Plain Jane

Plain Jane With each London season an enchanting romance moves into the fashionable town house at number Clarges Street And there below the stairs the staff has a special mission to arrange a match hatch a

  • Title: Plain Jane
  • Author: Marion Chesney
  • ISBN: 9780312903237
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • With each London season, an enchanting romance moves into the fashionable town house at number 67 Clarges Street And there, below the stairs, the staff has a special mission to arrange a match hatch a scheme bring lLove home toA HOUSE FOR THE SEASON Oh, to be as beautiful as Euphemia plain Jane heart sighs when she joins her sister Euphemia at number 67 forWith each London season, an enchanting romance moves into the fashionable town house at number 67 Clarges Street And there, below the stairs, the staff has a special mission to arrange a match hatch a scheme bring lLove home toA HOUSE FOR THE SEASON Oh, to be as beautiful as Euphemia plain Jane heart sighs when she joins her sister Euphemia at number 67 for the season Then Lord Tregarthan might notice her she had noticed him and forever lost her heart to the most eligible bachelor of the ton.But Euphemia s fate is to flirt through balls and into the arms of a marquis, while Jane s is to stay home, amusing herself with snooping into the strange death of Miss Clara Vere Saxton, a former number 67 tenantuntil the downstairs staff transforms a plain miss and sends her waltzing dangerously close to the secret of Clara s demised into a daring liaison with the lord of her dreams.

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    1. Marion Chesney

      Marion Chesney Gibbonsaka Ann Fairfax, Jennie Tremaine, Helen Crampton, Charlotte Ward, M.C Beaton, Sarah Chester Marion Chesney was born on 1936 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and started her first job as a bookseller in charge of the fiction department in John Smith Sons Ltd While bookselling, by chance, she got an offer from the Scottish Daily Mail to review variety shows and quickly rose to be their theatre critic She left Smith s to join Scottish Field magazine as a secretary in the advertising department, without any shorthand or typing, but quickly got the job of fashion editor instead She then moved to the Scottish Daily Express where she reported mostly on crime This was followed by a move to Fleet Street to the Daily Express where she became chief woman reporter After marrying Harry Scott Gibbons and having a son, Charles, Marion went to the United States where Harry had been offered the job of editor of the Oyster Bay Guardian When that didn t work out, they went to Virginia and Marion worked as a waitress in a greasy spoon on the Jefferson Davies in Alexandria while Harry washed the dishes Both then got jobs on Rupert Murdoch s new tabloid, The Star, and moved to New York.Anxious to spend time at home with her small son, Marion, urged by her husband, started to write historical romances in 1977 After she had written over 100 of them under her maiden name, Marion Chesney, and under the pseudonyms Ann Fairfax, Jennie Tremaine, Helen Crampton, Charlotte Ward, and Sarah Chester, she getting fed up with 1714 to 1910, she began to write detectives stories in 1985 under the pseudonym of M C Beaton On a trip from the States to Sutherland on holiday, a course at a fishing school inspired the first Constable Hamish Macbeth story They returned to Britain and bought a croft house and croft in Sutherland where Harry reared a flock of black sheep But Charles was at school, in London so when he finished and both tired of the long commute to the north of Scotland, they moved to the Cotswolds where Agatha Raisin was created.


    1. Another fun read by Marion Chesney aka M. C. Beaton.While it's true that they can be forumlatic, they are always gentle fun.Beaton is one of my go to bedtime reads for just that reason.

    2. Review - The servants in the house at Clarges Street are growing on me more and more, particularly Rainbird. It is difficult to know what to think generally of the tenants of the house because by the time you've got to know them a little, the book is finished. Sometimes I think that these books could do with being a little longer and more detailed, but part of their charm is how short they are. The Regency society comes across well, the little we see of it, and the servants lives are interesting [...]

    3. this is the second book in the series set at Number 67 Clarges Street London.The staff are suffering in cold and low on food when they learn the house has been rented. This years tenants are a beautiful debutante, her pushy mother, her silent father and her Plain sister Jane. Jane has been in love with Lord Tregarthan since she was 10 and saw him fight a boxing match in her home town. Because the staff loathes her mother and sister she is able to meet with him at a Rout and he is fascinated by t [...]

    4. In questo periodo leggo spesso M.C. Beaton: dopo Agatha Raisin non mi sono lasciata sfuggire Jane la bruttina, secondo volume della serie A house for the season. Ho anche il primo, ma ho letto prima questo perché inesplicabilmente è stato tradotto come primo in Italia. La serie ha in sé qualcosa di geniale: immaginate Downton Abbey, le storie dei nobili da una parte e quelle della servitù dall'altra. Immaginate il sense of humor tipicamente british e un tocco di omicidio in puro stile Agatha [...]

    5. After the first installment, I suppose this didn't exceed my expectations. Though I cannot say it was bad. Enjoyed the writing once again and also have a soft spot for mister Rainbird. I rate it at 3.5 stars and will revisit the rest in this series at a later date.

    6. It's technically a romance but it's also got some mystery and intrigue worked in there for good measure. It's fun and a bit silly (okay a lot silly). The main character is plain but not overly virtuous or overly naive. It's a very good balance that could easily have had her becoming to stupid to live in short order. The romance itself is more window dressing. While Jane cares and feels deeply for our hero not a lot of time is spent in examining feelings nor does the romance move the plot. So I g [...]

    7. Second in a series about the motley servants tied to a house on Clarges street and the different tenants they serve each London Season. Chesney includes lots of historical detail and has an engaging writing style. Great literature? Nope. Enjoyable way to spend a few hours? Sure! If you like clean regency romance - you will enjoy, not just this book but, the whole series.

