Submission Tobias is a skilled Dom and Noah is a man in need of just that He wants to sub badly but has yet to find someone he believes in Through a series of encounters in the world of bondage and discipline

  • Title: Submission
  • Author: Chris Owen Jodi Payne
  • ISBN: 9781933389509
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook
  • Tobias is a skilled Dom and Noah is a man in need of just that He wants to sub badly, but has yet to find someone he believes in Through a series of encounters in the world of bondage and discipline, we learn why Noah has trouble trusting, and why Tobias is reluctant to let himself love Still, Tobias can t resist Noah s charms, and the two of them set about making a sceTobias is a skilled Dom and Noah is a man in need of just that He wants to sub badly, but has yet to find someone he believes in Through a series of encounters in the world of bondage and discipline, we learn why Noah has trouble trusting, and why Tobias is reluctant to let himself love Still, Tobias can t resist Noah s charms, and the two of them set about making a scene for themselves, one that works for them and their unique set of problems But can they stay together in a world where learning to love means accepting all of their dark secrets

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    1. Chris Owen Jodi Payne

      I live and write in eastern Canada I went to a bunch of schools, learned a lot of things, and now make stuff up because not to do so is unthinkable I m fond of fountain pens, Levenger s Circa system, and Steampunk fashions I m inspired by the day to day minutia of life, and find beauty in the way words go together I like texture and richness of experience I m not shy I m happy, I m learning, I m living.


    1. Second read after a 6 year break. Bumping up to 5 stars. So damn good! Hot as fuck. Perfect BDSM book for those that like passion with their pain.Re-reading book two right away!

    2. Just finished re-reading this book Tobias and Noah are like the cutest and most adorable couple ever :') I love them, their story, this book and the rest of the characters this is totally my favorite MM series!!!They are like asdfghjkl!! I want to smooch both their faces off! They are like prefect together!! :D

    3. This is one of the most boring erotic novels I've ever read, primarily because neither of the characters is more then a cardboard cutout. I didn't care about either of them or have any insight into their thought processes or motivations, so it was like reading about objects moving around a board. This is basically how the book goes:1. Let's talk about what we're about to do.2. Let's have some really boring sex (clinical, but not pervy-hot clinical - it's more like "I am looking to get this react [...]

    4. As a sub-genre of erotica/erotic romance, BDSM-themed novels are all the rage these days. One doesn't have to look too hard to find salacious covers with leather-clad hunks and corset-cinched goddesses holding whips and handcuffs. Like all popular genres of fiction, it's become pretty damn near difficult to find the gems, the books written by people who either know the scene firsthand or who care enough to thoroughly research the lovestyle in order to present it as another form of healthy sexual [...]

    5. Feb 2018 Audio Review:I was lucky enough to be provided a complimentary audio code. I originally read the ebooks in 2016 (see below) and enjoyed most of the books, particularly the earlier ones. For those curious about the narration, I really enjoyed it. I thought Maxx Power's voice was perfect for these characters and thought that he was able to handle the intenseness and seriousness of the book very well. It must be hard to keep a straight "face" while reading aloud some serious sex scenes, an [...]

    6. This was okay, I think.You see, I read it last week and I can't remember the characters names or the basic plot line. So uhm, it couldn't have been entirely memorable then. I'm not being facetious at all, I really can't recall this one. Sorry about that :/Oh wait, there's a vet and a policeman - it's coming back to me now. But nothing really angsty happens, its just a formulaic BDSM thing. Not terribly exciting. Easy reading. Forgettable reading.

    7. Second time around. Still enjoyed it. :-) 2016.01.15 - In the light of resent reads on the same genre I have not only developed a greater appreciation for Chris Owen’s writing but also decided to re-read this series as well as up my rating. I think he nailed quite a few things in this series that I, Deviations being my first read in the genre, could not fully appreciate at the time. The series I read was good, but it made me notice how GOOD this series is. Master Tobias deserves respect.Mmmmmm [...]

    8. I have read a number of BDSM books at this point and have loved them all in varying degrees. And while all of them were about two (or three hehe) men finding love ultimately, this one was different for me. This book delved deeper into the need these men have to live in this lifestyle. My first impressions as I read this book was how “business like” it felt between Noah (the sub) and Tobias (the dom). In fact I was starting to wonder when “love” was going to make it’s way into this stor [...]

    9. The first half of this I just didn't get the draw that everyone talks about with the series. I thought it was kind of cold and clinical. I didn't see any of the emotion and it seemed very flat. Sort of like watching a show about surgeon's that's a documentary vs. watching a drama about surgeons. Although the documentary is interesting it wouldn't normally make me overly connective with the characters. The second half of the book redeemed it greatly - I got much more connected and invested in the [...]

    10. This book would have received a far higher rating if it had been merely compared to others within its genre. Although the conversations felt stilted and the characters seemed to have a limited range of emotional reactions, I became invested in both the characters' lives and the eroticism. I'm impressed with the authenticity on the subject matter. I admit this is my first m/m erotica novel so I may be judging it far too harshly. I will be reading the second book in this series and find myself loo [...]

    11. After reading Chaos Magic, my absolute hands down fave BDSM book, this was kind of a let down. I absolutely adored Noah. The Dom, Tobias, came across as a little bit I dunno. A little bit not the Dom (Hector. Oh, Hector) from Chaos Magic. And don't even get me STARTED on Phan. I already have been told where this series is headed, and the reading masochist that I am will most likely finish it. Sometimes even a reader likes to get spanked a bit, even if it's not the way he'd hoped.

