Amelia Rules! Volume 6: True Things Adults Don't Want Kids to Know

Amelia Rules Volume True Things Adults Don t Want Kids to Know In the sixth volume of Amelia Rules Amelia helps Aunt Tanner revive her music career and pays the price for doing so Rhonda comes to terms with her newfound popularity and Reggie discovers that yo

  • Title: Amelia Rules! Volume 6: True Things Adults Don't Want Kids to Know
  • Author: Jimmy Gownley
  • ISBN: 9781416986096
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the sixth volume of Amelia Rules , Amelia helps Aunt Tanner revive her music career and pays the price for doing so, Rhonda comes to terms with her newfound popularity, and Reggie discovers that you can t stay a kid forever And if that weren t enough, Amelia finds out how a crush can truly be crushing While Amelia learns about love the hard way, she discovers a numberIn the sixth volume of Amelia Rules , Amelia helps Aunt Tanner revive her music career and pays the price for doing so, Rhonda comes to terms with her newfound popularity, and Reggie discovers that you can t stay a kid forever And if that weren t enough, Amelia finds out how a crush can truly be crushing While Amelia learns about love the hard way, she discovers a number of true things adults don t want kids to know but, as always, with a generous dose of Gownley humor

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      Jimmy Gownley is the author and illustrator of the Amelia Rules series of graphic novels, as well as the memoir The Dumbest Idea Ever.He has been nominated for 13 Eisner awards and 6 Harvey awards His book Superheroes won the 2006 Cybil Award for best graphic novel for kids 12 and under.He lives in Pennsylvania.


    1. Jimmy Gownley’s graphic novel, Amelia Rules, True Things (adults Don't Want Kids to Know), is the sixth volume of the Amelia Rules series. In this volume, Amelia must face and deal with “tween” issues such as change, disappointment, promises and her every changing relationship with friends, family, and boys. This 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Nominee for Best Publication for Kids, is geared toward children grades 4-6. Amelia’s story begins with her 11th birthday party where her Aunt Ta [...]

    2. This is the sixth book in the Amelia Rules! series by Jimmy Gownley. We recently discovered this series and our girls just love it - they will argue over who gets to read the books first. They are really into reading graphic novels right now and we all love that it features a strong female main character who has other strong women in her life. This book continues the story and has several sections highlighting love, life and friendship. The story has several flashbacks and we enjoy learning more [...]

    3. "Art is like a beautiful dream, and the rest of the world is the alarm clock."Finally got a chance to check out one of these books in the series. Though I picked it up while at work, just the bit I had read while sitting at the desk intrigued me enough to make me want to go back to it. I was hooked by the introspective voice of Amelia, the seamless ways in which her reality and her thoughts (and dreams), as well as changes in voice and perspective are shown in art and letter. And did I mention h [...]

    4. I bought this book for my daughter, who got hooked on the Amelia Rules series after a librarian showed them to her. After my daughter devoured it, I picked it up and promptly got lost in it. This book is one in a particularly well done series of graphic novels following a tween who faces problems that are all too familiar with many tweens today. It's not one of the angst ridden emo stories that appeal to some readers, though, it has some hilarious scenes. The stories are addictive, and challenge [...]

    5. I had a wonderful time reading this story. It's so truthful and hilarious that I found myself completely entranced with only the first page. It is so gut-wrenchingly honest but in a light-hearted way that makes the reader hopeful for the future. My favorite thing about it was that Amelia's Aunt, Tanner had this wonderful musical gift that she kept hidden away and, with Amelia's help, she suddenly found herself on tour with a famous rock band. It just goes to show that when you have a talent, not [...]

    6. This book is a 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry nominated book in the Best Publication for Kids category. This book is part of the Amelia Rules series. The audience this book is geared towards would be girls in third through fifth grade. The book is appealing due to its story and rich illustrations. It is a story that includes issues that most girls can relate to, which include problems with family, friends and boys.

    7. I really enjoyed the quotes from one of the characters that appear at the beginning of chapters."The main difference between boys and girls is that girls mature slightly faster and boys are idiots." "I think the reason people have kids is so they can pass their own brand of crazy on to another generation."

