On The Gathering Storm

On The Gathering Storm At Hannah Garretty is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a paid photographer But in a curl of circumstance she s snatched from her bohemian life on the island and vanishes into a forest lair wh

  • Title: On The Gathering Storm
  • Author: Jason McIntyre
  • ISBN: 9781475138436
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • At 29, Hannah Garretty is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a paid photographer But in a curl of circumstance, she s snatched from her bohemian life on the island and vanishes into a forest lair where unspeakable things have happenedd will continue to happen As Hannah grapples with her captivity and the knowledge bestowed upon her by a special gift, we catch glimAt 29, Hannah Garretty is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a paid photographer But in a curl of circumstance, she s snatched from her bohemian life on the island and vanishes into a forest lair where unspeakable things have happenedd will continue to happen As Hannah grapples with her captivity and the knowledge bestowed upon her by a special gift, we catch glimpse of her past life, before the abduction, through the lens of her childhood on the mainland and the last time she came face to face with her own mortality The story is visceral and powerful, exploring the duality of our consuming lives versus our feeling lives, our purpose in being, and whether there is a scrap of light in anything as dark as Hannah s ordeal.

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      JASON MCINTYRE is the 1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, plus the multi layered literary suspense THALO BLUE His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards.His debut novel ON THE GATHERING STORM earned McIntyre a spot in the Top 20 Debut Authors for the Choice AwardsE DEVIL S RIGHT HAND is the latest instalment in the THE NIGHT WALK MEN saga and it s available now Acclaim Five stars Grows up around you like a vine Art Lange, Smashwords Completely unpredictable Like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film, a memoir, and something so bizarreout of the Twilight Zone Jennifer Nessen I needed to keep reading until four in the morning to see how it would turn out Will Kagan, Smashwords This is a roller coaster ride you re in the hot sun, chugging to the top, anticipating the drop the whole way and then boom the drop comes and you re gasping for air The hot wind blasts you and your guts are in your throat In the last half of the book, some scenes had me by the larynx Highly recommended Dvier, Sony Reader Store McIntyre writes some of the most beautiful sentences being published today Vincent Zandri, author of The Remains


    1. An insidiously blood-chilling but highly literate novel that bravely takes the path less travelled byd it makes all the difference between “run of the mill” and truly special. This one stamped itself on my memory.From a plot perspective, this is a fairly typical “random traffic encounter leads to sadistic psycho abducting heroine leading to a trauma-fest and life-changing survival-story” story, as exemplified by this gut-clencher from Mr. Mean Man:‘Here are the rules,’ he says, ‘Yo [...]

    2. A taunt, gripping, visceral story of survival of the most degrading kind for a human. The story is written well and a real page-turning cycle of struggle for a human soul. This is my first read from this author and he can really write and place you into the thick of it he can knock the socks of alot of the so-called best reads out there. I am going to check out his short stories and Jason is one to watch as his novels hit more audiences.(adult content in the story)Review also appears here.

    3. From Lisa B at Smashwords: excellent read! this is a slow burn book at first. comes on like the heat of an august day and then breaks like a violent thunderstorm

    4. At first glance, Hannah Garretty seems like a girl who’s got it all: she’s a head-turning beauty with a good job, great friends, and a particularly talented eye for photography. But there’s a flip side: she’s also got a crowded closet full of skeletons from her past and a frightening precognitive ability that fills her mind with a quick still frame-style glimpse of something yet to happen.It’s one of these ‘Grasps’ that sets her on a path to save a young woman from terrible danger. [...]

    5. Brutal. Disturbing. Engaging. Gripping. Moving. This book kept me up all night. First, because I had to finish it. Then because I couldn't shake it off.Jason McIntyre doesn't tell a story. He steps out of the way and allows his characters to bring you into their world. Use caution when reading this one, however, as the characters might not allow you back out.

    6. I love dark books, generally the more uncomfortable and unsettling the better - and On The Gathering Storm was there in spades. The story crept on me slowly, it was haunting, riveting - and (this is just a particular thing with me) I am always in awe of men who can write so seamlessly from a woman's perspective (and vice versa.)

