Enemy Lover

Enemy Lover When you have no alternative then you call in L O S T Because with the Last Option Special Team it s do or die It s Jax Cassidy s first mission for L O S T one that will give the former cop who went

  • Title: Enemy Lover
  • Author: Karin Harlow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When you have no alternative, then you call in L.O.S.T Because with the Last Option Special Team, it s do or die It s Jax Cassidy s first mission for L.O.S.T one that will give the former cop who went rogue a chance to prove herself Her assignment gain the trust of assassin Marcus Cross eliminate him then take down Marcus s mentor, Joseph Lazarus, aWhen you have no alternative, then you call in L.O.S.T Because with the Last Option Special Team, it s do or die It s Jax Cassidy s first mission for L.O.S.T one that will give the former cop who went rogue a chance to prove herself Her assignment gain the trust of assassin Marcus Cross eliminate him then take down Marcus s mentor, Joseph Lazarus, a man with a bold eye on the White House But the woman who s known by her team for being a femme fatale succumbs to passion, only to discover Cross s deadly secret He s a vampire, and Joseph Lazarus is his creator Left for dead by his platoon in the violent hills of Afghanistan, Special Ops sniper Marcus Cross was given a second chance at life His newly heightened skills make him the perfect killing machine, and as Lazarus s right hand man, he s quickly rising to the top of his dark empire, purging enemies with speed and precision Only when dangerous beauty Jax Cassidy is sent to bring him in does he begin to question Lazarus s motives and his own actions But when Jax s life is threatened by the one thing that can destroy them both, Marcus must make a bitter choice her death or his.

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      National bestselling, award winning author Karin Tabke isn t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop s wife who has seen it all and heard it all Some of the hottest stories come from behind the blue wall of law enforcement rather than from in front Married to a street cop, now retired, Karin is intimate with both and proves it with her sizzling tales of hot cops Not only are her cops hot, but so are her sexy knights and bad boy werewolves Karin s Blood Sword Legacy series is a must read for anyone who loves tales of yore when men were men and women were women, and love did conqueror all Her dark, erotic Blood Moon paranormal trilogy is best described as Sons of Anarchy meets Rise of Lycans Her L.O.S.T series w a Karin Harlow is paranormal romantic suspense at its chilling and sizzling best You don t want to miss any of Karin s deliciously edgy tales of danger and passion


    1. 3 1/2 starsThis book is totally different from any paranormal vampire book I have read. Harlow works her magic with this book she adds lots of suspense, throws in the paranormal spice then tops it with a political heated battle that will have you spellbound.I want to add the first hundred pages is getting you familiar with both team Operatives and their characters, Jax, the senator and his family. In other words, it takes a bit before you get into the juicy between Jax and Marcus. If this tends [...]

    2. LOVED ITIn MIO,this novel was the best of the best! I haven't read a good PNR in a while.This book met my expectations.There is just to much to be said about this book.It's that good!My big surprise was finding out this book was a PNR.It gave it the extra boost to be a great novel. There is lots and lots of political talk. At first it almost put me to sleep a few times.The PNR woke me right up, then finally reading more on the H/H just pulled me in and sucked me dried. I loved it! It's hard for [...]

    3. I absolutely LOVED this book, couldn't put it down.My mind is still thrumming with the excitement this book gave me, It started at the beginning and didn’t let go!!! I love it when an author can consistently give me a fantastic reading experience, and with this being my third book from this author she has my expectations high for the books I haven’t read. ( sorry Karin ) I got about ½ way through this book, and I trotted off to my kindle store to pre-order the next book Enemy Mine. Angela G [...]

    4. Another wonderful work from Karin Tabke/Harlow. Yes, this is classified as paranormal romance, but it is chock full of suspense and political intrigue. Also, it may be slightly more brutal for the average PNR reader; as it is heavy on the suspense.Don't let the acronym L.O.S.T. (Last Option Special Team) fool you. This group of elite operatives is in no way "lost". They know exactly what their objective is and how to accomplish it. The team is lead by the enigmatic Godfather, aka Mr. Black. (Ms. [...]

    5. Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow Paranormal Romance- May 25th, 2010 4 stars Sleek, dark, and tumultuous. Enemy Lover starts out a little like the movie matrix. Angela is a cop with her own set of rules. But when she is betrayed by her own and sent to jail even her tough personality starts to crack under the strain. On her way to maximum security her bus is bombed and she is kidnapped. When she wakes up in darkness she is immediately confronted with a terrible choice. Join a mysterious covert group wh [...]

    6. This was my first Karin Harlow book so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t read the synopsis, just plunged straight in and at first I was totally side swiped. I didn’t realise it was meant to be a PRN until about 15% in and before that I was so confused on who the love interest was going to be. But although this is classified a PRN it has a massive amount of politics involved and unfortunately I’m not one for politics.This story was set out fairly different to what I was used to in bo [...]