    8. Amelia Rules! True Things (Adults Don’t Want Kids To Know)1- Genre: Graphic Novel2- This book starts of by Amelia celebrating her birthday, and with this party comes a new song from her aunt. Based on the response of her aunt’s new song Amelia and her friends decide to help her spread the word of her new song. Throughout the adventure of helping her aunt, Amelia and her friends deal with many challenges and changes in their lives. They experience hard good-byes, friendship tension, difficult [...]

    9. 1.) Genre- Graphic Novel2.) Summary- Amelia gets a special surprise for her 11th birthday--her Aunt Tanner has written a song about her. In love with her song Amelia and her friends decide to popularize it. Changes, challenges, and the unexpected follows their journey.3.)a.) Area of focus- Illustrations 3.)b.) While Gownley uses an easy to follow format of frames for the graphic novel, the bold colors and harsh lines make the story difficult to focus in on.3.)c.) This graphic novel is definitely [...]

    10. Best one yet. I just found it at the library and wanted to read it like I had with the others. Amelia takes on her first crush, Kyle as she turns 11. She tries to act cool, but just ends up looking like an idiot. She farts as she says she has a foot oder problem. She ends up obsessing over him and invites him to be her date to her ex-rocker aunt's concert and he excepts then brings another girl and tells her he knows Amelia's aunt! He's super mean! Someone should show him how that would feel. So [...]

    11. Have you ever had such an amazing birthday party, then all of a sudden your friends start fighting and you get a bad report card? Well Amelia is having her 11th birthday party. Her birthday was special because her Aunt Tanner surprised her with a special song. Amelia loves her Aunt Tanner so much, until she finds out her Aunt can't spend that much time together with her anymore. She got a new boyfriend and her song is just too much time to visit Amelia. Even though it's hard for Amelia to keep t [...]

    12. I’m literally weeping trying to accept that this series is almost over. Amelia and her friends are coming to terms with growing up, and all of its joys and pitfalls. This one is all about her relationship with her Aunt Tanner, and all the good things that Tanner teaches her about life. Interesting that Tanner really doesn't seem to care for Amelia’s crush, Kyle- will Reggie come in to save the day, and end up being Amelia’s superhero?

    13. This was a really good book, it was very umm well emotional and it felt like so many things were happening to Amelia. I kinda felt bad for her she has so much going on in her life! This was probably the best Amelia Rules book I have read so far.

    14. Great for those pre-PRE-teens.Mine is 10. Subjects include divorce, adult siblings arguing, first crush, gossip, and embarrassment. Handle wonderfully, with a cliffhanger ending! Wish our library had more volumes.

    15. This volume definitely continued the themes of the first book of being true to yourself and what it means to grow up, which was really nice to see that continuing and growing stronger over the course of the series.The parent themes were brought back, which was a nice touch - it's easy to get over things temporarily, but it is harder to get over them in the long run, especially for younger kids. It felt more realistic to have the problems pop up again than to be easily resolved.And on the other h [...]

    16. When I first discovered it last year, Amelia Rules quickly became my absolute favorite graphic novel series. Reminiscent of the Peanuts, but with a very 21st- century feel - these books combine imagination and humor with the sometimes harsh realities of growing up. In previous volumes, Amelia has been a short, red-shirted blonde kid, whose parents are divorced, and who sometimes has trouble controlling her emotions about that situation. In this volume, Amelia has begun to mature - now eleven, sh [...]

    17. Getting close to the end of the series has me a little upset because I love these characters. Here in vol 6 we get a focus on Tanner as big changes are a brewin for our favorite rock star. Plus Amelia has a break through about her own life and gets another lesson in growing up. But Tanner is the focus as we learn she is no longer coasting thanks to not performing for years and the money is drying out. But chance lends a hand when at Amelia's 11th birthday Tanner sings a new song that thanks to t [...]