    7. Jason C. McIntyre's, On The Gathering Storm, is a story in which the reader quickly becomes privy to what can happen when our wildest nightmares come to life. Suspense novels can sometimes seem contrived, with authors trying too hard to rattle our cages and throw us off balance. McIntyre rattled the cage so hard, and with such bold strokes, I was knocked down for long, ominous stretches then dragged inside a world in which sick and twisted individuals with broken minds hide in the periphery. McI [...]

    8. Hello to everyone and thanks for checking with us on our second Self-Published Sunday. I can only thank my OCD for having different titles for different days of the week. I struggle still with at least four days of the week, but I think that conundrum will be solved soon. Anyway, we have featured self-published authors in the past and since the very beginning of our blog oh those many days and novels ago. Things have changed and morphed as things do as one finds their way in the dark, plodding a [...]

    9. Jason McIntyre has something of a large indie following on sites like Smashwords and , both of which I prowl regularly. There’s something romantic about a cult following for an independent author in a publishing world always aiming for the next popcorn blockbuster movie deal. Sometimes “big” books seem like extended scripts, and more work lacks the kind of writing that doesn’t transfer onto the big screen. Fight the power! I chose “On the Gathering Storm” because as McIntyre’s debu [...]

    10. The story is chalk full of vivid descriptions that are carefully constructed to forge a lasting impression. When you close your eyes, you will likely be haunted by Hannah’s ordeal and the events of her life. What makes the story even more frightening is Hannah is a character that an everyday girl can relate to. She becomes as recognizable as a friend, a sister or a girl from work. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I am familiar with the setting (Canada) that is described. I could easily v [...]

    11. Well it is definetely not hard to see why this novel has garnered such great reviews on here. With so many real life stories of situations very similar to the novel coming out in the last decade, it lends a much more real and sinister air to the book because this could happen to anyone.I think Hannah was such an excellent and well rounded character, and without giving anything away those flashback scenes whilst in captivity made her all the more solid and gave me a greater understanding as to ho [...]

    12. Horrific, intense, magnetic!'On the Gathering Storm' is an all-too-real tale of terror, abduction, and one woman's will to survive. Jason Mcintyre's portrayal of Hannah Garretty is so compelling, that it's impossible to stop reading her story, even as the horrific scenes made me wish I'd never opened the book. Hannah becomes a real person, not just a character in a novel, and it's this facet of Mcintyre's craftsmanship that kept me turning the pages.The first few chapters seem a bit slow and ove [...]

    13. I found this story to have all the elements of a fabulous read. The characters are believable, and real. Scary Real!The Story could happen to anyone, and has happened to many unfortunate women (and yes sometimes men) It is a story of survival,of finding inner strength and courage when all seems lost…McIntyre’s ability to make you feel every nuance of the story is uncanny and I’m sure someday soon will be legendary. I found the ending to be spot on, not too much or too little. You will enjo [...]

    14. I had high expectations for this book, but it fell flat for me. Normally I appreciate how an author builds up a character by giving background on his/her life, but this book annoyed me by flashing back to the past too often and didn't dwell on the present enough. Unlike, say, Gonzalez's Survivor, I didn't get a feel for the terrifying things happening to the victim, and I didn't feel the anxiousness about her kidnapped situation as I've felt in books with a similar plot. There were times I felt [...]

    15. Shame I missed it as a freebie but for £2.15 I'm not complaining as it was a great read. Very atmospheric and scary, suspense thriller. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a male author as I really felt the characters of Hannah and Dirty Hair Girl during their horrific ordeal were truly believable. I didn't think a man could write with such empathy about this kind of subject nor be believable.I will certainly read more from this author.

    16. On The Gathering Storm (Jason McInytre)Hannah Garretty is a photographer with big dreams. One day she gets into an auto accident. She gets the address of the other driver and decides to go to the house to make things right with the driver. That was her biggest mistake. She finds herself walking into a nightmare. Her life is at stake and she must use every ounce of energy and sanity to stay alive.Well Written with vivid detail, Jason McIntyre brings us into Hannahs world where you feel as if you [...]