    7. Posted onUnder the CoversEx-cop Angela Giacomelli ‘s life is going to limited to a small prison cell. En route to her new home, she gets an unexpected surprise when an ambush takes her down an unfamiliar path, right into the arms of an organization called L.O.S.T – Last Option Special Team.I absolutely loved this book! There were so many good things about it. First off, Harlow writes such compelling characters. Angela has her own demons to deal with. It’s her past that has made her a mouth [...]

    8. Fast paced, action packed, and a love story between two tortured characters that's both passionate and emotional. I loved it! If you enjoy paranormals, Karin Harlow should be added to your auto-buy list.

    9. Jax Cassidy has been given a second chance to make a difference in the world as a highly specialized assassin for the black ops team, L.O.S.T. Where only a necessary few within the U.S. government are even permitted to know of its existence, Last Option Special Team is a covert group of assassins so heavily and deeply buried that its members are literally walking ghosts amongst humanity. Those within the dark folds of its classified ranks are beings who harbor such intensely tragic pasts that th [...]

    10. I am currently kicking myself for owning this book for so long and allowing it to continuously get shifted around on my to be read pile. I absolutely loved it! Jax and Marcus are fantastic and they work so well together. They are the couple that you are cheering for the entire book. They have both been to the bottom of life, been so low they didn’t see an upside. Marcus and Jax both have extremely heartbreaking pasts. They have both been betrayed and abandoned by people who were supposed to ca [...]

    11. high 4 stars (rounded up). I really enjoyed this book. okay great - it's another book about vampires. Another book about spec ops teams. Another book about a kick-ass heroine. Another book with a super hot supernatural hero. So what makes this book so great? Well, all of the above of course! Plus a pretty interesting plot. Angela Giacomelli, a BCPD detective, is sentenced to 20 years after killing a felon that escapes the justice system. On her way to the correctional facility, she is broken out [...]

    12. Enemy Lover follows the evolving romance of covert agent Jax Cassidy and vampire operative Marcus Cross, who start out (as the title suggests!) on opposite sides of a conflict involving a U.S. Senator's reelection (that represents a huge oversimplification of the conflict, by the by!). Jax Cassidy intrigued me from the start--the book starts with her story. An ex-cop gone bad after being horribly assaulted and abandoned by her the other boys in blue, she is busted from prison by government agent [...]

    13. My thoughts:Something that is always nice to find in this genre is an original plot and Enemy Lover has it. A lot of set up at the beginning but then the story starts moving and is filled with action, suspense, angst, distrust, deception & betrayal, sexual tension and some pretty hawt love scenes.Tight storyline that is straightforward and flows well with a natural dialogue set in today’s world. Harlow just needs a bit more work on her MC’s imo. Which is why this gets a 3 ½ stars from m [...]

    14. Between 3 and 3.5 stars - I liked this book but I didn't love it. Overall, Harlow spun an interesting tale of paranormal romantic suspense involving a kick-a$$ yet emotionally traumatized heroine who's given a second lease on life and a sexy "powerful" vampire assassin of questionable morals who works for a secret government organization gone rogue.Initially, I was really liking the story - Jax's character background was quite fascinating and I wish we could have seen more of her transformation [...]

    15. Jax Cassidy works for an organization known as L.O.S.T. otherwise known as Last Option Special Team. Jax has been assigned the task of taking out and eliminating Senator Joseph Lazarus. To get to Senator Lazarus, she will first have to go through Marcus Cross. Marcus Cross is a trained sniper, who used to be Special Ops. Marcus was left for dead n the desert but was given a second change at a new life, when he met Lazarus. Lazarus is a very powerful vampire and Marcus’s maker. Lazarus heads up [...]

    16. This was a very good start to the series created by the author It showcases a premise that has been used before but the main difference for me was the fact that I immediately connected with the main female and male leads There are many strong book characters that over the years I have grown to love after reading 2-6 or more stories with them in the forefront, withI have to say have found 2 more to add to my list of characters to want more reading time with Jax Cassidy and Marcus Cross touched my [...]

    17. This is a new author for me and I had heard terrific things about this book. It is a dark story about Jax Cassidy, a convicted murderer and now black ops agent for a super secret covert agency run by Mr. Black aka Godfather. Jax is tagged to take out suspected hit man Marcus, our hero, who just happens to be a vampire. Fun ensues and joy is spread throughout the worldNOT!!! This is a very gritty book and there's not a lot of hilarity in the story. I didn't expect a light read from what I gathere [...]

    18. 5 solid stars, can't wait for the next book!!!!And mind as well another .5 star for the cover, geez. I was very close to drooling seeing the cuts on those abs and southward dips, shamelessly lickable. They have truly found the perfect Marcus CrossSOLD!Anywho, here are my takes. READ IT, it's packed with action from beginning to the end. I can't help but felt a tinge of True Bloodon crack. The fight scenes, the torture chambers, the teamwork, the passion were so painfully & beautifully writte [...]

