Once in a Blue Moon

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  • Title: Once in a Blue Moon
  • Author: Kimberly Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781600885044
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook
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      156 Kimberly Hunter
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      Hmm, about me Well, not too much to tell I was a reader before I ever became a writer I live in a small town in North Carolina with my extremely spoiled German shepard My son is grown, out on his own, and starting a family of his own Still don t feel like a grandma I write erotica, paranormal, futuristic, comtemporary, and m m I m slowly but surely building up my library with new stories and interesting characters Who knows what I ll come up with next But to get what s already out, you can purchase them here allromanceebooks BN I m on FB and Twitter Stop by and drop me a line I love hearing from fans and readers.


    1. 'Once in a Blue Moon' is a very sweet story with a slightly different take on shifter lore. These shifters, panthers, are destined to only find their mate on the night of a blue moon. Once they reach a certain age, their desire to search for their mate begins to wane. It's nature's way of ensuring that young males find their mates and breed many cubs, while older males who haven't found their mates are left alone. Kind of sad if you think about it.Tonight is Devon's last chance to find his mate. [...]

    2. A short & sweet story about loneliness & finding love for 2 shifter Panther. I enjoyed the short read & happy that Devon found Nik found that together!! :)

    3. Nicholas has been moving and hiding his nature in big cities but each year the drive to go out and find his mate gets stronger. That’s just the thing, he doesn't want a mate. He has seen firsthand how having a mate can destroy someone. So he lives a single solitary existence. He doesn't trust his strength around the fragile humans so he hasn't been out on a date for ages. Tonight is the night of the blue moon and Nicholas locks himself up in his apartment and tries to drink himself into relaxa [...]

    4. Date Started: 10th July 2012Date Finished 10th July 2012Page Length: 35 PDFNik sounded needy and Devon sounded too corny. That was my only problem with his short story. It was beautifully described if in some places too much. There were a lot of insecurities in here, which was confusing how so many could fit into such a small writing space. A short glimpse into a very interesting world. I would love to read the other couples story who were in here.

    5. Too short of a story to really tell much, but the shifters in this story had to find their by a certain age or else they were destined to be alone. I'm glad that Devon and Nickolas found each other. The sex was really hot and I wish it had been a longer story.

    6. A short and very sweet story about finding the one person who holds the missing piece of your soul. Devon and Nikolas were perfect for each other. Very sweet tale!

    7. There were many shortcomings with this short story. One glaringly obvious thing was the poor editing. We had "your" for "you're", "their" for "there", and "conscience" for "conscious". There were cases of missing words and several sentences that were so long and convoluted that I had to read them twice. Aside from the editing we had two instances of the story being slowed by long passages not related to the central romance. This bogged the story down, especially for such a short piece. The long [...]

    8. You know how sometimes you just read a book and it clicks with you? You're in the mood for something and for some reason, maybe lots of little ones, it just tickles your fancy?Well, that happened for me with Once in a Blue Moon. It just ticked some boxes I needed ticking and it just pushed some of the buttons I had exposed at the time.I needed something short, and it's short, something sweet, and it's sweet, something sexy, and it's sexy, something with nice MC's, and they were. I liked Nikolas [...]

    9. I enjoyed this story. Though short it was a very tempting glimpse into a interesting world I would love to know more about. The story was well written and I found the dialogue and interactions particularly well done. My biggest criticism would be that the issues the characters had to deal with on a personal level were resolved far to quicklyen again, perhaps the characters only think they've found their ultimate HEA. I get the feeling there's a lot more for these two to work through together yet [...]

    10. A nice little shifter sorry about finding your mate I'd have liked it better if it had been properly edited - multiple spelling and grammatical errors.

    11. Not really crazy about itIt just didn't do anything for me. The story was boringleaving no emotional bond for me. I only liked that they mated.

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