Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions Early one September three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake With only a pale moon to light their way they row across the water in the middle of the night But only two of

  • Title: Bad Intentions
  • Author: Karin Fossum
  • ISBN: 9781846552922
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Early one September three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake With only a pale moon to light their way, they row across the water in the middle of the night But only two of them return, and they make a pact not to call for help until the following morning.Inspector Sejer leads the investigation when the body is discovered He is troubled by theEarly one September three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake With only a pale moon to light their way, they row across the water in the middle of the night But only two of them return, and they make a pact not to call for help until the following morning.Inspector Sejer leads the investigation when the body is discovered He is troubled by the apparent suicide and has an overwhelming sense that the surviving pair has something to hide Weeks pass without further clues, and then in a nearby lake the body of a teenage boy floats to the surface.

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    1. Karin Fossum

      Karin Fossum n e Mathisen is a Norwegian author of crime fiction,often known there as the Norwegian queen of crime She lives in Oslo Fossum was initially a poet, with her first collection published in 1974 when she was just 20 It won the Tarjei Vesaas Debutant Prize She is the author of the internationally successful Inspector Konrad Sejer series of crime novels, which have been translated into over 16 languages She won the Glass key award for her novel Don t Look Back , which also won the Riverton Prize, and she was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger in 2005 for Calling Out For You.Series Inspector Konrad Sejer


    1. For two of the kindliest detectives in crime fiction, Inspector Konrad Sejer and his sidekick Jacob Skarre never provide comfortable reading and this ninth entry in the series is one of their most unsettling investigations to date, not that Bad Intentions follows anything as simple as the course of a run-of-the-mill police procedural. The penetrating and all seeing eye that Konrad Sejer brings to his job rarely takes anything at face value, preferring to question everything and come to his own c [...]

    2. A warning for all Karin Fossum followers: "Bad Intentions" is not for the squeamish. The writing, however, is, as always, riveting and pulse-pounding. As are Fossum's characterizations of people.In her newest, brief novel, Fossum catches her readers off guard with her dangerously delicious approach to the dark side of the human psyche. Three troubled boys: Jon, Reilly and Axel, fighting demons from their past, must come to terms with their compulsive behavior of a recent unsettling crime, which [...]

    3. I'm not sure whether a friend told me about this book or if I saw it mentioned on a website; either way, it was presented to me as a Scandinavian crime novel in the mold of Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc). Everyone is recommending Scandinavian crime novels these days, riding on Larsson's coattails.Well. Bad Intentions is nothing at all like Larsson. There's not a hint of Lisbeth Salander here, or even Mikael Blomkvist. The author isn't even Swedish; she's [...]

    4. Bad Intentions by Karin Fossum tells the story of three friends who make a bad choice and a drunken moment and whose lives unravel as a result. The book begins with the suicide of one of the three young men while the other two watch and then decide to wait a day to report his suicide. They have a secret which is the mystery of this book. But the real story is not the solution of the mystery but the effect the wrong choice has on the friends and those around them.The book is part of the Sejer/Ska [...]

    5. This is the worst one yet. The writing seemed very amateurish to me; the book did not engage me, and yet again, she indulges in the annoying habit of providing just a bit of forboding information about Konrad Sejer, but I guess I'd have to read the next novel to know where that goes. If I can get it for $1.99 on my Kindle, like I did with this one, I might do it; otherwise, forget it. I'm off to find other Scandinavian crime authors who can better hold my interest.

    6. I've been reading Karin Fossum for years now, so I've had a chance to see her change. Her books started as more traditional crime novels. Procedurals, basically, with a stoic and sensitive Inspector Sejer at their heart. They were always smarter and more emotionally honest than your average crime novel.Lately she's moved in a different direction. Her novels claim to be Inspector Sejer books but he is only a minor figure in "Bad Intentions." Instead the book focuses on a group of 3 men, friends s [...]

    7. When an institutionalized young man, suffering from a nervous condition, is found at the bottom of Dead Water lake after a night camping out with 2 of his friends, a verdict of suicide, is released. However, Inspector Sejer is not convinced that foul play didn't have a hand in his death, despite evidence to the contrary. There's just something about the way he died, and the statements made by the man's therapist and girlfriend, which didn't seem to indicate he was in the frame of mind to do away [...]

    8. Bad Intentions, by Karen Fossum, is the latest in the Det. Konrad Sejer series to be translated into English from its original Norwegian. While the short novel is easily readable and quite a page turner, it is also easy to find faults with.Axel, Reilly, and Jon have been best friends since childhood. Axel and Reilly checked Jon out of a mental institution for a weekend getaway. The three friends are ravaged by guilt over an incident that continues to haunt them. Over the weekend, tragedy strikes [...]

    9. Two teenage boys missing. Their bodies found in different lakes in Norway.The guilty ones began to lack trust in each other. Then the stronger one turns on the weaker one.Alex and Riley were caught using DNA from what was found in their car.The mothers of the two dead boys, banded together in their grief, trying to understand what happened.

    10. Not the best Inspector Sejer book I've read. A little predictable and not enough focus on the characters of Sejer and Skarre, which is what I've enjoyed most about this series.This won't stop me from continuing with the next few books, but I hope to see a return to the character dynamics of Karin Fossum's earlier books.

    11. This very dark novel takes place in Norway and although it presents as a mystery, it is more an exploration of guilt, passivity and responsibility. A good book but so depressing that I can not in good faith recommend it.

