Deceptions Angels and demons vampires and werewolves And Peter bound to Lucien the master vampire walks amongst them no longer all human but without a place of his own Desperate to be turned and baffled by

  • Title: Deceptions
  • Author: Jourdan Lane
  • ISBN: 9781934166864
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Angels and demons, vampires and werewolves And Peter, bound to Lucien, the master vampire, walks amongst them, no longer all human but without a place of his own Desperate to be turned and baffled by Lucien s continuing refusal, Peter is starting to feel that he s losing his vampire lover Their relationship has become purely physical, with Lucien pushing Peter away atAngels and demons, vampires and werewolves And Peter, bound to Lucien, the master vampire, walks amongst them, no longer all human but without a place of his own Desperate to be turned and baffled by Lucien s continuing refusal, Peter is starting to feel that he s losing his vampire lover Their relationship has become purely physical, with Lucien pushing Peter away at every turn And after a night watching werewolf Xander hunt, a night that sees Peter attacked, that might not be all he s losing Fearing for his very life, and working hard to keep Lucien s increasingly uncertain temper from hurting his friends, Peter s doing all he can to prove that he belongs at Lucien s side, not just as a master, but as an equal Then Lucien disappears, and Peter knows he has to call on every ally, every power he has, to get Lucien back before he s gone forever Can Peter find a way to beat the forces working against them, or will he lose all that he holds dear The sequel to Jourdan Lane s popular novel Soul Mates Bound by Blood, Deceptions is bound to keep you turning the pages Soak this one in today

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      Jourdan Lane is a fulltime author residing in South Texas.She writes both erotic and romantic fiction including, but not limited to, GLBT fiction While she loves Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, she also enjoys writing Contemporary, Military, Law Enforcement, Horror, Thriller Suspense, and .


    1. I was very excited to start Book 2 mere minutes after finishing Book 1. Peter and Lucien are dealing with a very strained relationship at the start of the book because though Peter is going through changes and new cravings, Lucien won't fulfill his promise of turning Peter and making him a full fledged vampire. This comes as a bit of a surprise to us, but the author does a great job of explaining both of their points of view. Peter then turns to Xander in a short-lived bid to make Lucien jealous [...]

    2. Well, the second of the Soul Mates get 3, not 5 stars as the first book. I like it, but don't think it deserve the full vote. Probably you notice something immediately yeah, I don't classify this book as Erotic. Don't freak out, it's a hot book and if you want naught details I can say (without spoil the story) that there is a ménage à trois+1 that made me sweat! (sorry, I hate the word "orgy" so let's say it's ménage à trois+1 and you will get my point) but this book has little or better, le [...]

    3. Peter and his Vampire lover Lucien are back in book two of this awesome series. Along for another roller coaster ride of action, blood and sex are Xander, Nicholas, Caleb, Simon and other members of the coven and wolf pack. There are also a few new characters introduced in this book, chief among them the incubus Sabaan.It's been a few months since Peter moved into the mansion and things between him and Lucien are not going well. Lucien's temper is starting to adversely affect the coven and Peter [...]

    4. very disappointed with Deceptions uh uh! For the love of God I could not follow the story, it was all over the place!so there is Peterwho seems to be a magnet for all creatures walking the earthwhy? i have no idea! he's having sex with everyone, cause he feels this 'connection', he's got some annoying diva-allures at times and all of a sudden he is mister Action/security expert??? felt like i missed a whole book between the Bound by Blood and this one as a reader we are kept in the dark about Ca [...]

    5. ★★★★☆It's been a year since I readand lovely Julia from my lending group had just posted that she had #2 and #3 and I jumped on borrowing them so I could continue the series. I did a quick skim of BBB so I'd refresh my memory and characters.I've reread Derekika Snake's Blood Nation series since I first read ByB and although there isn't the non-con and multiple personalities present in Blood Nation, Peter seems to get into just as many scrapes and situations as our dear Xavier. With bot [...]

    6. GREAT M/M Vampire Series, STEAMING HOT EROTICA!!!! I couldn’t put this very well written fast paced and action packed read down. Jourdan Lane absolutely WOW’s me with this paranormal world she has created with this series. Between all the blood and sex, Xander, Nicholas, Caleb, Simon and two new characters Nicholas and Sabann web a bond that is full of intense emotions that run rampant between each other and the coven.All the characters are well developed and I found myself loving how they i [...]

    7. This one, like this first, was a fast paced and action packed book. I am still just loving these guys. Peter, Lucien, Xander, Nicholas and now Sabaan all. All of these characters are very well developed and the relationships constantly changing and very intense. As before, the sex scenes are really hot. I really liked this sequel and highly recommend the entire series.

