If You Were a Noun

If You Were a Noun Provides an introduction to nouns and proper nouns Includes an activity

  • Title: If You Were a Noun
  • Author: Michael Dahl
  • ISBN: 9781404849464
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Provides an introduction to nouns and proper nouns Includes an activity.

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      Michael Dahl is the author of over 100 children s books Some of his most popular series are Finnegan Zwake, Library of Doom, and Dragonblood He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a haunted house.He also writes under aliases Chris Carey, Rick Thomas, and Mark Ziegler.


    1. If You Were a Noun is a picture book that was very different from any I have ever read. This book teaches what a noun is while still having an interesting book to look at. Each page has a more formal definition of a noun and then a fun example. This book is also very interesting because of the way the text is put on each page. It is not just typed in straight lines in the center of the page. Its spread across the page going crooked, diagonal, up and down, and in a wave. It is fun and draws your [...]

    2. I was really excited to read this book. I had a lot of trouble with parts of speech when I was a child. I thought that this book did a really good job of breaking down what a noun is. It gave the definition of a noun several times, discussed proper nouns, plural nouns, and abnormal singular and plural nouns. My problem with this book is that it might be too much information for students to break down in one sitting. It also was a little bit drab in the information presented. I probably wouldn't [...]

    3. If You Were a Noun by Michael Dahl is an interesting book that taught students about nouns. Although I feel some students could get a lot out of the book, I feel that they way it is written makes it feel like definitions are just thrown into the book. For example, it says, "a noun that is more than one thing is a plural noun." I understand that it is good to teach students definitions, I feel that there is a better way to teach them about plural nouns than jus throwing in the definition. I did h [...]

    4. I did not enjoy this book very much, to my disappointment since I absolutely love parts of speech. I think teaching children parts of speech is extrememy hard because there is so much that needs to be explained. For instance, in this book, every page describes a different way that a noun can be used, or how it can be written. I think for a child, this is very confusing. You cannot just tell a child that the plural form of mouse is mice, but the plural form of book is books. This will make no sen [...]

    5. I found this book while preparing a literacy center for a science camp. I really enjoyed that while this appeared to be a basic picture book, it quickly launched into paragraphs and specific details about plural, proper, and changing (mice/mouse) nouns. The book was very specific and utilized brightly colored words which matched images to identify nouns so as emergent readers were following along, they were able to link these words (build sight recognition) along with the help of images and more [...]

    6. I think this book would be a good introduction for an English lesson. If though I feel that it was somewhat boring, I think elementary school students in 2nd or 3rd grade would enjoy this. It does a great job explaining the definition and uses of nouns in plain language that young students could understand. There is a space theme throughout the book it could also be used in a science lesson. At the end of the story, there is an idea for a game involving the use of nouns that you could play with [...]

    7. This book would be a great way to introduce nouns in an elementary classroom. I thought the use of bold, large font to show which words in the sentence were the nouns was a unique idea. The author explains what each type of noun is and gives examples of each. He explains what a plural, singular, collective and proper noun are. The illustrations were a key part in the picture book as well. I thought the illustrator helped to solidify what each pages meaning was.

    8. I absolutely loved this book. It teaches all the different kinds of nouns. You can do lessons on the nouns, and use this as a mentor text. There is a game at the end for class to guess what noun each person is thinking. There is also a glossary at the back. You can also do a lesson on space for science with the book.

    9. The graphics in this book are awesome! It's set in outer space which students love. It talks about all the outer space nouns that you could be. I was going to use this book to introduced nouns to my first graders but decided not to after reading it myself. It's a little boring and it introduces every form of a noun all at once which I thought would be confusing for the students.

    10. This book has fun pictures. The nouns on the page are big and easily identifiable. It makes it easy to explain the function of a noun. The aliens in the middle of the book made me want to keep reading. I think they will keep the children's attention. Learning nouns can be dull but this makes learning seem fun. I also like the diversity between the astronauts.

    11. This is a fantastic book for a classroom. It teaches what a noun is by using different objects and people that relate to space. It is a great teaching source for children. They will enjoy the colorful and animated pictures while learning about nouns. This would be a great book to read when teaching nouns. It is full of examples and pictures that go along with the words.

    12. This fun filled book of nouns would be great for teaching students what a noun is and how they are used. This would be a perfect introducing students to nouns and pronouns. It’s filled with several examples of different nouns that students can learn from.

    13. This is a great book that will teach students about what nouns are. Not only does the author do a great jod explaining, she also gives great examples of nouns to beter help the children understand. The illustrations in this book are amazing and definitely add to the creativity of teh story.

    14. Not bad for a books about grammer. They actually diagram in these books but not too much. And they try to make the examples interesting. Overall not bad. Grades 2+

    15. Cute, colorful book to introduce K through second graders to nouns. Unfortunately, it's too simplistic for me to use with my six graders.

    16. Fun, fast read that can be used to introduce or reinforce basic grammar concepts. It could also be used as an introductory activity, to have students write their own "If I Were a Noun" statements.

    17. This is an energetic little book designed to teach children about the different types of nouns. The acrylic illustration by Sara Gray, with animals dressed up like astronauts, are sure to engage even readers who are too young for the content. The first couple of pages give instructions written sideways on the page for how to look for a noun, which gives more visual interest. The nouns are categorized as person, place, thing, singular nouns, and plural nouns, all with an outer space theme. For ex [...]

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