Mein hungriges Herz : Roman

Mein hungriges Herz Roman Seit Myriam von ihrer Familie versto en wurde sucht sie nach einem neuen Sinn in ihrem Leben Nach Jahren zielloser Wanderschaft er ffnet sie in Paris ein kleines Lokal namens Chez moi Das ungew hnlic

  • Title: Mein hungriges Herz : Roman
  • Author: Agnès Desarthe Andrea Spingler
  • ISBN: 9783426638330
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seit Myriam von ihrer Familie versto en wurde, sucht sie nach einem neuen Sinn in ihrem Leben Nach Jahren zielloser Wanderschaft er ffnet sie in Paris ein kleines Lokal namens Chez moi Das ungew hnliche Restaurant wird schnell zum Lieblingstreffpunkt des Viertels, und Myriam findet in ihren Nachbarn und G sten eine neue Familie Doch kann man die Vergangenheit einfach soSeit Myriam von ihrer Familie versto en wurde, sucht sie nach einem neuen Sinn in ihrem Leben Nach Jahren zielloser Wanderschaft er ffnet sie in Paris ein kleines Lokal namens Chez moi Das ungew hnliche Restaurant wird schnell zum Lieblingstreffpunkt des Viertels, und Myriam findet in ihren Nachbarn und G sten eine neue Familie Doch kann man die Vergangenheit einfach so hinter sich lassen

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      Agnès Desarthe Andrea Spingler Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mein hungriges Herz : Roman book, this is one of the most wanted Agnès Desarthe Andrea Spingler author readers around the world.


    1. Este livro ensinou-me uma grande lição, não desistir do livro por mais arrastada e lenta esteja a ser o seu início, confesso que estive quase a desistir, mas se o fizesse não iria perceber realmente do que trata o livro. Desengane-se quem como eu julga o livro pela capa, esta não é uma história chick-lit, na verdade é um drama, a história de uma mulher que sofreu de depressão pós-parto, que a deixou num estado de profunda dormência, sem conseguir amar e cometeu erros graves.Erros qu [...]

    2. I think sometimes we review books based on the actual merits of the book the grammar correct? Do they use the words cold and hard to describe the main character 500 times too many? Are the sentences perfectly formed or can a high school student create more interesting sentences and plot devices? But sometimes there are certain books that we love because they speak to us. We relate on some level with the characters in the story. It's subjective and unquantifiable. Yes the book is written well, bu [...]

    3. I forced myself to finish this book and then was mad at myself that I wasted so many minutes of my life. Perhaps if I read it in French? Nah. It's just depressing.A woman gives birth to her son, adores him instantly, and then her husband slaps her across the face. (Ok, that's weird enough.) Then she goes into a post-partum depression that lasts 14 years (!), until she has sex with her son's friend, and he catches them. Ok. Then she runs away and cooks for the circus. Ok. Then she decides to open [...]

    4. I've been eyeing this book on my overflowing bookshelf for the longest time, and finally just pulled it out and read it. This book is definitely written in a style some folks would not appreciate. There's not a great deal of action, only a handful of characters, and the story unfolds somewhat by stream of consciousness from the inner thoughts of Myriam. She is a very unusual character, and yet not so entirely unlike the rest of us. Some things in her life went well, some went very very badly. So [...]

    5. Amie sent me this book awhile back and I have to say it was fun reading a book with the same title as my blog!Myriam is a 43-year-old woman who lost her maternal love for her child when he was 3 days old. Years later, she left her family, worked for a time as a cook for a circus, and then opened a small Parisian restaurant called Chez Moi. The portions of the book that deal with her son and her past were somewhat difficult for me to read, if only because I didn't completely relate to her, but th [...]

    6. Couldn't finish this one. Some of the words I saw in reviews for this book were "tender" and "profound." I disagree. I thought it was self-indulgent, myopic and whiny. Oh, Myriam had beautiful ways of looking at things. She could wax eloquent about food and herbs growing in a garden, but couldn't find it in herself to love her own son. I was trying to stick it out, but when she was able to feel all that maternal love for a child not her own--that was the last straw. Wallow in self-pity all you l [...]

