From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books

From Cover to Cover Evaluating and Reviewing Children s Books From Cover to Cover has been considered the definitive guide to reading reviewing and critically evaluating children s books since its original publication in Now revised and updated it remain

  • Title: From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books
  • Author: Kathleen T. Horning
  • ISBN: 9780060777579
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Cover to Cover has been considered the definitive guide to reading, reviewing, and critically evaluating children s books since its original publication in 1997 Now revised and updated, it remains an invaluable resource offering a fresh, up to date look at a fast changing field.All new material includes An updated introduction that reflects the many changes in the chFrom Cover to Cover has been considered the definitive guide to reading, reviewing, and critically evaluating children s books since its original publication in 1997 Now revised and updated, it remains an invaluable resource offering a fresh, up to date look at a fast changing field.All new material includes An updated introduction that reflects the many changes in the children s book industryA section on genres, including a discussion of graphic novelsA section on children s literature blogsAn introduction of two new major genre awards the Robert F Sibert Informational Book Medal and the Theodor Seuss Geisel AwardAnd than 90 percent of the books cited have been updated to recent publications

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      Kathleen T. Horning Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books book, this is one of the most wanted Kathleen T. Horning author readers around the world.


    1. Where was this book when I was in library school? As much as "The Book Whisperer" guides teachers in the "how" and "why" of inspiring lifelong readers as children, this book details the "what" and "why". So much has changed in the production and quality of children's literature since I was a child, even in the 20+ years I have been in the educational field. Needing a professional book to finish our school's million word genre challenge, I recently picked this up. I was looking to polish my revie [...]

    2. Evaluating and reviewing children's books is something I do a lot. I could benefit from reading this book, I thought. I was disappointed to find that the first seven chapters are really just explanations of all the subgenres within children's literature, and that it is only the last chapter which actually hits on what the title purports to do. Even in the last chapter there was not a lot of new ideas for this long-time reviewer of children's books. Maybe it would be a better read for someone jus [...]

    3. I definitely agree with the blurb on the back cover, which claims that From Cover to Cover is "the definite guide to reading, reviewing, and critically evaluating children's books." It was used as a textbook in three of my graduate program classes!Since it's written in an accessible language and covers the basics of children's literature (the publishing industry, the parts of a book, different categories and their history, main aspects, examples, and evaluation criteria), From Cover to Cover is [...]

    4. More two and a half stars. Not terribly useful - of a very slim volume, a lot was taken up with explaining the anatomy of books (ISBNS, end papers) and not enough, I felt, about the issues you would actually need to consider when evaluating books for collections or reviewing them. Also, some of the genre divisions and explanations seemed a bit off. In general, the non-fiction sections seemd better than the fiction sections. It did make me nostalgic for a time (maybe that never existed) in which [...]

    5. I’ve been reading this in preparation for the Morris Seminar next week. I learned so much about evaluating children’s books! I wish I had read this in grad school, and incredibly valuable read.

    6. This book contains some useful advice on what to consider when evaluating children's books, and a wealth of references to worthwhile children's books, but it was fairly dull.Too much time, I felt, was spent on tangential issues, such as details of publication, what are endpapers, what is the difference between a printing and an edition, and so forth. While of course it is useful to know the right terms to use when discussing a book, and some insight into the publishing process can be helpful, ul [...]

    7. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to blogging. This blog is meant to help me remember all the books I’ve read, get students excited about reading, and inform parents or teachers about books. That said… Kathleen Horning’s book, From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books, is not about blogging but it is about evaluating books in a professional way. What a great tool for helping me know what to look for when evaluating books, why books are written and categorized in ce [...]

    8. So far- clearly written, good info, some is a basic review but still helpful for writers who: like to read critically for their own art, or who: blog about and review books themselves. :)Ch 4 Poetry, Verse, Rhymes and Song, and Ch 5 The Picture Book -both sections well done. Others also informative, though perhaps not as in depth. Perhaps because I write MG Fiction, and have spent more time studying it, I found the Fiction section a bit weaker. A picture book writer might say the same about the [...]

    9. From Cover to Cover is an excellent resource for anyone who talks about, reviews or purchases children's books. It has clear and concise chapters on every type of children's book: nonfiction, poetry, chapter books, picture books, etc. While the subtitle states this book is about evaluating and review, the majority of the book is on evaluating books. Reviewing doesn't come in until the final chapter. Not that it is a bad thing. The information in the evaluating chapters is great. Horning goes int [...]

    10. I've been reading this for my Materials, Literature and Collection Development for Children and Youth class. I'm marking it as read even though I've only looked at a few chapters for the course. But I did purchase this book so I'll be using it as a reference tool at my current librarian trainee jobs as well as once I've graduated from the library science program and have a librarian job.

    11. eaI am using this reference/information book for my Materials for Children class and I also used it in the Materials for Young Adults class as part of the GSLIS program at Dominican University (River Forest, Il.). An excellent resource for evaluating children's/young adult books, both fiction and non-fiction. Also, a great source for help in writing reviews of these books.

    12. I think we read all the chapters for classt in orderGood book that goes over the different types of children's literature and how to evaluate them. Kind of seemed like common sense for me, but that might be from years of teaching and loving books. Will probably hand on to for reference.

