The Siege

The Siege Stephen White author of over a dozen New York Times bestsellers returns with a relentlessly propelled thriller that will remind readers of his acclaimed Kill Me Stephen White s Alan Gregory novels

  • Title: The Siege
  • Author: Stephen White
  • ISBN: 9780525951223
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stephen White, author of over a dozen New York Times bestsellers, returns with a relentlessly propelled thriller that will remind readers of his acclaimed Kill Me Stephen White s, Alan Gregory novels are beloved by both fans and critics, the most recent, Dead Time, was a USA Today and Book Sense bestseller In The Siege, Gregory s longtime friend Sam Purdy takes center stStephen White, author of over a dozen New York Times bestsellers, returns with a relentlessly propelled thriller that will remind readers of his acclaimed Kill Me Stephen White s, Alan Gregory novels are beloved by both fans and critics, the most recent, Dead Time, was a USA Today and Book Sense bestseller In The Siege, Gregory s longtime friend Sam Purdy takes center stage in a story that feels ripped from tomorrow s headlines From the first page on, readers need to be buckled in for a nonstop ride full of terror and pathos As a lovely weekend approaches on the Yale campus it appears that a number of students, including the sons of both the Secretary of the Army and newest Supreme Court justice, may have gone missing Kidnapping Terrorism The authorities aren t sure But the high profile disappearances draw the attention of the CIA and the FBI s vaunted Hostage Rescue Team Attention quickly focuses on the fortress like tomb of one of Yale s secret societies Suspended Boulder police detective, Sam Purdy, soon finds himself in New Haven, where he is quickly snared by an unlikely pair of Feds FBI agent Christopher Poe and CIA analyst Deirdre Drake Sam, Poe, and Dee join together, desperately trying to solve the riddle of what is going on inside the windowless stone tomb on the edge of campus The clock is pounding in their ears The unknown enemy is playing by no known rules is making no demands is refusing to communicate with the hostage negotiator is somehow anticipating every FBI move is completely unconcerned about getting away And is sending students, one by one, out of the building s front door to die.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Stephen White is the author of the New York Times bestselling Alan Gregory novels In his books, he draws upon over fifteen years of clinical practice as a psychologist to create intriguing plots and complex, believable characters Born on Long Island, White grew up in New York, New Jersey, and Southern California and attended the University of California campuses at Irvine where he lasted three weeks as a creative writing major and Los Angeles before graduating from Berkeley in 1972 Along the way he learned to fly small planes, worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, cooked and waited tables at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, and tended bar at the Red Lion Inn in Boulder Trained as a clinical psychologist, he received his Ph.D from the University of Colorado in 1979 and became known as an authority on the psychological effects of marital disruption, especially on men White s research has appeared in Psychological Bulletin and other professional journals and books After receiving his doctorate, White not only worked in private practice but also at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and later as a staff psychologist at The Children s Hospital in Denver, where he focused his attention on pediatric cancer patients During those years he became acquainted with a colleague in Los Angeles, another pediatric psychologist named Jonathan Kellerman At the time, Kellerman and White were two of only about a dozen psychologists in the country working in pediatric oncology.Series Alan Gregory


    1. What a thought provoking thriller. The relevance to our lives and times is spooky. It was a good read although I must express some initial confusion with the different voices and timelines. Once I got my reading act in gear, it was fine.Even though Alan Gregory shows up in the final pages it is a gratuitous reference to the series in which he is the main character. Sam Purdy, a substantial character in the entire series is the lead. The story occurs while Sam is on a trip which takes him way, wa [...]

    2. This was so much more than just a suspense novel. He had a message. Only I can't tell you what it is, because it would spoil the ending. I'm really impressed. He's never gone this far with his books before, but he really pulled it off. And I couldn't put it down. The timeline at first irritated me (chapters flipping back and forth between two days on the same weekend) but I got over it. I hope he continues with this set of characters. They were well-drawn and really interesting. I'm looking forw [...]

