This Mitchell and Webb Book

This Mitchell and Webb Book Dive into the bizarre yet strangely familiar world of Mitchell and Webb the wittiest men on television or anywhere else From the two finest comedians of their generation comes the ultimate Christmas

  • Title: This Mitchell and Webb Book
  • Author: RobertWebb DavidMitchell
  • ISBN: 9780007280193
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dive into the bizarre yet strangely familiar world of Mitchell and Webb the wittiest men on television, or anywhere else.From the two finest comedians of their generation comes the ultimate Christmas comedy book lavishly illustrated in colour, containing all sorts of outrageous stuff that will have you laughing into the spring and beyond.David Mitchell and Robert WebbDive into the bizarre yet strangely familiar world of Mitchell and Webb the wittiest men on television, or anywhere else.From the two finest comedians of their generation comes the ultimate Christmas comedy book lavishly illustrated in colour, containing all sorts of outrageous stuff that will have you laughing into the spring and beyond.David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been hard at work cramming all the comic genius that marked their award winning TV and radio shows into one very beautiful and very funny hardback book.Ted the snooker commentator s Hello Magazine photo shoot will be unveiled for the very first time, and expect guest appearances from Dr Jonathan Miller and CSI s David Caruso.David and Rob have also unearthed Hitler s lost text messages and some notes Peter Mandelson left on his fridge They will offer tips on surviving the credit crunch for all those that need them.Expect a board game put together by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, a guide to the cheeses of Saudi Arabia, and news of the ever expanding range of Mitchell and Webb products.This Mitchell and Webb book will be supported by a frankly enormous marketing budget and stunning publicity everywhere This will be the best comedy book for a long time, not least because David and Robert have put every page together themselves.

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    1. Written by my favourite comic due of ''Peep Show'' Mitchell and Webb take the sketch comedy route for this book. I liked the straight shooting text-based parts better than the more outrageous ones, which tended to be borderline shock humour which these guys don't need to resort to make us laugh.

    2. I am a fan of David Mitchell's comedy and yet whenever he says something that sounds remotefully sincere I am reminded that I find him really unlikable. This book was such a reminder. As for the rest of the book: I was expecting more. There are a few laughs here and there but it does seem a bit like a collection of things that didn't work for tv - so why not recycle them somewhere else? I don't mean too sound too harsh, if you're a fan of that michell and webb look, you'll probably be amused by [...]

    3. You know Mitchell and Webb, right – the two comedians who starred in Peep Show and the ‘I’m a PC/I’m a Mac‘ adverts? Okay, okay, I know – they’ve done loads more than that, but that’s as good a place as any to start.Here, the two men turn their pens away from writing comedy sketches and try their hands at writing a full-length book, not necessarily alternating but taking it in turns to switch around every now and then and assume the role of the sole writer. I think most people ha [...]

    4. I would say only buy this book if you really like Mitchell and Webb, don't get if you just like them in Peep show and not their sketch shows. Basically the book is just full of 'that mitchell and webb look' so if you don't watch the show, probably won't get most of the jokes. The book itself is very hit and miss, and i think they saw the mighty boosh book and just copied it really, they even do a piss take out of the mighty boosh book, and the mighty boosh book wasn't that good to copy from so i [...]

    5. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who hasn't already experienced Mitchell and Webb's sketch comedy. Whether it was their radio show or either of their television shows, this is very much the same kind of humour for most of the book. I found it entertaining and laughed out loud a couple of times, but curiously it isn't the sketch-style comedy that made me giggle most (in as much as a book can have sketch-style comedy). The real jewel of the piece is the ranty articles peppered throughout the bo [...]

    6. I could not stop laughing at this book. David Mitchell and Robert Webb are national treasures and are two of the funniest people ever to have set foot on this planet. They're a legendary comedy duo and this book just makes them even better. Basically, it's "That Mitchell and Webb Look" in book form (Hense The Title). Every page, every line, every word is funny. (Well, maybe not every word but you catch my drift.) I STRONGLY recommend this book as it is a celebration of Mitchell and Webb's wit an [...]

    7. If That Mitchell and Webb Look was turned into a book, this would be it. This IS it, really. Full of zingers and wit and zappers and silliness. It requires a good bit of familiarity with the show if one wishes to not be lost in some of the more specific regions of this here work of laughery. Hit and miss at times, but entertaining through and through. And it's interactive! Non-fans of the show can still laugh at it if they want to. GOOD WORK FROM M & W.

    8. It's all fun. There is quite a bit of culturally centered material which makes me wish I knew more about stuff that's happened in the UK in the past ten years. However, there is also a lot of universally funny material that makes the whole thing worthwhile. I am especially taken by the How To Cope articles. There's dark humor, toilet humor, punny homor and everything else on the spectrum. In short, there's something for everyone.

    9. "This book comes the size of a school text book and proceeds to school you in funny." That would be my cheesy quote on the back cover if I was famous. But seriously, the book is great. These guys are great. I laughed out loud time and time again with this one. I did have to google countlessly to look up what obscure UK TV or political personality they were referring to a lot of the time. Still, worth every penny.

    10. Picked it up cheap in a charity shop and still feel robbed. Apart from a couple of columns written by Mitchell there's almost nothing here that even raised a smile. Page after page of unfunny randomness and non-jokes stretched to breaking point. None of the wit of satirical bite of the TV show. Avoid.

    11. I can definitely say this is the best book I have read this year. Also the first. And the only so far. Still, it's great if you like Mitchell and Webb.I will admit, this is a bit more topical and somewhat more UK centric so there were things I didn't entirely understand. Overall though it runs in the same vein as the pair's comedy and I liked it a lot.

    12. Likeable tie-in to That Mitchell & Webb Look, but there's nothing particularly outstanding here, so it doesn't have the re-readability that so many of my favourite Britcom tie-ins can boast. (I don't want to THINK about how many times I've re-read the Smith & Jones books!) Very visual and nicely designed, it reads a lot more quickly than the tome-like size would suggests.

    13. I love comedy books, and Mitchell and Webb are one of my favorite duos. My favorite segments are probably the ranty essays, because both of them are fantastic and you can hear each of their voices perfectly in them (or is that just me? because i'm a superfan?), and also the mundane quotes of the great. Lovely stuff.

    14. I love Mitchell and Webb. I'm American so a lot of the pop culture references were lost on me. I enjoyed the book anyway though. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it 100 times more if I got the references but even without the references a lot of it was funny.

    15. Seriously hilarious, and, as usual, makes complete sense. On the downside, it was way too short. I loved the audiobook because it was them reading it, like an episode of a show. However, it seems like I just got into it when it ended. :-/ I'm going to simply have to get more of their work.

    16. Very mixed - not every idea translates well to the pages. A few moments of genius, but also some bits that are rather overworked and spread a little thin.

    17. Howlarious, as expected. More like an extended 2 hour coffee table book. Mundane quotes of the great is my personal favourite within the book.

    18. I have a love-hate relationship with this book. I love the games pages, and David Mitchell's rants about coffee and what-not, but I think a lot of the jokes would have been better presented on screen rather than paper. I love Mitchell and Webb's work though, and it is fun to flick through as long as you flick onto the right page.

    19. Definitely no where near as good as the show, or actors themselves but still an OK book. A bit hit and miss- some of it made me titter, some didn't make me laugh at all. The essay like pieces were the best bits and entertained me.

    20. The Mitchell & Webb Book is quite fun - there's obviously been some level of effort put in to it, but in the end it is one of those overpriced Xmas Hardbacks.

    21. Like the show it is a bit hit and miss, but what hits really hits the target. Reassuring that they're still funny years after their breakthrough stuff

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