Star Trek: The New Voyages

Star Trek The New Voyages A spellbinding collection of eight of the original Star Trek stories including The Enchanted Pool Intersection Point Enterprise Mind Sifter The Hunting and other fantastic stories

  • Title: Star Trek: The New Voyages
  • Author: Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson
  • ISBN: 9780553246360
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • A spellbinding collection of eight of the original Star Trek stories, including The Enchanted Pool, Intersection Point, Enterprise, Mind Sifter, The Hunting, and other fantastic stories.

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      193 Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Star Trek: The New Voyages : by Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson ✓
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    1. Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson

      Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Star Trek: The New Voyages book, this is one of the most wanted Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath Claire Gabriel Juanita Coulson Eleanor Arnason Jennifer Guttridge Shirley Meech Marcia Ericson author readers around the world.


    1. I'm never quite sure how to rate short stories collections because there's almost always some that I love and some that I'm not very fond of.I was initially going to give this a 3 but I pushed it to 4 because of the intros from the cast that came along with each story. I found them very interesting and very touching and, in my opinion, they worth your time even if you're not into the rest of the stories.I've seen a lot of people saying in their reviews that this book felt like a collection of fa [...]

    2. A couple of the stories were good. Most were just okay, and a few felt like re-writes of episodes. I didn't like the last two stories at all. Still, worth having for die-hard ST fans because of the intros written by the actors.

    3. Having been a Star Trek fan since the days of the original program (yes, internet, I’m that old), I hate to say that I don’t remember much from the original broadcasts (I was a wee one, but I do vaguely recall watching a certain pointy-eared Vulcan in the shows final season). However, like all true Trek fans I really scarfed up the show when it dropped into TV syndication. I grew familiar with each and every episode, and – as a young man – I followed with great delight many of the SciFi [...]

    4. This anthology has come in for more than its share of disdain. I once saw an editor for the later published Strange New Worlds express contempt for it. These stories, after all, have a fanzine feel, several were first published in fanzines, as you might know seeing them mentioned in Star Trek Lives! the book about Trek fandom co-authored by Sondra Marshak. Strange New Worlds in contrast was a "writing contest" for those with less than three published stories, and saw itself as much more professi [...]

    5. Cozying up with a Star Trek book is never a waste of time no matter how dull it is. This collection of short stories is about average. Three stories stand out to me ("Ni Var", "The Winged Dreamers", and "Mind-Sifter") but they really are worth the time for this collection. The rest either just aren't to my taste or are just so, so but it's all still good fun.

    6. STAR TREK: THE NEW VOYAGES is a groundbreaking publication in some respects, though not ones that appealed to me personally. First off, it is arguably the first collection of fanfiction to undergo professional publication, though not all the writers represented here were unpublished amateurs. In fact, the quality of the writing in this volume is much higher than I expected, and it's the stories themselves I take issue with, not the prose.Another groundbreaking aspect of the book is that the stor [...]

    7. Damn, these short stories are pretty on par with stuff I read on fanfiction in high school, butat's not saying I didn't have a huge smile on my face while reading most of these. And, after looking into it I found out these stories actually WERE fan fiction of the pre-internet days. Some of the authors wrote for Spockanalia (yes this existed, look it up!) and other late 60's Trek zines Brave early fans boldly going where many MANY nerds will go.

    8. some great stories, a few not as good but none that were unreadabe. What i enjoyed most was the introductions to some stories, they were a nice touch.

    9. When I was about ten years old, I discovered an amazing thing—Star Trek: The New Voyages—a book of brand new Star Trek stories. This wasn’t the retelling of television episodes, these were brand new never-before-seen adventures. Inside was a short story called Mind Sifter by Shirley S. Maiewski which could reasonably be described as changing my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Something about the idea that there could be more new Star Trek stories just caught hold of me and would [...]

    10. I had this and #2 as a teen, carrying them around for 35 years only to lose them to a fire in 2013. I'd not read them since the late 1970swhen I found it in a used bookstore, I had to replace it. Sometimes you can't go back. I don't read fanfiction anymoreally can't stand it. And my nostalgic memories failed me. These are bad. Okay, I still liked "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited". But the rest? Oh well. Sometimes you can't go back.

    11. I took a nice trip down memory lane with some of these stories, as I'd first read the book in 1988 as a kid. Overall, its a quality read--though there are a few clunkers (as in any short story collection).

    12. This is a literal find, because it got down behind the pillars of a bookshelf I built and stocked, and I only found it while shelf-shifting.I've evidently had it for many years, because it has a preprinted bookplate in it, and I got those bookplates as a gift from one of my cousins in the '80s. I may have acquired it new, or soon after its publication date (the one I have is the 7th printing).These stories are fan fiction from the Original Series, before the movie that restarted the work. The wh [...]

    13. [These notes were made in 1981:]. If the television series Star Trek was largely a male phenomenon - conceived, directed, produced, principally acted by men - here is the other half of the story. Eight stories by women, chosen by women, and as might be expected from a woman, I find the principal themes of the stories sympathetic. Almost without exception, these writers have abandoned the adventure format, except as a secondary device, and concentrate on the emotional side of their three principa [...]