    3. Compulsively readable. Really lived up to the expression "page-turner" for hundreds of pages. I've really enjoyed the Alan Gregory series, but Stephen White saves his best work for his stand-alone novels. First there was Kill Me, and now The Siege. These two books not only tell a superb and suspenseful story, but they also explore important personal and social ideas. I think The Siege is his best work yet, for exciting plot and food for thought. (Hey, that rhymes!):)

    4. Sam Purdy is really down on his luck. His police detective girl friend, Carmen, is pregnant and is on doctor ordered bed rest. Sam is suspended from the Boulder police department and maxed out on his credit cards. Filling in for Carmen, he goes to Miami to attend events planned to honor her daughter, Dolce's, engagement to Andrew Calderon. Sam’s only thought is to just manage to get through the celebrations and get back home.Sam is approached by Ann Summers Calderon, mother of the groom, who t [...]

    5. Finally! I made my way through this book. I'm not sure why I stuck with it. I was so disappointed with it. I've read many of Stephen White's book and loved them all. But this was a departure from his usual books. It involves only one character from his past books, all of which have been about psychologist, Alan Gregory. I could have dealt with that, but as the book unfolds it deals with a hostage situation on Yale's campus. The events are told two or three times from the perspective of different [...]

    6. This book was a take-off from White's Alan Gregory series, and features Sam Purdy, Alan's close friend and a Boulder Police Officer. This book differend from the Gregory books, since the psychological drama was not the same, without a therapist as the protagonist, but was just as well written. The plot was tightly woven, and suspenseful. The story builds around a possible terrorist/hostage incident on the campus of Yale University; Sam ends up right in the middle of the action, trying to help a [...]

    7. This is a scary book. During a hostage situation on the Yale campus, the reader has no idea what is going on in the mind(s) of the hostage-taker(s). The story is told from different perspectives and it is slightly confusing as it goes back and forth in time. The overwhelming feeling I had after finishing the last chapter is that this could happen anytime, anywhere and we are powerless to predict or prevent it. Sam Purdy is a familiar character from previous Stephen White novels. Other character [...]

    8. Stephen White has left Alan Gregory, the Boulder psychologist, and turned to Sam Purdy in this latest novel. Sam is attending an engagement party for the daughter of his girlfriend when he gets caught up in a kidnapping, hostage situation which seems to have some terrorism involved. Told from several points of view the situation worsens, deaths occur with no pattern, and even the elite units of the CIA and FBI seem to be clueless. Readers will find themselves hostage to the book as the action ra [...]

    9. Well written, as usual, but different from other White books I've read in that the main character focus is on Sam Purdy, the detective, rather than Alan Gregory, the psychologist. A very timely plot, which is giving me a lot to think about - sometimes more than I want. Finished the book few days ago. One of White's best!The book reinforced the feeling I have that the knot in my stomach, when I think about the safety of our world, is justified and shared by other many people, not just the close f [...]

    10. I'm a long time fan of Stephen White, but I'm beginning to lose interest. I was half way through this book and almost abandoned it. Sam Purdy, the Boulder detective, who is usually the side kick of Alan Gregory, Boulder psychotherapist and usually the central character of White's books, is the main character this time around. It deals with terrorism linked to the secret societies of Yale and the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, and the dilemma of choosing what is good for us personally vs. what i [...]

    11. A departure from the Alan Gregory series the book focuses on suspended Boulder, Co police detective, Sam Purdy, and his efforts to find the daughter of a missing future in-law. Most of the action takes place at Yale, where a suspected terrorist has taken an unknown number of students as hostages. Sam gets caught up with the CIA, FBI, local and state law enforcement personnel in trying to figure out what is actually taking place. It is a great story, well told, and kept me guessing right to the e [...]

    12. Intriguing plot set on Yale campus. Good character development. Although Alan Gregory makes brief appearance, this is not part of his series. Story focuses on interaction between Boulder Police Det. Sam Purdy, who is asked to help a friend when her daughter is taken hostage; FBI agent Christopher Poe, who survived the bombing of the Murrow Bldg. in Oklahoma City and CIA analyst Deidre Drake. The three are trying desperately to find out who is behind the mysterious siege of one of the tombs on th [...]

    13. This is pretty much a stand alone rather than part of the Alan Gregory series despite the presence of series regular Sam Purdy. It's interesting how some current mystery authors are working present day political issues into their work and this one fits right in. The plot was gripping and chilling even if it didn't have quite the same level of human interest due to the absence of the regular characters. Still, all in all, a very enjoyable book.

