Shadow Game

Shadow Game The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter Lily Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron it can transform their n

  • Title: Shadow Game
  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon But something goes wrong In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying victims of bizarre accidents CaptainThe classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon But something goes wrong In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying victims of bizarre accidents Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next When Dr Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust the beautiful Lily Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland s every new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father s past and closer to a secret that someone would kill to keep hidden.

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      Christine Feehan is a 1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 70 published novels, including five series Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series and Torpedo Ink All of her series have hit the 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature PEARL in 1999 Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley Jove She also has earned 7 PEARL awards since Dark Prince HER WORDS I ve been a writer all of my life it is who I am I write for myself and always have The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me I read everything I mean everything All kinds of books, even encyclopedias I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers It is a great privilege to be counted one myself christinefeehan


    1. 5 Melting the Ice Princess Stars *Spoilers*"Am I tempting you, Lily? You always look so cool. I always have a mad desire to melt the ice princess."Wow I love Christine Feehan. I read all of her Dark series and loved them . I put off starting this series because I was afraid it wouldn't hold up to her Dark series. I should have known better than to doubt Christine's mad skills. This book was so dayum good! "I don't care if they find us locked together. Do you know what it feels like to have you s [...]

    2. Reread/Buddy Read With Lacy (Read in May/June 2016)My sister and I decided to do a buddy read because I have been talking incessantly about this series for years and I wanted my sister to share the joy of the GhostWalkers. I ended up finishing long before Lacy has (she's still reading it.). So here are my thoughts. I will add questions to/from Lacy when she finishes the book.I had forgotten some facts about the series to my great surprise. And I have to say I love this book even more each time I [...]

    3. I didn't expect to love this book because most readers think this is one of the weakest books in the series, but I guess I'm not "most readers", LOL. I loved it!Ryland was the perfect hero: protective but not overbearing, and not shy or afraid of his feelings for Lily. Once he knew she was the woman for him, there was no turning back. Lily wasn't so "perfect" - either physically or emotionally - but that only made her more real to me. Her fascination, as a scientist, with her father's work, desp [...]

    4. 4 stars – Paranormal Romance/Romantic SuspenseThis is an exciting, promising start to what appears to be a thrilling series about a covert experimental government program designed to enhance the paranormal abilities and various psychic powers of a group of elite soldiers called the “GhostWalkers”. It’s a cool premise, and I liked the combination of paranormal elements and romantic suspense. Captain Ryland Miller is a yummy alpha hero who falls hard and fast for fellow telepath, Dr. Lily [...]

    5. Rounded up to 4 stars. Pretty good but the insta lust and insta love was a bit much. Lots of ‘raw hunger’ and other phrases of this ilk repeated on many occasionsory itself was an interesting premise.

    6. I have very few complaint about Christine Feehan, and I have fallen in love with the 'Ghostwalker Series', this is the second time that I have read Shadow Game and it was good to read this one again, and I plan on reading the rest of the series. This is the first book in the Ghostwalker Series, with Cpt. Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney has the main characters. Lily has grown up with mental abilities and is a anchor and is able to help others that have issues controlling their mental powers. Her f [...]

    7. 5+++Ok, so WOW… This is my first book by this author and I LOVED IT! This was an amazing, sensual, well-written, suspense filled, hot, hot, sizzling story where I was hooked from the first and just did not want to put this one down. As there are many reviews already written, I will forgo the synopsis and just give my impression. This story flowed, captured and captivated me. I am trying to think of anything I didn’t like and I can’t. I loved it all!Too often, when I choose a Romantic Suspe [...]

    8. This was total pulp. I just needed something easy to read at the moment. I would not ever recommend this book to anyone who can read. The plot was about a military psi-ops group gone wrong and sex. Mostly sex. Psychic Dream Sex, Sex Sex, and Oral Sex. Also, Sex. I blushed. I thought to myself, "Who is this lady author with all the sex in her head anyway?" so i flipped to the back to see if she was brave enough to put a picture of herself on her Excuse To Write About Incredible Sex That Can Not H [...]

    9. Ugh. I feel like I just lost a chunk of my life I can't get backQuite simply, this book was DULL. With a capital everything. I read this book concurrently with Kresley Cole's Kiss of a Demon King, and maybe comparing the two isn't fair since they're pretty different in tone and style, but I can't help comparing two books I'm reading when one absolutely grabs me by the balls and won't let go, and the other has me praying for the end. Ya know?Where Cole is writing romances which combine a rock 'em [...]