    8. Marion Chesney/MC Beaton has an incredibly way with words, and I enjoyed this book just as much as the first in the series (Miser of Mayfair).Despite the lack of magic, I enjoyed hearing (audiobook) about the main characters, and about the upstairs/downstairs aspect of the story, and I found myself really liking Jane, too.These aren't deep books, but hell are they enjoyable.

    9. "Society is now one polish'd horde,Form'd of two mighty tribes, the bores and the bored" - Lord Byron, Don Juan1808 London, at unlucky 67 Clarges Street, servants help Jane Hart attain Lord Beau Tregarthan, her dream since age ten, when she fell from a tree seeing his chest bared to box Jack Death. Elder sister Euphemia is the Season's blue-eyed blonde, but Jane is curious and determined. How could former resident pretty Clara Vere-Baxton die without a mark on her? With her frizz short and pomad [...]

    10. This is the second book in the "A House For The Season" by M. C. Beaton writing as Marion Chesney and it was an excellent addition to the series. There are currently six books in the series.The series is about a series of residents who rent the home at 67 Clarges Street in Mayfair. The house is known as a bad luck house because the previous owner (a duke) killed himself in the house. Since then, all of the residents have had very bad luck befall them - the daughter of one family died, one family [...]

    11. The heroine of this story is a "plain jane", Miss Jane Hart, daughter of a retired sea captain (who we soon find out is famous). She is always a shadow to her beautiful older sister Euphremia. Her family heads to London to bring her sister out and Miss Jane is allowed to accompany them. She dreams of meeting Lord Beau Tregarthan, a nonesuch and nonpareil, who she saw fight in her county as a rebellious teen years ago who slipped out of the house and climbed a tree.At the family's first party, th [...]

    12. Stars: Overall: 4 Narration: 5 Story: 3The house at No 67 Clarges street comes alive for the “season” in London. That particular time of year when the debutantes and their eager mothers parade their beauties in a veritable meat market only dressed up in frippery and constrained by rigid social expectations. This house is available for the season to let, and the story frequently circles about the ‘below stairs’ staff and servants that keep the home and the lives of the seasonal residents [...]

    13. Secondo volume della serie "67 Clarges Street". La famiglia Hart si trasferisce a Londra per la stagione del 1808, nella speranza di trovare un buon partito per la splendida primogenita Euphemia. La secondogenita, Jane, meno appariscente, trascurata dalla madre e dileggiata dalla sorella, spera di rivedere l'uomo che le ha fatto battere il cuore alcuni anni prima. Gli Hart prendono in affitto la casa al 67 di Clarges Street, che ha la fama di portare sfortuna. Il punto forte del libro rimane la [...]

    14. This is the second book in the series and joins the staff of 67 Clarges Street for another Season, a year after the events of The Miser of Mayfair. The LoversIn this instalment there is a murder mystery mised in with the romance, and as I like a good who-dunnit I did enjoy this aspect of the book. Jane takes an interest in the death of an ex-tennant of 67 and decides to find out for herself just what happened to the young woman. The hero decides to lend a hand because it amuses him to do so and [...]

    15. The Harts have two daughters – Euphemia and Jane. Euphemia is a beauty and Jane is always regarded as plain but it is Jane who has the nicer character and who endears herself to the servants at 67 Clarges Street in Mayfair which the family rents for the season. Fashionable rake, Lord Tregarthan, much prefers Jane to her sister and he finds common ground with the taciturn Mr Hart as they have both been involved in the Napoleonic wars. Those who have read the first book in this series ‘The Mis [...]

    16. Poor Jane Hart has the misfortune to be the younger sister of the stunningly beautiful Euphemia who their pushy mother feels will be sure to take the ton by storm during the Season. Jane doesn't mind not having a come out as long as she holds hope of seeing her hero, Lord Tregarthan again. The servants at 67 Clarges street must learn to deal with the tightfisted and bossy Mrs. Hart and get to know her French lady's maid. Jane befriends the servants with her kindness and mild mannered nature and [...]

    17. Questa serie, come forse avevo già scritto nel commento del precedente libro, ha dalla sua l'origionalità di base. In molte saghe di melody, è spesso la famiglia il legame tra i vari libri in cui si sposano i fratelli o i cugini dei protagonisti del primo libro e che poi faranno da base e da sfondo agli altri.Qui il collante è una casa. Una casa nella zona in di Londra, pronta per essere affittata per la stagione, ma con una serie di sfortunati eventi alle spalle che l'hanno resa "sfortunata [...]

    18. More than forty years (I'm not kidding!) I read a couple of the 'A House for the Season' books and I really enjoyed them and always wanted to read the rest of them. The problem was I couldn't remember who wrote them (turns out some were published under the name M. C. Beaton, and some under the name Marion Chesney). These books are not as romantic and funny as the brilliant Jane Austen or the silly Georgette Heyer, but they do have an interesting angle:The books are all set at this Mayfair House [...]

    19. I remember reading a slew of Marion Chesney novels when my children were very young. They were just the right kind of light, mindless entertainment that I needed at the time. I had to read things that were very put-downable books that would not consume me. My free time to read was very limited.Basically, all of the books in any given Marion Chesney series were the same book. She had a formula, and stuck to it. She changed names, places and circumstances, but the basic plots remained identical. T [...]

    20. ~Second installment in the House for the Season series~ 3.4 stars The best thing about this series is the main characters. Even though each book is a romance, there is a different hero/heroine in each who fall in love and move on. The main characters, namely the servants at Number 67 Clarges Street in Regency Mayfair, are delightfully three-dimensional, probably because they are given 6 books in which to develop. (This is only the second book but I've read the whole series before, hence the reas [...]

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