Peach Girl, Vol. 1

Peach Girl Vol It s not easy being beautiful The envye jealousye vicious rumors spread by your best friendat s life for young Momo Thought to be a wild party girl she is shy and lonely in reality Can Momo confess h

  • Title: Peach Girl, Vol. 1
  • Author: Miwa Ueda
  • ISBN: 9781892213624
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s not easy being beautiful The envye jealousye vicious rumors spread by your best friendat s life for young Momo Thought to be a wild party girl, she is shy and lonely in reality Can Momo confess her love to her classmate Toji or will her best friend steal him away Winner of the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award, Peach Girl is a bittersweet coming of It s not easy being beautiful The envye jealousye vicious rumors spread by your best friendat s life for young Momo Thought to be a wild party girl, she is shy and lonely in reality Can Momo confess her love to her classmate Toji or will her best friend steal him away Winner of the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award, Peach Girl is a bittersweet coming of age drama with incredible artwork that will captivate readers everywhere.

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      in JapaneseMiwa Ueda become mangaka in 1985 with Momoiro Biyaku Peach Colored Elixer The pinnacle of her career was in 1999, when she won the award for best sh jo manga s publisher Kodansha with Peach Girl.


    1. This is so over-the-top ridiculous. But I loved this show when I was in high school was one of the only anime shows I really watched. So, I enjoyed this just because it is so silly.

    2. This is my first manga ever! Weird but interesting I will continue reading the seriesMiwa Ueda - Momo preplanula djevojka 1Peach girl je prava srednjoškolska drama s Momo Adachi u glavnoj ulozi. Ona je bivša članica plivačkog tima, i zbog mnogo vremena provedenog na suncu i u bazenu ten joj je taman, a kosa izrazito svijetla. Zbog njezine tamne puti svi je smatraju lakom curom što je tipičan japanski stereotip. Predmet je izrugivanja i ružnih tračeva. Njezina jedina prijateljica je Sae,k [...]

    3. Review from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid ForsythiaBefore my review starts, I just wanted to share with ya'll a quote that popped into my head while I was reading Peach Girl volume 1. Enjoy. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Sun-tzu Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC) Story:When I first picked up Peach Girl I didn't know what to think, mainly because the cover was just kind oficky 90s tastic, but the interior art wasn't nearly as bad (thank goodness). One of the [...]

    4. I finally found this at Half Price Books (Borders stopped selling this one ages ago), and it was for 2 bucks! It doesn't get better than that! Anyway- I loved this series in High School. It's so much fun, and so much drama! You never know what Sae is going to do next, and absolutely nothing is too low for her. Descent artwork, and the story keeps you absorbed the entire time you read it. It's best to not read this series one after the other, esp when you get to the "Change of Heart" portion. In [...]

    5. Peach Girl was a fun manga to read. It is very well written and drawn. It does have a lot of over the top drama but that is typical in the genre.It's about a girl named Momo with skin that tans much too quickly for her liking. Her so-called best friend, Sae, is very manipulative and always tries to show her up. So when Sae finds out that Momo has a crush on Toji, she decides to make him her own. How can Momo get Toji to see that Sae is just using him? Will Momo ever tell him how she feels?

    6. Akhirnya dpt mood juga buat mulai baca komik jadul yg satu ini, hehe. :D Soalnya dari dulu disimpan2 terus secara kan uda pernah ntn dramanya yg judulnya sama, jadi kurang lebih masi ingat ceweknya akhirnya jadian dgn siapa dan gmn plotnya secara garis besarnya. Ceritanya ini cewek yg punya kulit coklat kaya cewek ganguro dan krn warna kulitnya itu dia selalu disangka cewek murahan alias playgirl gitu. Pdhl kulitnya coklat krn dia hobi berenang. Cowok yg bakal berakhir dgn tokoh utamanya ini dip [...]

    7. Peach Girl is a heart wrenching yet charming tale about one girl's stance against the social stigmas thrown at her. Just because she tans easily due to previously being in the swimming team, people immediately classify her into one of thosepremade stereotypesand thus, unanimously agree she must be a slut who spends her days prancing on beaches hooking up with random strangers.It doesn't help that her "best friend" goes around spreading rumours about her whenever possible. Like UHHH Sae was the v [...]

    8. Peach Girl is the first manga I'd ever read. I was in the 8th grade, or so. It was great to grow up with. All the angst, deception, and drama was exciting at that age. I did, however, reread this series last year at age 21. Not quite the same. It's super cheesy now, but still incredibly enjoyable for me. It may just be a nostalgic bias though.This series is about a high school girl named Momo Adachi who is on the swim team and tans super easily. Now, this sounds trivial, but back in the early-mi [...]

    9. Momo is not your typical high school student- she’s constantly, completely misunderstood. Not only does she have an undeserved bad reputation, but she can never work up the nerve to tell the boy of her dreams, Toji, how she feels about him. The only girl in her class that will befriend her is Sae, but she just may be Momo’s greatest enemy!I was just hanging out with my friend at booksale and I accidentally see this without cover so I read the whole book there. I know you're not supposed to r [...]

    10. two words to describe the things that Momo goes thru in this book::NO. FAIR.Sae is a terrible girl who likes to copy Momo, a talented swimmer with a tan that gives her the worst reputation. Other students in her highschool thinmks she's a playbunny, a party girl, and a slut. but all she is is really a girl witha crush on Toji, the boy she's admired since grade school. But when Sae, the sneaky, lying bag of scheme she is, finds out that Momo has a crush on the boy, she tries to trick him into goi [...]

