Night-Night, Little Pookie

Night Night Little Pookie It s evening and mom patiently eases Pookie toward bed Pookie cooperates mostly though with that particular Pookie flair And imagine who gets the last word Told in Boynton s signature rhyme and illus

  • Title: Night-Night, Little Pookie
  • Author: Sandra Boynton
  • ISBN: 9780375854095
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Board Book
  • It s evening, and mom patiently eases Pookie toward bed Pookie cooperates mostly though with that particular Pookie flair And imagine who gets the last word.Told in Boynton s signature rhyme and illustrations, this humorous and gentle story will delight toddlers and those that love them.

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    1. Sandra Boynton

      Sandra Keith Boynton is a popular American humorist, songwriter, children s author and illustrator Boynton has written and illustrated than forty books for both children and adults, as well as over four thousand greeting cards, and four music albums Although she does not license her characters to be redrawn or adapted, she has herself designed for various companies calendars, wallpaper, bedding, stationery, paper goods, clothing, jewelry, and plush toys.


    1. Every December the preschool does a holiday book swap. Each child brings in a wrapped book and then gets to pick a book from the pile to open and keep. Night-Night Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton was the last book we will ever get from the exchange now that Harriet is in her final year at the school.Sandra Boynton is a popular author in our house, although it's been ages since we've read any of her books. Night-Night Little Pookie was our first Pookie book but an instant hit with Harriet.It's Po [...]

    2. There are a few stalwarts of the office cubicle, and cartoons, greeting cards and ceramica by the American Sandra Boynton are just some of them. You've seen her work before, even if you haven't seen her work before: odd, proto-versions of bug-eyed and confused animals staring at you, wishing you a happy 40th, Valentine's Day gone wrong, and the like. It's natural that she would have quite a developed oeuvre in children's books.This oeuvre centers on the exploits/celebrations of "Little Pooky", t [...]

    3. We picked up this book because my son has enjoyed many of Boynton's other titles. He didn't really get into this book until recently though (19-20 months). I think the illustrations were too simple at first, with a white background and not a lot of objects for him to label. Now that he's a little older and getting into the "plot" of the books, he's really latched on to this one. It's a brief story of Pookie getting ready for bed, but there's lots of motions we can act out together (brushing teet [...]

    4. My two-year-old Iris adores this book. The book is very relatable for this age because it depicts a typical bedtime routine between and the interactions that ensue between parent and child. She loves to "find" Pookie when he is hiding from his mommy. I love the positive messages the book sends, such as when given the choice between car or star pajamas he chooses "stars AND cars" by mixing the pieces of the two sets. This is a great subtle reminder to parents to let littles make their own choices [...]

    5. On finishing this book I had a moment of regret that these (Sandra Boynton's) books were not around when I was a tot, though I am happy for the opportunity to enjoy them as an adult.This book - Night-Night, Little Pookie - contains an endearing story of Pookie going to bed, in a way that seems typical of toddlers going to bed (e.g. first hiding from Mama then popping out with an 'I'm here' call). I really appreciated the way that the mother accepted and incorporated Pookie's little jokes and qui [...]

    6. Sandra Boynton, Night-Night, Little Pookie (Robin Corey Books, 2009)Sandra Boynton's books are usually gold, but every once in a while a little extra magic happens. I can never quite put my finger on what it is that makes Book A work better than Book B, but like the man said, I know it when I see it. Night-Night, Little Pookie­ is it. The last two pages of this book are exactly the kind of magic Boynton weaves in her best moments. Good stuff indeed. ****

    7. This is a perfect bedtime story for children ages 0-5. I read this book to my nephew, Nathan, all the time and he loves it! The rhyming and simple words are easy for me to read and easy for him to hear and understand. He is 2 years old and is still learning to speak so books like these aid his development of speaking. I think if I were to take this book into the classroom, I'd read it to Pre-K students during nap time.

    8. Violet loves the Pookie stories. Possibly because they are about a child being sweetly cared for by his mother, something easy to identify with for children and also a big part of their lives. I also enjoy these sweet stories and the opportunities to use both a mom and baby voice. It make Vi laugh.

    9. This has got to be my favorite all-time bed time book. My son and I have it memorized. I love how it shows in detail how Pookie gets ready for bed and how it shows momma as a big part of the evening. I'm a single mom so I latched onto this book right away. Love it and highly recommend it!

    10. This is a well-loved book in my house - both of my boys have demanded this book nearly every night before bed. My youngest still requests it frequently and it helps to set the tone before we tuck him in for the night. We've read it so much it's been taped and re-taped.

    11. 5/6/161/28/16 - So many night night books! Pookie is a funny word, it makes me laugh. Mommy thinks pookie is silly, and it is hard to do different voices which is necessary because this book is dialog instead of a narrator.

    12. I absolutely LOVE Sandra Boynton books! Little Pookie is a favorite! The books are so cute![image error]

    13. Excellent book in true Boynton style. If you're a parent (or going to be one) of small children, this book should be in your personal library.

    14. Not my favorite of the Pookie books, but the lower rating is just in comparison to some other Boynton books. Still a lot of fun.

    15. Last night, three-year old William “read" this to baby sister. He did a good job following the pictures, more or less, but luckily the real story is a little better.

    16. Brought it to my 21 month old grandson. We had to read it five times in a row and once again at nap time. Lots of giggling. Big hit!

    17. A Too cute. That darn Sandra Boynton is just too clever. Just a really sweet(without being cloying)bedtime rhyme.

    18. 24 months - another of the Pookie books which O always enjoys but I get tired of quickly. They are just not as fun as Barnyard Dance, 15 Animals and Pajama Time etc.

    19. My son and I love the Pookie books! He became the Birthday Pook on his first birthday, and has been our little Pook ever since!

    20. Abe and I read this to Lydia the other night, and we loved the illustrations! (Sadly, she can't enjoy them for a while, but hopefully she liked the repetitive lull of all the "night nights".)

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