Boule de suif et autres nouvelles

Boule de suif et autres nouvelles Dans sa plus c l bre nouvelle Maupassant d crit le sacrifice d une prostitu e au grand c ur elle se donne contre sa volont un officier allemand pour permettre une diligence occup e par des bourgeois

  • Title: Boule de suif et autres nouvelles
  • Author: Guy de Maupassant
  • ISBN: 9782070411191
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dans sa plus c l bre nouvelle, Maupassant d crit le sacrifice d une prostitu e au grand c ur elle se donne contre sa volont un officier allemand, pour permettre une diligence occup e par des bourgeois de continuer son voyage D abord suppli e par eux, elle n est bient t plus que l objet de leur m pris La l chet de la classe dirigeante et le courage des humbles, laDans sa plus c l bre nouvelle, Maupassant d crit le sacrifice d une prostitu e au grand c ur elle se donne contre sa volont un officier allemand, pour permettre une diligence occup e par des bourgeois de continuer son voyage D abord suppli e par eux, elle n est bient t plus que l objet de leur m pris La l chet de la classe dirigeante et le courage des humbles, la r sistance et la collaboration, la France de 1870 en annon ait d autres.

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    1. Guy de Maupassant

      Henri Ren Albert Guy de Maupassant was a popular 19th century French writer He is one of the fathers of the modern short story A protege of Flaubert, Maupassant s short stories are characterized by their economy of style and their efficient effortless d nouement He also wrote six short novels A number of his stories often denote the futility of war and the innocent civilians who get crushed in it many are set during the Franco Prussian War of the 1870s.


    1. Il mito della buona prostitutaDiciamo subito che si tratta di un gran bel racconto; secondo me superato solo, fra i testi di Maupassant, dal bellissimo romanzo breve "Pierre e Jean".Però Andiamo con ordine : l'ambientazione è nel 1870, periodo della guerra con la Prussia. I personaggi sono alcuni placidi borghesi con a fianco la consorte, due suore, un "democratico" e una prostituta di fresca e florida obesità, denominata per questo, appunto 'Palla di sevo' .La giovane donna, dal carattere di [...]

    2. Now that I've read my first collection of Maupassant stories, I can say that he is indeed a great writer, though being as prolific as he apparently was, I think you probably need to read a lot more to really be familiar with his work. He was a student of Flaubert, the French "realist" school, hence all these short stories being basically slice-of-life stories about (mostly) provincial French life. There are morals, sometimes, but rarely made explicit - in fact, often the stories just end, like o [...]

    3. This brief but charming little story/novella owes some credit to Flaubert and Zola, both friends of Maupassant, for his borrowing of their style to some extent. Where he excels the Parisian writers, is in his devastation theme (Franco-Prussian War period) and his somewhat pastoral setting. His hero "Butterball" character type, however, is very original and her enigmatic circumstance is as well. This is a fable on the hypocrisy of the upper classes, as usual, but with the Balzacian, provocative u [...]

    4. De Maupassant is one of the few French authors I feel competent to read in the original French. It helps that his chosen form is the short story - it makes him much less forbidding than someone like Balzac or Hugo. Although I've been in Paris for just a little over two weeks, I'm already doing pretty well with these stories. He is particularly good at exposing the hypocrisies of small-town 19th century French life, the title story of this collection being an excellent example. But his character [...]

    5. Just to be a pretentious dick, I'm going to write my review in French. (Je m'excuse d'avance pour mon style peu grammatical)Julien Gracq a dit que Maupassant écrit ‘une sorte de basic-french littéraire, où manquent tous les éléments sutils’. Au contraire, j'y trouve une complication inattendue et une ironie tranchante. Les nouvelles sont plein d’images curiueses, comme les pigeons blancs, dans ‘Boule de Suif’, qui ‘cherchaient leur vie dans le crottin fumant’. Chaque histoire [...]