    12. A shorter book than most of Fossum's novels, this is also a simpler one in terms of the unraveling of the crime, but its portrayal of character is every bit as deep and engrossing.Jon, one of three friends, commits suicide in front of the other two, who conspire to lie about the circumstances of the death, thereby arousing the suspicions of Inspector Sejer that this could be a murder case. Why they should do so, and why Jon committed suicide, is something that unfolds before us for the rest of t [...]

    13. This was my first exposure to Fossum and I was disappointed (especially when I went on to read another of her books which was fabulous). This all just seems undercooked, not least her detectives who are so far back in the plot as to barely leave a trace as they get to the bottom of why a boy jumps out of a rowing boat in the middle of a freezing Norwegian Lake and plunges to his death while three friends in the boat look on. Fossum is always far more concerned with the impact of a death on other [...]

    14. Another Karin Fossum book I have enjoyed reading. This is a relatively short book in the Skarre/Sejer series. A realistic and uncomplicated story, but it still keeps you engaged and hooked, as a good story should. Three young friends meet up in a cabin for the weekend and one has been granted weekend release from a psychiatric hospital. He is suffering from major anxiety and is clearly a troubled soul. He and his friends take a boat out on the lake late at night and he jumps into the water and d [...]

    15. I have read past Inspector Sejer books and he has been a primary figure in those books. This book is unlike her previous books in that Sejer is barely featured. The book is told largely from the perspective of one of three life long friends who, it is made clear, have committed a criminal act together. The exact nature of the act, although hinted at, is not known until the end of the book. The book is more of a study in guilt than detection. What seems least believable about the book, largely be [...]

    16. A young man is found dead. Everyone saw it as a suicide, except two others knew it wasn’t, and they weren’t about to tell.Inspector Sejer is very good at his job, he should be, he has been at it for years. So when he is called to this scene to investigate, something just doesn’t sit right. The more the inspector and his assistant, Jacob Skarre, dig into the mans past, the more it just confirms his suspicion. Talking to those who knew him and searching through his past, Inspector Sejer is d [...]

    17. Karin Fossum writes a gentle psychological mystery centering on two young men covering up a crime. There is no violence or bloodshed. Just a dominate personality, Axel and a weaker one Reilly . Detective Sejer takes a back seat to the two men knowing he can play with the weaker one. Nice insight to a personality with no conscience and huge ego and ambition juxtaposed with a weak drug addicted man ravaged with guilt.

    18. 3.5 stars. Somewhat predictable, but suspenseful anyway. The relationships between the female characters (Molly and the night nurse, the two moms) were more interesting than the relationship between the three friends. And Sejer seemed absent for much of the story; there wasn't a lot of detecting for him to do. Not my favorite of the series.

    19. Well, I read. Read it easily, read it quickly. Short, pointed sentences. Descriptive. Not annoying tell, tell, tell. Norwegian. The eerie mystery was interesting as was all the pieces not having to be ostentatiously pulled together in the end like ta da. But still, when the characters aren't likable, it's hard to feel warm.

    20. I found this book dumped in the share area of my apartment building, next to the trash and thought, why not try it out. It's sort of a detective novel about something that didn't really have to be a mystery. It was boring but it sounded literary so I tried to give it a go. Months later, I've hardly read any of it and realize I should just give up.

    21. Not so much a police procedural, this was character study with a psychological slant on the motivations and machinations behind guilt and the resulting actions to maintain innocence of wrong doing. I read with fascination as events spiraled out of control.

    22. A very different type of a mystery from a translation of a mystery writer from Norway. It starts with a suicide and eventually also has a murder, that had already happened,to be solved. It shows what guilt can do to some people and not to others!!!!!

    23. A good read not in the traditional crime sense rather an exploration of minds when the consequences of actions finally surface. Recommended reading. 4 1/2 stars

    24. Having read this book without knowing it was part of a series I think the book held up well as a stand alone. The pace was a bit slower than what I would usually read. I give it 4 stars as a stand alone. As part of a series though and particularly based on the detectives, I'd give it a 1. 2 stars at most. I did not get the sense that the detectives played a significant role in this tale. Their contribution was minor to say the least. If the detectives were such main attractions, then you would e [...]

    25. Another gripping tale of psychological suspense from an author who is well on the way to becoming a firm favourite of mine.This tale tells the story of three friends who made a bad decision, a drunken moment and how their lives unravel as a result. It begins with the suicide of one of the three young men. The other two watch on, decide to wait a day before doing anything but then merely report him as missing. The friends have a guilty secret which is the mystery of this book, but the solving of [...]

    26. Sejer investigates a presumed suicide that leads to another case, involving three close childhood friends. Because I prefer Sejer and Skarre scenes to the ones involving the criminals, I enjoyed this book a bit less than the others. Nevertheless, there are some interesting characters, especially the women. This is one of the shortest books in the series and can be easily read in a day. I read these mostly to get an insight into Scandinavian culture.

    27. The crafting of this book deserves a higher rating, but my personal review is lower because it took me to such an uncomfortable place. Reading this was like picking at a scab and uncovering proof of my worst suspicions about the inherent weakness and evil of some human beings.It was too close for comfort for me.

    28. I discovered this book after reading a review by Jo Nesbo. I am now reading all of her work. I started with this book and enjoyed it--far more than the second I read (I Can See in the Dark) but it was more a question of subject matter versus writing style. The rich continue to count as "evil" in contemporary society--and in many cases, for good reason.

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