    19. Ok, I freely admit I don't particularly care for dark, grim doom and gloom tales. I also freely admit I bought it because of the cover, mainly, though the story did sound interesting. I should have followed my practice of skimming and sampling before purchase - I probably would have left it behind then.So our h is a rape victim, and while she's still having (some) contact issues right up until tab a enters slot b, a rousting good orgasm courtesy of the magic penis cures everything. Reality check [...]

    20. Overall, 3.5 starst the best vamp paranormal series I've ever read. But I am curious to read the rest. I liked the heroine Jax and the hero Marcus, but would have loved to seen more development into their relationship. First books are hard, esp in the world-building aspect, so I'll give the next one a shot and see how the author expands on this series.

    21. I was really apprehensive when asked to read Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow. Not because it's her debut novel in her new paranormal romance L.O.S.T. series, but because it didn't actually seem like something I'd be into by the blurb on the back cover. Boy was I wrong. It's directly right up my alley.Jax Cassidy is a newly converted member of the Last Option Special Team. Chosen by the Godfather for her skills and ability to survive and adapt to her situation, it's been six months since she was indu [...]

    22. Oh my god! I loved it. The writing style is sort of similar to J.R. Ward's, but in my opinion, this is so much better! There was so much character development and twists in the plot that I literally could not put it down. It is something I wished I had read sooner. Although I wish Marcus was not only her second mission, I guess it is ok. I wonder if we will see any more jealousy on Gage's part. I would love to see Marcus and Gage showdown. There is some agenda regarding Aelia. Why was she there [...]

    23. Hold on to your seat (and your book) because Karin Harlow’s Enemy Lover will take you on one wild ride! Fans of mystery, suspense and paranormal will enjoy this series debut novel!The only thing Angela Giacomelli has to look forward to is a small cell in prison. What she doesn’t know is that she has been selected to be a part of a special elite team known as L.O.S.T. It’s an organization that gives trusted and talented people like Angela a second chance, a band of misfits, all with their o [...]

    24. I've always felt that saying I was surprised that a book was a debut novel was kind of a backhanded compliment. Usually that thought comes to mind when I read a book that's an author's first published work that reads like the work of someone who's been there and done that and has the backlist to prove it. This thought popped into my head within the first fifty pages of Enemy Lover. Remember in cartoons how the eyeballs will just bug out of the characters head and then snap back in? That sums up [...]

    25. Enemy LoverBetween A Rock and a Hard,.Place, That's It Placekarinharlow/Enemy Lover by Karin HarlowRecommendation: Eh. A way to pass time. I am pretty neutral. But, I appear to be the only person in the world who is not mad for this book.Reading Level: Adult but if the kids sneak it off the bookshelf they will have horribly unrealistic expectations of sex.Major playersMarcus Cross: Terrorist-Fighting, Vampire-Patriot, Male Love InterestAngela Giacometti/Jax Cassidy: Ex-Cop, Betrayed and thus con [...]

    26. I discovered quite by accident that Karin Harlow is the alter ego of Karin Tabke. I will blame Twitter for turning me onto Ms. Harlow and after reading Enemy Lover I am ever so grateful. I LOVED this book! Even though I have 200 books in the TBR (or moreybebut who’s counting?) I downloaded this e-book immediately because it‘s just so darn easy and because in this age of instant gratification when I want something - I want it now! I knew nothing about the plot of Enemy LoverI simply bought it [...]

    27. I admit to having some confusion. anotherlookbookreviewsspoI read Enemy Lover a few days ago and I didn't do a review right away because I am unsure what to rate it. So this review is my on the fly jotting down what comes to me and where it flows out at the end is how I'll rate it. I don't think I've done that before. The female protagonist is Jax Cassidy. She is a tough chick. She has been wronged on so many levels that it infuriated me. So points there for invoking so much anger from this read [...]

    28. Please see full review at Reader's Edyn: bit/nPdu7FI just e-mailed an acquaintance that had asked me to let her know what I thought about Enemy Lover because it was my first Karin Harlow book. Ironically, the e-mail served well in helping me collect my thoughts about the book. *whispers* Acquaintance, you know who you are so if some of the comments in this review seem familiar, take care – you inadvertently aided me in creating this review.  I really loved this book. I can honestly say that [...]

    29. Disclaimer: This book was read during a reading funk. Some of the negative comments may have been influenced by said funk, so it would be wise to keep that in mind while reading my review. ENEMY LOVER started off strong for me, but grew progressively weaker as I continued reading. It took me two weeks to finish this book--not because I did not enjoy it, but because of my hectic summer class schedule. I literally have no free time anymore, so I crammed this book in during any break I had. Of cour [...]

    30. Enemy Lover is the first book in the L.O.S.T series by Karin Harlow and a Paranormal Romance from Pocket Star Books.Book Blurb:When you have no alternative, then you call in L.O.S.T. Because with the Last Option Special Team, it's do or die. . . .It's Jax Cassidy's first mission for L.O.S.T. - one that will give the former cop who went rogue a chance to prove herself. Her assignment: gain the trust of assassin Marcus Cross . . . eliminate him . . . then take down Marcus's mentor, Joseph Lazarus, [...]

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