White Elephant Dead

White Elephant Dead Murder is surprisingly not all that uncommon on timy Broward s Rock an idyllic sea island community off the South Carolina coast Annie Darling s popular mystery bookshop Death on Demand is where

  • Title: White Elephant Dead
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780380793259
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder is, surprisingly, not all that uncommon on timy Broward s Rock, an idyllic sea island community off the South Carolina coast Annie Darling s popular mystery bookshop, Death on Demand, is where the locals come to discuss the juicy details of each criminal offense under the watchful gaze of a pampered feline prima donna named Agatha But now Annie s dear friend andMurder is, surprisingly, not all that uncommon on timy Broward s Rock, an idyllic sea island community off the South Carolina coast Annie Darling s popular mystery bookshop, Death on Demand, is where the locals come to discuss the juicy details of each criminal offense under the watchful gaze of a pampered feline prima donna named Agatha But now Annie s dear friend and best customer Henny Brawley stands accused of murdering a Women s Club volunteer cum blackmailer So Annie rouses her husband Max into action, and together they dive into the shark pool of dotty eccentrics and imperious belles who constitute the island s smart set Because only there can the Darlings prove hapless Henny innocent by detemining who among the well heeled had the dirtiest little secretd would kill to protect it.

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    1. Carolyn G. Hart

      Also writing as Carolyn Hart.An accomplished master of mystery with 46 published books, Carolyn Hart is the creator of the highly acclaimed Henrie O,Death on Demand, and Bailey Ruth Raeburn series Her books have won multiple Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards Letter from Home 2003 , her standalone mystery set in Oklahoma, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize Her latest book is Dead by Midnight William Morrow HarperCollins, 2007 She is one of the founders of Sisters in Crime, an organization for women who write mysteries She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma New Books Dead By Midnight Carolyn HartDEAD BY MIDNIGHT by Carolyn Hart On Sale March 29The police say suicide Annie Darling suspects murder Max is unconvinced until Annie follows a trail behind the dead woman s house.Annie unravels the mystery of a towel hidden at midnight in a gazebo, the interesting lack of fingerprints on a crystal mug, blood on a teenager s blue shirt, and the secret of a lovers tryst Max plunges deep into the woods to find incriminating evidence.Annie sets the perfect trap for a merciless killer, but her cell phone rings and Death is on the line.CarolynHartAnd for cat lovers DEAD BY MIDNIGHT by Carolyn HartI love to have fun when writing a mystery If I laugh, I think a reader will laugh In the Death on Demand series, I especially enjoy writing about Annie Darling s ditzy mother in law, Laurel Roethke Laurel is usually excited about a new interest, something that surprises and often confounds Annie.In Dead by Midnight, Laurel creates Cat Truth Posters, which she wants Annie to hang in the bookstore Annie thinks books should be the store s focus, but the posters enchant her.Each poster features a cat s photograph with a caption Here are three of the Cat Truth posters a silky furred, mitted, and bicolored Ragdoll stretched out on a red silk cushion, looking as comfy as Eva Longoria in a Hanes ad Go with the Flow.A rectangular muzzled, green eyed, cholocolate colored cat appeared as brooding as a Gothic hero Always Say Yes to Adventure a thick furred, piebald Siberian forest cat, its white front a brilliant contrast to a charcoal back and head Its face appeared almost angelic Always try a Smile First.And yes, one of the posters points to a killer.Fun for me and fun, I hope for readers


    1. White Elephant Dead by Carolyn Hart is about as perfect a cozy mystery read as I can imagine. Everything moves along just the way I always hope but don't usually get in a read meant to be restful. Funny thought: how some of us find a nice murder mystery "restful" but some of us do & this one was great. The writing is smooth and free from grammatical incongruities or errors. That seems like a minimum requirement for a good read but truthfully I don't even always get that. As a bonus feature, [...]

    2. There are good things that I liked and bad things that were annoying about this book. Good: I really enjoyed not knowing for sure what was going to happen next. Annie keeps right on getting herself into all kinds of trouble and Max keeps getting her out of it. They seemed to do more investigating in this one. Just about the time I thought I might know who the killer was another clue was dropped that through my guess all out of whack. I don't think that I would have ever guessed who the killer wa [...]

