Death's Mistress

Death s Mistress Dorina Basarab is a dhampir half human half vampire Back home in Brooklyn after the demise of her insane Uncle Dracula Dory s hoping her life is about to calm down But soon Dory realizes someone is

  • Title: Death's Mistress
  • Author: Karen Chance
  • ISBN: 9780141039527
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dorina Basarab is a dhampir half human, half vampire Back home in Brooklyn after the demise of her insane Uncle Dracula, Dory s hoping her life is about to calm down But soon Dory realizes someone is killing vampire Senate members, and if she can t stop the murderer, her friends may be next

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    1. Karen Chance

      Karen Chance is the author of two New York Times bestselling series, plus a number of novellas and short stories, all set in the Cassandra Palmer universe A full time writer since 2008, she was previously a university history teacher, which comes in handy when writing the time travel aspect of Cassie s crazy adventures She loves Las Vegas, the main setting for her novels, but currently lives in Florida near her family home Visit her website or connect with her on Facebook here.


    1. You know a book is good when you finish it and a sudden feeling of emptiness descends on you and the thought of waiting yet another year to reunite with the characters seems too much to bear. Oh, and when you’re reluctant to write a review because it’ll probably not come close to expressing how much you loved the story. Well, here’s an attempt anyway:I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. Death’s Mistress was great and a very worthy follow up to part one in these series, Midnight's Daughter, the book res [...]

    2. Danger seems to follow Dorina Basarab wherever she goes. And when her father sends her to retrieve a vampire for questioning, it should have been an easy job. But soon Dorina is trying to stay ahead of the bad guys, with the head of her target, who can be very annoying with his whining about being separated from his body. Also her friend Claire has brought trouble with her as well, when she comes to Dorina’s house in order to protect her nine month old baby from those who wish to kill the futu [...]

    3. Reread: 3/28-30/20174.5 stars!I freakin LOVE this book and this series. Also, I love Louis-Cesare. He's just too much sometimes! Dory is a badass, and Radu is the BEST. He's just so weird lol. I can't wait to reread the next one so I get to "To be the little spoon."*swoon*First Read: 7/3-4/2015So so good!! Can't wait to start the next one! I LOVED it!

    4. Gods, I did so love this book. (: After the seriously annoying ending of Midnight's Daughter concerning Louis-Cesare, I was really looking forward to this one. I had a lot of questions though - what was the deal with Christine? Would Dory ever forgive Mircea? Would Dory & Louis-Cesare finally get together? Annoyance in abundance.Happily, a lot of my questions were answered in Death's Mistress, and as a result I can't wait to read the next one (:We learn a lot more about Mircea's relationship [...]

    5. Not as good as the first book but it is still an entertaining read. I like the heroine's badass attitude and the sexual tension between her and the vampire male lead, and the scheme within the faerie courts is nice too.

    6. I really love Dory & this world! It is one of those books where you become so engrossed in the world that it becomes reality and you hate for it to end. I cannot wait for the next installment. I have to say that I am so happy I gave Karen Chance a 2nd chance. I first read the 1st Cassie book when it was first published and did not care for it. Based upon so many raves about the entire series, I decided to give it another chance. I am so glad that I did. I quickly flew through all of her book [...]

    7. Re-read on 02/19/2016 I do hope a 4th book will come out. Dorina has all the niceties of Chance's writing without the pitfalls

    8. I am really, really enjoying this series. I’ve been dying to find my next urban fantasy fix after i finished the original 5 of the Fever series, and i’ve found it! Dorina is so unapologetically badass and i love it. As a dhampir (half human half vampire) she has to put up with a lot of crap but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t give as good as she gets. Her family is lovely, even if she can’t see that all the time, and all the side characters are just as intriguing and lovable. Even the vi [...]

    9. *4.5, really.*I've reached a conclusion. Karen Chance is incapable of disappointing me.Yeah, yeah, the first Cassie book suffered from some drag. But everything I've read since then has been pure gold, and Death's Mistress is no different.Over 400 pages of mindblowing action, heartfelt emotion, sneaky twists, and lots and lots of snarkat's my kind of book.There's a little bit of everything here. Vamp politics and Fey concerns take center stage. That mayhem is enhanced by murder mysteries, thefts [...]