    12. 5 BEST BOOK EVER STARS!!Tobias watched Noah's skin break suddenly into goose bumps, followed by a warm blush. Anticipation was a lovely, if brief, moment. I never, never thought I was going to enjoy this so much. Now, I'm completely obsessed with Tobias and Noah. Tobias is a Dom renown in the community, Noah is a man that needs someone just like Tobias, a Dom able to bring even the most hesitant sub around, he wants to give himself completely but has yet to find someone that can take him where h [...]

    13. ***4.5From the age of eight and until very recently I always had dogs among my pets. A ragtag collection of mutts of different sizes very dear to me. Besides teaching them to stay, not bark like lunatics for no reason, and let me know when they “had to go” I never felt compelled to teach them any tricks of the roll-over-give-me-your-paw variety. Couldn’t see the point of it I loved and enjoyed them without the extras but I do like to walk the talk so if formal BDSM gets your jollies going [...]

    14. First review, July 29, 2011: This book is as much a psychological study as it is an erotic novel. Gentlemanly Master Tobias has as many insecurities and worries about his role as a Dom as does sweet Noah about his continuing role as a sub. Tobias is a highly skilled Dom but has been without a sub for a while. The breakup with his previous slave Phantom, while affectionate, was very painful for both Tobias and Phantom. Noah has suffered at the hands of a Dom who failed to protect him and another [...]

    15. Submission is the story of Tobias, a Dom, and Noah, his would-be sub. Tobias has been without a sub for a while, and Noah can't seem to find the right Dom to fit his needs. The two men meet at a BDSM club and so begins their relationship. This book started off great! The MCs are likable, and we get enough of their backstory and interaction between them and other characters to connect with them. The BDSM factor is very light in this book, although the men do "play." I thought it was one of the mo [...]

    16. I bought all three of the Deviations series but after reading (not finished), the other two went to the bottom of my ebooks TBR list. While I like the writing, it wasn't my type of story. The BDSM scene doesn't interest me first of all and Deviations is entirely focused on the Lifestyle and the people involved in it.I prefer a romance that's not just character-driven but plot as well and the the BDSM Lifestyle shouldn't be the main feature, which it is in these books.If you like BDSM themes then [...]

    17. Hurrah, finished this, quite pleased it ended 63% through on my kindle, it was getting on my nerves. Tobias keeps calling his sub: pet, boy, baby and sweetheart, Noah is a cop for god's sake! Also Noah's subservience reminded me of Paul Whitehouse's catchphrase from 'The Fast Show' (called 'Brilliant' in the US): 'suits you, sir'youtube/watch?v=-biwX"So hot, sir! Hard to breathe, need to, need it, sir, please, please!"Yuk!

    18. I think I am finally figuring out why I keep returning to BDSM, but often walk away disappointed and keep promising myself, that THIS book will be the last BDSM-themed oneI have a thing for brats and I have a thing for DD-relationships, but I have a hard time swallowing the cooking/cleaning/waiting on hand and foot, some subs are expected to do in their D/s relationships. *snort* Apparently I'm practicing feminism in my own head on behalf of the subsRight, so Tobias is this skilled Dom. He misse [...]

    19. This was my April m/m group pick-it-for-me selection.I had actually started this ages ago and it didn't ever grab me, but I was willing to give it another chance for the challenge.I ended up liking it and I will probably read the rest of the series, but I didn't really love it. Partly because I like my BDSM to be a little (a LOT) edgier than this. This just didn't pack the punch that I'm normally looking for from this type of book.I was also a little frustrated/irritated with all the talking. Ev [...]

    20. I really liked this book. I wasn't sure that the subject matter was something I would like, but I definitely did.Tobias and Noah were great characters, and I adored some of the secondary characters as well. I read this in one sitting, and then and downloaded the next two books. Chris Owen has a new fan-girl in me. I really appreciated the writing style, and how these wonderful characters are being true to their natures, without having to give them terrible scared childhoods or something similar [...]

    21. I am not sure why but, while I liked Submission, I couldn't never really become invested in Tobias and Noah. I found myself skimming parts, hitting highlights. Great book for some but for me it was just ok.

    22. I'll admit I was a tad skeptical through the first few chapters of this what with all the Tobias hero worship. But, I pushed on read through another couple conversations, a scene & it wavered, a couple more conversations & a scene or two & it was gone. I drank the Kool Aid. Tobias walks on water. "I’ll always speak to you if you need it. I’ll always speak the truth. When I’m silent it’s for you to learn from, not a punishment."Tobias embodies what most would want in a dominan [...]

    23. Finished this last night Its a buddy read, and I have figured out these are better to read on a Friday, rather than starting on a Sunday, as then I might not be so tempted to stay up all night to finish!Interestingly enough, I have had this series on my tbr shelf for a couple years, and if it hadn't been for the Buddy read incentive, they may have stayed there a while longer. Don't know quite why I resisted, as I enjoyed Chris Owen's other works but hey, I've started it now :)As a whole, the fir [...]

    24. In my opinion this is a brilliant book. I feel it takes a subject that only a few know intimately, gives it a heart, a mind and a soul. Instead of showing the reader what might be a sideshow of scary implements,or scenarios of torture, it reveals the depth of trust and love between a Dom and a Sub.Tobias is the Dom of Doms, considered the best at what he does. Into his world, comes Noah, a police officer with a deep need to be a sub. Noah has had some terrible experiences, that have left him sea [...]

    25. This book is a great start to the series. I hope the series continues this way. The characters are unexpected, at least to what I was expecting! Tobias and Noah work wonderfully well together A great book in this genre.

    26. I loved this book and am looking forward to getting started on the next one. Really enjoyed the growing relationship between Noah and Tobias and can't wait to see what they get up to next.

    27. This book was amazing, I really enjoyed it. I loved the insight into the Dom/sub relationship, great character development. I've already got the next in the series on my to read shelf.

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