John Henry: An American Legend

John Henry An American Legend Illus in full color The Caldecott Medalist s powerful classic is now reissued in a handsome paperback edition as well as a library edition

  • Title: John Henry: An American Legend
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9780394890524
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illus in full color The Caldecott Medalist s powerful classic is now reissued in a handsome paperback edition, as well as a library edition.

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      FROM WEBSITE Long before multicultural characters and themes were fashionable, Ezra Jack Keats crossed social boundaries by being the first American picture book maker to give the black child a central place in children s literature.In the books that Keats wrote and illustrated, he used his special artistic techniques to portray his subjects in a unique manner One of these was his blending of gouache with collage Gouache is an opaque watercolor mixed with a gum that produces an oil like glaze.The characters in Keats books come from the community around him Many of his stories illustrate family life, the simple pleasures and complex problems, that a child often encounters in his daily routine To create his books, Keats drew upon his own childhood experiences, from having to flee from bullies to taking a ribbing from his pals for liking girls But these are also the experiences of almost all children growing up in neighborhoods and communities in many parts of the world This commonality explains the continuing popularity of Keats books and characters By the time of Keats death following a heart attack in 1983, Keats had illustrated over eighty five books for children, and written and illustrated twenty four children s classics.


    1. Summary: This is Keats’s version of the American tall tale of John Henry. John Henry is born with a hammer in his hand and grows up stronger and taller than anybody around. One-day John Henry sets out into the world and finds himself working on the railroad. John Henry drives spikes faster than anyone and sings to the clanks of his hammer. While carving a path for the railroad, the workers come across a mountain that they must blast through in order to continue the line. After a close call wit [...]

    2. Although I am not much of a reader, the story of John Henry took me by surprise and actually got me excited about the story. The use of strong words to describe the American legend, whom we call John Henry, along with the illustrations really brought the legend to life. I was taken for a ride as if I was there with John Henry from the day he was born with the hammer in his hand to the many adventures and trials he had faced. The story is not very long, but it is definitely worth the time to read [...]

    3. The legend of John Henry is a story of courage and drive. John was no ordinary man and had strength and size no other would compare. It was told he was born with a hammer in his hand. When he grew into a strong young man he ventured out into the world to find his purpose. He found himself on a fairy boat and after that he went to work for the railroad so he could use his hammer. He used his hammer to lay down track and cut through a mountain. He found himself competing with a steam pile driver t [...]

    4. The Story John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats, tell the tale of John Henry and the railroad. He goes to work to build the railroad tracks; he can’t wait to get to work! John Henry is the strongest man to work on the railroad and he is never seen without his ax. While the men and John are putting down tracks they come across a mountain. The men are going to have to dig through it! The characters; John Henry, his best friend and the workingmen of the railroad, get to work tunneling [...]

    5. John Henry was a mighty man. He was born a slave in the 1840's but was freed after the war. He was the strongest, most powerful man working the rails. He always had his 20-pound hammer with him to do good. He was helping the men build a new railroad to the promise land. All was going as planned, until a business man came into town to take over with a steam-drill. The people were going to lose everything, including their new land. However, a John Henry stood up and challenged the machine to a rac [...]

    6. Keats, Ezra Jack. John Henry An American Legend Pantheon Books, 1965John Henry was born and died with a hammer in his hand and his story is legendary. This book is based on an historical figure, John Henry, who was a hero to those who knew him. John Henry’s strength was not only in his arms but also in his heart as he died saving his colleagues, digging them out of a cave in which they were trapped. People still tell the story of John Henry as he was the strongest man who ever worked on the ra [...]

    7. The book opens up with a hush settling over the hills with the sky swirling soundlessly around the moon. This is where we first meet John Henry being born. This story is about the drive that John Henry has with being the best that he can be. The pictures are brilliant and show what it was like at that for those that were laying down the train tracks. John Henry is a hard working man who isn't afraid of hard work and shows what you can achieve when you work for it. He is afraid when his job is th [...]

