Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever Racing from the life and death decisions of a big San Francisco hospital to the tension packed fireworks of a murder trial this story lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers lovers

  • Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9780062007841
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • Racing from the life and death decisions of a big San Francisco hospital to the tension packed fireworks of a murder trial, this story lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers As the book surges toward its unpredictable climax, Sidney Sheldon proves once again that no reader can outguess the master of the unexpected.

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    1. Sidney Sheldon

      Sidney Sheldon 1917 2007 was an American writer who won awards in three careers a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best selling novelist.His TV works spanned a twenty year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie 1965 70 , Hart to Hart 1979 84 , and The Patty Duke Show 1963 66 , but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best selling novels such as Master of the Game 1982 , The Other Side of Midnight 1973 and Rage of Angels 1980 that he became most famous.


    1. It actually shocked me that I haven't really reviewed any book from my favorite author. Yes, Sidney Sheldon is my favorite author. Heard that right. Quite surprising for a 14 year old who's fond of reading Young Adult fiction, eh?This book was actually gripping. Everytime I let go of it, it makes me wanna cradle it in my arms and murmur, "I'm sorry for putting you down. Let me continue reading you." So this story was mainly about a female doctor who had a patient who seemingly hates her. And thi [...]

    2. It was my 2nd Sidney Sheldon book and I don't care what anyone says to me but I'm flattered with the scene where Jason Curtis meets Paige Taylor. I read this part over and over again.What I liked about this book was that it was about 3 girls, who are so professional and independence-lover and how they live their life with so much confidence and deal with problems.I can't wait to read more of his work.

    3. “You have two choices. you can keep running and hiding and blaming the world for your problems, or you can stand up for yourself and decide to be somebody important.” —Sidney Sheldon, Nothing Lasts ForeverOnce again, I owe my life to Sidney Sheldon (over-reacting mode).I can’t find enough words to say because it would be too repetitive. I have read twelve (12) of his outstanding novels and this is by far, his BEST! I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s too breathtaking! I cried whe [...]

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    5. Sidney Sheldon is a first time read for me and I have to ask myself why I had never picked up one of his books before now. I think that he is a brilliant writer and I am glad that I finally had the opportunity to pick up one of his books. I was totally engrossed in the story and really hated for it to end.In this book we have the stories of 3 different female doctors working in the same hospital. Dr. Paige Taylor, who is on trial for the murder of a patient that she testifies was a euthanasia, D [...]

    6. If I had to choose one of his books to call my utmost favorite I would have to say this one.Again and again he did. He delivered a fast paced keep you on the tip of your toes turning the pages as fast as you can story. Every single one of the lady doctors in this story captured me and held me in prison locked up in their strengths, heartaches, and abilities.This story was like no other that he wrote before. With every page you turned there was so much more going on. The drama, the affairs, the l [...]

    7. Sidney Sheldon at his best! Nothing Lasts Forever is a powerful story of three female protagonists. The characterization is simply wonderful. Dialogues are precise. A recommended read!

    8. Como es usual en los libros de este autor es una historia muy entretenida que se lee de un tirón, un thriller ambientado en un Hospital de San Francisco en el que 3 jóvenes médicas deberán luchar contra la discriminación de los hombres, muchos secretos e intrigas, lo recomiendo para pasar un buen rato absorbido por sus páginas!

    9. I've always loved a good suspense and mystery. After all, I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes rather than reading Princess stories.All through out my high school year, I read all of Sidney Sheldon's books starting with Tell Me Your Dreams. I was hooked after the first page. No kidding. Sheldon can do that to you.Nothing Lasts Forever is one of my favorite books. I still remember my struggle with this one. A classmate has a copy of this beauty and I know she doesn't read novels much alone our textb [...]

    10. Three female doctors begin five years in training at Embarcadero County Hospital in San Francisco. The story, set against hospital and courtroom, chronicles their lives together and their struggle against those who are determined to see that they don't succeed.Dr. Paige Taylor - After she inherited a million dollars from a patient whom she 'helped to die' at their request, the District Attorney charged her with murder.Dr. Kat Hunter - She vowed never to allow a man to get too close to her againu [...]

    11. Three youthful specialists their expectations, their fantasies, their sudden cravings Dr. Paige Taylor: She swore it was willful extermination, yet when Paige acquired a million dollars from a patient, the D.A. called it kill. Dr. Kat Hunter: She pledged never to let another man excessively close again-until the point when she acknowledged the test of a lethal wager. Dr. Nectar Taft: To make it in solution, she knew she'd require something more than the brains God gave her. Dashing from the life [...]

