Spray Five teenagers enrol in an assassination game in a fictional city Each teen has their own story to tell their own issues to deal with What they don t know is that the game s organizer the elusive ga

  • Title: Spray
  • Author: Harry Edge
  • ISBN: 9780340956144
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five teenagers enrol in an assassination game in a fictional city Each teen has their own story to tell, their own issues to deal with What they don t know is that the game s organizer, the elusive gamekeeper has a shady agenda of his own, and that the game will prove to be dangerous than they had thought.

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      HARRY EDGE lives in the UK He owns four water pistols and has a past career that he would prefer to keep secret Therefore, Feiwel and Friends has agreed not to reveal his real identity When not writing, he likes to read, watch movies, go to rock concerts, and ride his bicycle.


    1. Even though Harry Edge's Spray isn't my usual type of book, I have to admit that after reading the summary and an excerpt from the book I was quite intrigued. I loved the idea of assassination water gun game and how the story of it would be told in the eyes of several different participants in it. Sadly enough, Spray wasn't nearly as spectacular nor ground-breaking as I thought it would be. One of the major aspects that just didn't do it for me was the characters. With books containing alternati [...]

    2. first of all. this is a very confusing book to read. but i like how Edge played the character in this book. he shows various point of view from the players and the gamekeepermple story line broken up to three major parts according to the three weeks of the game period. and each part contains it own excitement. it is action packed, thrill, and keeps getting me goosebumpsyway. it is best to you to make a note yourself in order to not getting confused by any plot twist.

    3. The story was delivered in such a different fashion that it made it fresh. The world has changed and water has become an issue as the country continues to have a drought. The story follows several individuals each section told be a different individual as they play a game in which the players use water guns to assinate other players. It takes skill and inginuity to get "kills" and no one is hurt (except maybe a little pride).We learn a little about the lives and decisions of each of the followed [...]

    4. In an unknown city, a game of "Spray" is about to start. Consisting of 200 players, all armed with water pistols or balloons, the idea of the game is to assassinate a target who has been selected for you. When you have taken your target out of the game, their target becomes your next target. The game continues until there is only one player left standing.We follow the players as they prepare for and become involved in the game. Some of them will not last the first day, some of them will not even [...]

    5. Originally posted at: jawasreadtoo.wordpress/201I am reviewing an advance copy provided by the US publisher.In a city that could be any city around the world, people of all ages arm themselves with bright plastic water pistols with one idea in mind: spray before they can be sprayed. A traveling assassination game known in some circles as “Spray” attracts individuals of all ages in a no-violence-allowed and standard-driven, city-wide water gun fight. Super Soakers, water balloons, cheap spray [...]

    6. Review Originally Posted Here: goodbooksandgoodwine/2Did anyone else play Assassin in college or at summer camp? I remember we tried to do this one year in my dorm and it lasted for about two weeks before falling apart, as more people were focused on going out/partying than playing Assassin. That and it’s not like we had a board up with players so we all kind of forgot who was still playing.However, I know some people and some colleges take Assassin a bit more seriously and are a little more h [...]

    7. I picked up Spray at ALA having no idea what to expect because I'd never heard of it before. When I finally read it I was sucked in. The writing switches between seven different people, all competing in a city-wide competition of Spray. There's Han, who is a "fifteen" year old girl who seems to be in the game for something more than winning. Shell and Maiko who both go to college in the city. Jenny, a gorgeous seventeen year old, who gets more than she ever expected from playing. Mac, a seventee [...]

    8. To run is futile. To hide, perhaps worth the effort. To wine main goal. It's a war zone out there but not quite in the way you may think. No bombs (sorta of). No guns (with bullets at least). No lives lost (in reality at least). Your objective: Seek out your opponent. Assinate them. Make their target your own and repeat til the last man or woman is standing. Your weapona water gun. Yepa water gun! This "war" is fought with war and moves from city to city as people from everyday life get the chan [...]

    9. First things first, this book is incredibly fun and entertaining. The characters play a game that is written to where it’s almost like you’re playing along with them. It’s a refreshing plot that doesn’t overwhelm you with love triangles or secret lives or anything that you might see in other novels nowadays.But even though I was thoroughly entertained, I admit that the book didn’t reel me in all that much. The book switches point of views like crazy, which eventually works, but had me [...]

    10. 9-11-2015Joshua BarrettSummer reading Open Response Spray by Harry Edge, is a fictional book that was confusing to me because the book alternates around each character in the book. Each character playing the game has different thoughts and different stories that show them selves. The book focuses on a group of teenagers playing pressurized water gun game in a fictional run down city. Each teenager has to fight for their own his/her lives because the game maker, made the game more dangerous than [...]