    8. 01/18/13: Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m/m: from 4 to 3.I liked this book better than the first Bound by Blood, that seemed to have more sex than plot. I found this book more interesting, because there is a constant sense of menace that kept me reading (almost a one-sitting book).I had only one problem with the book: Peter, the narrator. I tried to convince myself that he was scared for his own health, that you surely panic when your body seems to be out of control, but coul [...]

    9. A fabulous follow up to Bound by Blood! The plot is really beginning to thicken in this second part. We were introduced to some new characters: a demon/incubus with a very interesting anatomy; an angel; and a new master vampire. Peter, although he often seems whiny and spoiled, is starting to step more into his role as "co-master" of the coven. There is not nearly enough Lucien in this book but that is for very good reason which you learn when you read ;0) Some of the more minor characters from [...]

    10. ~May have spoilers~I really loved this sequel to the first novel Bound by Blood. It has every thing I loved about the last book and more!In this one Peter is in an in between life, no longer human but not anything else either. He has tried to persuade his lover Lucien, to turn him but now it has caused a rift between them and Peter is doing all he can to show Lucian that he belongs at his side and to try to deflect Lucien recent temper from friends and the coven.Then Lucien disappears and Peter [...]

    11. In realtà la colpa è mia: il primo volume di questa saga era pietoso, ma io, non contenta e autolesionista a livelli olimpionici, mi sono cimentata con la lettura del secondo Quindi non ho proprio nessuno da biasimare se non me stessa.Insomma, non esiste una TRAMA, e quel poco che c'è è di un debole che fa spavento. Spesso alcune cose sono buttate nella mischia e non si capisce quale sia la connessione con ciò che viene prima (E, a dirla tutta, pure con quello che segue).Seguire un discorso [...]

    12. Hot damn, Jourdan did it again. I could not put this book downI love Peter and Lucien and Xander and Caleb and Gabrieldamn it all, this is one hell of a seriesI highly recommend it. It's so damn intense and it moves at a great pace and the emotions run rampantjust do itpick the books up, you'll be so damn glad you did.

    13. Less sex than the first book!!! This book had more plot than the first but didn't have much of an ending, still some unanswered questions so I will have to read the next one.Not much Lucien in it but a lot of Peter and his wolves!!!

    14. loved this. what i found to be lacking in the 1st one, was vastly improved in this book. can't wait for the 3rd :)

    15. Over a year has passed since Peter first met Lucien, his vampire lover. Lucien is filled with anger, constantly lashing out at the members of his coven as a result of being unnecessarily overprotective of Peter. Peter is bound to Lucien, and ingesting his blood has left Peter in a state of limbo. He is no longer human, but at the same time is not a vampire. He is desperate for Lucien to turn him, to give him the gift of immortality and to cease the cravings that grow stronger every day. “’I [...]

    16. Ok, so this is the second book in the Soul Mates series and as a whole I like it better that the first. I keep going back and forth between 3.5 stars and 4 stars.In Deception, we pick up with Peter and Lucian about a year after Peter joined the coven and became bound to Lucien and second master of the coven. Their relationship and their coven are experiencing some growing pains and because of that both are fractured. Add to that Peter's mysterious power and illness, plus his bond with Xander and [...]

    17. There are storm clouds building over lover’s paradise. Lucien cares for Peter so deeply that he has become too over protective, and Peter desperately wants Lucien to turn him. It’s the same usual human vampire romance story. Peter wants to be with Lucien forever and be forever young as Lucien is. Rightfully, Lucien is too scared to bring Peter over, because it doesn’t always go as it should or would be expected. Lucien would rather love Peter until his mortal life ends, rather than risk lo [...]

    18. It was long due from my side to read the second book in the Soul Mates series. Bound by Blood was probably among the first gay paranormal romances I read, and it for sure let me a strong impression, above all since it was also the first time my concept of “romance” was tested. Soul Mates are Peter and Lucien, and for me, old fashioned mind, that meant they should be all for each other and excluding any other “combination”; but that is not how it works in Lucien’s coven, a place where o [...]

    19. To start with a quote, this is something that Peter said, and that is exactly my idea about the vampires in this book!! This had to be the queerest coven in history.I liked the book, much more of the previous! Ok, true, Peter is a petulant, spoiled, self-centered crybaby! I will not deny it! Sometimes I found myself talking with the book (Ok, I'm not so crazy like it seems! Just to say.), saying to Lucien to take that brat, slap him a little and put a little bit of sense in his brain!!!But then [...]

