The Museum's Secret

The Museum s Secret Welcome to the Scatterhorn Museum But don t get too excited it s a cold and dingy place crammed full of tatty stuffed animals and junk Nobody much wants to visit any and its days are surely numbere

  • Title: The Museum's Secret
  • Author: Henry Chancellor
  • ISBN: 9780192720832
  • Page: 455
  • Format: None
  • Welcome to the Scatterhorn Museum But don t get too excited it s a cold and dingy place, crammed full of tatty stuffed animals and junk Nobody much wants to visit any , and its days are surely numbered But when Tom is sent to live here he soon finds there is to this museum than meets the eye.

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    1. Henry Chancellor

      Henry Chancellor is the author of the highly acclaimed Colditz The Definetive History and James Bond The Man and His World The Official Companion To Ian Flemming s Creation His remarkable television series, Escape From Colditz, won sweeping praise and has been shown all over the world His documentaries for television include The Great Belzoni, Millenium and Commando.The Museum s Secret was the first installment in Henry s trilogy of young adult books in THE REMARKABLE ADVENTURES OF TOM SCATTERHORN series and has since been followed by The Hidden World The Forgotten Echo It has been sold in translation in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, Korea, China and the Czech Republic.


    1. Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! I don’t know where to begin!The Museum’s Secret is the first book in a trilogy. The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn. And boy are they remarkable! The first chapter is an explosive beginning, weaving together a beetle-hunting expedition to Mongolia, and a terrifying river of predatory beetles!We then get to meet Tom. An 11-year-old boy who’s been sent to spend the holidays with his rather eccentric Aunt and Uncle. The Scatterhorn family have owned the [...]

    2. Read on blog!!WOHOHO! I don't even know where to begin.The Museum's secret is the first book in the trilogy of The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn. The second is The Hidden World and the third being The Forgotten Echo. The book captivates you from the first chapter with a beetle-hunting expedition and soon you are introduced to Tom's eccentric Aunt and Uncle.The Scatterhorn family have owned the Scatterhorn Museum for as long as any one can remember. The taxidermy animals who used to be [...]

    3. wandering-worldyrock/303,5/5Dès le départ, le roman ne m'attirait pas spécialement. Je trouvais le résumé assez moyen, et le fait qu'il y est peu d'avis sur Internet m'avait encore un peu plus refroidi. Au final, ma première impression ne s'est pas révélée complètement fausse. Je n'ai pas beaucoup aimé ce roman. Mais j'ai tout de même apprécié l'histoire qu'il contenait. J'ai même été très surpris par la fin. Un petit voyage très agréable, au final.Nous suivons ici Tom, un je [...]

    4. Henry Chancellor est né à Londres en 1968. Avant de devenir écrivain, il a passé de nombreuses années à réaliser des documentaires, ce qui l'a amené à voyager aux quatre coins du monde, dans des endroits très étonnants. Le musée abandonné est le premier tome de la trilogie des Extraordinaires aventures de Tom Scatterhorn.Si vous aimez les livres d'aventures ou vous plonger dans des films d'action comme Indiana Jones ou Jumanji, le premier tome des extraordinaires aventures de Tom Sc [...]

    5. 3 stelle e 1/2Prologo in stile Indiana Jones promette bene, stiamo a vedere!Per adesso è lento ma vengo da Vance che è un colpo di scena dietro l'altroL'autore si dilunga in spiegazioni e antefatti, decollerà.Il vero libro inizia a pagina 99!A circa metà libro il racconto inizia a dipanarsi, le atmosfere sono un poco più misteriose e le sotto-trame sono ancora da riprendere.Per ora non si capisce il prologo con il resto del libro, ma lasciamo all'autore il tempo di spiegarsi!La parte finale [...]

    6. This might actually deserve 2 1/2 stars but I put 3 because I'm willing to read the next book in the hope that more will be explained. Throughout this book I kept wondering what was going on. Tom Scatterhorn is an 11 year-old boy whose father has gone missing while searching for something mysterious in the Mongolian wilderness. Tom's mother has gone to look for him so Tom has gone to stay with his quirky aunt and uncle who are the caretakers of the Scatterhorn Museum. The museum is dark and fall [...]

    7. Passionnant, si on accepte de partir à la découverte d'un musée humide, sombre et glauque, avec des animaux empaillés, et une histoire de diamant disparu. Le héros du roman est un jeune garçon de douze ans, Tom Scatterhorn, son père est porté disparu en Mongolie, sa mère part à sa recherche et Tom est accueilli chez son oncle Jos et sa tante Melba. Le musée va vite devenir son nouveau terrain de jeux, avec des couloirs qui font voyager dans le temps et des animaux qui ressuscitent alo [...]

    8. It just kept getting weirder and weirder. And there were too many plotlines. By the time I was fed up with all the twists, I was halfway through the book and emotionally invested enough in the main characters that I wanted to find out how it ended. I was so relieved when I finished it. Yes, there's a bit of a happy ending but the book was just too "out there" for my taste. Time travel and immortality I've read before and have no problem suspending my disbelief for that. But stuffed museum animal [...]

    9. Tom Scatterhorn is on a big adventure to find out the secret behind his museum. He is a twelve year boy on a huge adventure so this book is very exciting in a sense that he is very brave and does not back down easily to anything or anyone in his way. This book has twists in every chapter and makes you think how you would feel against so many powerful people, either on your side or against you. I would recommend this to people around the age of 9-14 who like a good adventure and enjoy lots of twi [...]

    10. In saying that the adventures of Tom Scatterhorn are remarkable, this book does not lie. The story is a tale of mystery, time-travelling, strange people, determination and much more. It follows the life of 11-year-old Tom, but it shouldn't be dismissed as being purely for young readers as it's content and style add the level of maturity many older readers crave. A well-written piece, I look forward to the next book.

    11. Overall I enjoyed this book for its originality. There was a good plot and interesting characters, but the quality of writing held the book back. I started reading it to see if my kids would like it. They may once they are 10 or 11. I will read the second one in the series to see if there is improvement

    12. This is an interesting book, as it is definitely very creative, though slightly weird, as people turn in to beetles Quite good though, it's definitely very action pack, though it didn't explain extremely well, and I got lost a lot. If you're looking for a good read though, you'll find it here.

    13. After a bit of a slow start I found myself dragged into the magic world of Tom Scatterhorn, a traveller in time, and the rusty museum of his ancestor Henry Scatterhorn. It's a well-written and humorous book, and I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series!

    14. One of my favourite children's books. Utterly gripping, funny and clever. My daughters read it when they were 9 and 11 and they both adored it as did my husband. Clearly a great read for the whole family.

    15. Reading this one with Zoë. Felt this story was too mature for YA fiction at points, and also that it just didn't always hang together. And at 500+ pages, there were definitely points where it dragged!

    16. This was a good story that had many unique features. About a boy who travels through time to stop a beetle getting the elixir of life.

    17. I'd give the first half of this 4 stars, but when I read the last half I couldn't quite feel it. Would probably read it to a class though.Will try book 2.

    18. My 12 year old son enjoyed this book, I chose it for him from the library. Hes looking forward to reading the next book.

    19. This book is proberly one of the strangest books i've ever read and i have read a lot or books, but it was amazing and had lots if surprices inside.

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