Be a Man!: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

Be a Man Becoming the Man God Created You to Be Men are rediscovering the importance of the spiritual life And Father Larry Richards is helping them do it While some writers apply a one size fits all approach to the Christian life Father Richards

  • Title: Be a Man!: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be
  • Author: Larry Richards
  • ISBN: 9781586174033
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Men are rediscovering the importance of the spiritual life And Father Larry Richards is helping them do it While some writers apply a one size fits all approach to the Christian life, Father Richards draws on his many years of ministry and his own experience as a man to inspire other men as men In Be a Man , he recounts his struggles to learn true manhood, as well as thMen are rediscovering the importance of the spiritual life And Father Larry Richards is helping them do it While some writers apply a one size fits all approach to the Christian life, Father Richards draws on his many years of ministry and his own experience as a man to inspire other men as men In Be a Man , he recounts his struggles to learn true manhood, as well as the inspiring stories of others he has served in his decades as a priest He tells men how to focus on the right goal, how to live as a beloved son of God, of the need to acknowledge one s faults and to live according to the Holy Spirit, to be a man of true love and of wisdom, to appreciate properly the differences between men and women, to pursue holiness, and to make a difference in the world Not preachy but direct, Father Richards challenges men to be strong, without putting on a mask of false strength or machismo He calls men to admit their weaknesses and limitations, while urging them to find strength in faith and genuine love to overcome their sins and faults Although a celibate priest, he minces no words when it comes to the place of sexuality for the unmarried man as well as for the married man He shows that true manliness is not opposed to love but thrives on it Father Richards stresses that a relationship with Christ reveals the meaning of a man s life and his identity as a man He inspires men to become the true heroes they long to be men of authentic courage, compassion and integrity This is a highly readable book for men by a man who knows how to talk to men about the things that matter most.

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      A gifted and captivating speaker, preacher, retreat master and author, Father Larry Richards holds the answer to some of life s most profound questions He speaks from experience as a pastor of an inner city parish, a high school chaplain, a counselor and evangelist Fr Larry Richards has directed hundreds of Retreats, Parish Missions and Conferences for young and old alike His inspirational talks and presentations, always authentic and enthusiastic, have changed the hearts, minds, and lives of millions of listeners worldwide He continues to accept invitations for speaking engagements all over the United States and in Canada and has recently traveled abroad to continue his mission of evangelization Father Larry Richards was born on March 26, 1960, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania He entered St Mark High School Seminary, Erie, Pennsylvania, at the age of 17 After high school, Father Larry attended the college Seminary at Gannon University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling in 1983 Continuing his studies at the Major Seminary at St Vincent in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Father Larry Richards received his Masters of Divinity degree in 1987 He will soon conclude his studies and be awarded a Master of Arts degree in Liturgy from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana Ordained to the priesthood on April 21, 1989 for the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, Father Larry Richards has served as Pastor of St Joseph Church Bread of Life Community, also in Erie, since July 1, 2002 In addition, Father is the founder of the DME Divine Mercy Encounter Retreat Program for the Diocese of ErieOn August 30, 2004, in the midst of his many commitments to his parishioners, to the TEC community, and to traveling around the United States for Parish Missions, Retreats, and Conferences, Father Larry founded and is president of The Reason For Our Hope Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to spreading the Good News by educating others about Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith through CDs and DVDs, as well as promoting Catholic speakers who are effective instruments of evangelization In turn, the foundation will support charities that strive to make real the Gospel of Jesus Christ He has recorded many talks on all aspects of the Catholic Faith for individual and small group instruction, all of which are available on The Reason for Our Hope website Since the inception of the Foundation, Father Larry has also recorded CDs and DVDs entitled The Truth , Confession , The Mass Explained , Knowing God s Will , Prayer , Livingin the Holy Spirit , Be a Man , and What More Could He Do For You Father Larry s live presentation of What More Could He Do For You , a dramatic explanation of the Passion of Jesus, is riveting the DVD of this presentation is, without a doubt, the most moving re enactment of the Passion one can view.Father Larry Richards also hosts a radio show called Changed Forever with Father Larry Richards It can be heard nationwide on Relevant Radio on Saturdays at 8 00 p.m ET 7 00 p.m CT, and Sundays at 11 00 a.m ET 10 00a.m CT.


    1. I did not need another book to read. But I needed to read this book.If you are a Christian man (particularly if you're Catholic) read this book, take it seriously & do what it says. I am about to begin.Fr Larry Richards is a man after God's own heart & sets out some challenges for men to be men, real men, men of God, followers of Jesus Christ, leaders among our families, role models for our world.For me this book is about salvation. It's time for the rubber to hit the road & to get s [...]

    2. This book was an incredible read. But to be honest I have had a hard time figuring out how to review it. Fr. Larry Richards in this book, challenges us to be real men, authentic men, men of God. It is a call to be true Christian men, to be a Catholic gentleman.When I first read this section it had an instant impact:"I make this very explicit when I am preaching at a marriage ceremony. I start with the bride and I say, "Sweetheart, you read the Bible every day, don't you?" At first I usually get [...]

    3. I truly enjoyed Father Larry's conversational and powerful narrative. This is a clear call for Christian men to be strong in their faith, starting with family and permeating into all other areas of life. Father Larry defines manhood as being in love with God and truth, devoutly serving your wife, modeling morality for your kids, and being an ethical leader at work and in your community. He outlines and discusses these focal points: 1) focus on God, 2) live like a son of God, 3) repent, 4) embrac [...]

    4. If the priest played by actor Karl Malden in the movie "On the Waterfront" had written a book, it would have sounded a lot like this one by Fr. Larry Richards. The self-deprecating asides here sometimes fall flat, but the overall tone of straight-shooting bonhomie is genuine. The checklist at the back, a quick reference to "30 Tasks You Must Accomplish To Help You Become the Man You Were Created to Be" had me ambling to the copier. Fr. Richards packs a lot of practical and spiritual advice on ho [...]

