Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra

Duke Ellington The Piano Prince and His Orchestra You ever hear of the jazz playin man the man with the cats who could swing with his band His name was Duke Duke Ellington As a child he said piano made an umpy dump sound that was headed nowhere wor

  • Title: Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra
  • Author: Andrea Davis Pinkney Brian Pinkney
  • ISBN: 9780786801787
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You ever hear of the jazz playin man, the man with the cats who could swing with his band His name was Duke Duke Ellington As a child, he said piano made an umpy dump sound that was headed nowhere worth following But, years later, he heard the piano played a whole new way People called the music ragtime , and soon the sound had Duke s fingers riding the piano keys.DuYou ever hear of the jazz playin man, the man with the cats who could swing with his band His name was Duke Duke Ellington As a child, he said piano made an umpy dump sound that was headed nowhere worth following But, years later, he heard the piano played a whole new way People called the music ragtime , and soon the sound had Duke s fingers riding the piano keys.Duke began to compose his own melodies, which led him to form a band, The Washingtonians Before long, the group was performing at the swankiest hangouts in Harlem, including The Cotton Club, but under a new name Duke Ellington and His Orchestra Soon the whole country swung to Duke s beat.This is the story of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century the king of the keys Duke Ellington.

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      Andrea Davis Pinkney is the New York Times bestselling author of than 20 books for children, including the Caldecott Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book Duke Ellington, illustrated by Brian Pinkney Let it Shine Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters, a Coretta Scott King Honor Book and winner of the Carter G Woodson Award and Alvin Ailey, a Parenting Publication Gold medal winner.Pinkney s newest books include Meet the Obamas and Sojourner Truth s Step Stomp Stride, which has garnered three starred reviews and has been named one of the Best Books of 2009 by School Library Journal In 2010, Andrea s book entitled Sit In How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down, was published on the 50th anniversary of the Greensboro, North Carolina, sit ins of 1960.Her mother is a teacher and her father is a great storyteller, so growing up surrounded by books and stories is what inspired Andrea Davis Pinkney to choose a career as an author The first official story she remembers writing was in second grade it was about her family Pinkney was born in Washington, D.C and raised in Connecticut She went to Syracuse University, where she majored in journalism After college, she followed her dream and worked as an editor for Essence magazine, but after watching her husband, Caldecott Award winning artist Brian Pinkney, illustrate children s books, she decided to switch jobs and became involved in book publishing.Andrea Davis Pinkney currently lives in Brooklyn, New York For information, please see answers topic andrea d


    1. The husband and wife duo of Andrea Davis Pinkney, text, and Brian Pinkney, illustrations, has produced a delightful book on the Duke, Duke Ellington that is.Born in 1899, Edward Kennedy Ellington said as a young boy, 'Hey, call me Duke'. And so they did - fittingly as it turned out. At the time he was a smooth talking, slick stepping, piano playing kid, which was something of a turnabout for when even younger when his folks wanted him to have piano lessons, he was more interested in playing base [...]

    2. This is fabulous! The words and the illustrations are as musical as Duke's own compositions, which are "smoother than a hairdo sleeked with pomade" and "spicier than a pot of jambalaya!" I would love to see a Reading Rainbow-type production of this book with snippets of Duke's actual music. I thought it was interesting that Duke didn't like piano when he was young. He thought it was boring "umpy-dump" music. When he was older, he heard ragtime for the first time and then taught himself to play h [...]

    3. It took me awhile to get used to the writing style but it never felt as though it wasn’t a perfect fit for the story. This is a terrific picture book biography about Duke Ellington’s life and music. The illustrations are wonderful; I particularly loved how the music coming out of the instruments is shown via pictures. If readers/listeners aren’t familiar with it, I highly recommend that Duke Ellington’s music be played as an accompaniment. Even 30 second long snippets from iTunes would e [...]

