The Space Vampires

The Space Vampires When Captain Carlsen entered the vast derelict spaceship he was stunned by its awesome splendor and shaken by the discovery of its immobilized humanoid passengers Later after three of those strange

  • Title: The Space Vampires
  • Author: Colin Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780671809164
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When Captain Carlsen entered the vast derelict spaceship, he was stunned by its awesome splendor and shaken by the discovery of its immobilized humanoid passengers.Later, after three of those strange aliens had been transported to Earth, his foreboding was than justified The creatures were energy vampires whose seductive embraces were total, whose lust for vitalityWhen Captain Carlsen entered the vast derelict spaceship, he was stunned by its awesome splendor and shaken by the discovery of its immobilized humanoid passengers.Later, after three of those strange aliens had been transported to Earth, his foreboding was than justified The creatures were energy vampires whose seductive embraces were total, whose lust for vitality was boundless As they took over the willing bodies of their victims and sexual murders spread terror throughout the land, Carlsen worked toward their destruction even though he was erotically drawn to the most beautiful vampire of all

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    1. Colin Wilson

      Colin Henry Wilson was born and raised in Leicester, England, U.K He left school at 16, worked in factories and various occupations, and read in his spare time When Wilson was 24, Gollancz published The Outsider 1956 which examines the role of the social outsider in seminal works of various key literary and cultural figures These include Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, William James, T E Lawrence, Vaslav Nijinsky and Vincent Van Gogh and Wilson discusses his perception of Social alienation in their work The book was a best seller and helped popularize existentialism in Britain Critical praise though, was short lived and Wilson was soon widely criticized.Wilson s works after The Outsider focused on positive aspects of human psychology, such as peak experiences and the narrowness of consciousness He admired the humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and corresponded with him Wilson wrote The War Against Sleep The Philosophy of Gurdjieff on the life, work and philosophy of G I Gurdjieff and an accessible introduction to the Greek Armenian mystic in 1980 He argues throughout his work that the existentialist focus on defeat or nausea is only a partial representation of reality and that there is no particular reason for accepting it Wilson views normal, everyday consciousness buffeted by the moment, as blinkered and argues that it should not be accepted as showing us the truth about reality This blinkering has some evolutionary advantages in that it stops us from being completely immersed in wonder, or in the huge stream of events, and hence unable to act However, to live properly we need to access than this everyday consciousness Wilson believes that our peak experiences of joy and meaningfulness are as real as our experiences of angst and, since we are fully alive at these moments, they are real These experiences can be cultivated through concentration, paying attention, relaxation and certain types of work.


    1. This book is famous for inspiring a movie with both Mathilda May spending the vast majority of it walking around naked and Patrick Stewart's first kiss.This book is nowhere near that riveting.This happens nowhere inside.The first forty pages promises weirdness. A future expedition to the asteroid field discovers a gigantic floating spaceship, with a gothic interior and naked humanoids in suspended animation. Three of the creatures are brought to Earth. A reporter gains access to the government l [...]

    2. Space Vampires AKA(Lifeforce) By Colin Wilson 216 pagesOut of printThis science fiction horror crossover is remembered mostly from the Cannon films adaptation of the novel. The film while produced by Cannon films the schlock studio behind the cinematic ascension of Chuck Norris and the Sho Kosugi Ninja trilogy is not that bad. They certainly hired excellent cast and crew. Directed by Texas chainsaw massacre director Tobe Hooper, adapted by Alien Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon and scored by Harry Manc [...]

    3. I enjoyed this despite the misogyny.It was a vintage pulpy sci-fi novel, so it was exactly how you think it is.It was a fun, entertaining, and short read (finished it the same day).This book was extremely dated, but that was part of the charm.

    4. The Space Vampires is by no means a great scifi book. Colin Wilson's style is somewhat awkward and mechanical. In fact, it almost seems this book were contrived as a means of expressing his ideas on the dynamic of vampiric exchange and the nature of consciousness, and that's fine by me because Wilson is spot on with his observations. From what I've been told his novel The Mind Parasites is a similar venture into expressing his ideas as fiction. I plan on reading that very soon.The end of the boo [...]

    5. There's this movie. I love this movie it's called "Lifeforce." I love it because the cast is great, the story arc is great. The reason I am writing a review of the book, called, "Space Vampires," when published by Colin Wilson in 1976 is that one reviewer of the movie said that while a fun movie to watch, it missed the real guts of the story. I found this intriguing and decided to get a kindle copy and see for myself. Lo and behold, the other reviewer was right. The movie maker, Golan/Globus, di [...]