    14. Published in 1979 by Bantam. This is a collection of early Star Trek fan fiction edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. These two women are co-authors of Star Trek fiction in their own right. They read through dozens of stories to come up with the selection published in this book. As a highlight some of the stars of Stars of ST: The Original Series wrote forwards to each of the included short stories. Some of the stories very good and very well written others not so much. Not to be overly [...]

    15. This is, from what I can tell, one of the earliest "expanded universe" books in a sci fi series, let alone Star Trek itself. The stories were, at the time, just fan fic, submitted by writers and then published in a paperback for all to read. Quite a difference from now, when most anyone being published by a big publishing house has to be a proven author.The stories in the book are mostly good, and some are very good. There is an odd reliance on some Trek clichés (shore-leave-gone-horribly-wrong [...]

    16. Ni Var- Spock gets the 'Enemy Within' treatment when a mad scientist splits him into human & Vulcan. Torment!Intersection Point- a strange trip to a physically incomprehensible dimension torments Spock's mind.The Enchanted Pool- My favorite of the book. A fairy-tale girl wants castaway Spock for his kisses: what's the angle?Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited- This was fun: shades of 'Galaxy Quest' as Shatner, Nimoy & Kelley take their characters' places in the Star Trek dimension.The Face [...]

    17. That was.h. The first foray "Star Trek" made into an expanded universe of literature was this short story collection, solicited from fans. The end result is a collection of fan fiction that, unfortunately, reads like fan fiction. I would classify two of the stories (The Enchanted Pool & The Face on the Barroom Floor) as solid outings for the original series crew, but as for the rest? There's such an earnestness present, such overly-intense emotional engagement, and heavy hints of the mind-bo [...]

    18. Predominately, this is fan fiction at its worst, with the plots counting on fans to fill in the missing effort. Sexism is also pretty flagrant throughout many of the stories. However, there were a few high spots in this collection. Interestingly enough, the two stories I'd highlight are the ones I remember loving as a young reader of this book. Ruth Berman's "Visit to a weird planet planet revisited" was cute, enjoyable and in the vein of the original series (with a nod to Mirror, Mirror). I wis [...]

    19. Published in 1976, this book of short stories is good plain Star Trek. Surprising to me, this appears to be all fanfiction - how lucky for these selected fans of that time to be able to get their material formally published with the Star Trek name. The selections here all have a very authentic Trek voice. The characters say things that fit them. In fact, in many cases, the dialogue is so good, that you actually "hear" the words in the voices of the well-loved actors who played those parts. Nothi [...]

    20. Extremely enjoyable episodic one-shot short stories, most of which would have fit in perfectly with the tones and themes of the original Star Trek series. Unlike similar anthologies, I enjoyed every single story in this collection, although I do have my favorites! Although each story is written by a different author (or authors) the characters feel cohesive in their thoughts and actions and remain true to the people I fell in love with watching The Original Series. I liked that each story had an [...]

    21. Although it may not be fair to give an overall rating to several different authors, the book, as a whole, is poorly written. My biggest gripe is that the majority of the stories didn't even get their characters right.There are only about 2 stories that were done well, the rest reeked of fan-fiction that you could read on a variety of bulletin boards today. I have never truly enjoyed fan service oriented entertainment; it always lacks any sort of substance that a book truly needs.Perhaps hardcore [...]

    22. This was the first professionally published collection of short Star Trek stories. It was published in 1976 and the most interesting part of the book is the introductions to each of the stories written by Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy and other cast members.The stories themselves are very fan fiction-y. They were culled from hundreds of entries by fan fiction writers. Though they are all well written, the stories are mostly not what we would recognize as Trek-style. Most of them are dreamy rom [...]

    23. I used to write Star Trek fanfiction myself, so was quite interested to discover that this collection of stories is compiled from a series of the same. Most are quite good, yet some are not quite so (although not bad in and of themselves). I have read far, far worse fanfic on the internet these days, than what's represented here, and not just in the Trek fandom. What I thought was a really nice touch, however, was the short introductory pieces written by the stars of the show itself, such as Wil [...]

    24. This is a collection of short stories written by fans that was professionally published with a foreword by Gene Roddenberry and individual story introductions written by the TOS cast members. The quality is a bit up and down, but the better pieces are well worth a read, and not only for the enormous amounts of slashy content that made it into publication :D

    25. For this book I have only fond memories.I picked it up by chance, because I needed something to read and the gas station I stopped at had only a few books to choose from.This book started me on my journey as a Trekker. That was in 1976 and many years followed with me being active in the fandom. I still consider myself a Trekker today, alas not quite as active anymore.

    26. I seem to have an older version of this, with a different cover. But I can't remember reading it. Who knows if this is my book at all, could be that I borrowed this from a friend, never read it and forgot to give it back?

    27. I read this book when I was a teenager and completely entranced with the Star Trek universe and science fiction in general. The stories have stayed with me over 20 years. I recently happened on a copy and had to sit down and re-read my favorite stories all over again.

    28. This book came along when I was very hungry for more Trek and even though not all the stories are written by full-dress professional writers they have a passion and joy about them that I really responded to.

    29. One of the four Trek published books I cherished. Better than #2, though #2 is another of the four. I saw nothing in the published novels, none that I tried, but this anthology of fan fiction was more exploratory.

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