    10. Rating: 4 1/2 starsLooking for a dark, urban paranormal thriller with a sexy alpha H and a delightful, smart h? Then Shadow Dance is the novel for you. There’s tender romance, humor, nasty bad guys, and a believable plot with loads of military intel and sci-fi intricacies that artfully explain telepathic enhancement. Ryland Miller is a hot, ruthless alpha male who knows how to love and care for a complicated, damaged woman like Dr. Lily Whitney. If I thought that sometimes Lily was TSTL, then [...]

    11. Now, I have read many paranormal romance novels by different authors, but I must admit that “Shadow Game,” the first book in Christine Feehan’s “Ghost Walker” series was the first time I had ever read any of Christine Feehan’s works! This is really surprising to me because even though I saw like a million books written by Christine Feehan at my local library, I never once thought about picking up any of her books and now I seriously wished I had!Peter Whitney was a renowned scientist [...]

    12. If I finished, I think I would have rated this 3 stars. but I couldn't finish it. And I can't really understand why. I mean, I like sci-fi military types. And the narrator, despite being male (not that I have anything against that, but some men fail at reading female voices) was quite good. My biggest problems were (1) I couldn't really get connected with Ryland or Lily. (2) the action part of the story didn't really intrigue me, and (3) we don't meet the rest of the team until halfway into the [...]

    13. I’m not really into Paranormal Romance; but I read this book because it was recommended by one of my friends; we have a book recommendation exchange program going and I thought I would be objective about this book even if I wasn’t looking forward to reading it. What I did like about this book was the Sci-Fi elements in this book; telekinetic soldier, Ryland seems to fall hard and fast for another telekinetic person; the overprotected, Lily. The psychic connections between the two seem to pl [...]

    14. 4 Shadow Game Stars I liked how different this book is from other “paranormal” books. It was a little slow going at first but that is to be expected when you’re starting book 1 of any series. The author has to start building the world and you need the details to help understand.Lily and Ryland are perfect for each other, I loved how he pushes her and she doesn’t even know it but she pushes back. The dynamic between them is sweet and hella hot. Ryland’s team, I really wanted a little mo [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this book. I had really high expectations for this one, maybe that was the problem. It started really good. The set up of the story seemed different and original. But when it came to the romance, it got really lame. I really liked the premise of this story, but it wasn't enough. I felt like a lot of information was missing. (The ages of the characters were never mentioned, for example)What upset me the most was the bond between Ryland and Lily.It felt forced, not real. Th [...]

    16. I wanted to add in a little review after having read all the books that are currently out for this series I just wanted to let people know that this book is the WORST out of the series.So if you're starting this series, and this book doesn't seem that interesting to you, continue on and at least try the second book. Because I LOVE this series and yet Shadow Game was not that interesting to me. So keep going and see if you like the next one before you give up on the whole series.

    17. DNF at 55%.This was just too boring. Nothing really happens. Too long sentences and conversations. Endless dialogue about medical things, that aren't real (because paranormal) but whatever. I don't care about this, it doesn't make any sense anyway. All the problems were thought on in dialogues. Lengthy and one sided dialogues.Heroine wants hero, but she's always in her head, telling herself not to react. That these are just pheromones and things, not real feelings. She always pushes him away, ma [...]

    18. ^^I LIKED IT!^^So I read this book as apart of one of the Romance Readers challenges featuring author Christine Feehan. This was my first book by this author and I am unsure if it will be my last. Where I did like the book; there was many things missing from it, like the lack of a hot sex scene, they were all pretty lukewarm to me. Maybe I am just greedy, but I like a good sex scene damn it. So this is the life of the GhostWalkers, humans who walk this earth undetected, unstoppable and dangerous [...]

    19. The Game series is a neat and new adventure that really grasps ahold of you and sucks you in.Captain Ryland is a strong and dominant leader of a unique “GhostWalker” group that has psychic powers. Volunteering to undergo tests and possible enhancement by Doctor Peter Whitney, they received more than they bargained for.There is no other team like us in the world, we can enter an enemy camp completely undetected. We function in total silence. We’re GhostWalkers, Lily, and Higgens wants to su [...]

