Manage Your Mind

Manage Your Mind Sets out the strategies that will stretch strengthen and tune your mind to help you cope with the rigours of everyday life This book shows you how to keep mentally fit how to tap into your mind s p

  • Title: Manage Your Mind
  • Author: Gillian Butler Tony Hope
  • ISBN: 9780198527725
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sets out the strategies that will stretch, strengthen, and tune your mind, to help you cope with the rigours of everyday life This book shows you how to keep mentally fit how to tap into your mind s power so you can enjoy your life It also includes information on how to make decisions, strengthen your memory, stop smoking, and .

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      255 Gillian Butler Tony Hope
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    1. I picked this up months ago for $1 at a thrift store. It appealed to me because of its promises to help with anxiety and time management. At the time I purchased it, I had 12 work deadlines unfurling about once every 5 days, so it seemed particularly applicable. I thought if the book couldn't help me, I could at least hold it in my arms before fainting, so the paramedics would understand my state of mind at the time of my stress coma onset.Was it helpful? I'm still awake, so yes, I think so. To [...]

    2. A comprehensive guide to developing robust mental healthWhat you put into your body has an impact on your physical health. You are in big trouble if you live on candy, chips and root beer. Similarly, what you dwell on in your mind affects your mental health. If your thoughts are self-critical, obsessive and anxious, you will not be happy. In fact, you will probably be miserable and neurotic. Fortunately, just as you can improve your physical health with diet and exercise, you can also take speci [...]

    3. Its a decent book, I keep it for reference purposes. Its well organized with all the material and how to handle everything from self esteem, depression, managing time, decision making, etc. Gives you a brief overview of how to handle situations Like with all self helps, you must actually TRY to do the things in the book, rather than passively read and I think if you do that, this book can be helpfulI would give it 3.85.

    4. 2.8.10Just began reading this book, which was a gift from my wonderful, beautiful sister, and it is brilliant. I only have read a few things on relationships so far, but the information has been so timely for me personally.It really helps to feel that we have the power over ourselves, and we have choices. There is some really useful information in this book. I think everyone would benefit from it.

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    6. This book is very clearly targeted to an audience who feels a loss of control within their bubble of society. It would be relevant to the elderly or those needing a self-esteem booster. Not practical for a young adult, and not what I expected in a book categorized as "mental fitness".

    7. This book is both practical and profound. It's grounded in research but not too academic. It doesn't have a pie-in-the-sky approach to self-help. It's realistic. Highly recommended.

    8. I bought this book originally in 1995 and recently purchased the most recent version for the Kindle reader. It is a book I have gone back to many times and I am not a huge fan of self-help books. This one seems well organized and extremely practical. Life is tough sometimes and I think it is nice to have a user's manual around for those times when something malfunctions or is not running as smoothly as it should.

    9. I read the first edition back in 1995. I particularly liked the section on How to Improve Relationships and the chapter on recognizing voices from the past. Life changing at the time since I was not sure how to sit still with myself yet I could at least start working on my reactions and thoughts.

    10. So great. I bought this book back in the 90's when I was undergoing therapy for depression, and kept it on my bookshelf through the years for bouts of self-doubt and emotional stress, like a mini-therapist to help weed out what I can do to fix my personal problems with relationships, and issues at my job. A simple paperback book, and yet, when used - very, very valuable.

    11. It took forever to get through this book. It has a few good points and tips; however, you have to wade through thickets of wordiness and blather to get to the nuggets. It seemed like whenever I was at my bookshelf, I always wanted to reach for another book first. Had it not been here on its tenth and final renewal, I probably wouldn't have finished it.

    12. First of all, this book is very CBT. So that should be noted for those who prefer to work with different or certain approaches to psychological issues.I have some technical issues with the book, such as describing anxiety and depression as "feelings," rather than actual disorders (statements such as "when you feel anxiety," "when you are feeling depressed some days,"). As someone who suffers from both I find that a bit frustrating, as anxiety/depression/OCD/BPD are not ways to describe feelings, [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book, the versatility alone was enough to keep my interested. As I said it was very versatile and even encouraged you to skip ahead. After the initial introduction which when read was very general, in layman's terms if I may, it encouraged you to either continue reading or to skip a few chapters to whatever chapter you needed. The chapters themselves were pretty in depth and definitely fundamental.There is a general aura that I receive from this book, a very helping aura an [...]

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    15. A friend recommended this book to me. I thought it might have a heavy focus on cognitive behavioural therapy, which I've already read a lot about but while it included info about CBT it covered a wide range of topics and suggestions. things that in a way seem very simple, like treating yourself right, and learning how to recognise, and deal with voices from the past. It's set up so you can pick and choose chapters, reading the ones that are most helpful.

    16. I've found this book is the kind of advice where you dip in a chapter at a time, when you need some ways to think about dealing with whatever issues you're currently facing. I read the first 5-6 chapters as a core 'here's a foundation to building oneself's mental fitness', and have been reading chapters here and there since. This book is about offering a toolkit to its readers. It's practical, with a very sensible but-not-unkind tone to it. Recommend.

    17. This is an excellent book. It's divided into small sections that make it easy to read. It tackles topics that are fundamental to living like managing time and change, dealing with stress, anxiety and decision making and maintaining good relationships. The ideas and techniques it offers are practical. I've used this book as a reference for my work as a counselor.

    18. Had a couple of relevations about myself along the way and will definitely browse through some of the chapters again. I am, however, a little disappointed that the current edition hasn't been adapted to modern times. Cassette recordings? No more than four eggs a week? Some of the info is just outdated.

    19. This was the most fantastic gift I ever received & is the pride of my collection. It is the bible of rebooting your life. It dives deep into the realm of your brain like no book does. Whatever you are, however you feel, whichever mood you are in, this is a must-read for you. I recommend everyone to possess a copy at home. This is a must for your collection.

    20. Excellent all around psychology book dealing with best ways to study, stress, anxiety, depression, self esteem, and every other way our mind tricks us. It is filled with powerful insight and ways to make sure you keep your mind managed and fit.

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    22. Truth is, I began this book thinking "this is very scientifically based, I like it!"-- and while that is still true, the book is based on actual science, it's a bit out dated and dry. If the authors added more interest and modernized it, it would be a wonderful book I'm sure.

    23. This book has literally changed my life. It's changed how I view myself as an individual as well as how to becoming a person I want to be. Still blown away.

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