A Grain of Rice

A Grain of Rice When a humble farmer named Pong Lo asks for the hand of the Emperor s beautiful daughter the Emperor is enraged Who ever heard of a peasant marrying a princess But Pong Lo is wiser than the Emperor k

  • Title: A Grain of Rice
  • Author: Helena Clare Pittman
  • ISBN: 9780440413011
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a humble farmer named Pong Lo asks for the hand of the Emperor s beautiful daughter, the Emperor is enraged Who ever heard of a peasant marrying a princess But Pong Lo is wiser than the Emperor knows And when he concocts a potion that saves the Princess s life, the Emperor gladly offers him any reward he chooses except the Princess Pong Lo makes a surprising reWhen a humble farmer named Pong Lo asks for the hand of the Emperor s beautiful daughter, the Emperor is enraged Who ever heard of a peasant marrying a princess But Pong Lo is wiser than the Emperor knows And when he concocts a potion that saves the Princess s life, the Emperor gladly offers him any reward he chooses except the Princess Pong Lo makes a surprising request He asks for a single grain of rice, doubled every day for one hundred days The baffled Emperor obliges only to discover that if you re as clever as Pong Lo, you can turn a single grain of rice into all the wealth and happiness in the world Praise for A Grain of Rice Clever and quietly told in simple, yet evocative language Kirkus Reviews Pittman invites readers into her story through her choice of concrete objects, sensory images, and universal messages She borrows from the motifs of oral literature, and also weaves in information about arithmetical progression and 15th Century Chinese people, patterns, and traditions Pittman s well executed pencil drawings ooze with emotion, and there is a fusion of text and illustrations A book that is wise and humorous, and one to be perused and savored School Library Journal Gracefully illustrated with finely shaded drawings, this picture book tells of Pong Lo, a poor Chinese peasant who wins the hand of the emperor s daughter through his knowledge of mathematical principles Booklist

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      Helena Clare Pittman has been an artist since childhood She majored in art in Junior High and High School, and began painting seriously at the age of fourteen.She majored in Painting at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York, and was awarded her Bachelors of Fine Art degree there She took her Masters of Arts at Antioch, in Painting, Writing and Education.Helena has taught Color, Illustration and Drawing at The Parsons School of Design Design, Drawing and Life Drawing at The State University of New York at Farmingdale Writing and Classroom Methods at The City University of New York, Queens College School of Graduate Education and Painting, Drawing and Illustration at The Nassau County Museum of Art She has also taught both children and adults at the Art League of Long Island, as well as worked as an Author Illustrator in Residence in many public and private schools Helena has published 17 books for children, most notably A Grain of Rice and The Gift of the Willows.


    1. I’ve read two other versions of this mathematical folk tale, and I think I enjoyed both of those stories more than this one. They took place in India and the motive for requesting the grain of rice was to better the condition of the people of the land. The illustrations were colorful and appealing. These two books are One Grain Of Rice A Mathematical Folktale by Demi and The Rajah's Rice A Mathematical Folktale from India by David Barry.They each have the subtitle: A Mathematical Folktale. I e [...]

    2. Excellent!This book is such a simple variation on the old grains on a chessboard example of exponential growth. The story is charming, but not exceptional. It is the almost familiar story of a peasant who wishes to marry the princess and uses his brain to achieve his goal.I'd recommend it to anyone with bright young children or grandchildren to read it to. And you are bound to enjoy it yourself too.

    3. I had read this years ago but bought it again for my granddaughters. I had forgotten how clever this story is about clever Long Po!

    4. A Grain of Rice is a nice book about a farmer's son named Pong Lo who wants to marry Princess Chang Wu. This book is perfect for any time of day, and for ages 2-100. I enjoyed this book and I recommend this book to you. Jess, age 9

    5. When my daughter finished this in minutes and said it was good, I had to find out for myself. A charming story!

    6. This is a story or book called "The Grain Of Rice". It's about a humble farmer called Pong Long. He went to the emperor if he could marry his daughter. The emeperor said only a rich man could. However, the emperor let him work in the palace. After all the hard work he had done there everyone was surprised because he did good work. The emperor was shocked when he saw his hard work, too. The princess used to sneak in the kitchen to see Pong Long almost everyday, because she was attracted to him. O [...]

