Tower Taking up the storied themes of crime fiction loyalty and betrayal temptation and treachery Tower lifts and elevates them forging a tale both barbaric and baleful swaggering and broken hearted Brut

  • Title: Tower
  • Author: Ken Bruen Reed Farrel Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781935415077
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taking up the storied themes of crime fiction loyalty and betrayal, temptation and treachery Tower lifts and elevates them, forging a tale both barbaric and baleful, swaggering and broken hearted Brutal, soaring street poetry to take your breath away Megan Abbott, Edgar Award winning author of Queenpin and Bury Me Deep A rough and profane read, with haunting echoes of Taking up the storied themes of crime fiction loyalty and betrayal, temptation and treachery Tower lifts and elevates them, forging a tale both barbaric and baleful, swaggering and broken hearted Brutal, soaring street poetry to take your breath away Megan Abbott, Edgar Award winning author of Queenpin and Bury Me Deep A rough and profane read, with haunting echoes of a Southie of the mind Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter s Bone Tower fulfills every promise made by the concept of this dream collaboration Bruen and Coleman collaborate like twin sides of the same brain, making the difficult look easy and unforgettable, to boot Dark, violent, frightening and touching, Tower stands as a masterpiece in the crime fiction genre BookReporterAn original novel.From a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, Nick and Todd forge a lifelong bond that persists in the face of blood and betrayal Low level wiseguys with little ambition and less of a future, the friends become players in the destruction of an international crime syndicate stretching from the Kennedy Airport to the streets of New York, Boston, and Belfast, to the alleyways of Mexican border towns Their paths are littered with the bodies of cops, snitches, lovers, and stone killers.In the tradition of The Long Goodbye, Mystic River, and The Departed, Tower is a powerful meditation on friendship, fate, and fatality A twice told tale done in the unique format of parallel narratives that intersect at deadly crossroads, Tower is like a beautifully crafted knife to the heart.Ken Bruen The Guards, Priest and Reed Farrel Coleman The James Deans, Soul Patch have each been twice nominated for the Edgar Award They have each won the Shamus Award twice and have also either received or been nominated for the Barry, Anthony, and Macavity awards Bruen divides his time between America and Ireland Coleman lives on Long Island.

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    1. Ken Bruen Reed Farrel Coleman

      Ken Bruen, born in Galway in 1951, is the author of The Guards 2001 , the highly acclaimed first Jack Taylor novel He spent twenty five years as an English teacher in Africa, Japan, S.E Asia and South America His novel Her Last Call to Louis Mac Niece 1997 is in production for Pilgrim Pictures, his White Trilogy has been bought by Channel 4, and The Guards is to be filmed in Ireland by De Facto Films.He has won Two Shamus awards by Private Eye Writers of America for the best detective fiction genre novel of the year for The Guards 2004 and The Dramatist 2007 He has also received The Best series Award in February 2007 for the Jack Taylor novels from The Crime Writers Association


    1. "Tower" is a slim and seamless collaboration by hard-boiled authors Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman, which takes the reader into the sordid underbelly of Brooklyn, with brief side trips to Boston and Philadelphia. Two friends from childhood, Todd and Nick, are basically dead-enders, with very few prospects, at least in the straight world. With very little prodding, they are drawn into the orbit of a small-time mobster named Boyle who also employs a largely silent and very intimidating enforcer [...]

    2. Until this particular item co-written with Reed Farrel Coleman I have never had a reason to rate a Ken Bruen book as low as two stars.The 1st 85-86 pages were fun and then page after page of solemn rumination broken up by occasional gunfire or sudden outbursts of violence followed.There is zero to little humor to be found in these pages.I was not entertained.I was not moved.I did not get that fresh kick, that sudden rush that almost always accompanies my reading a novel by Ken Bruen.Not Recommen [...]

    3. Two authors and one story usually doesn't work for me, but I enjoyed the structure of this book. Read my full look at this one here:everythingnoir/2016/03/27/

    4. 3.5 star - liked the duel perspective and revenge themes but wanted more from the ending. I hope to see more of main characters Nick and Toby in future stories.

    5. Tower, a hard-boiled, stand-alone crime novel is the collaborative work of Irish author Ken Bruen and American writer Reed Farrel Coleman. Framed with a short prologue and a very brief afterword, the story is divided into two parts: one told by gangster, Nick and the other told by his best friend Todd. Nick is a low-grade criminal, the son of a former policeman, when he is introduced by Todd to “small-time racketeer” Boyle, and the two friends become part of Boyle’s crew. Boyle is into “ [...]