    10. I'm really impressed by how different this book ends from most UF novels. Very quiet even as its explosive. I really liked this one.

    11. Death's Mistress (Dorina Basarab, Book 2) by Karen Chance Urban Fantasy- Jan 5th, 20105 stars DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! Karen Chance’s vivid imagination and compelling characters drive this story. This is the 2nd in Karen Chace’s Dorina Basarab Dark Urban Fantasy series. I have been looking forward to reading it all year and it exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty high). Karen Chance’s steamy world is filled with magical mayhem, vampires and tense action pack scenes that do not [...]

    12. I totally nailed that (view spoiler)[Christine was the big bad (hide spoiler)]. I thought it was just so obvious with the constant talk of how (view spoiler)[innocent and meek and very unpowerful she is (hide spoiler)].And what was with Chapter Twenty-Nine?? I was reading it and so confused because it was likewhat in the hell is going on?? Does this have anything to do with the plot? It just felt like so much filler. I thought that maybe these characters or whatever would be useful later on or s [...]

    13. *Original read: 1/17/104.5 starsThe thing I really love about Karen Chance's writing, aside of course from the dynamic characters, bite & humor and studly, studly leading men, is the adventure. You will never know from chapter to chapter where you might end up. I dare you to try to predict one of these books. Which is why when I give in to the inevitable urge to flip ahead and see what's going to happen, I am never spoiled because it never makes any sense to me.This book was long awaited and [...]

    14. I absolutely LOVED this book. It's ridiculous!Chance has done it again!The plot was fast paced and hilarious! It brought us deeper into the political world of the Vamps and Fae, while showing character growth all around! Even for some of our favorite secondary characters!It felt like dropping in on some great old friends and seeing what antics they were up to. Antics indeed! Whether it be Dory and LC reaching new heights of antagonism, Radu huffing and puffing, Ray and his hairy cheeks, or a bun [...]

    15. I LOVED this book. I heard whispers here and there that this series might be even better than her Cassie Palmer's and I thought pshaw, what rubbish. How could a series be better if it doesn't have Pritkin in it?Well, I think I like this series more than the Cassie's. Each has things I love about them, but I think the tie-breaker is that I just like Dory more than I do Cassie. Sometimes Cassie has too-stupid-to-live tendencies, which I just turn my head and pretend I didn't notice, but Dory is ju [...]

    16. Yaaay! I've been waiting a while to finally get my hands on a copy of this book. I loved the first book and couldn't wait to see what happened in the sequel. Looooved it. The characters are fantastic, the plot was paced well and didn't feel like it was at breakneck speed (like her Cassandra Palmer series can feel), and more Louis-Cesare <3 I wanted more with the ending but that was just me not wanting it to end at all. I haven't seen or heard anything about any further books planned for this [...]

    17. I'm liking this follow up novel better than the first. It's much less confusing, and much more forward with its plot. Starting off with Dory on her way home after an assassination job for her father. This was a very humorous scene. The last book was lacking on any comedy so I wasn't expecting it. Starting immediately after this Dory has a sh&*storm bombard her, but you'll have to read the series for yourself to find out.Cheers and Happy Reading!

    18. Dorina is doing more and more missions for her father, Mircea, senator for the North American vampire council. Of course, being a vampire, her father, and extremely ancient he keeps far too many secrets – including the true nature of her latest task and the powerful artefact at the heart of itA task that also drags in Louis-Cesare, who has his own political machinations caught between two senatesAnd then there’s Dorina’s best friend Claire – bringing a whole lot of lethal fae politics an [...]

    19. It keeps getting better! "Louis-Cesare. It's good to finally have you in hand." Indeed it is!!!This time around our favorite ass-kicking dhampir Dorina Basarab now finds herself involved in a murder mystery “whodunit” style. Someone has started murdering vampire Senate members and that may be too close to home. To make matter worse, her best friend Claire also needs Dorina’s help to locate a fae relic that could be used to harm her infant son, the successor to the fae throne. With those sh [...]