    8. Spectacular pictures more than make up for a generally lukewarm text with way too many exclamation points. Seriously, every page is a work of art. But if you're going to use this book in a homeschool or classroom, you might want to start by looking at a few different versions of the story. You could begin here: ibiblio/john_henry/ly

    9. (Spoilers)America has precious few noteworthy folktales and myths, but most of us can recognize the tale of John Henry, the man who raced against modern technology and emerged victorious, risking everything. This book is a fairly accurate and adequate retelling of the classic story, exposing children to some of our national legends and folklore.

    10. John Henry: An American Legend tells the tale of a child, John Henry, who was born on a frightful, windy night. John was no ordinary baby though, as he was born with a hammer in his hand. John grew up quick to become very tall and strong. After helping his family, and realizing he can help them no more, he sets out to find a job. He worked numerous odd jobs, until he got a job working on a riverboat. During one of the trips, the paddle wheel rod breaks, and John, being the strong man that he is, [...]

    11. John Henry: An American Legend is a legend about a man named John Henry who was the strongest man on the railroad. This story begins with the birth of John Henry who was depicted holding a hammer even as a new born. As he got older and stronger John realized he was made for more in life and set off to find new and exciting jobs. The first job he works at is on a boat and after saving the crew by turning the paddle-wheel on one stormy night he returns to shore and decides to work on the railroad [...]

    12. This story tells the classic tale of John Henry. John Henry was just a regular man, but he was incredibly tall and strong, to the point that no other man could challenge these traits of his. When he grew up he set out into the world to find his purpose. He ended up working on the railroad so that he could use his trusty hammer, which was said that grew up with him in his hand. As he helped carve the railroad, he found himself up against a small mountain and a machine, a steam pile driver. It was [...]

    13. The book is an educational and somewhat whimsical read that tells children the tale of John Henry, a folklore hero from the railroad building days of the United States. John Henry is presented as a daring and hardworking man who takes deep pride in his work and in his personal strength, and who enjoys helping others through his efforts. Children will find it particularly engaging due to John Henry's upstanding nature and the daring events that John Henry participated in, and in his sense of adve [...]

    14. John Henry is a traditional literature book and falls under the sub genre of legends. This story is about courage and strength. I think children would enjoy the fact that Henry was strong, that he could hold a hammer in his hand since birth. This book gives children the opportunity to imagine how much stronger Henry was than a normal human being. Henry was a hard worker just like his father which I admire so much. This scene in the book reminds me of how hard working my father is and how support [...]

    15. This book tells the tale of John Henry. In the book John Henry is portrayed as an American Legend that beat the odds and took on a steam engine in a competition to drill a hole into a mountain for a railroad with just his hammer. The book starts with the birth of John Henry to his desire to go out into the world due to his above average strength. In search of adventure and excitement he encounters exciting moments before finally taking on the machine. The illustrations do not do much justice to [...]

    16. John Henry by Ezra Jack Keats is an American Legend about a man born with a hammer in his hand and died the same. He spent his childhood working with his father, and decided to go off on his own as a man. He became a hero in everything he did. He lived his life with courage and strength.John Henry is the main character, and various helper characters appear throughout. It takes place in many settings, beginning in his home town, moving on to his life at sea, and ends traveling across the country. [...]

    17. The story of John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats was about a man who was known for his hard work as a railroad worker. He used his hammer for work, and his last task required two hammers because of the intensity of it. In the story, John Henry saves the lives of men on a boat, and also saves men in a tunnel from dying of a dynamite blast. In the ending of the story, John Henry proves himself to be more efficient than a drilling machine, which caused him to die.This story was very i [...]

    18. In this book, the legend of John Henry is told. The story starts from when he is born, till how he finds all different jobs and finally ends up building the railroads. John ends up dying building the railroads, but first he saves the men and their jobs!I rated this book 5 stars because I love the Disney short version, but the book went into greater detail at the beginning! The pictures were amazing and the book should have won or been nominated for an award! The book did a great job staying real [...]