    14. I wasn't sure if Sam Purdy would carry a whole book without Alex, but he does. Suspended from the Boulder police department and so with time on his hands Sam travels to Miami for a pre-wedding party. Soon after arriving the groom's mother asks Sam if he is trustworthy, we know he is. From here on out this read is a real page-turner that poses timely questions about who is a terrorist. Thumbs up for Sam.

    15. The beginning of the book starts out with a terrorist threat, but as the story progresses, the reader is pondering the motivations behind the suspected terrorist. An interesting twist to the madness behind killing innocent people and the author attempts to illustrate the way the politics of war can breed hatred and revenge.

    16. Alan Gregory, protaganist of most of White's novels has only a cameo appearance in "The Siege." This book has Sam Purdy, ex-Boulder Colorado police detective helping a family to recover their daughter who is one of several hostages held in a fortresslike tomb of one of Yale's secret societies. Well plotted and scary!

    17. Loved this book! Even though I missed the presence of Alan Gregory, it was fun getting to know Sam Purdy's character more in depth. The story was intriguing on many levels. As usual, I enjoy the rich details woven throughout the story. Now to be patient until the next story in the series comes out!

    18. The Boulder connection is what originally got me interested in Stephen White. The author got me hooked after that. The Siege has very little to do with Boulder but has to be the most suspenseful book to date. I was holding my breath a lot while reading. I hope White is able to keep churning them out.

    19. This is the first book by Stephen White I have read where Alan Gregory was not the main Character -- instead it was his police officer best friend, and he carried it off extremely well. The book carried my interest from start to finish. Well written and enjoyable, and not easy to figure out! Worth reading.

    20. A little different from the author's Alan Gregory series, this great book places Sam Purdy at Yale in a hostage/terrorist situation. He introduces some new characters, Poe and Dee, that I hope he brings back. I liked it a lot better than his usual novels and found it one I didn't want to put down.

    21. I love thrillers, and this new one by Stephen White takes place on the Yale University campus. It involves a hostage situation with students who were tapped to join one of the secret societies. The story uses several viewpoints of the police, FBI, CIA and parents. It's a different kind of "terrorist attack" and the book poses some interesting scenarios. I liked it!

    22. The first three quarters of this book were so powerful, so intriguing and so suspenseful I was waiting for a really blockbuster ending. I was disappointed. The bookseemed to just fizzle out at the end. I don't think the motives of the hostage takers matchedthe methods they used or the victims they chose. The final stand off did not seem realistic.

    23. It was a little hard to follow but once the story developed it was easier to see where the characters belonged. I have read other mysteries by Stephen White that featured the psychologist Allen Gregory as the protagonists. They are always good reads and the mystery isn't too easy to solve

    24. Great suspense read until the end. That didn't quite come together. The stuff about Yale is great, although it wasn't great that students die.The book makes more sense if you follow Stephen White's series about Alan Gregory, a clinical psychologist in Boulder, CO.

    25. Lots of edge-of-my- seat reading of this tense thriller about a hostage takeover siege at Yale. The story features Detective Sam Purdy (from the Alan Gregory series). I would not recommend this to anyone who currently has students away at college. The possibilities are too real!

    26. AMAZING. This was so good!!! Fantastic character development - scary believeable events - I didn't want to put the book down!!! Great novel Thanks Jeanette!!! I have to look for more of his books!

    27. Once I was about 100 pages in, I found this hard to put down. I wasn't sure at the beginning if I'd like some of the characters but found I liked them better as the book progressed. I'll look for more books by this author, who was new to me.

    28. Very suspenseful, a real page turner when I found the time to read. I really loved the way White laid out his plot, jumping back and forth in time with the characters and getting their impressions of events as they saw them.

    29. I was initially disappointed that Dr. Gregory wasn't (really) in this book, but it turned out to be a captivating read. White seems to put some serious thought into current events and possible outcomes.

    30. I'm a huge fan of Stephen White. I especially enjoy the books featuring Dr. Alan Gregory, a Boulder therapist. This book includes Gregory's close friend Sam Purdy, and is set in Miami and New Haven. Thus far it's very gripping.

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