The Fey

The Fey Released from Walter Reed Hospital Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves settled in her hometown of Denver Colorado With her family and friends close and her enemies closer she strives to collect the piec

  • Title: The Fey
  • Author: Claudia Hall Christian
  • ISBN: 9780982274613
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Released from Walter Reed Hospital, Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves settled in her hometown of Denver, Colorado With her family and friends close, and her enemies closer, she strives to collect the pieces of her shattered life.Then everything falls apart.Haunted by the past, and terrorized in the present, Alex must reach past pain, through memory, and beyond the grave to fiReleased from Walter Reed Hospital, Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves settled in her hometown of Denver, Colorado With her family and friends close, and her enemies closer, she strives to collect the pieces of her shattered life.Then everything falls apart.Haunted by the past, and terrorized in the present, Alex must reach past pain, through memory, and beyond the grave to find her self and her future The fey is a romance for people who hate romances a thriller for people who hate thrillers If I d read this on a bus, I swear I d have missed my stop J C Denver, Colorado This is ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I have ever read It sucked me right in and I was unable to put it down Get it now and enjoy It really is a great book V.A Carpenteria, California I couldn t put it down Every time I stopped reading, even for a second, I wandered what was coming next K.M Long Beach, California

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      Claudia Hall Christian Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Fey book, this is one of the most wanted Claudia Hall Christian author readers around the world.


    1. Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves is the only survivor of her unit and barely outlive the torture and wounds from a skirmish with the enemy. With a shattered hip and amnesia of the last six months of her life, she is ready to take on the world again. Forty operations to restore her body did not prevent her from maintaining her image as the G.I.Jane of the Green Berets and the one woman in the USA defence forces with whom all men fall madly in love. Diplomatically stated, all men coming in contact de [...]

    2. Where, oh where was your editor Ms. Christian? 1. Identical twins are ALWAYS of the same gender. This, I learned in Grade 8 Science. Identical twins are the result of a fertilized egg that splits in two. Both twins have the same DNA. They are always of the same gender. Oh, wait - is this book magical realism? 2. If you have a hip replacement, you will not be running on a treadmill in three weeks - guaranteed!3. The words "passed" and "past" are not interchangeable. An editor would have caught th [...]

    3. I settled down to read this thinking it would be a really good fast paced read. I couldn't make head nor tails of it really!There were so many plot holes and confusing moments that I am surprised I even finished it.Let's start with what annoyed me about it.Alex "the Fey" - This book could be read as a representation of the strong female. Alex is the only female allowed in the green berets. So far, so good. But then, it just gets annoying. Alex is the heroine, she has her own problems and her own [...]

    4. You know those female lead characters that are all wispy and weepy and "woe is me"? Well, if that is what you like, GO AWAY! MuahahahahAlex ("the Fey") is a strong, intelligent woman. She is a fierce competitor with a heart of gold, and she has a mystery to solve: she must set about finding who tried to kill her, and why. Alex's family, friends, and teammates are fiercely loyal, and her loved ones are behind her (beside her, in front of her, and above her!), and do whatever it takes to help her [...]

    5. "Action Adventure." Alex "the Fey" Hargreaves commands a Special Forces team, until most of them are killed. It's okay, though, because the remaining members all have nicknames, so it's like there are twice as many of them as there actually are! And it's not confusing at all! To be introduced to so many people at the same time! Who are mostly identified by the color of their skin!Alex also has an identical twin brother, which she does an inadequate job of explaining. If the writing weren't so st [...]

    6. I really wanted to like this book. I really liked the idea of the Fey character, and the basic premise and overall story arc are good, but it really feels like a mish-mash of over-the-top, under-developed ideas. I would have much rather read a 2 or 3 book series with more story and character development, and better pacing and rhythm. I think the author was trying too hard to be all things to all readers and trying to cram every possible plot twist and motivation she could think of into one story [...]