    3. Just like the one and only other Annie and Max book I read, this one got on my ever-loving nerves! Why must Ms. Hart constantly reference other books, authors and even characters? It happens on almost every single page of the 300+ page book. She combined the doggedness of Bertha Cool (who?) confronting Donald Lam (who?) with the serenity of Maud Silver (who?) quoting Tennyson. That entire sentence could have been written and better understood without all those extra people that mean nothing to m [...]

    4. This was okay. This was either my first or second in this series. I got a little tired of her throwing in relatively obscure (for the most part) mystery writers and their books practically every paragraph. Space it out more. Use less obscure authors. Admittedly, as a book store owner apparently specializing in first editions, because she keeps giving them away so that people will give her information.There is a white elephant sale coming up and an individual has offered to pick items up from don [...]

    5. If you like mysteries - especially reading mysteries - this is the series for you. The main character owns a mystery bookstore in South Carolina, and the author works in references to famous mysteries quite often. Then the character ends up involved in mysteries, comparing herself to some very famous sleuths (Ms. Marple, Hercule Poirot, etc.) Annie, the main character, is sweet and lovable, and together with her husband Max they are reminiscent of Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, in the Agatha Chri [...]

    6. Annie, owner of death on demand, gets involved again with murder. Her friend Henny goes missing and they find a dead body during the search. This has interesting twists and turns for Annie to deal with.

    7. This was my first Death on Demand book, and I liked it well enough to try and read some of the other ones. I did find it annoying that she referenced so many other books and their characters half I had never heard of. It was just something I learned to overlook.

    8. I had been away from this series for some time, but the return has been a pleasant one. These are wonderful cozies that lead to reading other books because of the descriptions of the books in the bookstore.

    9. The Deadth on Demand books are always a lark to read. Carolyn Hart has the ability to make her characters just quirky enough to be fun, not so quirky that you are annoyed.

    10. Not Kindle Unlimited, read this, can't remember if hardback or paperback was hardback for Christie Caper one but since cats totally knocked down and apart bookcase and had to pack books back up out of way for while, quite a while back before I was reviewing books on any sort of regular basis if at all, and while it was more this one too was a 4 1/2, I do remember it and still have the copy in with my Agatha Christie's of which have omnibuses as well as individual stories. I liked it enough [...]

    11. The 11th book in the Death on Deman series has Henny in the center of the mystery. What a local volunteer is murdered and it's the Stover that she was a blackmailer, the new police chief seems determined to make Henny the chief suspect. It's up to Max and Annie to rectify his mistake.For some reason I seem to be determined to finish the series, even though I don't enjoy it very much. Every book seems the same to me and even the author seems to realize that they're a little bit repetitive. But sh [...]

    12. The mystery was fast-paced though there were certain characters that didn't really add to the story. The new police chief seems inept and can't put together a proper investigation. I found the references to other mystery writers annoying and I didn't particularly like the main characters. Lastly, there was one question in the book that I thought wasn't resolved in a satisfying way - if the murder victim was going away, why murder her anyway? The threat of continued blackmail doesn't seem very pl [...]

    13. another enjoyable story of Annie and Max and the interesting characters on Broward's Rock. I couldn't quite figure it out myself! fun read.

    14. I like Max, Annie, and Henny. They mystery element to this was pretty good BUT at least a third of this book was -a list of books and/or authors-a list of facts/dossiers on the suspects-a fictional author describing her fictional booksIt was positively mind numbing. I listened to this and found my brain wandering a lot and honestly didn't care. This is definitely more of a true mystery series than anything else. It gives you facts and wants you to figure out the ending and its it apparently not [...]

    15. In White Elephant Dead the 11th book in the Death on Demand series by Carolyn G. Hart, Hennie Brawley is found unconscious near the Women's Club van that contains the dead, bludgeoned body of one of their volunteers who was supposed to pick up items donated for the Women's Club's white elephant sale. Not knowing the stellar reputation of Hennie, the new police chief jumps to the conclusion that Hennie committed the murder and hit her head while trying to run away. Case closed.Read the rest of th [...]

