Red Robin, Vol. 1: The Grail

Red Robin Vol The Grail Following the aftermath of BATTLE FOR THE COWL a new Batman watches over Gotham City But not everyone is ready to give up on the old one Someone believes that Bruce Wayne may still be alived that som

  • Title: Red Robin, Vol. 1: The Grail
  • Author: Christopher Yost Ramón F. Bachs Art Thibert
  • ISBN: 9781401226190
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the aftermath of BATTLE FOR THE COWL, a new Batman watches over Gotham City But not everyone is ready to give up on the old one Someone believes that Bruce Wayne may still be alived that someone is Red Robin But who is wearing the Red Robin costume, and why is he traveling the globe looking for a dead man Whoever he is, he s not alone in his search and hFollowing the aftermath of BATTLE FOR THE COWL, a new Batman watches over Gotham City But not everyone is ready to give up on the old one Someone believes that Bruce Wayne may still be alived that someone is Red Robin But who is wearing the Red Robin costume, and why is he traveling the globe looking for a dead man Whoever he is, he s not alone in his search and has been targeted by the League of Assassins What does Ra s al Ghul want with Red Robin Why are members of the League of Assassins being targeted for death And what happened to the life Red Robin left behind

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      378 Christopher Yost Ramón F. Bachs Art Thibert
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    1. I've been talking to people, letting them know if my comic ever got going and I was approached by DC to take on a character it would be Tim. Not because I love him, but because I believe he hasn't been all that interesting of a character in anything I read. (If you want to hear more about my pitch let me know! I'll post it/PM you!) However, this is the first Tim-only story I read, and I actually dug it! So Tim is lost. His parents are dead, Dick took on Damien as the next Robin, and he is the on [...]

    2. This begins with a Spanish politician's daughter being kidnapped and held for ransom. Red Robin, Tim Drake, takes down armed guards and an incendiary cyborg in order to save her. Red Robin seems skillful but cold and objective, almost stoic. And I'm wondering if I'm going to like thisBut then comes the flashback vital to character building, to instilling sympathy in the reader. And I feel for Tim, I really do. Post-Final Crisis and Battle for the Cowl, Bruce is gone and presumed dead. Dick takes [...]

    3. Following the death of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson assumes the cowl and becomes the new Batman with Damian Wayne as the new Robin. Tim Drake feels that Bruce isn’t dead and begins searching the globe, following his footsteps in Grant Morrison’s story “The Return of Bruce Wayne”, to pick up clues that Bruce is still alive and is slowly making his way, through time, back to present day Gotham. In order to find Bruce though Tim has to ally himself with one of Batman’s greatest foes [...]

    4. Poor Tim Drake/Robin. Your mother is dead, your father is dead. Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson, Batman & Robin, took you in when you had no one; Bruce made you his adopted son. Tim Drake became Tim Wayne.But now, Bruce Wayne is gone. Everyone believes him dead. But you know better. He’s alive. Bruce Wayne is alive. You know it in your heart of hearts but no one believes you.Wait -- there is one man who has believes you -- one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest enemies, Ra’s al Ghul.Thus, the fi [...]

    5. My Brief Bookshelf Overview: gave-up-before-finishing, hell-of-a-ride, unrealized-potentialAdditional Notes: This collection contains Red Robin issues #1-5.Tries and (mostly) fails to be serious, though not altogether a waste of time.

    6. I think I just don't have enough context to properly appreciate this? May return to it after I understand more of WHAT IS HAPPENING.Other thoughts:- TIM MY POOR KID I BELIEVE IN U- damian no- this isn't news but i'm still batfam trash- also this was scheduled to arrive on tim's birthday and i am very sad that it arrived late.