    11. A few years ago I read the Peach Girl manga online, but now that I finally bought the books, I can safely say that I remember now why I felt so angry reading them: Sae. This girl is a bitch! I don't understand why the heroin in the story should be dump. We can see that Momo knows she's bad, but she doesn't do anything about it.

    12. I enjoyed it. Maybe I'll continue reading it. I wish it had more substance. However, it was nice to get to know that Japan has different stereotypes.

    13. well, i’m not finished this as of yet, and i’m not too sure i will. don’t get me wrong it’s not horrible, in fact i’ve read much worse… but neither is it the best. when i started reading it i thought it would be interesting because the premise at the beginning is that people misjudge her based on her skin tone which is darker than the other girls because she’s on the swim team. this makes people assume she a party girl, or easy i guess would be a g- rated translation. but i think t [...]

    14. Story: The perfect thing about this series is that it is a potential real life situation. There is bullying from the other people at school and misunderstandings set into a high school setting. This series is absolutely perfect for someone to read when they are that age and to realize that many people can make mistakes or take something the wrong way, especially in regards to relationships. There is a quite potent love triangle between Momo, a girl that gets bullied by others, Kairi (Kiley), a f [...]

    15. In this you learn the names of the characters:Momo,Sae,Toji,and Kiley. Momo is the best swimmer on the swim team, Sae has every boy attracted to her, Kiley is the most popular boy in school, and Toji is the laid back artist that has a crush on Momo ever since Jumior high school adn ame with Momo. Ever since Sae found out that Momo like Toji, Sae tries to take him from him but Momo is not having that. Along the way Kiley starts to like Momo.But Toji tells him to keep away because Momo is his.Sae [...]

    16. This the first and only magna series I have ever started, read and completely fell in love with. I read this book about five years ago yet the story is still fresh in my mind. The drama of this story is beautiful and the writing was done well. You can't help but be captivated by the characters there is no way you can make through the story without finding someone to like! It's a fabulous book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to read it!

    17. Over-the-top, melodramaticd irresistibly addictive. That's Peach Girl for you. It takes teen angst and cattiness to levels above and beyond what is normally acceptable, and yet manages to do so in a way that makes you curious to see just what is going to happen next.

    18. This includes Peach Girl 1-8 and Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1-18. It's good teenage drama love story drama did I mention drama? I loved it.

    19. Such a guilty pleasure series! This is probably myfth time(?) reading this series. It was one of my very first mangas I'd ever read so I'm trying to go in with a fresh perspective as an adultd I'm still loving this cheesy teen romance. Momo is our lead girl, with bleach blonde hair and tan skin, she's easily mistaken for a stuck up party girl; much to Momo's horror. She's actually really insecure and the kind of character most young girls can relate to as she only wants to catch Toji's eye. The [...]

    20. This serieswhat to say about it. It started off great but very quickly got repetitive. There is a good girl (our heroine) and a bad girl who continually try to one up each other over a guy. Rei (sp?) is just the worst. But after awhile I began to feel like I was watching a tennis match, just a lot of back and forth. One character did something, then the other retaliated, then the good girl triumphed, then the bad girl schemed. Exhausting! I also had a bad experience with this series for another [...]

    21. Nostalgie pur! Ich liebe diese Serie und alle Charaktere. Momo war immer ein riesen Vorbild für mich und ich mag sie immer noch sehr gerne. Und Kairi ist auch nach über 15 Jahren mein absolut größter Book-Crush ever!

    22. I wanted to find a good manga series and I don't think this is it. But is was a cute start, if a little too predictable.

    23. I read these in middle school, so it's great reading them again. Very OTT, but very entertaining. Not usually a manga fan at all but reading purely for nostalgic purposes.

    24. I picked up this manga on a whim at the library. It was an interesting read. I had not anticipated some of the language or topics, but that didn’t stop me from reading it. The drama of ‘Peaches’ was one that kept me entertained throughout the book and I am looking forward to picking up the next one to find out what happens.

    25. « Peach Girl » est une série que j’ai connu lorsque j’étais au collège, elle à été une des premières séries manga que j’ai lu, que j’ai aimé, et surtout l’un de mes plus grands coups de cœur. Nous y découvront Momo Adachi, une lycéenne qui par son très jolie physique et sa peau qui bronze très facilement est prise pour une bimbo. Cependant, cette jeune fille n’est pas ce qu’elle semble être. Amoureuse en secret de Toji, elle fait croire à Sae, une amie qui au fina [...]

    26. ~3-3.5/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]I watched the anime of this series forever ago, back when I was in like seventh grade or something. The last couple of years I’ve had my eye on the manga, almost bought several volumes a handful of times, and finally got the full set (aside from two of the Sae’s Story volumes) a little while ago.This series, as was confirmed by this volume, is going to be very full of drama. I’ll probably compare it to both Kare First Love and Mars, and probabl [...]

    27. *This review is going to be about the entire serie. I have to say that even though I thought this book was overly dramatic at times and sometimes really too cliché (I'm tired of these guys saying overly sweet things: I just want ya to be happy, blablah, it's unrealistic!), I really enjoyed it. It was a good read with a good story and lots of action and, I have to say, remarkable characters. I think I fell in love with all of them (even Sae towards the end!). Anyways, I guess ever story needs li [...]

    28. With friends like who needs enemies. Momo skins darken very easily and her hair is bleached which makes everyone in school think that she's a loose party girl. Do they know her or how nice she is? Nope. What they do know however is the rumors her supposedly best friend porcelain skinned Sae keeps spreading about her. Momo doesn't have very many friends which is probably why she doesn't chase Sae off but she knows not to trust Sae with who she has a crush on or else Sae will try to steal him away [...]

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