    20. I will give this book the same review I gave the first book in this series Soul Mates: Bound by Blood.One of my down falls when it comes to reading, is that I read so many books that I can't remember ALOT of them, therefor it takes an amazing book that I literally can not put down for me to remember it, THIS IS ONE OF THOSE AMAZING BOOKS! SOUL MATES: DECEPTION has everything that I love in a vampire romance: sex, romance (dahh), passion, danger, blood, awesome supporting characters and of corse [...]

    21. (Sigh . . .) I have got to stop reading sequels. I loved the first book in this series, but in the first couple of pages of this book everything they struggled so hard to achieve had come undone. And really, what should I expect? You can't have good drama without some conflict, and the best way to get that conflict is to show how the MCs relationship isn't really as peachy as they left it last time. I don't like to read that a couple I was rooting so strongly for is now drifting apart. So - real [...]

    22. I liked this one better than the first one, there was just as much sex, but there was also more relationship and that's what I love in my books. The problem though is just that I get so bored when books are super repetitive and all there is is sex. What can I say I like sexual tension over characters actual fulfilling their desires. Anyway, it seemed like a lot of the plot from the first book about the serum and rogue hunters was missing from this one and for the length of the book nothing reall [...]

    23. My problem with this series began with Book #2, Deception. The plot was all over the place and there were times when I just didn't know where the story was going. I didn't know what the heck happened but it definitely was not to my liking. Peter and Lucien began having relationship problems, as Peter wanted to be turned into a vampire and Lucien refused to turn him. Peter's answer is to have sex with the males he finds attractive (which at one point seems to be everyone around), but he wants Luc [...]

    24. I bought into the series by the first book very different. all male cast of Vampires. Weres. Demons. and Angels and Peter our not 100 per sent human.Jouran Lane has woven a web of lust,sex and intrigue into this wonderful story.Peter was the only one for LucienThe first book set the love story. The second set the committment.The weres/lycans want Peter for their Alpha. Lucien the Head Master Vampire of the coven has brought Peter the Human as the Masters Partner much to the dismay of some of the [...]

    25. The multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE partners thing *still* totally works for me, LOL, which *still* totally amazes me, and all I can come up with is that Jourdan Lane just happens to be one talented mofo of an author! What's weirder is that I'm not even rooting for one particular guy or anything I literally have a thing for every. single. one. of them and I can completely understand why Peter needs them all. Oh, and Sabaan? I'm ALL OVER his awesome! (And Peter had better get all over his awesome t [...]

    26. AWESOMEAWESOME.The storyline is moving along nicely and I'm so curious as to "what" Peter is. LOVE the new characters, Logan and Saaban. (visualizing Saaban using his tail in naughty, naughty ways lol)I can't believe the betrayal. I was heartbrokenThe sex was so steamy and raw, hard to believe I'm finding myself liking m/m sex better then m/f sex. lol It's just so damn erotic and intimateAnyway, before I need another cold shower, I'll just say that this series is quickly becoming my FAVORITE (a [...]

    27. If you like gay vampires this series is for you. Very well written and very erotic. The models on the cover of these books fit perfectly to the characters. And what a cast of characters.Lucien, a vampire, seduces Peter. The first time they have sex, Petere lets Lucien bite him and their life together begins.It has vampires, werewolves, demons, vampire hunters.I really love vampire stories because there is always eroticism associated with them. I really would love to see a movie or series made ou [...]

    28. Same warnings apply to this book as I said for the first one.This book has much more gratuitous sex and apparently Peter has an inability to keep it in his pants. Fine, but it lessens his "bond" with Lucien if he F@&&$s everyone else who is nice to him.But, despite all of this I enjoyed the book, reading it straight through until 3:30am and skimming very little. I am compelled to find out what's up with Peter and I will probably try the third to find out.Now the score. I think I am givin [...]

    29. 4,5It was interesting. I read the first part some time ago, but could still remember characters enough to not be confused while reading this one. It kept me reading it. Had trouble putting it down at some places (and that part stayed unresolved, so definitely reading the next one).I'm also getting confused about the relationship. Before I thought it's a couple with an open relationship, but now the other participants (so to speak) feel too close and there's too much emotion involved. So now I'm [...]

    30. I actually almost liked this one more than the first book. The emotions felt more complex, the characters that were introduced (better) felt more interesting, even the sex was more meaningful and better somehow. The distinction between Peter's old world and his attitudes towards the new world were portrayed really well. I loved how the coven began to see him as a Master too, and I can't wait to start reading the next book to see what's going to happen to them next!I really do love this series. I [...]

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