    7. I could not relate to Myraim at all. She seemed like a person who did not even try to enjoy anything in her life. She over-thought everything that happened to her and seemed happy to let others run her life. She did not seem to really have a passion for anything and I thought she was pathetic. Some of the writing was really extraordinary and that was what kept me reading. I was hoping that it would get better but it never did.

    8. I have to agree with another reviewer. Sometimes this book was a little tedious. I wanted Miriam to just get over her insecurities and live! but there were moments of beauty in the book and passages I would underline and reread if it weren't a library copy.

    9. The blurb on the back cover compared this to Atonement - someone should be shot! A dull self-indulgent read. WOP - waste of paper!

    10. I absolutely adored this book. I would read it again, just for the pleasure of the lush stream of metaphors that comprise the bulk of Myriam's thinking.And at the same time, I was stunned by the enormous, gaping holes in the story. Most jarring was the complete lack of explanation for the event that jolted her from her marriage and estranged her from her son. Why did that happen? What on earth was the young man's motivation for his horrifically destructive actions? No idea. The event was simply [...]

    11. The gist of the story is that Myriam, who has spent the last few years running away from her past, opens a restaurant which, to her great surprise, becomes a success. The novel is presented as her inner monologue, which is a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions: forays into flashbacks, yearning hopes, fleeting ideas, and discoveries of self-knowledge. The prose, even in translation, rattles along with some truly beautiful passages and wisps of ideas that carry the reader eagerly on to the next [...]

    12. Beautifully written, the style and prose and that alone could be a 5 star although as a rule I do not enjoy the stream of consciousness writing as a rule. However this is so well done. Not much is happening here but for following Myriam's self-destructive life. The story dragged in laces and the ending is poor, if one could even call it an ending. Many reviews have panned the book saying they could not relate to her or the characters. For me I do not need to relate to her life, her choices or th [...]

    13. I liked the concept of a restaurant leading to longterm relationships and a sense of community, and I similarly embraced the associated rebirth of the main character. Unfortunately, the structure of the novel includes long sections of the main character's thoughts, which not only slowed the book's progress, but made her less likable. There were pearls of wisdom mixed in, but they became harder to appreciate through the drag. I can imagine skimming the book for quotes in the future, but doubt I w [...]

    14. I am and have always been a foodie. I love trying new things, new recipes included, quite regularly. I perhaps learned this from my father who was always trying new recipes, so much so that we never really had the same thing twice. Sometimes books and food collide. Not in the I got jam all over my copy of Pride and Prejudice, but that you have a book all about food. Sometimes if you are lucky you get recipes (Like Water For Chocolate) and the way food is used in the story is unique. The food bec [...]

    15. French, female and finely tuned to the nuance of personal struggle, Agnes Desarthe has written a splendid story, Chez Moi. This is the first of her books to be published in the USA. I look forward to finding more of her work when we are in Paris this winter. It is translated from the French by Adriana Hunter.

    16. Lu d'une traite mais je n'adhère jamais entièrement aux romans de Desarthe (à l'exception de Comment j'ai appris), je ne sais pas pourquoi.

    17. I actually didn't finish this. Halfway in I felt like I didn't really care what happened, so I stopped, and never thought about it or the characters again.

    18. Ein kleines Restaurant. Eine außergewöhnliche und verträumte Inhaberin. Ein Viertel, in dem jeder willkommen geheißen wird. Das sind die Zutaten für Agnès Desarthes Roman „Mein hungriges Herz“. Im Mittelpunkt steht die etwas verwirrte, verträumte aber grandios kochende Myriam. Sie erfüllt sich einen Lebenstraum und eröffnet das Chez Moi, ein kleines französisches Restaurant. Ein Konzept hat sie nicht, sie will einfach nur ihre Gerichte kochen und die Menschen damit erfreuen. Dass d [...]

    19. WITH a cover featuring prominent blurbs by Kim Edwards (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) and Karen Joy Fowler (The Jane Austen Book Club), it is clear that the publisher is aiming to capture the commercial domestic literature market with the English translation of this French novel.Indeed, it is easy enough to describe Chez Moi as a charming and touching read. However, this novel has a philosophical core that gives it a subtler taste than its American counterparts.The narrator is Myriam, a 43-year- [...]