    18. Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of kid's books, and I know zilch about chidren's lit. Hell, I didn't like the damn things when I was a kid. So, basically, I rank these according to my child's level of interest and my ability to stomach the stuff. Child's level of interest: strong. It's not Lord of the Frickin Rings; she's not literally weeping and begging for more wizards and stumpy people in stumpy houses, as she does with the LOTR every night after my husband closes the great tome. However, she [...]

    19. Amelia turns 11 years old but the laughs and adventures that made her so endearing years earlier are still there, albeit a little more restrained. This graphic novel continues to explore the trials and tribulations of growing up through the woldview of a character that's firmly entrenched in our hearts. Not much of her supporting cast is seen this time around as we learn of some valuable lessons Amelia and Tanner undergo.[return][return]As always, Jim Gownley serves up a story that makes us stop [...]

    20. Amelia Louise McBride is turning eleven!Her new year starts with a bang: a huge birthday party featuring surprise guests and a special song from Aunt Tanner! It all seems too good to be true, until it turns out is. Suddenly, Amelia's friends are fighting all the time. She gets the worst report card of her life. And when she finally musters the guts to tell a certain boy how she feels about him, she brutally learns why it's called a "crush". Aunt Tanner would know just what to do - if she were ar [...]

    21. True Things (Adults Don't Want Kids to Know) is the sixth Amelia Rules graphic novel by Jimmy Gownley. It's the only one I've read. I liked the title and though I would give it a try.Amelia is turning eleven and is having a birthday party. Aunt Tanner sings a special song, an event that is apparently a rare thing indeed. Amelia also gets her first crush and has to deal with the roller coaster of emotions she's feeling and how those feelings are affecting her friends and family.The graphic novel [...]

    22. Amelia Rules: True Things (Adults Don't Want Kids to Know)Gownley's Jimmy This is my first Grapic Novel I have read, I was not sure I would enjoy it. I would have to say at first I had trouble getting into it, but once I got to know the characters, I have to say I liked Amelia and her friends and family. The story deals with Amelia and how she is coping with her parents divorce and her aunt moving in with the family. I would recommend this for grades 4 upMarainne ConnellyNewton Free library

    23. I started reading these when I was 13 and I still love them. They remind me of being a little kid again and are funny while have serious messages. Amelia is a great character: she's precocious and really a bit of a smart-Alec, but understanding and sensitive. Tanner is like a rockstar Yoda in a belly-showing shirt. Amelia's friends are unique and funny in every way. Her parents are kind and nurturing, without being totally perfect. These books charming and heartwarming, with beautiful artwork. I [...]

    24. Um, I LOVE AMELIA? I loved this book so much more than I thought I would and I kind of want to read all the Amelia books now, who knew?! So realistic and hilarious. It did seem like a lot of the references/humor were for grown-ups and might pass over kids' heads, but like a good Pixar movie it doesn't matter because kids will still understand all the universal, important things in the story. Also, so great to have a fun graphic novel with a female protagonist.

    25. Audience: upper elementary and tween girls, kids with divorced parents, Appeal: Amelia is not a perfect girl. She has mood swings, boy problems, divorced parents, and a group of friends who have their own issues. In this book, Amelia has to deal with her aunt dating her teacher, a crush on a boy who is a bit of a jerk, trouble in English class, and friendship drama. This book is great for young girls who are dealing with the emotional drama of growing up. List: Eisner Award Nominee 2011

    26. How did I not get around to these marvelous comics before? Fully deserving of its modern Peanuts reputation and Buffy writer endorsements. Amelia and her friends navigate ninjas, getting older, and first love with the help of Aunt Tanner, a former rock star hiding out in small town Pennsylvania. True Things is a well-earned title for this volume in the series.

    27. Now that Amelia is getting older, the stories are maturing as well. Amelia is getting her first crushes and learning how to be the bigger person when a scoundrel needs her help. There are some sad, touching flashbacks starring Amelia's parents. Tanner is dealing with real grown-up problems. The whole atmosphere is much more melancholic. Still, a top-notch comic!

    28. Have I mentioned that Jimmy Gownley lives in Harrisburg, the city closest to my college? I kinda recognize the place. Love the teacher romance and am impressed by the turn Amelia's love life takes. Good stuff.

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