I Loved a Girl: A Private Correspondence

I Loved a Girl A Private Correspondence The spiritual vision of Trobisch s classic answers to love s questions is reproduced here in a new edition

  • Title: I Loved a Girl: A Private Correspondence
  • Author: Walter Trobisch
  • ISBN: 9781931475013
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • The spiritual vision of Trobisch s classic answers to love s questions is reproduced here in a new edition.

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      Walter Trobisch Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Loved a Girl: A Private Correspondence book, this is one of the most wanted Walter Trobisch author readers around the world.


    1. This Christian classic should be read by everyone! Letters between a German missionary pastor and a young (nonChristian) African man and the (Christian) girl he's attracted to. Walter Trobisch is the finest writer on the subject of love that I have ever come across. He knows what it is to be in love, and unlike most Christian writers, he doesn't lose sight of that when he gives guidance from the Bible about love between a man and a woman. It is interesting that arranged marriages and polygamy co [...]

    2. I really had no idea what I expected to gain from reading this book. But right now I actually don't know how to explain just how educative this book was/is. It almost felt surreal and most often than not, I willed the story to turn out differently.The young man, François, I found out, was quite conflicted. I appreciated his frank way of approaching his questions but I couldn't help feeling he wanted a little more than comfort. He wanted to get all the answers to the questions and wasn't at all [...]

    3. I Loved a Girl is a reprint of the letters primarily between Walter and Francois, Francois being a native African, the result of a polygamous marriage, poor, unwanted by his father, adopted by Walter’s mission and now writing to him seeking advise. Francois is in trouble. After being baptized as a Christian and gaining a post at a Christian school, Francois has been fired. He loved a girl, or more bluntly he fornicated. Now he is being excommunicated and is filled with questions. What is the p [...]

    4. Set within in 20th century Africa, Trobisch brings us into the world of a young man struggling with sexuality. Although taken within the context of this Africa that is foreign to us such as bride prices, the letters between Trobisch and the young man are full of deep spiritual insights and Christian truths that cut across all cultures and time. This book is great for young men who are currently dating or looking to get married in the near future.

    5. Everyone should read this. Even though the book is written by Christians, and a lot of stuffs in there are reference from the Bible, the premise on which the book is based on is real life situations and a true story of how to develop and treasure your love, a gift given to the human race, a priceless one.

    6. I was afraid it would be woefully outdated and racist, and while there are a few uncomfortable traces of the time and culture from which it came, it's an interesting snapshot that contains some pretty solid advice and encouragement.

    7. Even though this book is well over 50 years old now the principles that Trobisch laid out in this book are as timely as if he'd written them yesterday. It is thought provoking and still a book worth reading for teens and young men to understand themselves and why they are called to behave a certain way.

    8. I had been born into a highly conservative family. Instead of chafing under moralistic edicts, however, I became morally conservative myself, as lived examples (through my parents) are much better than written ones. My father had brought me up to be open-minded regarding knowledge as well as most things in life, however. I'm now 27 years old. Through my personal struggles, and a rejection in love, I realized and made it my aim to be as chivalrous as possible to the women I've met, and to treat e [...]

    9. This was such a good book (and it was pretty short too). It contains the letters of correspondence between two young Africans and their pastor with a few other people in there too. Although it reads like a novel and tells the story of this young man and woman, he addresses almost every question there is out there in the course of his letters. He has amazing analogies that he uses to explain his points, which I love. The only thing is he never answers one question: “What does it mean: ‘to put [...]

    10. This book is one I think everyone should read. It is inspirational, and expresses in totality what true love really is.I LOVED A GIRL was recommended to me by one of my favorite teachers back in H.S. It is a book of private letters written between two young Africans, Francois and Cecile and their Pastor. In these letters they express their unconditional love for each other combined with the love of Christ.This is definitly a story that should be shared with couples, or those who ever been in lov [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. It was so interesting to see the misconceptions that the young African man had about sex and women. It was sad the idea he originally had about needing to practice with his sexual organs to see if they worked with a woman before marriage. It was beautiful to see his views change and to witness his love for his Cecile.I read this to preview for my teenage son. I don't think he is quite ready for this story yet. Perhaps in a few more years.

    12. This book was a quick and fascinating read. There's so much to love. It's a real story, these are the real letters from François, Walter, Cecile and Ingrid. They're so honest in the letters about their problems and questions about sex and relationships. Even though it was written in the 60s, in Africa, it's easy to relate to their story - people all over the world still have the same questions and problems. You should totally read it.Originally written in French.

    13. Amazing read. Very easily read book filled with wisdom, truth, and very thought provoking. It is quite raw and honest. It was like nothing I've ever read but it spoke very truthfully about relationships and Gods plan for them. I'd recommend it to marrieds and singles alike. There is much to be gained and when you're finished you'll want to pass it on! Im glad a friend passed it to me!

    14. This book, which is a series of very personal letters, is a great look at the responsibility of sex for the young teenage male. Having 3 teenage sons, I felt it gave me some "food" to give them for looking at this responsiblity from a Christian perspective. Now, if I can only get them to read the book!

    15. I think I read this. I ran across a list of books I read in 1977, and one by this title was on it -- but without an author's name or any other comment. The description I read in some reviews does make it sound familiar. This may be something John had read before we met, and recommended.

    16. I read this book when I was a college student at the suggestion of a youth leader at church. It profoundly impacted me at the time, though I wish that I had always lived up to the standard that it set.

    17. My sister loaned me this book. It is about an African couple more than 20 years ago. It challenges many questions regarding sexual purity, religion, culture and love. Very good book for a confirmation class, teens and young adults. for adult too.


    19. This book is a must read for everyone,Having been born in Africa, knowing our culture,being a Christian,I can personally relate and understand this beautiful story.I loved this book,its very profound,and now I want to start writing letters toople I love

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