    7. This book was fairly good, but it took me a bit to get into the story. At first, it just seemed like a lot of characters and details thrown at you all at once. It probably took me until the -teen chapters to really get into the book. I definitely think that it's worth the read, if you can get past the slow start. I think that the character of Alex was fairly well-developed. The love between her and John was very palpable. I was also partial to the fact that Alex is a twin. That could just be bec [...]

    8. This is the best series I have read in a very long time! The books are long (yippee!) but absolutely gripping from page one. Stayed up all night reading one of them! There are many important characters but she does a pretty good job of keeping the story lines cohesive. I had trouble at first because there are so many characters that are important to the stories but I got better at it. I like the main character, her husband, and her identical-twin brother. There are tiny bits of paranormal in her [...]

    9. The Fey has some great elements: a kick-ass heroine, suspenseful action, a villain-you-love-to-hate, and loyal comrades at arms. Unfortunately, far too many characters are introduced at once, and the action jumps around so much that it is very confusing to follow. Editing could have made this a great story. DNF at 30%.

    10. LOVED THIS BOOK! The beginning was a little confusing, but it didn't take long to figure it out. Then I couldn't put it down. I loved how close all the characters were to each other. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

    11. Worst book I have ever read. The story was so confusing and the writing was atrocious. I couldn't even finish the book and it was promptly deleted from my kindle. I am so glad I didn't have to pay for this. I would have written the author and demanded my money back.

    12. Honestly, this book jumped around a lot and I couldn't really tell what was going on. I finished it, but there were times I read some pages over and over trying to figure out what was happening.

    13. I'm not generally into thrillers, but I liked the idea of a strong female spy. By chapter 4 I was hooked. I couldn't finish this in one sitting, but I found myself waking up in the mornings thinking about it.Alex Hargreaves Drayson- The Fey- is a strong, intelligent, energetic and courageous heroine whose story only gets more complicated- and engrossing- as it continues. It's also filled with many fascinating supporting characters. In a way, those characters as a whole are also the story- as imp [...]

    14. This book had a very weird writing style that just threw me off from the very beginning. I'm not sure what it was, but it made it hard to follow what was going on and why.

    15. I just finished reading The Fey, which is the first book in a series of four by Claudia Hall Christian. This is another book I downloaded for free for my Kindle through . I’m finding all these freebies from a web site I “liked” on Facebook called ereaderlove. Like them and check them out at ereaderlove. They post at least 40 books a day, and I’ve seen more than 80 posted many days.Anyway, on to my actual review. This was a pretty good book. There were some annoying typos, but nothing tha [...]

    16. I am on page 263 of 280. I will finish this book tonight if it kills me. It has taken me a week to get this book read and I normally read a book this size in a day or two depending on my schedule. First of all there are way to many things going on and way to many characters to keep it all straight. Half of the book really had nothing to do with the actual storyline. It felt like it was just filler because the author didn't really know how to write a real story about Green Berets. If the author h [...]

    17. This is a strange book. It seems like you have started reading a series in the middle yet this really is a stand alone/first book. There seemed to be a mystical implication at the beginning that never amounted to anything expect the ability to see the dead or at least one of them which apparently is quite common place! The plot was all over the place! The heroine was simply annoying, poor thing she kept losing weight due to stress (immediately alienates your female audience - much better to have [...]

    18. 0 stars. Holy crap this was a train wreck! I was a little done with the book by the first chapter, when the author did my biggest pet peeve and had no clue about science. Unfortunately a girl and a boy CANNOT BE IDENTICAL TWINS. Identical means well, identical, the same, innies and outies are not the same. After that I thought meh, there was a drop in the middle of a story scenerio, Weird Randomness, too much going on, and not enough of fleshing out the plots she did have. I get she is supposed [...]

    19. Reading The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian is like taking a bite of a piece of "surprise" chocolate and falling in love with it so much that you want to eat it again and again and again.For those of you who are afraid of reading this book because of the military referecnces of the blurb, please don't be. Claudia Hall Christian has a way of making the intricacy of the military flow very smoothly and I promise you won't be lost in any of it. This book is also about a lot more than the military, but [...]