    6. TOWER was jointly written by award-winning masters of noir, Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman (who also writes under the name Tony Spinosa). The authors create two memorable characters in TOWER and tell each of their stories, one at a time. The beauty of this approach is that, although the reader sees quite a bit from one character's perspective, there's a whole lot of story left to be revealed from the other's.Nick and Todd have been life-long friends. They fall into a life of crime, working fo [...]

    7. TOWER. (2009). Ken Bruen & Reed Farrel Coleman. ****.I have to admit that this novel, co-written by these two noir writers, starts off rather badly. I thought to myself: “Here we go again; another novel based on style with no substance.” After a while, however, the writing began to pick up and make sense. There was less posturing by the two protagonists and more fleshing out of who they really were. Our two main characters were Todd and Nick. These were two men from Brooklyn who had grow [...]

    8. Dark, yet poetic with hilarious dialogue, this noir novel is an inspired collaboration of two outstanding crime writers. Told from the perspective of two childhood friends who cross into the underbelly of the criminal world, Bruen tackles the mind of one character while Coleman enters the other. As the two friends sink deeper and deeper into a world of crime and make continually questionable choices, it becomes clear that neither is entirely whom the other thinks. Meanwhile, the women they chose [...]

    9. Very good read. I just had to see what happened.The more I think about this, the more I liked it. It hasn't left me.

    10. A brutal and uncompromising collaboration from the doyen of Irish crime, Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman, author of the gritty Moe Prager series. With each relating the same story from the point of view of Nick (Bruen) and Todd (Coleman) what ensues is a perfect slice of noir detailing the friendship between two guys drawn into a world of violence at the behest of ruthless Irish crime boss Boyle and under the uncompromising glare of Boyle’s sadistic henchman Griffin. As they sink deeper into [...]

    11. My View:Unapologetically brutal, VIOLENT (and yes I did mean to shout) and yet somehow engaging. After reading the prologue I was ready to put this book down, the violence was so graphic and for me abhorrent. Yes I read a lot of crime but realistic, graphic torture and brutality doesn’t work for me or my vivid imagination. However I had heard so many good things about these writers and this book in particular that I thought I would continue on and see if there was a story buried amongst the vi [...]

    12. Tower? Oh.Once upon a timea few years ago I came across a book called the James Deans and I read this book that was not about a boy band with a 1950s theme. This was my first introduction to Reed Farrel Coleman and he's on my list of mystery genre authors I will read. Sadly, that's a small list but what can you do with a finite amount of life to read with.Tower is a book that was written by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman about Nicky and Todd, two young men from Brooklyn and their lives and st [...]

    13. Call it 3.5 stars.This book started off very strong and was a quick, well written, engaging read but, I felt the character in Ken Bruen's half was a bit inconsistent. Tower is a book in two parts, telling the same story from the respective perspectives of two friends, Nicky and Todd. Nickey's section was written by Ken Bruen and Todd's was written by Reed Farrel Coleman. Both halves of this crime novel are lean and mean but, as I mentioned I thought Bruen's half suffered from inconsistent charac [...]

    14. »Tower« von Ken Bruen und Reed Farrel Coleman spielt in New York kurz vor 9/11. Der Roman handelt von handelt von zwei Kleinkriminellen, ihrer Freundschaft und ihren ganz persönlichen Katastrophen. Der Roman ist äusserst unterhaltsam und am ehesten mit der grossartigen Max-Fisher-Trilogie zu vergleichen (»Flop«, »Crack« und »Attica« - auf dt. ebenfalls im Rotbuch-Verlag erschienen), bei der Ken Bruen mit Jason Starr zusammengearbeitet hat. Bei »Tower« wird allerdings die Handschrift [...]

    15. These two writers seem like the real deal in this interesting double-perspective story. Each author brings a striking energy to his half of the novel (though it isn't clear that each wrote a separate half -- that's just a reasonable assumption given that the novel has two distinct parts to it). They share a hardboiled perspective, and each is gifted with the ability to write tight and crisp sequences.The novel essentially retraces the same ground twice, and it's generally effective to see differ [...]

    16. Tower by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman explores friendship, loyalty, and deception through the points of view of best friends, Nick and Todd. The co-authored story is divided into sections making the point of view always clear. The stroy flows together well hitting the joint parts of the story with originality and without sacrificing either character’s position in the story. Nick and Todd are drawn into the service of a local criminal with reach beyond their city. Their friendship is teste [...]