    6. Atrapante relato que por escasa longitud y acción trepidante. Nomas diría que se trata de varios personajes, hay nobles, comerciantes hasta un pensador político demócrata y el clero y una prostituta, quien da nombre al cuento, Bola de sebo unidos en escape ante la inminente conquista prusiana. Genial enfrentamiento de contrastes entre los diez personajes. Leído como parte de un taller de escritura, es una más que grata sorpresa.

    7. "The mud of the river-bed swallowed up these obscure acts of vengeance—savage, yet legitimate; these unrecorded deeds of bravery; these silent attacks fraught with greater danger than battles fought in broad day, and surrounded, moreover, with no halo of romance. For hatred of the foreigner ever arms a few intrepid souls, ready to die for an idea."Maupassant is a true genius when it comes to the short story form. His writing beautiful as always, his characters well developed and rounded, his c [...]

    8. Maupassant's genius at short story writing is on display here. In about twenty five pages he portrays a complete world eclipsed by war and German occupation of France, which is creeping deeper into the country by the day. The characters are universal, for their political, professional and other belongings. While fleeing towards away from the occupying forces, the circumstances bring out the best and the worst in them. The fascinating description of the early cold morning they leave and the event [...]

    9. Delicadísimo tanto en la construcción psicológica y sociológica de sus personajes; como en los relatos y costumbres. Los cuentos no sólo son intensos y ricos en descripciones, sino que además su estilo es pulcro y refinado, pero a la vez muy plagado de cuidados detalles que en conjunto se leen de modo ágil. Me produce sensaciones semejantes a un banquete de cocina francesa.Cada vez que leo narrativa francesa del siglo XIX se me hace más difícil opinar sin pasión y usando criterios obje [...]

    10. This is the first story in a collected works of Guy De Maupassant I am reading and it is very very good.Boule de Suif (Suet pudding in English) is the name given to a prostitute who is the central character of the story. Her body is used as a trading tool when a group of 'worthy' folk are detained as they journey through a France occupied by the Prussians after the 1870 war.Boule de Suif is by far the most moral of the characters and exposes the hypocrisy and cowardice of her travelling companio [...]

    11. The Edition my sister has contains only three stories . However, I could't find it among ' Edition choices . I picked up this book one day and decided to read it for the only reason that it is written by one of my favourite authors . I have read two : " COCO , COCO , COCO FRAIS !'' and UNE PAGE D'HISTOIRE INEDITE which is technically not a story but ''HISTORY'' as GUY DE MAUPASSANT said : '' On ne touche pas a l'histoire.'' I JUST LOVED THEM BOTH . There is something in GUY DE MAUPASSANT's writi [...]

    12. Guy de Maupassant successfully told a story about how hypocrite society could be. It's amazing to see that what seemed to be a problem of nowadays society is, in fact, a story that never grows old. Boule de suif was an amazing woman, a brave fighter for those people who didn't deserve her. She was too good for her times and, why not?, for her country. In the end, those who accused her of being shameless were the ones who deserve to be punished.

    13. para quem quiser ver a arte do conto atingir o seu expoente absoluto (apenas alguns destes contos o conseguem, os outros são apenas muito bons)a condição humana reflectida num espelho-quântico, iluminada por três sóis. primordiais narrativas, guturais e toscas, a ecoarem em caverna longínqua; as fábulas dos pergaminhos de Alexandria; as Mil e Uma Noites; os contos dos pastores em torno de fogueiras, em noites de luar espicaçadas por Licaão; as guerras e os postais de amor que arderam; [...]

    14. Excelente colección de cuentos de uno de los padres del cuento moderno. Los personajes siempre son memorables, simbólicos, universales. La estructura de cada cuento es simplemente perfecta. La Francia soñada de Maupassant duerme en estos breves textos, esperando a que alguien con un poco de compasión venga a revivirla.

    15. I liked this book and the story. However, I read it in Dutch (reading it in the original language would have been better) and the fact that I had to read it for school didn't make it any better.