    20. The worlds of Karen Chance abruptly coalesce in Chance’s latest paranormal fix Death’s Mistress. Mistress is the second installment in the story of bad girl Dorina Basarab, a dhamphir assassin who is caught amidst the political intrigues of the Silver Circle, the Vampire Senate, and the Fey aristocracy. All the while trying to explore the limits to her power, the burgeoning relationship with her father, and unveiling the mystique surrounding luscious Louis-Cesare.Fans who are well versed wit [...]

    21. Love. I Love this series with a capital L.If you haven’t read Midnight’s Daughter, the first installment, you need to start there. This book picks up where that one leaves off. There is a brand new story arc, but the relationships are under development. Let’s face it. I’m a sucker for the relationships. But there is so much more this book has to offer.As the story begins, Dory is working as a gun for hire, killing rouge vamps for the vampire senate. Louis-Cesare is MIA and roommate Clair [...]

    22. Just finished DM. I may have gotten stuck in a long scene near the beginning but once I got past it I flew through it. It was brilliant. There were moments when I was laughing so hard I was crying. Ray, the vampire everyone wants to get their hands on to either interrogate or kill him for a fae rune that belongs to Claire's baby son Aiden (the new heir to the Blasteri throne) that's meant to make it's owner invincible. Ray spent most of the book as a decapitated head in Dory's duffle bag which p [...]

    23. actual rating 4.5 starsJust as her romance with Louis-Cesare seemed to be going somewhere, he disappears on a family emergency.It just so happens that his whereabouts are also of interest to the head of their vampire family (and Dorina's father) Mircea Basarab.Claire is back to being Dory's roommate, this time with her royal son in tow, which is fortunate since the fey mix Dorina had impulsively adopted for a pet turns out to be sentient, thus catapulting him into the territory of "son"?These ad [...]

    24. It seemed like a relatively simple job for Dory, find the vampire nightclub owner and take him to Mircea for questioning about smuggling from Faerie; so how did she end up protecting a headless body with a hoarde of vampires and fey chasing? Something has been smuggled away from Faerie that every vampire senate member wants their hands on and the Fey want back and Dory is stuck in the middle. Another thrilling action packed book from Karen Chance! The stakes have been raised in Death's Mistress [...]

    25. Death's Mistress is the second book in the Dorina Basarab series by Karen Chance. And like all Chance's books, it was amazing. I'm a HUGE fan of Chance's Cassandra Palmer series and Dorina Basarab is a branch off series of the Palmer series. It's placed in the same world as Cassie with some of the same characters such as Mircea and Louis-Cesare This book has Dorina helping her fey best friend Clair with a fey problem. Someone stold a precious fey relic that can help Clair save her son from those [...]

    26. Definitely my favorite Chance book so far. There's a great balance between action and romance, with a healthy dose of snarky humor to boot. Louis-Cesare is just too delicious and Dory is very well developed. She's brave, bold, insecure, loyal and impatient, among other qualities. She is far from perfect, which makes her a more interesting and likable hero than most. Louis-Cesare is a bit too perfect, but that's not a terrible thing in the male lead. Sure, he's pretty darn arrogant, but his other [...]

    27. this was a really entertaining book i really enjoyed reading it was great to see the mages again, there cleary insane i thought pritkin would of been the worst but i forgot about teenage/young adult mages, lol. there was a great scene at the ley line races that had me almost wetting myself from laughter it was super fun feeling towards mircea have darkened, good for him that he loves his family but i have definitely decided that he's only dating cassie now because of her new powers and what they [...]

    28. I loved this book, but I have loved every Karen Chance novel I've read, and I know that some people find the fast pace confusing. It's urban fantasy with some very good romantic scenese thrown in. This is book two of the Dorina Basarab spin-off series, and it was MUCH better than book one. In this book Claire has had a baby boy who is the heir to the fairy crown and the target of multiple assination attempts. There's a magic charm that he inherits soon that will keep him from harm until adulthoo [...]

    29. Radu nodded, but he didn't leave. “You know, even if she hadn't been an evil mutant, she was always quite bad for him. Not that I meddle.”“Of course not.”“But she was. He needs a nice, levelheaded girl. You're levelheaded, Dory.”“I'm insane, 'Du.”“Well, not all the time. And when you're not, you're quite lovely in your own odd little way.”“Uh, thank you?”Radu patted my arm. “You're welcome.”Best compliment ever! =)))This book was explosive! It was fast-paced and had a [...]

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