    13. This was a companion textbook for a Children's Lit class for LMS. I found this book informative and useful, especially when used in conjunction with the Vardell's Children Literature textbook. The chapter on writing a book review was helpful. The description of the various genres is simplistic, but in this day and age when books can cross genres, the definitions are helpful when combined with other textbook's definitions. This is a reference book, I'll be keeping.

    14. A handy book, but most of it focuses on the parts of a book and genre characteristics. Only the last chapter explores in-depth how to actually prepare effective book reviews. With that said, the book is quite informative about children's literature overall, but it misses the mark when it comes to living up to its name.

    15. An excellent and accessible guide to the different kinds of childrens books and how to evaluate them.

    16. I first read this in 2014! It is a must-read for any children's librarian who wants to understand how to evaluate books.

    17. Great book to guide you in evaluating and writing book reviews for children's books. Useful for librarians and students in the Library Science program.

    18. This is a very accessible text to help readers understand the underlying elements of children's literature. Great for classroom teachers and children's librarians!

    19. Each chapter of Kathleen T. Horning's From Cover to Cover equates to a course in some aspect of children's books. Study each one and you will graduate with a degree in children's literature--or at least feel as accomplished as you would if clutching that diploma.When I began reading this book, I expected good information presented in a manner worthy of a good snooze; however, Horning delighted me by revealing in an exhilarating manner realms of the world of children's literature of which I have- [...]

    20. This book was optional for my 610 class and required for a class I intend to take in the Spring, so i decided to read it while i could, and then I couldn't stop. It was amazing. I was proud of the review I had to write for my reference class last spring, and my ability to identify good books, but this book showed me how to express this so much better. The break downs into categories for literature is so wonderful to see. I can see myself really using the things I was thinking about. Though I exp [...]

    21. Horning, Kathleen T. (1997). From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books. New York, NY: Harper Collins.Citation by: Bert BeckerType of reference: HandbookCall Number: Ref Teacher Professional library sectionContent/Scope: This handbook is a great way to look at childrens books. It allows you to preuse many books and see which one works best in the classroom for indepentdent needs. It is a great book to have at your side. It looks at a wide variety of books and topics from poet [...]

    22. This book is part of my required reading for one of my MLIS courses. It has short, informative chapters that really help to identify quality writing and essential components of different genres of children's literature.The section on writing a review was particularly interesting for me, as I have spent a good portion of my life for more than eight years logging the books I read and posting reviews here on . I never attempted to be a professional reviewer; I just wanted to jot down some of my tho [...]

    23. From Cover to Cover by Kathleen T. Horning offers guidelines for selecting and reviewing books for children. I read it as a textbook for the materials for children ages 5 to 8 course I took. The book, though covers books from infancy through young adult.The book has three main parts: how to gauge a child's readiness for certain levels of books, recommendations by different topics and finally the nuts and bolts of writing reviews.Horning shows how to judge a child's reading level, even for the yo [...]

    24. The author does a very thorough job of explaining the different criteria used to evaluate various formats of children's books--including nonfiction, poetry, picture books, easy readers, fiction, and "traditional literature." In classifying traditional literature, Horning provides wonderfully simple explanations of mythology, epics, legends, tall tales, urban legends, fables, and folktales. I particularly enjoyed the section on "how children's books are published," and "the parts of a book." Anyo [...]

    25. A wonderful and easy-to-read book for anybody interested in learning more about reading, reviewing and critically evaluating children's literature. Horning goes through each of the genres likely to be found in a bookstore, including graphic novels, and discusses the importance of each in a child's life as well as what to look for when critiquing them. Current titles are referenced as examples, making the information within the pages up to date. Terms are well-defined and easy to locate within ea [...]

    26. I was inspired to offer a mock Printz and Newbery book club opportunity at school this year using the list selected by Austin Public Library. APL recommended that participants in their discussion use this book to hone their evaluation skills. I bought the book to put out for the kids to see - and then decided to read it for myself, just to see what I might have forgotten since my library school class days.I found it really readable and useful. I didn't really learn anything new, but it was a goo [...]

    27. This book was required reading for my Resources for Children class, but since I mostly skimmed it during school I decided to read it front to back after school finished, since it seemed like a valuable read. Children's literature is a lot more complex than I thought, and I really hope to work with kids as a Children's Librarian some day. It's also nice knowing some in-depth information about kids' books for my own future kids. Also gives a great chapter on writing reviews of children's books, wh [...]

    28. Useful tool for those working in library, reviewing children's books and those doing LIS studies. Just picked up my copy for school (& study)- yay. In the 'writing a review' section there are sub-headings for 'deciding what to include', 'writing it all down', and 'revising & refining' with another about 'the distinction between reviewing and literary criticism'. This edition has been fully revised, and while it still includes a number of the older classics for reference more than 90% of [...]

    29. This has some good advice for reviewing kids books, but is mired by overly long discussions of the structure of the books themselves. An example is the nine page long description of the parts of a book (Cover, endpapers, half title, copyright page, etc.) that starts on page 11. Now, I don't review children's books for a living, but I'm pretty sure when the author herself says that you usually don't discuss that sort of thing in a review, then it's safe to not worry about those sorts of things.

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