    16. "Murder is, surprisingly, not all that uncommon on tiny Broward's Rock, an idyllic sea island community off the South Carolina coast. Annie Darling's popular mystery bookshop, Death on Demand, is where the locals come to discuss the juicy details of each criminal offense -- under the watchful gaze of a pampered feline prima donna named Agatha. But now Annie's dear friend (and best customer) Henny Brawley stands accused of murdering a Women's Club volunteer-cum-blackmailer. So dive into the shark [...]

    17. Carolyn Hart writes about mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance and her mate, Max Darling (a southerner who has money, so works as a solver of problems because he neither wants to exercise or go through the certification process for law or as a PI or to put in much effort to work hard at either). This one entangles them in another murder mystery when one of Annie's favorite customers is accused of a murder she cannot remember having witnessed, much less committed.The series features Max's New A [...]

    18. #11 in the death on demand mystery series. Murder is, surprisingly, not all that uncommon on timy Broward's Rock, an idyllic sea island community off the South Carolina coast. Annie Darling's popular mystery bookshop, Death on Demand, is where the locals come to discuss the juicy details of each criminal offense. Annie and friends rally the members of their various network of volunteer organizations to come to the defense of a prominent and popular member who is a murder suspect. Though the myst [...]

    19. White Elephant dead by Carolyn Hart is the 11th book in the Death on Demand Mystery series. When Henny Brawley, death on Demand's best customer fails to pick up her order, Max and Annie darling set up a search and find another resident killed with Henny also attacked close by. I love this series and always find it a comfort to return to as I know I will be reading a well plotted classic style mystery. Max and Annie make a terrific sleuthing pair and I enjoy the way Annie draws inspiration from o [...]

    20. I enjoy Carolyn Hart's mysteries. It's fun to meet her quirky characters again. Who wouldn't love someone who owns a mystery book shop? It's a classic mystery with red herrings, etc. I don't know why but I found the relentless references to mystery books irritating. Can't remember if the other books have as many of the references as this one does. Felt like I should be keeping a list! Annoyed that there wasn't a list at the end of the book. Thinking I will catch up on my Carolyn Hart reading!

    21. I do not think there is a mystery author or series author Carolyn Hart and book store owner Annie Darling are not intimately familiar with. Just learning about those was interesting as each was used to fill in details about this book's murder mystery.This book took me a while to read as you can not rush through the twists and turns in this plot. There are SO MANY details for the reader to pay attention to. A good story but do not pick this up as a quick read.To get the most out of it you must de [...]

    22. Her constant reference's to other characters and other mysteries has become an aggravation. It also has led to contortionist like sentences. "Did he think he was Anthony Boucher's Fergus O'Brien? Well, she wasn't going to have her discovery belittled. As was once observed by a long ago detective, Harvey O' Higgins's John Duff, every crime has a psychooogical origin."Really. She could skip all that.

    23. This is the first book of this series I have read. I had read a review below that mentioned annoyance with tha author's repeated reference to other mystery characters and authors.which I agree with. I let just as annoyed as the main character, Annie did when her "friend" Emma, an author of mysteries, kept mentioning her books and storylines! But, if you ignored that. was a great little mystery that kep me guessing until the end!

    24. Annie Darling, owner of bookstore, Death on Demand, again becomes involved in two murders that center on her friend Henny and at least four blackmailing schemes. When the club women's van goes missing with Kathryn Griffith, Henny goes out to find it. When Henny goes missing, Annie goes out to find her. That begins the mystery and murders. This is a "too cute" mystery designed for very light reading. It does keep your interest as you try to figure out which blackmailer is responsibile.

    25. While I ended up enjoying this book, I found the constant references to other mysteries, many of which I was unfamiliar with, to describe the actions of characters or emotions of characters, to be both distracting and annoying. The mystery itself was interesting and cleverly devised, though which kept the story interesting.

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