    7. This just wasn't enough, the story is short and it only moves a little bit from what is going to be the big picture. (The Return of Bruce Wayne)

    8. Art by Ramon Bachs: Great action sequences and vibrant pictures. The only weak point, for me that is, are the faces of the characters: their features are very rough, not sharp enough, not well, pretty enough, to be honest.Story by Christopher Yost: Fascinating story, well written and perfectly interconnected, not told in a linear way, but every scene has its own place. It's a character piece and at the same time, there's a large picture that you don't see until you have all the pieces.I'm loving [...]

    9. Their was only one major problem I had with Chris Yost's storytelling. There's no doubt that Yost understands the character of Tim Drake, and the obvious similarity - personality and mindset - he has with Batman. But when it comes to the execution of the story, I was confused on plenty of occasions.Yost constant use of flashbacks - especially when it didn't further the plot - threw off the pace of the story completely. I think there were parts of the story were the flashbacks weren't even proper [...]

    10. Hmmm not sure what to say. It could be that I'm just not feeling very well and can't focus ont the book, but I'm just bored and right now I can't finish it. Not sure what I expected, but maybe I will revisit it some day.

    11. Decent story with some teen angst and solid art. Unfortunately, there are too many characters to keep track of for the uninitiated.

    12. Such a fun and great addition to pre-52 Bat family era. I'll be honest and say I haven't read Morrison's runs (I'm reserving this for the summer since his love of convoluted plots begs a lot of time spent reading; time that I don't have at the moment) which means I'm a bit out of the loop for certain events that happen during and around this run, but the only thing you need to know going in this is that Batman died following the events of Final Crisis and was sent to the past and cursed to live [...]

    13. To be honest, I'm pretty jaded with comics right now, and DC Comics in particular given everything that has happened to my beloved characters who once formed Young Justice, the remnants of which can still be seen lingering in Teen Titans once scribed by ne'er-do-well Geoff Johns. Okay so he does do well on occasion for instance the aforementioned Titans, and Green Lantern (or so I've heard). Honestly, I don't care for how Johns writes most DC characters, too much like he's writing a movie and do [...]

    14. This is the Tim Drake (sorry, Tim Wayne) I grew up with and miss. Don't get me wrong, I also happen to love the New 52 but I also love Tim Drake having his own solo title and the years of experience to go along with it for him as a character. The one downside to the New 52 is the continuity that was lost with characters like Tim Drake. A young boy who discovered who Batman was, became Robin, became one of the greatest detectives of all time to the point that Bruce Wayne (Batman) said he would be [...]

    15. When approaching this comic I admit that I was rather excited. I have a dear friend who likes to write fan fiction and it was this comic book that inspired her wonderful work, which I am still hounding her to finish. I will start off by admitting that I sometimes like stories with a darker edge, and this is no doubt a darker story, which I love.The main premise of this story is that Batman has died and Dick is the new Batman. Tim believes that Batman is still alive and is looking for proof of th [...]

    16. After the events of Batman RIP and Battle for the Cowl, Tim Drake is the only one to believe that Bruce Wayne is still alive. This belief alienates him from everyone else in the Bat family as they believe his delusional behavior is part of his grieving. So everyone is trying to help him, but no one really does except when aid comes in the form of an unusual ally.I won't reveal who that ally is, but suffice to say that character has really been plucked back up in the past several years and has be [...]

    17. Of all the current Batman series, Red Robin is my favorite. I knew that after Bruce's death, Dick Grayson would become Batman, and Damien would take up the mantle as Robin; but what about Tim Drake?Chris Yost delivers an solid story about Tim's beginnings as Red Robin. Tim is resolute that Bruce is still alive and deserts Gotham, becoming the new Red Robin and searching the world for clues of Bruce's whereabouts. No one believes him; Tim is on his own, and he knows that the Red Robin costume is [...]

    18. This trade collects Red Robin issues #1-5.In the aftermath of Final Crisis Gotham City sees the beginning of a new Batman and Robin. But the former Robin, Tim Drake, isn't ready to move on. Instead he embraces a tarnished alter ego and sets out on a quest that will require a steady stream of compromised ideals. But he won't give up, because he's the only one who doesn't believe Bruce Wayne is dead.Time Drake has always been a favorite of mine and he really got a chance to shine given a new direc [...]