    19. An American Tall Tale, told with gorgeous oil paintings to capture the essence of Americana, "John Henry: An American Legend," by Ezra Jack Keats is definitely an exciting read! With the oil pantings vibrantly showing you this story of challenge and empowerment, it's an excellent choice for reading in a classroom when propelling the themes of courage and natural born gifts. It's a fun story, a good read-a-loud, and an American Classic. A star was removed because of the ending, definitely hard to [...]

    20. He was born and died with a hammer in his hand! (At least according to this book). I think this would be a really interesting biography for kids to read because the story line is engaging. He hammered his way through a mountain and won against an engine! If that's not a great plot, I don't know what is.

    21. Johny Henry: An American Legend is a timeless story for children of all ages. John Henry is a role-model for the importance of hard work and determination, framed through the story of a man with superhuman strength and willpower. John Henry is a railroad worker who lays railroad tracks in a variety of difficult situations. In the final showdown John Henry squares off against a machine that could put him and his fellow workers out of business. Keats writing reads easily, captivating and thorough [...]

    22. The language is rich and descriptive in some places, then a bit stilted where there’s dialog. The images are darker, more muted than in many of Keats’ books.

    23. Classic tall-tale. Mr. Keats' illustrations are just as vivid and inspiring as they were 20 years ago. This tale will never die. Make sure you read this to all the kids you can. Teach them the power of a good work ethic and a heart of gold!

    24. Title: John Henry: An American Legend Author: Ezra Jack KeatsGenre: Legend, FolkloreTheme(s): Hammer, Strength, Working, Steel, TrainOpening line/sentence: “A hush settled over the hills. The sky swirled soundlessly around the moon.” Brief Book Summary: John Henry was born with a hammer in his hand and used it throughout his many adventures. Strong words are used to describe John Henry in this exciting story about his life as a determined, courageous and driven man. While challenging a steam [...]

    25. “John Henry: An American Legend” recounts the true story of a man of strength and courage from birth to death. It follows his daring and heroic adventures, from saving a steamboat in a raging storm to protecting his friends from an explosive task. His last task is challenging a mechanical steam drill against his own strength in drilling through a mountain. He puts every last bit of himself to achieve a victory, but it comes at a cost. The tale opens with “a hush settled over the hills,” [...]

    26. The book "John Henry: An American Legend" tells the story of an African American railroad worker who has the drive to keep on going against all odds. The story begins with the birth of John Henry during a full moon. We see he was born with a hammer in his hand, hinting at what he may become in the future. John Henry grows older and decides he wants to explore the world and add some excitement to his life. He gets jobs such as working on farms and cotton fields but finds them too dull. He eventua [...]

    27. John Henry was born already with a hammer in his hand. As he started to grow up he started to realize that there was no one stronger and better then him so he decided to leave and get various other jobs. There was an incident in the ocean and a John Henry's name became synonymous with being a hero. He then decided to take his building skills to building the railroad tracks. There came an obstacle while doing the tracks which was this big mountain which John Henry and other men decided to go thro [...]

    28. John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats is the story of a man, born with a hammer in his hand, who grew up to be the biggest and strongest man around. The book follows John Henry as he grows up and holds a number of jobs where he utilizes his strength. John Henry decides he wants to see the world and explore, so he accepts a job helping to build the new railroad. Reunited with a hammer, John Henry loves his work and builds rail faster than anyone else, and even helps break through a mo [...]

    29. John Henry is an American tale about an American legend. This is a story of ambition and perseverance. John Henry was born on a peaceful night with a hammer in his hands. As he grew so his desire to do harder more labor intensive work, so John Henry set out on his own adventure. The first time John Henry finds himself saving the day using is own strength is when he is on the ship he is on to travel towards his new adventure. At the sight of the railroad tracks John Henry knew this is where he be [...]

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