How I Conquered Your Planet

How I Conquered Your Planet One of a series of comedy science fiction novels featuring slow witted detective Frank Burly By John Swartzwelder the writer of The Time Machine Did It and episodes of the Simpsons

  • Title: How I Conquered Your Planet
  • Author: John Swartzwelder
  • ISBN: 9780975579947
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of a series of comedy science fiction novels featuring slow witted detective Frank Burly By John Swartzwelder, the writer of The Time Machine Did It and 59 episodes of the Simpsons.

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    1. John Swartzwelder

      American absurd satirical novelist and former writer of the animated comedy show The Simpsons Swartzwelder won an Emmy Award as a writer of 59 episodes of the Simpsons.In 2004 he released his first satirical science fiction novel about a private investigator called Frank Burly.


    1. John Swartzwelder, notoriously reclusive Simpsons scribe, is known for penning some of that show's funniest and most culturally pointed episodes. He is capable of being absurd without succumbing to plot-driven idiocy and able to nestle high-brow-rising humor next to the goofiest of puns without skipping a beat. Few of the show's current writers can boast his kind of output, whether you're measuring it by episode or by how many gags he can fit into any given minute.His books (four so far) don't t [...]

    2. This was an hilarious read. I enjoy the dry humor and how the set up lines become the punch lines. This novel is full of the nonsensical throw away lines from The Simpsons that make you say "What the hell?" and then laugh and then ask what happened to your sandwich. See how I worked one of those lines in myself? Pretty brilliant, huh? Yeah, I didn't think so, either, but I'm not a comedy writer, so you can't expect brilliance. I mean, you could, but that would be pretty stupid of you, Zak.

    3. It's basically Homer Simpson if he were a private detective and let loose in a science-fiction movie. Does that sound appealing to you? Then you should probably read this and, really, all of John Swartzwelder's books about Frank Burly.

    4. This is one of a series of a sci-fi comedy series starring Frank Burly, a dimwitted detective. How I Conquered Your Planet is a laugh out loud quick read - one that could be finished in a sitting. This is not a book that will be required reading for high school students, but it is a book that people of all ages should read and enjoy. When Martians take over Planet Earth, Frank Burly may not be the man you expect to save the day, but in How I Conquered Your Planet, Burly is the man. Twice. Using [...]

    5. Very entertaining and super dry. I love when the hero is an idiot and yet somehow accomplishes amazing featspeatedly. It read like if David Sedaris wrote an episode of Futurama. Totally worth the few hours, short book.

    6. There is nothing like a book that makes you laugh out loud. Well done. I particularly enjoyed the references to 1984. Also Arthur Gremlin.

    7. swartzwelder gives us more pure comedy with a completely stakesless take on a martian invasion of earth, headed up by brainwashed detective hero frank burly. swartzwelder was the most prolific writer on the Simpsons, writing 59 episodes (which it says right on the cover of the book) and the book is TV paced: like 30 rock or other transcendent modern television comedies, the pace of jokes is near impossible to keep up with; every sentence has a punchline. which is good, because plot-wise, there's [...]

    8. A strange and funny science-fiction/noir mashup by a former Simpsons writer. I've now read two Swartzwelder novels (this and "The Time Machine did it") and I find that you almost have to read them out loud. There is a rhythm to the humor that doesn't always come across when it's just words on the page--no surprise for anyone who watched the Golden age of the Simpsons. This was a little more linear than "Time Machine" and by the end, I kind of ran out of steam reading it. Having said that, there [...]

    9. A student of mine had been talking about this book and how sort of odd it was, so he gave it to me to look at. I ended up reading it over one full day of commuting (easily done since it's only about 150 pages of nice big print) and agreed with his overall assessment of Swartzwelder's weaknesses. It's quite obvious that Swartzwelder has a background in animation; most of his gags are far too visual and they end up unfunny and flat. The entire book also feels slapped together so quickly that it do [...]

    10. Like John Swartzwelder's other books, he just keeps throwing joke after joke at you. And they're usually very good -- really of the caliber of a good Simpsons episode. At times, I imagined Frank Burly as Homer Simpson and ti works pretty well. The problem is that it's missing an emotional and dramatic core. Everything serves the jokes and the jokes are a little erratic(because much humor is built on surprise). And so it starts to grow a bit thin and wearying. It feels a bit that Swartzwelder wou [...]

    11. I am a Simpsons fan from the very beginning of the show. John Swartzwelder is one of the most prolific writers for the show. While watching DVDs of the series and listening to the commentary (yes I'm a geek) Al Jean and others referred to Swartzwelder's self-published books. They also referred to him as a recluse who writes his scripts at home and has them delivered to the studio.I was intrigued and ordered all three of Swartzwelder's books in paperback. They were quirky and marginally funny. I [...]

    12. Frank Burly takes a second job as a bus driver, and even a detective as stupid as Frank can tell there’s something weird about the passengers who get on at the mysterious new glowing bus stop out at the crop circles. For one thing, they pay the bus fare using money that looks like crops. They have antennae and they do a lot of hissing and mind control and they keep stealing military secrets. Maybe they’re magicians or something? I messed up by reading the Swartzwelder books too fast, though. [...]

    13. This one might be slightly more hilarious than his other ridiculous novels. Even though it's full of aliens and stupidity, the retarded humour always catches me off guard (for some reason).If you're unfamiliar with Swartzwelder, he's a writer for the Simpsons and it's the same kind of humour. A little bit of satire combined with cleverness that's so stupid it shouldn't be funny, but it's the most hilarious writing I've ever read. Honestly. So far all of his books are pretty much the same, but be [...]

    14. Frank Burly book #2. Found it even more amusing (and absurd)than the first. Will probably go back for the third (and the rest) at some point in the future.Recommended if you need a break from "serious" reading and need a quick laugh: Is it bad I find Mr Burly to be a very relatable character?

    15. Like all of John Swartzwelder's book, this one was very funny. Whenever I read his books I feel like "wow, someone's finally speaking my language."This one reminds me of Vonnegut in some of its themes.It's a quick read, so there's no reason you should skip this.

    16. A humorous sci-fi novel starring Frank Burley, Swartzwelder's Homer-esque Private Dic. It's a quick enjoyable read with a plot and some lol moments.

    17. Not as good as the first one. Still, pretty funny. Not sure if I should read the next one or not. Suggestions?

    18. Other readers have characterized this as "Sirens of Titan" starring Homer Simpson. That's pretty accurate. It's still a fun little excursion and full of jokes that made me laugh out loud.

    19. Another funny Frank Burly adventure from the House o' Swartzwelder. They ain't great literature, but he is a funny funny man.

    20. This dude wrote for the Simpsons and this book, for me, is basically an episode of Futurama--which happens to be my favorite television show of all time. Funny.

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