    5. This is a hard one to call. I really liked the book. The content is hard hitting, pull no punches, in your face, this is what you have to do for Eternal life stuff. The message is what it needs to be. The content is what it needs to be. The delivery isn't great and Fr. Larry's personality doesn't work great for me but it is what it is.It is at times contradictory in terms: Don't ram things down people's throats, live by example, be a witness. Coming from Fr. Larry who uses a sledge hammer to ram [...]

    6. I enjoyed the book very much. I usually get books on audio but I won the book in a drawing at a local bookstore and thought it was kind of odd that I won this book. It took me about 6 months to pick it up and read it. But I believe the old saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I found the book very helpful in my spiritual journey. Fr. was direct and hit the topics right on the head. I have heard Fr give other talks and he can be brash but usually makes his point. In life some [...]

    7. What I think is a great strength of this book is that it doesn't waste time being polite. The questions and practical things to do at the end of each chapter are particularly helpful, since it's often difficult to concretize abstract ideas into positive action items.I think it is a needed book. Men don't know, many times, what it really means to be a man. And from this, women don't really know what it means to be a woman. We need to help each other find our identities in Christ, so that we can m [...]

    8. This was a great book! Fr Larry was a key speaker at a men's conference I attend a few years ago so I was looking forward to reading this book. I hope my sons will eventually read this book. Fr Larry details how a man should live, following the example of the real man's man, Jesus. The last part of the book is a practical checklist of 30 tasks we need to take to become men after God's heart. I'll be referring back to this checklist often. Thank you God for your workers on earth. May I see you in [...]

    9. A direct, energetic call to young men to meet God and discover the purpose of their lives. It's about developing a relationship with God, learning to pray and meditate on Scripture, learning to repent when needed, developing strength of character, learning how to love, learning wisdom, learning to be holy wherever one is, learning to be pure in heart, learning to be of service, and much more. He offers excellent, engaging advice, and in spite of the title, it's relevant for girls too. Reviewed f [...]

    10. A good book for someone looking for spiritual direction in their life. He uses this in his personal life and explains to the reader how to make it work in their own. I have started incorporating this book into my daily life. Change is never easy, but you have to start with an effort to try and make that change. If you are not finding fulfillment in your life I highly recommend this book for your consideration.

    11. From a wife/mother's perspectivea great read that not only aids me in understanding my husband and his calling better and a great prayer tool in helping my boys grow into men of God but also helps me in my relationship with Jesus. I enjoyed Fr. Larry's direct approach. His colloquial style makes for a comfortable read, but the meanings are much deeper and greater, inviting you to be a clearer image of God! Thanks, Fr. Larry Richards.

    12. This is a great book that really challenges you to be a better Christian man. Father Larry Richards is funny and down to earth guy, and he offers practical advice that all men can relate to. There are also action items and discussion questions at the end of each chapter that I found useful. I would recommend this book to all Christian men who are seeking to grow in their faith.

    13. I appreciated some of Fr. Richards' insights and elucidations on the characteristics and habits associated with manhood. There were some good challenges, and a particularly helpful checklist in the back to help men begin to order and achieve manhood. All in all a good book, and one that I would recommend other men to read.

    14. Gentlemen, if you're looking for someone to tell it like it is and challenge you to be a real man, Fr. Larry is your guy. If you're just looking for warm fuzzies and someone to make you feel like the status quo is just peachy, go read some Joyce Rupp or perhaps a selection from Oprah's Book Club.

    15. Looking for a book that instruct you how to be a Man this is a perfect book for you. Fr. Larry Richards discusses different aspects how we stand up and be the man God created us to be forget other self help book this is the one.

    16. A must read for every Catholic man who wants to find his true purpose and direction in life. Fr. Richard surely doesn't water-down anything but makes sure to tell it as it is about being a godly man. Any man who doesn't like reading might not be able to put this one down.

    17. 4.5 I really liked the bookI just don't want to contribute to star inflation."Holiness is a by-product of love - love of God and love of neighbor.Holiness is not something you do, it's who you are for God."

    18. This book is written with men in mind, but it is so much like Fr. Larry Richards' missions, women can learn, too. Fr. Larry lays out the truth. I'd give it more than 5 stars.

    19. Be a man-- of GOD!! This book will help you in your spiritual journey. READ THIS BOOK! You will be blessed.

    20. Bola to fajn knižka, len sa mi na mňa zdala príliš americká, v tom zmysle, že rob to to a hen tamto a bude z teba úplne fantastický muž a ja neviem, je to také jednoduché.?! Prišlo mi to všetko také, len nestratiť nálepku kresťan. Viac by som sa možno zameral na to, ako prísť na svoju originalitu.Neviem dobre kritizovať. Veľa vecí sa mi páčilo, a povedal som si, keď som si ich prečítal, áno toto je klasika, určite to robme, dobre, že o tom autor píše. Možno to n [...]

    21. Hard hitting, straight to the pointFather Larry tells it like it is and accepts no excuses from us. Men we have a lot of work to do!!!

    22. A good kick in the butt! Fr. Richards is great - he tells you how it is and what you need to hear. Being a holy and loving man is tough but there is no other option.

    23. Warning: you may annotate something on every one of the 195 pages of this forceful, enlightening, and often comical book. That is to Fr. Larry Richards’ credit as a master writer whose style is as energetic as his public speaking. Fr. Richards offers thirty essential tasks that every faithful man must accomplish to live a deeper spiritual life; the thirty tasks are divided among eminently readable chapters, often peppered with his unique sense of humor. Addressing them as “Gentlemen”, Fr. [...]

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