    7. Folklore "A Grain of Rice" is a folklore that many classes have used as a math lesson. This book is an Chinese folklore that has many versions, some of which have different regional origins. In this version, a farmer's son wants to marry the emperor's daughter. Instead, he begins working at the palace and the emperor's daughter begins to show interest in him. When he requests to marry he again and the emperor says no again, he uses his cleverness and requests one grain of rice that will be doubl [...]

    8. This book teaches an important mathematical lesson: that if you double, and keep doubling, the one grain of rice, it will amount to a heck of a lot of rice. Other than that lesson, there's nothing special about this book. I found it rather dry and my six year old found it uninteresting. I also didn't care for the subservient role of the woman (a princess) who is "given" to the peasant in the end. (Although the book does show that she likes him and does want to marry him.)As far as the mathematic [...]

    9. A Grain of Rice is folktale and is suitable for children grade 3 and above. The book is about a man that is considered a peasant and he want to marry the emperor’s daughter. However the emperor did not think the man was rich enough. The book unfolds as the man attempts to prove himself to the emperor but nothing he does is good enough. Finally the man finds a way to be respected and wins the hand of the princess. I thought this was an interesting book for children to ready. It can be used to t [...]

    10. We read this in two days during snack time. I wasn't sure how it'd go over in the boy crowd, but when I stopped halfway through yesterday I heard groans. "No, keep reading.we want to know what happens!"The story is short and simple and not too mushy (there is a bit of romance). You could use it for a math lesson or just for fun. We enjoyed the story. The illustrations were also nicely done. It could possibly work as a beginning chapter book, but there are some Chinese names they would need help [...]

    11. A great multicultural book that is a very quick read. The story is about a commoner who wants to marry the Emporers daughter. He progresses through the castle completing tasks and succeeding at each job. The man can't marry the daughter because he is still poor. The daughter is in love with him. He finally makes a deal with the Emporer to receive payment in rice which is to be doubled every day. The man becomes rich and marries the daughter. I read it as a read aloud and my fourth grade students [...]

    12. One of my best childhood memories envolve reading with my mother. We used to get out an old blanket and sit in our front yard and read. Out of all the books that we read, this one is close to my heart! I remember that we started this book one spring day close to the end of the school year, and telling my mother that it was too nice to just sit around and read. But after the first page, I fell in love with it. I still remember telling my mom "just one more page. Lets just see how much rice the ki [...]

    13. A Grain of Rice doubled for a hundred daysat is the pauper's request for bringing the princess back to health. Little does the Emperor know that that single grain of rice will make the peasant rich enough to ask for the princess's hand in marriage. A shrewd and clever man, willing to take a chance on the exponentially significant abundance of rice as a means to an end.

    14. The retelling of a Chinese folktale in form of a chapter book. Even though I prefer Demi's beautifully illustrated version of this tale, I am happy to have this book in our collection since I know it will be appreciated by beginning chapter book readers. It also makes a great read-aloud when talking about the IB learner profile trait "knowledgeable".

    15. A clever little book that was well worth reading with my daughters. A man of high intelligence is one who will honorable outsmart the system and gain a great deal of respect with his tenacity and belief in his own worth despite the circumstances.

    16. This book is so amazing ! The author Helena Clare Pittman came to our school and guess what??? She signed that book just for moiybe an author can come visit you if your school is totally awesome like mine .

    17. I read this with my daughter. I liked the character of Pong-lo and how he always does more than is expected of him and tries to excel at all his tasks. I also like that he is so clever, and uses his brain. It helped to bring about a math discussion as well.

    18. It was great book. It was a story about a girl named Tia who got her toes burned when she was four years old when it happened. then years later she went to the Hospital and it had a happy ending.Taylor (6/7/12) Age8

    19. I really enjoyed this book. It is part of our curriculum and teaches a few things in the book. It talks about this issues of class, we learn a little of ancient China, and teaches cleverness. The kids also seemed to enjoy it, which is an added bonus.

    20. A nice little book about how a peasant wins the Emperor's daughter's hand by using the power of math to become rich. We also enjoyed the peasants work ethic and how he was always cheerful.

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