    17. Crime Fiction - Stand AloneAuthor Ken Bruen (a big favorite of mine) teams up with Reed Farrel Coleman (author of the Moe Prager PI series) in this short but powerful crime novel.This is an often violent, gritty tale. Think The Sopranos."From a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, Nick and Todd forge a lifelong bond that persists in the face of blood and betrayal. Low-level wiseguys with little ambition and less of a future, the friends become players in the destruction of an international crime syndica [...]

    18. Nicky and Todd grew up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, looking for any way to scrape by. Falling into the thug life, their paths diverge: one becomes a street criminal, the other an undercover cop. But their lives would continue to intertwine. This was a very well done collaboration, both Bruen and co-writer Reed Farrell Coleman take one character and tell their story. Both men have a strong, economical writing style that brings their characters stories into a bright light. Bruen seems to reall [...]

    19. This is the first-- and so far only-- collaboration between noir masters Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman. Their styles blend together perfectly with not one wasted word. The story of Nick and Todd is both brutal and tender, raw and poetic. I don't read many noir novels, but I have learned that Ken Bruen, that mad Celt, uses language like no other. He was the one that drew me to this book. In reading Tower I learned that Reed Farrel Coleman can match Bruen stride for stride. There's something q [...]

    20. An interesting experiment from Mssrs. Bruen and Coleman. Two stories, actually one story told from two points of view, about the fate of a friendship threatened by divided loyalties. Todd and Nicky love each other, as only two life-long friends can, but one ascends the rungs of criminality while the other seeks a way out. For a short book, this has many tangents, the primary one being the World Trade Center. A coda told from the point of view of a third character pulls together the story of the [...]

    21. Tower by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman is a dark and violent tale of friendship, family, betrayal, love and loss. The tale told by the two main characters Nick (Bruen) and Todd (Coleman) packs more twists, turns and violence into 136 pages than most authors do in books twice the size. The two authors have written a novel that blends together flawlessly the two stories of Nick and Todd. With a plot that moves along at breakneck speed, fascinating characters and an ending that you won't soon f [...]

    22. Busted Flush Press is a home for crime fiction of the hard boiled variety and this book by two of its favoured writers showcases this genre at its very best. It tells the story of two young gangsters starting out on the streets of New York; Bruen tells Nick’s story and Coleman tells the same tale through the eyes of his pal, Todd. The dialogue is terse and snappy and in fact the whole book is dark and spare. It’s so well done that I found myself re-reading certain passages just to savour qua [...]

    23. A collaboration between Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman. A classic story of two lifelong friends from Brooklyn who end up on opposite sides of the law. It's short and concise. Tightly written and doesn't waste any effort and very powerful. Divided in two parts, the story being told from the points of view of the two main characters. Good summer diversion. Can easily be read in a day. At the beach say. Or on a cruise ship. Wherever.

    24. This short book was just too much - violence, messed up families, etc. I really like Coleman's other books. Don't know why it got such high ratings by others, I guess at its core is the friendship of two guys, and their twisted relationship. At times I was confused, not sure which character was on, and I am not sure what happened at the end. I won't go into that here, I think it leaves one hanging a bit. Not my cup of tea.

    25. No one does a surprise dramatic ending like Ken Bruen. Most times when I finish one of his books I sit there with the closed book in my hand- seemingly unable to move until I have digested and re-digested the words I just read. Sometimes for days I will ponder one of his characters actions and wonder how it could all have turned out different.he even makes you sympathetic for the darker, villainous guys and hoping they will set it all right.

    26. Bruen is a genius - a pleasure to read - a laugh riot that hurts like hell. But add Coleman and Bruen becomes just another hack.Who wrote what part? Who edited whom? Who cares? This pamphlet (you can hardly call it a book) was trash. The only saving grace was the occasional trace of pure Bruen.I have read some of Coleman's independent stuff. Thought it was nice of Bruen to give him a lift. But Coleman didn't get a lift - Bruen got shanghai'd.'Nuff said.

    27. I will be reviewing this in depth over at my blog (comicbooksandproteinpowder), but I'll sum up by saying that Ken Bruen continues to prove why he's in my top 5 crime authors, and Coleman is quickly moving up the ranks. This story is told from two POVs, and both are written really well. Highly recommended if you are a fan of either Bruen or Coleman.

    28. A must-read for fans of both authors - you can feel each writer's unique style, but they rub along together nicely like companionable friends. The two-sides approach with Nick and Todd's separate points of view works well for the story of betrayal and rage and makes for solid noir reading.

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