You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story

You Say Tomato I Say Shut Up A Love Story In this hilarious and ultimately moving memoir comedians and real life married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn prove that in marriage all you need is love and a healthy dose of complaining

  • Title: You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story
  • Author: Annabelle Gurwitch Jeff Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780307463777
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this hilarious and ultimately moving memoir, comedians and real life married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn prove that in marriage, all you need is love and a healthy dose of complaining, codependence, and pinot noir After thirteen years of being married, Annabelle and Jeff have found We re just not that into us Instead of giving up, they ve held their relaIn this hilarious and ultimately moving memoir, comedians and real life married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn prove that in marriage, all you need is love and a healthy dose of complaining, codependence, and pinot noir After thirteen years of being married, Annabelle and Jeff have found We re just not that into us Instead of giving up, they ve held their relationship together by ignoring conventional wisdom and fostering a lack of intimacy, by using parenting as a competitive sport, and by dropping out of couples therapy The he said she said chronicle of their intense but loving marriage includes an unsentimental account of the medical odyssey that their family embarked upon after their infant son was diagnosed with VACTERL, a very rare series of birth defects Annabelle and Jeff s unforgivingly raw, uproariously funny story is sure to strike both laughter and terror in the hearts of all couples not to mention every single man or woman who is contemplating the connubial state Serving up equal parts sincerity and cynicism, You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up is a laugh out loud must read for everyone who has come to realize that being in love can only get you so far On CohabitationHe says Within days of Annabelle s arrival, I became very aware that she demanded solitude and had the housekeeping habits of a feral animal She says The guy had some sort of nudity radar When I would take my clothes off for even a second, Jeff would be in front of me cheering as if he d scored box seats at Fenway Park On SexHe says I want to have sex every day, but Annabelle only wants to do it once a week So we compromise we have sex once a week She says Jeff says talking about money before you have sex is a turnoff, but it s only a turnoff if you re talking about not having money Talking about money before you have sex when you have money is actually a turn on On PregnancyHe says For God s sake, all I wanted to do was have sex without a condom for a little while now we were moments from bringing a new life into the world She says My ass was expanding so fast it was like a Starbucks franchise On every corner of my ass there was a new branch of ass opening up From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Annabelle Gurwitch Jeff Kahn

      ANNABELLE GURWITCH grew up hoping that she was the long lost daughter of Joni Mitchell or the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess Neither of those things turned out to be true She is the author of The New York Times bestseller and Thurber Prize Finalist for Humor Writing 2015, I See You Made an Effort You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up co written with husband Jeff Kahn and Fired which was also a Showtime Comedy Special Annabelle was the original co host of Dinner a Movie for 6 seasons on TBS and host of Planet Green s WA TED Other acting credits include Seinfeld, Dexter, Boston Legal Her essays and satire have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire, The Nation, Men s Health, Glamour, Salon She was a regular commentator on NPR for numerous years and regularly performs at arts venues across the country She is empty nesting in Los Angeles Annabelle is a Jewish mother, a reluctant atheist, and an avid environmentalist.


    1. Our engagement also proves the old adage that there's someone for everyone. The caveat is that the "someone" isn't necessarily someone who is perfect. It's someone whose eccentricities compliment your eccentricities and then, fingers crossed, over the years you don't outcrazy each otherI can see why there are many negative reviews of this book. Neither author comes off as very likable. They are both vain, shallow, self-obsessed, whiny, emotionally-needy peopled you can TOTALLY see why they are t [...]

    2. I'm not sure if I can finish this book. I picked it up because it's got a clever title and I was wondering what advice a funny married couple might dish out about marriage. Obviously, they get the tone of mine with their title. But a few chapters into it, I'm feeling like I would not hit it off with this Jewish Hollywood couple. I find their self-deprecating remarks a little fake. It seems obvious to me that Annablle is a diva and Jeff wants her no matter how much crap she puts him through. In o [...]

    3. For being comedy writers and actors, these guys weren't as funny in print as I was hoping. And I got really creeped out by the guy always talking about having sex with his wife in a crude, inappropriate way.

    4. I love looking inside other relationships and this love story is told honestly and entertainingly -warts and all. Very enjoyable read.

    5. Oh man, where to even start with this one.In theory, this is supposed to be a funny book where two people examine their relationship by explaining the events of their courtship, eventual marriage, and parenthood from their respective points of view. I picked up the book because I like the concept. The problem is that it turns out it's not even remotely funny and the authors are only barely likable.First off, let's start with the nearly constant name dropping. Okay, I get it: both Annabelle and J [...]

    6. The jacket flap quotes caused me to purchase this one - they were hilarious and sounded like they were straight from my own marriage. When it came in, I flipped through it and was especially intrigued by the way they dealt with their son's health issues at birth. In fact, knowing that touching part was coming up was all that kept me reading during the annoying lead up. There were few redeeming qualities to be found between either of these two. I was especially annoyed with the wedding chapter- A [...]

    7. Having abstained from marriage, it's a cute look at tangles I've avoided. That said, I do want to hear how some of my married friends see it. Probably pretty close to real life, but told through the voice of a couple of comedy writers it gets more chuckles.

    8. This book was funny and I enjoyed the different points of view. It was nice to hear the same story from two different sides of a marriage. Completely relatable and very entertaining!

