The Girls' Global Guide to Guys

The Girls Global Guide to Guys Two best friends embark on a trip around the world and have the adventure of a lifetime because when it comes to travel men and love nothing goes according to plan

  • Title: The Girls' Global Guide to Guys
  • Author: Theresa Alan
  • ISBN: 9780758207593
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two best friends embark on a trip around the world, and have the adventure of a lifetime because when it comes to travel, men, and love, nothing goes according to plan

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      My interests are literary fiction and nonfiction, humor, suspense, chick lit, health and fitness, contemporary and historical romance.I became a bestselling author with my first novel, Who You Know 2003 , and my novella Santa Unwrapped was in the New York Times bestseller Jingle All the Way 2004 I am the author of six additional Kensington novels, including Spur of the Moment, The Girls Global Guide to Guys, Girls Who Gossip, Getting Married, Spa Vacation, and The Dangers of Mistletoe My work has also appeared in the anthologies I Shaved My Legs for This and Sex and the Single Witch Theresa was named the Colorado Romance Writer of the Year in 2004.A graduate of the University of Iowa and the University of Colorado at Boulder, I live in Denver, Coloradoeresaalan


    1. I'm giving this one two stars simply because some of the descriptions of Europe were nice. The book, though, doesn't work overall. The book was too short for what the author wanted to do. There's not enough romance, so it fails on that level. On the level of travelogue it also fails. The characters weren't interesting. Too many things happened with no real explanation.

    2. Wasted reading time. I disliked the narrator immensely. I found the writing style insulting, as if the writer were talking down to the reader. If I were still in junior high, I think I'd feel the same way.

    3. "This is the oldest story in the world: girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy and convinces herself he's just as crazy about her as she is about him. Boy feels constrained by the fervor of the girl's ardor and does his best to get away with minimal, if any, discussion of what it all meant. His memories of me quickly become hazy and distant, while I have recorded everything about him in my journal, everything we did together, everything he said, how he looks when he laughs, smiles, so I can analyze [...]

    4. Best friends since they first started waitressing at the Tofu Palace in Boulder, Colorado, when they were eighteen, Jadie Peregrine and Tate Moran are now twenty-seven and still on the lookout for something, anything new or different. Jadie has finished her degree in journalism, but her dreams of becoming a world-famous, globetrotting investigative reporter have yet to be realized. In fact, she couldn't even land so much as an internship at a newspaper. It was hardly in her plans to have to take [...]

    5. I finished this one last night in bed. I'd been reading it for a while (more than a week) which tends to be a long time for me with chick lit, but I blame it more on preggo brain than on the book itself. It reads really easily, a combo of chick lit and travel writing, but leans much more heavily on the chick lit part. Often I was wishing for more of the travel writing part! I also found it hard to read about Justin. Something about that character just didn't feel right, not genuine perhaps. My s [...]

    6. This book was the worst for many reasons. The idea of the book is not bad, which is why I bought it on the clearance rack from Half Price books (never a good sign). The author desperately needs 1) a good group of friends who read and can give honest feedback 2) a new editor. The character is a huge loser. She is such a loser that I was happy when she was dumped. She acts like a spoiled, rich teenager while she is abroad. She is always complaining about the culture of the country she is in - too [...]

    7. A frothy decaf cappuccino lite of a read. Protagonist is a would-be travel writer, but we don't see that in the book. She escapes to Europe to gather information on dating and marriage customs globally, but we get very few snippets about global and the only guy she dates abroad is a New Yorker. What travel writer only goes to the same sad tourist spots that everyone else has, and does nothing different? Yes, it's better/more realistic to become involved at home, but this does a poor job of conve [...]

    8. Didn't enjoy and wouldn't recommend. The book may as well have been set in one location for all the talk about the places they went to. It was basically, we saw the (landmark), spent 5seconds taking photos and then wondered what to do next.I get that travelling can exhaust you and you do get sick of seeing one more museum but they had only been travelling for a few weeks! We got too much information about certain lurid details, like the guy basically guilt tripping her to let him come inside her [...]

    9. This was a light and easy chick-lit book, told with some humor. I didn't love it. A lot of the main character's behavior in Europe made me cringe, and it bugged me that she kept saying how great her European trip was, but when actually recounting the journey, there was nothing but complaints. But in general, it was fine. I recommend it for plane or beach reading.

    10. I picked this book because it promised to have travel and romance in the story. Who wouldn't like that, right? Jadie went backpacking in Europe because she has this dreams of becoming a travel writer. But while she's traveling, she just complains. How can someone write about travel if she doesn't even like walking? I wasn't transported to Europe while reading this. I can burn this book. Ugh.

    11. I loved this book because the two main characters visited the European countries I've been dying to visit. Sites are described in depth. The book is about finding yourself and following your instincts.

    12. The book inside is not what's promised on the outside. That said, sometimes I did feel it was the story of my life I'm not as pathetic though, so am now thinking of ways to write a better story

    13. A few pages in and already I am annoyed by the Boulderite stereotype. Will keep going for a bit but don't hold out much hope that this book will improve.

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