    12. This was my first Sidney Sheldon novel and I am pleased to admit that despite my lofty expectations, I was not disappointed. In fact "Nothing Lasts Forever" is a fast paced, thrilling and riveting novel. I found it simply unputdownable and seriously can’t remember the last time I finished a 400 page book in a matter of two days. The way Sidney Sheldon builds suspense, from the very first page which opens right in the middle of a court hearing, where a certain Dr. Paige Taylor is being tried fo [...]

    13. καλουτσικο !! το τελειωσα σε μια μεραετσι για αλλαγη!! ααααα και ολα τα κρατικα νοσοκομεια τα ιδια μπ@@ρδελα ειναι

    14. সিডনী শেলডনের সাথে প্রথম পরিচয় দ্য স্যান্ডস অফ টাইম আর উইন্ডমিলস অফ দ্য গডস দিয়ে। প্রথম বই তেই আমাকে উনি উনার ভক্ত বানিয়ে ফেলেন। ২ বছরের মাঝে উনার সব বই আমি পড়ে শেষ করে ফেলেছি। কয়েকটা বই আমার [...]

    15. The book is fast paced alright but Sheldon didnt fail to let me see whats really going on inside an operating room and how women are treated when they step inside a man's dominated profession (which I dont know if still the same case on today's era). The typical Sheldon finale surely blowed my mind because it was the 'she's-screwed-and-hopeless' scene but again he casted his own magic. Im not trying to be smartsy pantsy on this review but Sheldon did a great job and after reading this novel I ca [...]

    16. I think that the book is a bit flawed because there are some errors in it. Except that, the scenes are amazing, the plot is gripping and the character development is quite beautiful. I've always loved Sheldon's writing style. He's a favourite and I'm definitely gonna read more of his books! :D

    17. Nothing Lasts Forever, Sidney Sheldon عنوان: هیچ چیز جاودانه نیست؛ نویسنده: سیدنی شلدون؛ مترجم: نفیسه معتکف؛ تهران، فرهنگ جامع، 1373؛ در 211 ص؛ عنوان: هیچ چیز جاودانه نیست؛ نویسنده: سیدنی شلدون؛ مترجم: فریده مهدوی دامغانی؛ تهران، درسا، 1387؛ در 596 ص؛

    18. I've never read any Sidney Sheldon before, but he does a wonderful job of drawing the plot along. Most mysteries are pretty straight forward -- sure there are plot twists, and the mystery may be hard to guess, but the way the story itself is written is pretty straight forward. In this book the author actually switches it up a bit, starting the story with a scene from the court case which leaves you with one possible interpretation of the facts, and you spend the rest of the novel learning whethe [...]

    19. Zanimljiv roman, brzo se čita, nije najbolji Sidnijev ali mi se svideo. Sidni dobro piše, to ne mogu da poreknem, ali nije za čistu peticu, možda 4.25. Volim to što se javlja dosta ljubavi prema poslu, ljubavi prema porodici, požrtvovanosti, predanog rada, borbe protiv rasizma (kojeg je nekada bilo dosta prema ženama doktorima a i ima ga još uvek prema crnim ženama doktorima) ali i mogućnosti podmićivanja osoba na višim položajima, kao i pritisak koji vrši porodica/roditelji na bud [...]

    20. Este já é o terceiro livro que leio do Sidney Sheldon e como as outras obras, adorei. Gosto do começo já ativo e sem descanso. E se estende assim até o final do livro. Quando você acha que vai melhorar a vida dos personagens, não é bem assim que acontece e na última frase de algum parágrafo, tudo muda. Bem, mais um livro que prende a atenção, de leitura agradável e rápida.

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    23. Great story of betrayal, deceit, greed, but also loyalty, love, and patience of Doctors in County Hospital in San Francisco. It definitely shows you how different people actually are.

    24. Grey´s Anatomy meets HTGAWM <3 (infelizmente, o autor conta, em poucas páginas, histórias que caberiam em, no mínimo, 5 temporadas dessas séries, não se aprofundando em diversas questões). Bem novelão, mas muito entertaining!

    25. Well, all thanks to this novel for it added all the necessary ingredients to make my trip back home an awesome one and yep thanks to my dear friend too who suggested it to me. It was my first novel of Sidney Sheldon and ye i loved the story telling and i am already on my way for his second novel "If Tomorrow Comes" and i am sure i would love this one too.The story has many things in it, ranging from male dominanceto how bad someone's greed can be, to how hard a doctor's life is. Starting with th [...]

    26. started 5/19/09Oh, Lord, I am DONE with this! I don't think I can give it any starsn't say I liked but can't say I didn't like it either, because it sure was entertaining! If I hadn't had to work, this book would have been finished within 24 hours.Like I told Bob, I should have left Sheldon in my pre-adolescent childhood, because I never realized just how overly dramatic and "soap opera-ly" he is. The dialogue is horrible and superficial. There is no depth to the story at all. We won't even get [...]

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