Wicked Little Game

Wicked Little Game For years the Marquis of Vane has hungered for Lady Sarah from afar watching the beauty brave a disastrous marriage Then Sarah s wastrel husband makes Vane an indecent offer one night with Sarah for

  • Title: Wicked Little Game
  • Author: Christine Wells
  • ISBN: 9780425228487
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For years, the Marquis of Vane has hungered for Lady Sarah from afar, watching the beauty brave a disastrous marriage Then Sarah s wastrel husband makes Vane an indecent offer one night with Sarah for ten thousand pounds and the temptation is almost too great.When Sarah comes to him, Vane can t resist making love to her on his own terms Nor can Sarah refuse a night of exFor years, the Marquis of Vane has hungered for Lady Sarah from afar, watching the beauty brave a disastrous marriage Then Sarah s wastrel husband makes Vane an indecent offer one night with Sarah for ten thousand pounds and the temptation is almost too great.When Sarah comes to him, Vane can t resist making love to her on his own terms Nor can Sarah refuse a night of exquisite pleasure with the devastating man who haunts her dreams.By morning, Sarah s desire turns to shame and a deep fear of Vane s power to bind her Desperate, she does the one thing that will stop him from claiming her as his own leaving him shattered by her betrayal But neither she nor Vane dreamed their passionate encounter would set the stage for murder and that a deadly twist of fate could spell a lifetime of regret or a love to last all time.

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    1. Christine Wells

      Pseudonym of Christina BrookeI wrote my first book at the age of ten It was a picture book about aliens, which were the only creatures I could draw.Many years later, after completing school, a Bachelor of Laws and a few years in a legal firm, the writing bug bit again Not a picture book this time, but a crime thriller set in a legal firm not unlike the one where I worked With characters not unlike the people I encountered every day Wisdom being the better part of valor, and multiple defamation suits a very real concern, I didn t pursue that work further than the first few chapters Regrettably, the fictional murder of well, I d better not say remains unsolved to this day.I then turned my thoughts to stories that were less likely to result in a garnishee over my wages for many years to come My first love, Regency historicals.More time passed in fevered scribbling before my long suffering husband suggested I might consider giving up work and writing full time Angels broke out in a chorus, manna dropped from Heaven and I remembered why I had married this absolute gem of a man in the first place Still, it took many months before I gathered the courage to take the plunge I free fell into the vast void of structureless days, where tailored suits and stockings were no longer required dress and the only rule of thumb was to be out of my pyjamas by 10am.Seven years and two children later, I still live by that rule.


    1. Angsty regency historical romance inspired byIndecent Proposal (the Robert Redford movie.)The Marquis of Vane has wanted Lady Sarah, a married woman, for many years. She knows it and her wastrel husband knows it. Her husband offers one night with Lady Sarah to Vane for 10,000 pounds. Readers who dont care for technical adultery under any circumstances should stay away from this book.This novel is just under 300 pages (there is a preview of her next book in the back, hence why its listed at 320 p [...]

    2. The premise is promising, but somehow the overall execution is somewhat lacking. Strangely, for 2 people who've longed for each other for 7 yrs, they don't seem to like each other v. much. I didn't feel that angsty vibe. The hero is luvly, but the cold, guilt-ridden heroine isn't worth the pain, physical & mental anguish she put him thru'. Hard for me to comprehend what attracted hero to heroine in the 1st place.I also found it unbelievable, what happened after he gave her a surprise sweet g [...]

    3. I just finished reading it. I had a hard time find sympathy for Sarah. While I'll concede part of her hesitation in contacting her family was guilt and shame, I still believe the majority of it was simple pride. She didn't want to admit her mistakes to them and apologize, which shows a lack of maturity and stubbornness that borders on stupidity.I understand that basis of what the author was trying to achieve, but I feel she failed for the most part. While I give her credit for taking on such a h [...]

    4. Potential spoiler below the fold. I don't mention anyone by name, but it might help you guess as to who it is as you're reading.This one fell flat for me. The romance takes place in a very short amount of time -- a month or so as far as I can tell -- and the characters have very swift, multiple changes of heart and realization in that brief period. There really wasn't enough conflict to support a novel of this length -- if the hero and heroine had just sat down and had a fifteen minute conversat [...]