    20. Forty-three years old, trailing secrets and extravagant lies, Myriam has just convinced a bank to give her a loan to open a small restaurant in the Eleventh Arrondissement of Paris. Chez Moi is a modest place, but the name alone signifies its importance. Too poor to rent an apartment, Myriam must live in the restaurant, sleeping on a banquette and bathing in the (thankfully) deep kitchen sink. The restaurant would be her last chance to create a new, stable life for herself.Six years earlier, Myr [...]

    21. Chez Moi is the story of Myriam, forty-three, who opens a restaurant in Paris. She has no idea how to run a restaurant, but has a love for cooking. As she struggles to run the restaurant, we also see her struggling to come to terms with her past, which we find out about in little pieces throughout the novel. As she continues to infuse her dishes with her love, Myriam begins to heal herself and find a second chance at life and love as she reconnects with her family after a six year absence or exi [...]

    22. Written in a mainly stream-of-consciousness style, we learn first-hand what motivates the heroine of the novel. Since this method is sometimes deceptive because it's so subjective, you're not sure whether to trust the narrator. The storyteller is a 43-year-old French Jewish woman by the name of Myriam who seems to be an inveterate con artist who loves to cook and read, but is as poor as a church mouse. She has a deep, dark secret that's slowly revealed over the course of the novel. You definitel [...]

    23. Myriam eröffnet nach 6 Jahren ziellosen Herumirrens ein kleines Restaurant in Paris. Doch der Anfang gestaltet sich schwierig, hat Myriam doch sehr eigene Vorstellungen von ihrem Lokal. Nach und nach beeindruckt die Inhaberin jedoch ihre Gäste mit ihrer Eigenartigkeit und Phantasie und das Restaurant wird zu einem beliebten Treffpunkt des Viertels. Dennoch scheint Myriam nicht glücklich, immer noch hadert sie mit ihrer Vergangenheit…Ich habe mich schwer getan mit dem Buch, obwohl mich die G [...]

    24. The book is marred by an oblique ending. I despise oblique endings. I think they're a sign of laziness on the part of the author. All book editors should call up authors and say, "Umm, we love your novel, as far as it goes. An ending would make it perfect." The story itself is weird and interesting and full of great lines and thoughts. I enjoyed it, until the ending (or lack of one). It was a five star novel up til the point of the let-down ending.Crummy no-ending aside, I fell in love with sent [...]

    25. There were some parts of this book I didn't appreciate, but for the most part, this book was enjoyable to read. The author's writing style and language (it was a translation, however, so I'm sure I was reading it secondhand through an interpreter) were so different from most other authors - she was a metaphorical master, drawing connections between seemingly unconnected things. She could fill up a page with a detailed description. I loved the feel of this book. The story itself was interesting, [...]

    26. In Chez Moi by Agnes Desarthe, Myriam opens a restaurant in a quiet neighborhood in Paris, and she has no idea what she is getting herself into.As her restaurant's (Chez Moi) business begins to pick up, the mystery of Myriam's life begins to unfold. It was interesting to see how she went from wife to mother to circus cook. While her past is very appealing, I wish I could say the same for Myriam in the present. She seemed a littlerange really. But on the same side - likeable. I felt bad for her, [...]

    27. I was thankful this book was short, otherwise I don't think I would have finished it. I kept waiting for the moment when I would see something real in Myriam, something to explain why she was so hell-bent on self-destruction. And I got nothing. The author could wax eloquent over the merits of various vegetables, but couldn't even seem to hint at this woman's experience in anything more than a terse series of sentences that left more questions than answers. I kept waiting for these scraps to get [...]

    28. Caution: this book may be too human for you. Honestly, I understood the motives, the imaginings, the emotions of the main character, Myriam, so well. Many times I found myself face-to-face with my own thoughts, making this read comedic, sympathetic, and compelling. It is not for everyone, especially those who can only tolerate linear story lines and clean cut cause and effect. Maybe only day dreamers will fully appreciate this offering, served with a heaping helping of humanity and a generous si [...]

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