    19. This made me weep like a baby. The artwork fits Tim perfectly and the angst is just right. Red Robin: The Grail is a great beginning to what looks like a fantastic story, which promises to do my favourite (former) Robin justice. Tim Drake-Wayne is one of Bruce Wayne's most loyal (if not THE most he's probably just a little under Alfred) and Yost does a terrific job of portraying that. Even as the others beg him to see reason and insist that Bruce is dead and gone, Tim trusts his gut and refuses [...]

    20. As the “Batman Reborn” branding stretched across the Batman line of comics in 2009, a new Batman and Robin were chosen: Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. This left former Robin Tim Drake (aka Tim Wayne) as a man without a title. He resurfaced as “Red Robin,” taking on a new heroic identity as he searches for Bruce Wayne, who Tim believes to still be alive.Issues 1-5 are collected in Vol. 1, “The Grail.” Chris Yost and Ramon Bachs are the creative team as Tim crosses the globe looking fo [...]

    21. It is amazing how many things have changed in the last five years for Batman.This trade takes place in a time when Batman was believed dead, because Darkseid had shot him with his omega beams, sending him back in time. This was a glorious time in Batman history, and it very likely many comic fans are going to disagree with me. This was Grant Morrison at his peak with Batman, when Dick Grayson and Damian were Batman and Robin.This book is basically the "Oh yeah, what do we do with the current Rob [...]

    22. I came into Red Robin a few issuses after those collected in this book. And even though I didn't know all the backstory, I did just fine piecing it all together.But now that I HAVE read it, let me tell you, WOW. I loved it. I was afraid I was going to be disappointed because I adore the later issues a lot. But this was just so good. Tim's battle with himself. His reactions. His quest. He's sometimes a bit ridiculous, but you know what? It makes sense. He's 17. He's been in this all his life. Thi [...]

    23. Of all the post-death of Batman stuff that DC has been putting out, I think this one is truly the best. It manages to blend action with Tim Drake as a REALLY fascinating main character who has grown into a superhero in his own right. While Dick runs around babysitting an increasingly bratty Damien, Tim is refusing to give up the hope that Bruce is alive somewhere somehow. This leads to adventures with interesting people and places in a dark and twisted story about loneliness and moral compromise [...]

    24. Its these kind of comics that make you realize why DC has kept all the ex Robins still ticking over. Red Robin has the feel of Batman but is uniquely Tim's world. Christopher does a great job of giving Tim an interesting first party monologue which has become a standard across the franchise. The unique back and forth between present and past keeps it interesting along with the progress on the overarching trail that Tim is following. Will keep following this one for now

    25. I love this series so much! This first volume The Grail deals with Tim's reaction to the events of The Battle for the Cowl, and the death of Bruce Wayne. I loved reading from Tim's point of view and experiencing his train of thought as he tried to deal with his emotions and his sense of good and evil. It's exceedingly well written and the artwork is fantastic. Any lover of the Batfamily is sure to enjoy this.

    26. Con este volumen empieza mi apreciación total a Tim Drake. Ser el único que en realidad creía en Bruce (o al menos lo demostraba enérgicamente) y que algunas vez volvería, crea una admiración y cariño eternos a este personaje. Su búsqueda por pistas, más encuentros con amigos y seres queridos que también desaparecieron (example: Conner) más, misterio y un viejo enemigo del Batman original siguiéndole de cerca los pasos, hacen esto memorable. You go Timbo!

    27. Tim is convinced that Batman is still alive and goes in search of him as Red Robin. On the way he stops crimes and gets entangled with the League of Assassins. A good start to a series, Tim is struggling to find a new identity while facing ever increasing odds against him. Black and white no longer exist for him, only grey. A good read.

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