    16. Nádherně vylíčená lidská povaha. Příběh, kde lehká děva je čestnější a má mnohem mravnější charakter než rádoby morální, mravní a čestní lidé plný ctností.

    17. Esta antología de cuentos me la regalaron por motivo de mi cumpleaños. Le di la oportunidad a Maupassant sin saber nada del autor, y como me encantan los cuentos cortos pues venga! Con sinceridad digo que los 13 cuentos en general no me gustaron en su mayoría, no entendía muy bien con que temática se anexaban estos cuentos ya que algunos eran muy distintos de otros, en cuestión de calidad, tema y estructura. Pero para que hablar de lo malo! Puedo decir que me encantaron 3 cuentos! El terce [...]

    18. Truly inspirational short story. The book reminds me of the 1943 movie, "This Land is Mine," where inhabitants of occupied lands decide how to deal with their occupying force. More fundamentally, the book deals with blackmail. When, if ever, does it make sense to submit to moral blackmail. What principles should we be willing to sacrifice for the possibility of short term gain.Thomas Jefferson is thought to have stated “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand [...]

    19. Je pensais trouver ça plate, mais j'ai trouvé ça bon!(hey parle moi de t'ça une critique étoffée, toué)

    20. Es difícil intentar una reseña sobre una "colección de colecciones" de cuentos. En total son alrededor de 60 relatos, aunque no todos lo son propiamente: algunos son sólo viñetas, al estilo de la Gente de Dublin de Joyce, otras se reducen simplemente a una carta, y los tres que dan título a cada colección, son brevísimas novelas. Los temas son muy variados, pero predominan en ellos la Guerra Franco-Prusiana, las aventuras amorosas -de hombres y mujeres- y las anécdotas a que dan pie; ha [...]

    21. Sometimes the old ones are the best. I first read Guy de Maupassant at the age of 12 and thought his stories were amazing, long before I'd developed any powers of judging literary talent. Sometimes when you return to an author you thought amazing in your youth, you are sorely disappointed but this collection, headed by the famous 'Boule de Suif' had me gripped from start to finish. Who could but admire Maupassant's talent for dry description, for painting human nature, bourgeoisie and peasant al [...]

    22. J'ai bien aimé les petites nouvelles mais je m'étais attendue à une longue histoire donc j'ai été un peu déçue. C'était un livre genre le horla. Sinon, on remarque le talent de l'écrivain, tout est si tellement bien écrit. Même la description, que d'habitude je n'aime pas du tout, nous aide à visualiser le contexte parfaitement.Boule de Suif parle d'une prostituée qui se retrouve dans une «voiture» entourée de personnes de la haute société qui la méprisent. Cependant, ils se r [...]

    23. 4.5 out of 5 stars! ⭐️ Nothing new here. I love Maupassant‘s stories. I specifically love the moral message behind each story which makes is so enjoyable to read. Big massive recommendation for sure.

    24. I have read about this book before and now when i've read it I really understand why it's a classic. Great story and great writing. It's about a french party of high society people traveling to safer grounds during a war against the Prussia. And one of the passangers is a local prostitute with a very heavy figure, called Bouel de suif. (fettpärlan)On the way they are being stoped by a Prussian regement and held in an inn without any obvious reason. The Officer are giving them a demand for their [...]

    25. Cada ser humano tiene mucho para dar , mas allá de su situación social, nunca olvidemos que ese otro algun dia puede ser quien nos salve la vida, todos dependemos de todos. Todo ser humano es muy valioso en si mismo

    26. Drôle et féroce, un recueil qui subjugue, principalement pour la nouvelle éponyme, Boule de suif, à mettre aux côtés de La métamorphose.

    27. Víte, co je na tom nejhorší? Že takový pokrytci jsou všude kolem nás. Jinak mě docela překvapil popis Kuličky, vždycky jsem si ji představovala jako hubeňoučkou slečinku. :D

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