    4. I liked the artwork, described as prepared as scratchboard renderings with luma dyes, gouache, and oil paint. The illustrations are colorful, energetic, and I think depict the time period very well. I liked that he depicted the music as curlicues erupting from the various instruments. This is the same illustrator who did the artwork for The Faithful Friend.

    5. Lyrical text and bold artwork tell the story of Duke Ellington's life and music career in this biographical picture book.

    6. This book offers a fascinating look into the life of Duke Ellington. The biography provides lots of interesting details, without being overwhelming or boring and celebrates the artistry of this famous man and his orchestra.The illustrations, "prepared as scratchboard renderings with luma dyes, gouache, and oil paint", complement the story nicely. I really liked the lyrical, jazz-laced narrative and the flow of the story. Additional biographical information, along with sources for further insight [...]

    7. I loved this picture book biography of Duke Ellington. The illustrations were great--and I'm not alone in thinking that, the book was honored with a Caldecott Honor in 1999. The text was great too. The style was very original--smooth, jazzy, rhythmic. The facts were all there, yes, but they were dressed up nicely by the language, the words she chose to use to tell her story. She's a natural storyteller and it shows.Here's how it begins, You ever hear of the jazz-playin' man, the man with the cat [...]

    8. 1. Junior Book-Biography2. This books details the musical life of Duke Ellington. This jazzy read takes you all the way back to his childhood and lets you know how he got started with piano and became “The Paino Prince.”3a. Illustrations; Language3b. The scratchboard technique used to create the illustrations were AMAZING! I know it took the illustrator a long time to do these pictures, and I think it was a great way to do illustrations for this biography because it gave an older feeling whi [...]

    9. It's no wonder this book was recognized as a Caldecott Honor book; theillustrations are beautiful. They complement the rhythm of the textvery well. This biography is written in a jazzy tone using upbeatsentence structures and hip language. "He was a smooth-talkin',slick-steppin', piano-playin' kid."umpy-dump, left-handed hops and right-handedslidesWe learn of Duke Ellington's life in an interesting and entertainingmanner. From his desire to impress the ladies in D.C. to ruling theroost at the Co [...]

    10. Reading level: Ages 4-8Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Hyperion Book CH; 1st edition (March 3, 1999) Language: English ISBN-10: 0786801786 ISBN-13: 978-0786801787 "He was a smooth-talkin', slick-steppin', piano-playin' kid," "writes master wordsmith Andrea Pinkney in the rhythmic, fluid, swinging prose of this excellent biography for early readers." Duke Ellington tells of a young boy and his rise to fame in a time of racism. He was a huge part of the "evolution" of Jazz music, which "originates [...]

    11. Title: Duke EllingtonAuthor: Andrea Davis PinkneyIllustrator: Brian PinkneyGenre: biographyTheme(s): music, biography, jazz, civil rights, American historyOpening line/sentence: “His name was Duke.”Brief book summary: A biography of the famous jazz musician Duke Ellington who proudly celebrated the history of African-Americans, from slavery to civil rights struggles.Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Name of reviewer: Susie Wild Name of Source: CLCD, Children’s Literature Link: clcd/#/ [...]

    12. I just finished reading the Pinkney's "Duke Ellington" to a first grade class in our predominantly white rural school northeast of Seattle. Being trained as a musician, but now working as a librarian, I loved the way this text really swings. When I noticed much of the slang was going over the heads of the children, I'd ask them if they knew what certain words meant. Interestingly, the one African-American girl in the class was hip to most of the jive.Sure some of the terminology went right past [...]

    13. This biography picture book about Duke Ellington’s life and music provides interesting details without being overwhelming or boring. I'm not surprised that this book was recognized as a Caldecott Honor book; the illustrations complement the rhythmic story in a vibrant and beautiful way. With this book containing complex sentences and slang words from a different time period, younger children may have a harder time understanding the content on their own. However, with help from an adult reading [...]