    11. Why I read this: I was sent this as an ARC and it seemed like an intriguing concept.Plot: I loved the pace of this novel. The different characters you encounter and the way the book is written really makes it fast-paced and interesting. I love the different takes on the game. I also really didn't see the overarching plot come out until halfway through the novel. I think that itself really pulled the novel together. Definitely an interesting novel.Characters: The multiple points of view in this n [...]

    12. Written by a former military man this is a book for both boys and girls. Mysterious gamekeepers define and manage a water pistol game played in a three week time span by 15 year olds and up. Players are given ID's (keeps their shenanigans legal) and targets with short biographies. The winner is the last 'man standing'. Players are eliminated when they are sprayed and hand over the target they are pursuing. This continues till all but the last player is sprayed. This is the story of one game- fro [...]

    13. I really liked this book and thought that it was excellent because of its descriptions and conflicts through its characters. This book was about eight teenagers signing up for a tournament involving two hundred players and their weapons were water guns, who ever got sprayed by a water gun was considered assassinated and was disqualified from the game. In addition I also enjoyed the author's craft. For instance, in the text it said, "After getting sprayed, he walked out the room and slamed the do [...]

    14. The book is about a group of teens who join a game called spray. It is a really intense and exciting book. My favorite character was Shell. All the teenagers have to make up weird nicknames for the game. The five main characters are Zed,Green,Mac,Shell,and Cliff. This is a really good book and I would recommend it to all of my friends. There are interesting plot twists and unexpected rivalries as well as friendships. Over all it really made me not want to stop reading it. It was so easy to pick [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI liked the book, but I LOVED the idea.The plot itself was ingenious and very interesting. However, it took a while to figure out who was who because the book moved from multiple point-of-views, which eventually became entertaining and suspenseful, waiting to see how one player was going to spray and therefore "kill" their target.Because of this book, I was inspired to make a school version of the game called Assassin where it's seniors exclusive and killing people involves brightly col [...]

    16. This book is original, clever and full of amazing plot twists. The plot is fantastic and refreshing, breaking free from the far too familiar plot lines of many other books I have read. It is not generic at all and really grips the reader and sucks them right in. I especially liked the ending, although I hate spoilers I will say this, prepare yourself for a shock! The characters are deep and relatable and each explores a different aspect of human life. All in all I think this book is amazing and [...]

    17. Did anyone else play Assassin in college or at summer camp? I remember we tried to do this one year in my dorm and it lasted for about two weeks before falling apart, as more people were focused on going out/partying than playing Assassin. That and it’s not like we had a board up with players so we all kind of forgot who was still playing.Read the rest of my review here

    18. great story! characters sign up online to participate in an "assassin" game using water pistols. the game area is a whole city, but they are each given a card with a photo and personal info on their "target". When one person sprays their target, they get that person's target card, and they move on through the players, assassinating each other with water. i'd love to see something like this in action.

    19. So I say, I picked this book up and y'know what? This was completely different than the stuff I normally read. It was Ok, so 3 stars would suit.The action was good, there were nice surprises and I liked those little touches of romance. It fitted well, so you can't actually say that the romance was the hot-steamy type. It was just the normal, high-school type.So overall, its a 3.92 from me. I did enjoy it.-Sudichka =)

    20. Ages 12 and up. Spray is a water assassination game, consisting of 200 players who must "kill" or "be killed". This book follows six of the participants as they hunt down their targets, alternating points of view between chapters. The concept is interesting, but the story gets confusing in the middle trying to keep the characters straight, and who is targeting whom. Still, it keeps you guessing to the end who will ultimately win.

    21. The concept sounds exciting, but I wanted something more edgy, like Lord of the Flies or something. What, no one dies or gets shot with an acid filled water gun? It was hard to keep track of so many characters in the beginning, and the win seemed kind of a let down. Guess you really have to be into fantasy role playing to enjoy this.

    22. An interesting concept, if slightly unbelievable. I thought that there were too many pov's in the beginning. It was slightly confusing. I did like the outcome, although it wasn't as thriller-esque as the description portrayed.

    23. this book is about a group of teen sing up 4 an assassination game on the street of this big city their weaponz r pressurized water gunz there are two hundred playerz.ree weekz of tense cat-n-mouse action n every stalker is being stalked n only 1 player would be left standin

    24. fast paced book about a ciy spray tournament. as long as you can keep the characters straight, but once it gets going, becomes easier to do. good for reluctant readers.

    25. The book was amazing!!! I hope they have or make a sequel to the book. The book made me very excited what would happen next.

    26. Short, but still a great book. I was hooked on it by the first paragraph! It's a real page turner. I couldn't put it down!

    27. Fast, fun read about kids (and adults) playing an assassination game with water pistols. My copy of the book had a better cover though.

    28. Maybe I'm old, but I had entirely too much trouble keeping up with these characters and switching viewpoints. The plot is def. interesting, though.

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