    6. First off, if you're looking for the book that the insanely awesome Life Force movie was based on, this is it. No wonder they changed the name for the movie, haha. Anyway, the first 50 pages or so of this book was just rocking as hard as a pirate ship in a hurricane. Some space explorers come across a 50km derelict ship floating around, with insanely huge fixtures, stairs, badass gothic cathedral architecture, weird artwork involving Lovecraftian squiddy things, and some naked people in suspende [...]

    7. Wilson did not write a novel, but an extended stage play of talking heads (when they weren't drinking), who discuss the philosophy of vampirism ad nauseum. It's as if Wilson wanted solely to explore his notion of vampirism and nothing more. As for the elements of science, it's hard to take a book seriously when the the author uses "apparatus" four times on one page.If you're like me, you probably indulged in the B-movie horror LIFEFORCE (1985), and found your way to the book expecting one great [...]

    8. I originally read this book about 1980 not long after its publication in 1976. On reading it again, I really didn't remember much from the first read. I read it originally because it was written by Colin Wilson. When I was in the military in the early 70s, one of my friends there was a Wilson fanatic and had to read everything ever written by him. Wilson is best known for his nonfiction works such as the "Outsider" and his existentialism philosophy. On my friends recommendation, I read several o [...]

    9. There's a lot wrong with this book: structurally and in terms of pacing; even the dialogue is clunky and unconvincing. The general idea isn't entirely original either. However, there's something inexplicably alluring about it - that vampiric charm - which draws you in, and entertains you. But it doesn't suck away your life-force. It's incredibly light-reading, and pulpy too. However this is Colin Wilson the great philosopher, so if you take a few steps back you're presented with a large tapestry [...]

    10. Well, I read this book when I was a teenager, almost twenty years ago, and the little I can remember, I really enjoyed the story. Today, I hardly ever would read a book with such a title (and such synopsis), and, even less I intend to read it again and spoil my diffuse remembrance (fantasy/delusion) that it is a nice title. So, 4 stars for the nostalgia.

    11. This book was awesome. A very interesting take on what life force in humans is and how it can be related to this version of vampires. There are definately some new thoughts about vampire-type beings, and it is a good thriller. Very enjoyable.

    12. I enjoyed this book! It's ridiculous and over the top and quite sexist (allowances given for time written), but in the end very entertaining. The Aliens had some interesting twists and I would love to read an extension on them. For a light vacation read its perfect.

    13. I enjoyed this book. It had a lot of what I enjoy in science fiction: near future setting, broad geopolitical scope, discovery of extraterrestrial life, and quaint and amusing extrapolations of future technology/society that's based on the era in which it was written.I created a bookshelf for this book: paleo-future. Basically, the future as imagined by those in the past. It's not too niche of an interest, since there's now a feature at Gizmodo that deals with this exact topic, but it's somethin [...]

    14. Sometime in the 21st Century Commander Olof Carlsen and the crew of the Hermes discover a colossal and archaic alien craft drifting in the asteroid belt. Christened 'Stranger' exploration of its fantastic interior discovers among many weird marvels a number of well-preserved humanoids returning home with three of these beings Carlsen unknowingly unleashes on the planet and himself the space vampires.Best known as the basis for cult-chesnut "Lifeforce" (1985) this epic of life-sucking, demonic/fa [...]

    15. Hahahahahahaha, this book is so '70s. From about page 5 onward, I was reading for the lulz. Pointing out how the mysterious females in suspended animation on the alien ship had great breasts! It being considered a great idea by all and sundry to bring said stasis-bound beings back to Earth, what could go wrong? Sure, rando journalist who's related to my ex-wife, you can sneak into the lab where they're being stored and grope the hot blonde one! The hero being able to resist the predations of the [...]

    16. I read this book years, years ago. Colin Wilson was one of those seminal sci-fiction writers that had a big effect on me as young man. I'm primarily reading it now because I was cleaning under the bed and found a 1977 Pocket Book edition. I reread it years ago because of the movie version, "LifeForce," which aside from the full-frontal nude shots of the beautiful space vampire, was rather disappointing.Actually,the movie was good for what it was intended to be, a good British Sci-fi B-movie, a g [...]

    17. 5/10 I read this book because I enjoy the schlocky 1985 movie Lifeforce based on it. Whereas the film is overloaded with twists and turns (and boobs), the book is all about discussing things. They have a discussion about vampires, a discussion with the vampire, a discussion after they defeat the vampire, and a discussion after all is done. It's not a horrible book, but it's not that good. For being published in 1976, it has a feel of pulp scifi written decades earlier - perhaps when the author w [...]