    14. The King of Keys. Piano Prince. The Duke.All were used to describe Edward Kennedy Ellington, or as we know him, Duke Ellington. He was born in 1899 and it seemed like was surrounded by music. He started piano lessons at a young age, but was quickly turned off by the boring rhythms that were played. However, years later, he heard those same rhythms, but put to a different beat, ragtime. This was the music that set Duke to the piano for the rest of his life. Soon, he was playing, first solo, then [...]

    15. SummaryThis is the biography of Duke Ellington or the "Piano Prince" and how he impacted the world of jazz through his influential compositions and talented orchestra. EvaluationThis is a fabulous book with complex sentences, high vocabulary, and intricate pictures to match. Additionally, the writing in the book is extremely descriptive with sentences such as, "Duke could blend red-hot blips with a purple dash of brass from the trumpet section."Teaching TipsThis would be a good choice for teache [...]

    16. 1. Awards: Coretta Scott King Award, ALA Notable Children’s Book (1999), Caldecott Honor Book (1999)2. Kindergarten—4th grade3. This short biography of Duke Ellington expands on his music career. Duke Ellington is one of the biggest names in jazz. This bright and lively picture book brings light to his life as a musician. 4. I find music to be a fascinating and engaging subject, and I think it has a great effect on the minds of students. Learning about one of the most influential people in m [...]

    17. This non-fiction Biography about Duke Ellington shows an interesting analysis of his life and achievements. At first he did not enjoy the sounds of the piano or lessons his parents made him take, but discovered a love for jazz music later in life. This book also focuses on his performance "Black, Brown, and Beige" which celebrated African-American history and triumphs. He made a significant cultural influence on not only music, but people's understanding of diverse struggles. Andrea and Brian Pi [...]

    18. • 1999 Caldecott Honor Book •I love the art in this book! It's so vibrant and colorful, and almost looks likes it's moving on the page. Really interesting that Duke Ellington didn't like taking piano lessons when he was younger and didn't get back into piano playing until he discovered ragtime. Materials used: scratchboard renderings with luma dyes, gouache & oil paintTypeface used: 16-point Cochin

    19. Rich, descriptive vocabulary make up this interesting story about Duke Ellington. The phrases are fun and will facilitate some great conversations between child reader and adult. The illustrations are just as inventive and engaging as the text. The information section at the back gives more facts and expands on the story. Recommended.

    20. This is a non-fiction biography about the life of Duke Ellington. I gave this 5 stars. I really liked the illustrations in this picture book, I felt as though they gave the book more life. This is great for kids to learn about the life of a musician by text and pictures. This would be good for a third and forth grade, but would be good for a first and up read aloud.

    21. I thought both the text and the illustrations described the music of Duke and his orchestra well. The text used a lot of movement-related words to described the music, and the illustrations conveyed that movement.I also really liked the tone of the book and thought it went well with the jazz topic.

    22. I liked this book because it told of Duke's life in a fun way with a lot of rich and figurative language. This would be a great book to introduce students to figurative language such as smilies, metaphors, personification, etc. while learning about the history of Duke Ellington and how he became a well-known African-American musician.

    23. BEAUTIFUL illustrations that perfectly complement the fun rhythmic story. The illustrations put the music into images, and really make early 20th century Harlem come alive and seem vibrant and exciting.

    24. Genre: BiographyGrades: 3-5I liked this book so much that I read it a second time! I really like the stories of hard work and passion and where those two things can get you in life. This book in particular made me wish I continued with my piano lessons when I was in fourth grade. Who knows how I could have been now?

    25. Title: Duke EllingtonAuthor: Andrea PinkneyIllustrator: Brian PinkneyGenre: Biography (3-5) Theme(s): Music, Hard workOpening line/sentence: You ever hear of the jazz-playin man, the man with the cats that could swing with his band?Brief Book Summary: This book depicts Duke Ellington's life from his start of piano lessons to the peak of his major successes. It looks at the struggles he overcomes throughout his life.Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Bill Ott (Booklist, June 1 & 15, 1998 [...]

    26. This was a great book about the life and achievements of Duke Ellington. I did not know who Duke Ellington was prior to reading this book, but I really enjoyed reading and learning about him.

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