    5. Overwrought take on the "sell a night with the wife for a bazillion bucks" plot. Barely bearable for reading in the bathroom in short takes, at least for now--I may abandon it (I'm only on p. 57 as I type this).Here's an example of the prose:"Each new sense of her was like brandy on an open wound. . . . Last night he'd thrown off his armor, shed his skin, laid himself open, raw and vulnerable. Ad she'd ripped his vitals out, plunged a dagger in his heart."Can you say Ack?--I finished it--lots of [...]

    6. When a young, reckless and strong-willed seventeen year old Lady Sarah married Brinsley Cole, she though it was a great and passionate love they shared. Fighting nearly tooth and nail to get what she wanted, Sarah burned bridges with her family to achieve her goal of marriage. Unfortunately her thoughts of love were nothing but a smokescreen hiding her husband's true and cruel intentions. Now, ten years later, Sarah has constructed formidable and icy walls to shield her heart and exudes the pric [...]

    7. ***** My Ratings *****Hero rating: 4Heroine rating: 4Steam Factor: 3,5Plot/Storyline: 4***********************Overall rating: 3

    8. Lady Sarah has been rather unhappily married to Brinsley Cole for ten years now and she's been secretly lusting after the Marquis of Vane. For his part, Vane has not only lusted, but sort of loved Lady Sarah from afar. When her husband spies an interaction between them he views it as an opportunity for some cash and offers Vane a night with his wife for 10,000 pounds. He refuses the offer, but when Lady Sarah shows up that night indignant because her husband had told her it was the other way aro [...]

    9. The hero so made me want to like this book but the heroine just killed it. I just couldn't understand WHY Vane (the hero) loved Sarah (the heroine) after so many years. The author never really takes us back to put us into Vane's shoes to understand the obsession he has for her, because, for the life of me, I cannot see why he is even interested in her. She is incredibly proud and stupid. She sticks to her vows with a man (her husband) who has cheated on her time and time again and treated her ba [...]

    10. En realidad sería un 3 y medio, pero me ha sorprendido en algunos momentos, sobre todo porque pensaba que sería una lectura más ligera, y sin embargo la protagonista carga con tanta rabia reprimida y tiene tantas cosas que arreglar de su vida que al final ha resultado más interesante de lo esperado y el redondeo merece ir al alza.

    11. When you read the back cover of this kind of books you already know the end. But you don’t know how the road to the end will be. There were a few surprises in this book for me. And it was sad to see Sarah’s fight against her own feelings, that she couldn’t trust them because of the past.But luckily it becomes all okay in the end.

    12. Another risky premise - a married woman accepts an indecent offer from a dashing marquis. I picked this one up based on the reviews. This book is now one my favorite historicals and Christine Wells is now on my auto-buy list. Wicked Little Game has everything - supsense, murder, intrigue, and sensuality. I can't wait to read it again!

    13. I really liked this book. It was very angsty, and steamy. I have one complaint and it was a small one, I wish the heroine Sarah wasn't so hateful for MOST of the book. The thing that saved it was that I was able to see her inner thoughts and she really loved Vane. Vane was my favorute type of hero very alpha but he was desperatly in love with Sarah, he would do ANYTHING for her.

    14. I'd have given it a Five star if Wells had added a small epilogue showing Sarah birthing Vane's child (if she wasn't pregnant, what was all the vomiting everywhere about?) Or maybe I passed it (seeing as I read it in ebook form)

    15. I really liked this novel. It was more in depth with emotion that some and it has a darker edge to it. it was an easy read.

    16. Love the hero!Recommended to me by Barbara and VampFanGirl! LOVE the premise of a guy longing from afar. Can't wait to dig into this one!

    17. Autora nueva en España y toda una sopresa. En mi opinión se sale de lo típico en regencia, una maravilla :)

    18. 2.5. A clear step forward from her previous DANGEROUS DUKE, but still a long way to go to make for an above average read.

    19. It was ok. I liked the writing, but I thought it was a bit of one of those plots where if the protags just had ONE CONVERSATION, about half the plot would have become unnecessary.

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