    20. I found this book to be a mish mash of different ideas. It feels like the author wanted it to be everything so bad that she forgot to get anything right. The opening scene was good, interesting, and a bit enigmatic. The second scene of the military meeting was just confusing, I felt like I'd started reading the story in the middle, it happened too fast and there was no explanation of who was who or who they were talking about. The main character is supposed to be this amazing strong independent [...]

    21. This was my first book by author Claudia Hall Christian. It's the first in a series about Alexandra/ "the fey" & her life as a highly trained military officer that was on a special unit that extract hostages from terrorists etc. I enjoyed the book but I must admit I thought it was a nightmare to get in to. It lacked a fluid writing style. I found it very hard to keep track of who was who. Many important points were hard to follow, random relatively steamy romantic moments confused the flow o [...]

    22. Do not be misled by the title, as this book might not be what you would first imagine. Released from Walter Reed Hospital, Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves settles in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. With her family and friends close, and her enemies closer, she strives to collect the pieces of her shattered life. Then things fall apart.Haunted by the past, and terrorized in the present, Alex must reach past pain, through memory, and beyond the grave to find her self, and her future.I found this b [...]

    23. First off, this storyline has a lot of promise. Unfortunately I found this book incredibly hard to follow. The dialogue is confusing to follow and I often found myself re-reading to see who was speaking. I also found that the characters made these great leaps in understanding with very little understanding on my part as to how that had happened - again I did a lot of re-reading to see if I had missed something. I'm ok with not knowing everything but I seriously had trouble keeping up with this o [...]

    24. Maybe even less. It was not a complete waste of time, as some of the action sequences were exciting. Ms. Christian seems to have wanted a female action hero who was not just a man with internal genitalia, but she went by a man's name - Alex - and had only two speeds - kick butt or fall apart. I also did not appreciate the deus ex machina of a ghost, who kept getting her out of trouble. A "real" action hero would have figured it out herself. Ms. Christian seems also not to know how the military a [...]

    25. This book was really great; with just enough paranormal, romance, suspense, and action. Unfortunately, if you are unable to overlook typos, grammatical errors, and such this isn't the book for you. Also, at times the story can be difficult to follow and a little confusing. I think with a better editor and a little polishing on consistency or the flow this author and series could have been mind blowing. Even with all the mistakes and confusion; it will still make it to my favorites list. I think [...]

    26. When I downloaded the first book of the "Alex the Fey" series I expected a thriller, a page-turner that would keep me up half the night - and it didn't disappoint. What I didn't expect was a series of books that are all EMPOWERING. I read every book in the series back-to-back because I fell in love with the characters and the way they overcame obstacles by finding reserves of strength not only within themselves, but in their relationships with family and friends. I read these the first time at a [...]

    27. This was awful. One of the first problems was the main character. You can't be an identical twin when you are female and your twin is male. Generally, because that would make you not identical as one you has a penis and the other has a vagina. You can't even be super rare male- female identical twins as the book later states as that would make them non identical. That's without going though all the other twin crap that author has added to her characters. Then there are the blatant plot holes and [...]

    28. I read this in the Kindle version and could not believe that I had not heard about this story. It was really well written and the characters were clearly drawn. The plot was very complicated and you felt you just had to keep reading. I don't often like books in this genre, but this one is exceptional. The main character is a woman who has been trained since childhood to be Green Beret. She is strong, smart, talented and extremely feminine. I was left feeling like I wanted to know more about this [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book a lot. It was not what I was expecting at all. I got it for free so had not read anything about it. From the cover I asdumed it was another fantasy, fairy kinda book. Not the case. Instead I got a special ops world of espionage book with a kick butt female lead. I litterally could not put it down and ended up playing the 'just one more chapter' game until 3 AM in spite of the fact that I had to fet up in just a few short hours for work. I will most assuredly be reading [...]

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