    20. This is book 1 in a series about an elite group of warriors with psychic abilities. I was immediately drawn to this idea and the reviews i read before starting, they convinced me to give it a shot. Because this was the first book i expected there to be some dry set up, which in this case for me was all the scientific discussions, and jargon. While some I thought was necessary, after a while i was just bored. What I did like was the idea of military men volunteering for test and study of psychic [...]

    21. Ok, so I got on the band wagon a little late, but I guess it's better late than never. What a great way to start this series of Ghostwalkers. Great world build up and sets the story just perfectly. Added with that Special Ops men with abilities, to blow your mind.The hero Ryland is an alpha in all sense of the word, protective, controlling and so damn fine it's hard not to love him. The heroine Lily, is strong willed with a vulnerable side that fits right in the hands of Ryland, who would do any [...]

    22. This is not usually my genre, so I don't have a lot to compare with but I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I have ordered the next 2 in the series from my library and have insisted they buy the rest of the series. I loved the instant chemistry between Lily and Ryland. Lust at first sight usually puts me completely off a book, but this was well done. I liked the whole 'lab rats' premise of the book and am looking forward to what happens with the rest of the very macho males. The only negative for me [...]

    23. Not enough happening. I had to force myself to keep reading.I liked the overall outline. The characters are trained military guys given drugs to create psychic powers, but at times they have pain from it. The plot sounds ok. Bad guys want to sell this process to other countries and kill anyone in the way.The problem is filling in the pages. Most of the book is boring conversation and ponderings about feeling bad, sad, angry, and what to do. Lily feels bad because her father was killed. Lily is u [...]

    24. I have enjoyed this book enormously. It has been such a refreshing surprise among many paranormal series I have read recently. Interesting, exciting, funny - really enjoyable read and I would like to thank my GD friend Giulia for introducing me to it.The story is about a special military project in which volunteer soldiers receive enhanced psychic abilities so that they can serve as secret weapons. However, something goes wrong and after one year, the "ghostwalkers" as they are called are held a [...]

    25. What that fuck! This book is one of the worst i've read this year so far. And I just finished -and hated- The Gargoyle so, go figure. If this isn't insta-love I don't know what it is. I mean, and people make fun of Twilight!!? This book felt like written by a horny teenager. It was like "The doctor introduce him to his daughter Lily" and the guy was already thinking about their wedding day! And him (I don't even remember his name) was SO pity, begging her ALL the time to love him. Gosh, this boo [...]

    26. Putting this on hold for nowt a big fan of a MC not believing the attraction they feel for the other is real. I know I'm just going to keep being annoyed.

    27. One more dropped book for 2017. This hasn't been a good year for me so far. I seem to be choosing books I end up dislikingShadow Game could be the one and only book I dropped at 5%. It's that bad. The story seems interesting until you start reading. The writing isn't good enough and the author seems to be all over the place. An example of a detail I found really annoying is the following. The main character is a marine black ops with psychic abilities (he can read minds). Enter the beautiful you [...]

    28. I've always wondered how your breath can slam out of your lungs. After reading some 20+ books by Feehan, this is still a question that remains unanswered for me. I tried being surprised or excited and no breath slamming out of lungs happened. I even thought of asking The Boyfriend if this happens to him but he already looks at me funny after my last similar experimental question. So this regular feature in Feehan's books where the girl/guy kisses the guy/girl and "His breath slammed out of his l [...]

    29. “Shadow Game” is book 1 in Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series. Here’s the premise: an elite group of military men have signed up to be human guinea pigs for an experiment designed to expand their psychic powers. Some have telepathy; others can communicate with animals; some have telekinesis; and the list goes on. Unfortunately for our team (who have dubbed themselves Ghostwalkers), problems develop: seizures, brain bleeds, even death. So the men in charge of the project put them on lo [...]

    30. Where in the world have I been that I've not heard of this series until recently? This is a remarkable, long-running series that has flown under my radar for far too long! I feel like I've stumbled onto a gold mine in that I have a TON of great reading to look forward to!!!I loved so many things about this book that it is hard to put it all into words. After reading so many romance novels, it's hard to believe that there will ever be something "new" that I've never read before. Well, this is def [...]

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