyman and the heroine is a widow into whose household he comes as a tutor to her two young sons (long story). There are murders and mysteries but the reason I love the book so much were Cole and Jonet - she is high-strung and brittle but so understandable in it and so strong, and he [...]

    25. Not as good as her usual stuff - I could not like Jonet very much, she was too busy hating and mistrusting EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I did not feel sorry for her, but just wanted to slap her. Hard. Cole was a good character, no doubt about where he stood and what a good man he was. It was nice to see a nerdy guy as the hero for a change. Usually the heroes in these bodice rippers are noblemen, or noblemen who are frowned upon or scorned by polite society. But, the author has lived up to her steam [...]

    26. This was Ok It has all the romance ticks but it seemed formulaic. I noticed that in nearly all her books the first lustful encounter with the characters is always around 47% of the book I think I might have read too many by this author all seemed a bit samey and it felt like half the book was page filling, like there was not enough story, so some parts got dragged out to make the story long enoughuntil the last few chapters, which were better. I'm not a die hard romance reader but I do normally [...]

    27. I loved the character of Captain Cole Amherst and was extremely surprised that he could keep his composure during the screaming antics of Jonet. It was refreshing, also, to have the roles reversed, and to have the female lead during the pursuing of what could be described as a nerd of a male lead. The mystery element was well done as well, and I did not suspect the true cuprit until the big reveal at the end. For my first time reading a Liz Carlyle historical romance, I am won over and will defi [...]

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