    18. okay, so, setting aside the title, which is maybe the dumbest title for a book ever, this is actually a very smart book. maybe too smart, actually. it starts off absolutely fascinating with a 50-mile-long alien spaceship showing up in our solar system, in which there are a bunch of dead human bodies and a map of greece drawn circa 2000+ b.c.; then it rapidly descends into people yammering on about vampires and life force and sex roles and theories about evolution and yadda yadda yadda. where's t [...]

    19. It's Spaaaaace! And Vampires! And some science fiction mumbo-jumbo about energy fields. Then a little bit of a detective story. In the not-*too*-distant future, a gigantic space-ship full of dead/suspended-animation human[oid?]s suddenly appears to a team studying an asteroid field. Three of the bodies are brought back for study, and then….Yes, I picked this book up because it was free and for totally ironical reasons. Yes, the writing was clunky. But I liked it! I think it would make a pretty [...]

    20. Not at all like the movie Lifeforce, which was the movie based on this book. It's a rather sedate affair, with not a lot of action or horror. The last 10 or so pages seem to be pretty much bolted on and seem a pretty lazy way of resolving the story. This last section, and most of the book actually, are more about the author expounding his ideas of how vampirism might be philosophised as the way some creatures absorb energy from other creatures, and the nature of life force. this is not a convent [...]

    21. This is one of those rare occasions where I liked the movie (LIFEFORECE) more than I liked the book the movie was based upon. But then I don't think that the printed word could ever compete with actress Mathilda May's spectacular assets. The movie LIFEFORCE is not great classic. It plays like a failed Quatermass movie but one of its most exciting ideas was vampires ravaging London which is not in the book at all. Beyond that, the movie is exceptionally faithful to the book which does have some g [...]

    22. Some time in the not too distant future, astronauts discover a derelict spacecraft and bring three of its dormant occupants back to Earth. Unfortunately, they turn out to be some kind of energy vampires. This premise is fine, but what follows is around 200 pages of bullshit philosophy and pseudoscience rather than a story. I was somewhat aware that Wilson actually believed in this stuff but I didn't expect it to hijack the story so much. This definitely isn't a science fiction novel, and is bare [...]

    23. I made it about 100 pages into this and was extremely disappointed. There was barely any space, although in the beginning when there WAS space, the book seemed very promising. This was just a bunch of academic types sitting around discussing vampirism, which might have been fine had it not been for the creepy sexism exhibited by the male characters (and the vampirism being of the spirit variety—not into that).

    24. Rushed prose doesn't help the scant story at all, but his notional bits about vampirism, energy and consciousness are intriguing enough for me to have enjoyed the read anyway. It also helps that I have a soft spot for Lifeforce (the movie which is based on the book) for several reasons, not the least of which was the impressionable age at which I saw a good chunk of Mathilda May's prancing about in the buff before my Mom realized what was up.

    25. Nel comprare questo libro, mi sono lasciato ingannare dal titolo e dalla quarta di copertina, che recita "in questo romanzo il primo personaggio a entrare in scena è un'astronave immensa e deserta, una cattedrale volante trovata in orbita nella fascia degli asteroidi". Mi è venuto in mente un Alien con i vampiri spaziali e mi è partito il momento "shut up and take my money".In realtà questo libro è una cacata. E ora vi spiego perché.Ammetto di avere una fantasia un po' da film action ameri [...]

    26. Space Vampires by Colin Wilson is a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED science fiction classic from 1976. As the source material for the "erotic" science fiction movie Lifeforce, it starts off with the discovery of a fantastic starship that has traveled tens of thousands of years, and is discovered by the human race in 2080. The derelict carries a cargo of supposed corpses of (at least) two types of aliens -- one squid-like and the other humanoid (supposed humans from Earth). Unbeknownst to the British space agen [...]

    27. I pulled this off my shelf after hearing that Tobe Hooper passed away on August 26th. I read it in a single day and then watched the movie right after.As you probably know, Hooper directed the film LifeForce, whose screenplay was based on this book.Is the book as insanely enjoyable as the film? No. Why? Well, LifeForce screenwriter Dan O'Bannon didn't act as Wilson's editor here and add bombast and lunacy (and malnourished zombies!) to the final manuscript.What's here is also enjoyable, though m [...]

    28. Maybe a step below the movie (Lifeforce) that was based on this. Weird scientific theories that were half made up to work out a plot.

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