    9. I wanted to like this, despite the cumbersome and annoying title. But it's just not funny. It's cliche and formulaic and stale. They really ended up offering the same old jokes you hear on a canned laughter sitcom. But the authors appear to think they are original and clever.I alternated between thinking Annabelle was the most arrogant person I've heard in awhile and wanting to kick Jeff in the nuts for trying too hard to be non-mainstream. Ultimately, I think both are arrogant and annoying and [...]

    10. Written in a He said/She said format, this books takes an intimate look at a volatile yet loving marriage. While it is funny, it offers too much information. Could definitely be offensive to some. The husband's use of porn and sophomoric terms for his wife's body parts were off-putting.

    11. Sounds really funny and it's endorsed by Ben Stiller. But it's only mildly amusing. An essay/memoir on courtship, marriage, child-bearing/rearing. Been there, done that.

    12. I learned that women are shrill, men only want to have sex, and most people should not get married/ have children.

    13. Midway through comedic team and married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn's book about marriage, I had to put the book down for a break. The book began easily enough; with a meeting, then a courtship (of sorts), a wedding some time later, and finally - a baby. There are books that pack an emotional punch you aren't prepared for; this was one of those.Gurwitch and Kahn's writing is sardonic and witty. The title offers the first glimpse of the humor found throughout the book. Kahn is an acto [...]

    14. this is a very honest marriage memoir that switches between the perspectives of annabelle & jeff, two comedy writers who have been married 13 years. it's intended to be funny, and a few parts definitely made me laugh out loud, but it just didn't live up to the side-splitting hilarity promised on the bookflap. honestly, i think it could have with some heavy editing. the writers were just trying way too hard. it's like when a cute old man is telling you jokes and you wish you could laugh but y [...]

    15. Annabelle Gurwitch is a writer and actress you may best know from TBS' "Dinner and a Movie." Her husband, Jeff Kahn, is a writer and sometime actor you may know from "The Ben Stiller Show." They have been married for thirteen years, and this book is the "he says/she says" account of their marriage.Anyone who's been married a while will find a lot to relate to here: funny stories of courtship, childbirth, and the inevitable buildup of annoyance with your spouse for the millions of little things h [...]

    16. I picked this one to read on the basis of the title alone and found myself reading a book on marriage. Not the 'follow these tips to a successful marriage' kind, more the 'these are all the things he/she does that irritate the living crap out of me' kind.Intermittently amusing, anyone who's ever lived with anyone will find something familiar inside and it was refreshing to read something about the topic that wasn't promoting the idealised version where everything is sunshine and roses, with comm [...]

    17. I'm a believer in the "laughing is better than going to prison" approach to the tragedies and injustices we face in the world. Laughter through tears is a lot healthier than pent up anger or drowning in a pool of depression. These two show their true comedian colors as they tell the story of their life and love. Those critical reviews I read on saying the book was sad or bitter are really missing the point. Life throws sad and bitter at you whether you deserve it or not. Reading between the lin [...]

    18. This was really funny and entertaining most of the time. However, a warning to readers: there is some language that I think detracts from the book, and Annabelle and Jeff are so determined to win the competition for worst marriage that sometimes it gets tiresome. They seem to take pride in pointing out how miserable they are in their marriage, and eventually it's no longer funny; you're just wondering why they're still together. But thankfully, they brighten it up at the end, and the book ends o [...]

    19. These people are too much for me. Over the top and neurotic, reading about their life together caused me to feel anxious. They have a son with serious medical complications, which only serves to make them crazier.The humour felt a bit forced, but appreciation of jokes is very culture based, so people in their neck of the woods might just love it. It didn't do much for me, but reading about their son's disabilities (he was born without an anus, for one) was very interesting to me.

    20. Don't waste your time, I don't know who decided this book was funnybut I didn't laugh once. It's just two people complaining about how much they don't like each other. If I read anything about this book before I had started it, I would never have read it. Who cares about a hollywood couple, and how "hilariously" mundane their life is

    21. After reading this, I wonder why these people are still married, as they seem to do nothing but fight! But then I think that they are both very funny people exaggerating their conflicts for comic effect (I hope). The book isn't just funny, though, it contains a lot of thought-provoking stuff. It might be a very interesting book discussion title.

    22. I finished this book in a couple of sittings. It's a pretty breezy read. Uh, if you like books about two middle-aged Hollywood types who loathe being married to each other, I guess this is for you? It was funny at times, but mostly I just felt bad for them.

    23. Funniest book I've read in years, and on top of that, the ending is so heartwarming it got me teary-eyed. It gives me hope for my upcoming marriage--because apparently, we're going to argue sometimes.

    24. Hate it - I cannot wait to be done with this book. I am compelled to finish it because my husband bought it home for me (he thought the title was clever) but it is awful - a terrible account of a terrible marriage.

    25. Funny, sharp, fresh perspective on marriage. Made me very thankful for my seemingly less disfunctional marriage!

    26. "It's our belief that it's ultimately more cost-effective to complete the fondness and admiration exercise over tiramisu with candlelight instead of sitting on a sofa in front of a stranger trying not to make eye contact." - co-author Jeff Kahn on a pricey vacation vs. marriage counselingGurwitch hits another home run (although after reading that she's not a sports fan - according to said co-author in this work - I realize she'd probably wouldn't care for that analogy), this time working with hu [...]

    27. I was very entertained by this book, and I found it VERY relateable. It's about marriage, sex, love, parenthood, commitment, life, responsibilitieswritten by husband and wife comedian-actor-writers in a he said, she said format, it kept me laughing and relating all the way thru!

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