Where Is Baby's Belly Button?

Where Is Baby s Belly Button Karen Katz s adorable babies play peekaboo in this delightful interactive book Where are Baby s hands Under the bubbles Where are baby s eyes Under her hat The sturdy format and easy to lift flaps are

  • Title: Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
  • Author: Karen Katz
  • ISBN: 9780689835605
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Board Book
  • Karen Katz s adorable babies play peekaboo in this delightful interactive book.Where are Baby s hands Under the bubbles Where are baby s eyes Under her hat The sturdy format and easy to lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share.

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    1. Karen Katz

      Karen Katz has written and illustrated many books for children, including The Colors of Us, Can You Say Peace, My First Ramadan, Counting Kisses and Where is Baby s Belly Button Long inspired by folk art from around the world, she was inspired to write her first book, Over the Moon, when she and her husband adopted their daughter from Guatemala, and she wanted to tell the story of welcoming Lena into their lives Katz loves to paint and experiment with texture, color, collage and pattern Besides an author and illustrator, she has been a costume designer, quilt maker, fabric artist and graphic designer Katz and her family divide their time between New York City and Saugerties, New Yorkcmillan author karenkatz


    1. The suspense is built from the very beginning with the enigmatic title, "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" Karen Katz's exciting thriller for newborns pits the young reader in a race against time to find the elusive belly button. First, though, she deftly navigates the young reader through a checklist of other elusive body parts, like the eyes, mouth, feet, and hands with the use of an amazing technology called "lift-the-flap". Where are baby's eyes? I'll be darned---they're under the baby's hat! W [...]

    2. I wasn't going to read this with Gabe until he got a bit older but we tried it out today and he dug. He was staring at the print, babies and flaps. At least at this young age he's not ripping the flaps off!

    3. I liked this book because again its interactive but the kids actually get to interact with the book by opening up the flaps to reveal where the baby’s body part is. Also when I was reading this in my class I asked the kids to show me where their eyes, mouth, and feet where. I would just emphasize the parts where we are finding out where the baby’s body parts are. Also I love that there are all kind of babies in here black, white, and Asian.

    4. One of my daughter's early favorites, this lift-the-flap book used to send her into spasms of giggles when she was just a little infant. We ended up getting almost all of Karen Katz's books for her, and she's loved every one of them.I've become a big Katz fan because her illustrations are not only charming, they always depict kids of various ethnic backgrounds. Another plus - her books are short. You parents out there know what I'm talking about! As much as we love reading to our kids and know t [...]

    5. Not my favorite book to read to my girls but,alas, it does not matter because both Iris, age 2, and Rosemary, age 1, adore this book so we read it at least once a week if not once a night. The Karen Katz books are fantastic for these ages because they provide the child an opportunity to participate by lifting the flaps and/or guessing where the item in question is hiding. The book reinforces cause and effect and is perfect for older babies and young toddlers!

    6. The colors are bright and beautiful, with lots of contrasting textures. It's like a patchwork quilt, warm, comfy, with lots to draw in your eyes. The kids love the flaps, but like most flappy books I've seen, the drawback is that they can tear under little hands.

    7. At two months and counting, Josephine has loved this book- the 'lift the flap' features are a great surprise to her and the illustrations are perfect for her right now.

    8. :) An adorable classic that teaches a few body parts. My little guy LOVED lifting the flaps! It's like overnight he's become cognizant of how lift-the-flaps work in books. By the time we got to the end, I think we had read every page 2-3 times. Very simple text. Illustrations feature babies with heads disproportionately large to their bodies. Oh well. Little man loves it, and I like that it teaches body parts. Cute book.

    9. Not much in terms of story, but my daughter loves this whole series, so we end up reading these every day. More in the category of "books that are actually toys" than a real story, but very sweet.

    10. Nothing to see here - just padding my 2017 reading list so I can reach 100 books. Shhhhhh, don't telluhGod?

    11. Only gets a 4 because No matter how thick or well attached they are all of the flap books get destroyed. Otherwise lovely book!

    12. Este librito es una ternura! Le enseña al bebé donde se encuentran diferentes partes del cuerpo de la manera más linda.

    13. Little ones will love the interactivity of identifying body parts f the multiracial babies shown in the book as well as their own body parts. Sweet illustrations.

    14. A huge favourite of my 2 year old daughter for at least the last year or so. I'm pretty sure this book is the main way she learned the names for parts of her body. She really liked to say the name of whatever was hiding under the flap. I never would have bought this book since I found it unappealing, but I've discovered there's a lot to it and kids adore it.

    15. Bright colours, very simple text and nice big flaps make this a cute book for babies and toddlers. When my LO gets bigger, this will be a great book to use to start teaching the names of body parts.

    16. Good choice for any baby who likes hide-and-seek or lift-the-flap books (and what baby doesn't)? I appreciate that the book shows babies of different races.

    17. Where Is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz is a lift-the- flap book focusing on babies and body parts in a question and answer format.Katz' colorful illustrations feature babies of various ethnic backgrounds looking for a specific body part. Body parts shown are the eyes, mouth, belly button, feet, and hands. The items hiding the body parts are hat, cup, shirt, cat, bubbles, and blanket. The question pages feature a bright background color: green, blue, gold, yellow and pink. My favorite images [...]

    18. June 2010 - We were passing a little time in Border's and I saw this in the board book section. Its possible that we had seen it before, either on our own or at story time, or it might have been a similar title. Anyway, I thought this book was very cute. I liked the flaps. We were shopping for lift the flap books, but this one was a little too short for the cost in my opinion. Natalie seemed to like it, and she even pulled down on of the flaps herself. June 2011 - Natalie was really into this bo [...]

    19. I think this book is an amamzing book. Not only is it a good read but if you have babys it is a good way for them to be able to learn where the different parts of there body are. The wrods are easy for them to understand so that as they get a little older they can start reading it for themselves and understanding what it means on there own. It is alwasy good to have a book a child can read on theer own to make learn and understand that. Then there is the pictures. They are colorful and ful of sh [...]

    20. I read this book and it is a very colorful book with flip-the-flap. The book contains drawings of babies with some parts of their body hidden in flaps. Each page asks "where is baby's ?" and the child will will lift the flaps to find the hidden pictures. The pictures are great with good fabric and wallpaper paterns. I will put this book on my shelf and I will recommend the book for toddlers to learn body parts.Learning Experience:Science: I will use this book to teach children to learn their bod [...]

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