    17. Hannah Garrity has a precognitive ability that reminds me of the plot in Tom Cruise's Minority Report. Nothing good ever seems to come of possessing this ability.In Hannah's case, it leads her into a dangerous situation when she tries to help a young girl she believes is in trouble. Graphic language describes a prolonged ordeal, peppered with many flashbacks of Hannah's life. Jason McIntyre's realistic writing style is unsettling to read at times. The story's antagonist lacks any redeeming quali [...]

    18. A Five Star Riveting and Challenging ReadJason McIntyre has written this chilling tale giving readers a vivid picture with explicit detail. Hannah Garretty is a stunning and beautiful girl with a great job, great friends and with a great talent for photography. Yet, she has a harrowing past with many demons. She struggles with painful memories of being victimized but refuses to be a victim and ultimately becomes a victor. I can’t say “On The Gathering Storm” is an easy read, it is sometime [...]

    19. On Gathering Storm was quite the unexpected ride. I didn't expect to be so drawn into the story the way I was. Hooking, haunting, and addicting. The author has a very distinct style that's refreshing and worked well with the story. He has a talent with putting us in Hannah's head, feeling and experiencing the horror through her eyes. I was completely immersed to the point that I felt everything Hannah felt, both the physical and emotional. The story propelled forward in ways I didn't expect. Fas [...]

    20. I found this story entertaining and suspenseful, but very dark. I found it very disturbing what happened to Hannah, especially being detailed by a male author. The ending caught me by surprise, as it was not the usual happily ever after. I am interested to read more books by Jason McIntyre to understand what traits are carried into his future books.

    21. This book is Horror at it's best!! Jason Mcintyre is a writer in his own league, His stories are visceral, heart-wrenching, and realistic. This is a scenario that could be playing out right now anywhere around the world. It really makes you think while also making you remember to lock the house up tight and read with the lights on!!! Well Done!!!

    22. This is the first book I've read by Jason McIntyre. On the Gathering Storm is a dark, dark thriller. I was riveted by the story and will be reading more by this author.

    23. Wow. After finishing every Dovetail Cove novella that's been released in break neck speed, I wasn't ready to depart from McIntyre's writing. And wow did he wow me with On the Gathering Storm. The cast of characters is so colorful, so multi-dimensional- they become real people. Much of this book I spent either white knuckling my kindle, or holding my hand up in front of it so as to not try to skip ahead. The tension had my eyes wide as saucers and I couldn't put it down until it was late and I co [...]

    24. I read this book during the course of only one day. Given my recent slacker attitude toward the books I buy, that alone is indicitive of the excellent writing by Jason McIntyre. I think what I specifically enjoyed was the book's pacing; I have read other reviews describing the story as a "slow burn," or something like it. Though I understand what they mean in terms of plot revelation, I felt more like I was eating a Thanksgiving meal while reading; I just kept trying to stuff in the bites so tha [...]

    25. There is nothing average about Hannah Garretty. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s got a great job--and she has a closet full of skeletons and a striking supernatural gift. From the first page of On The Gathering Storm, Jason McIntyre’s psychological thriller, we’re entangled in the mind of 29-year-old Hannah Garrety, who has since childhood had the ability--or, perhaps, the curse--to see fractured glimpses of the future. It is one such glimpse that lands Hannah in a terrifying sur [...]

    26. I was looking forward to reading this book because it has received many 5-star ratings. I was ready for a thriller full of riveting suspense that brings the stuff of creepy nightmares to life! But this book fell short of the mark for me.1: It is hard for me to feel sympathetic toward characters that do stupid things. Hannah experienced intense stranger-danger, yet chose to ignore the inner voice in her head that advised her against seeking out the bad guy. Even if she felt compelled to help the [...]

    27. Our main character Hannah is a up and coming photographer that seems to live a pretty good life. She has a bright future ahead of her, lives with some crazy roommates that she loves but things aren't always as they seem. In the blink of an eye everything gets ripped away from her and she finds herself fighting for her life. Will Hannah make it out alive???There's one word that describes Hannah to me SURVIVOR. I loved her character, she felt so real like someone I'd be best friends with. This gir [...]

    28. My favorite books are the ones that hook me on the first page. Actually, those are the only ones I read. On the Gathering Storm was a must-read for me by the time I got to the end of the first chapter. I finished this book in two days because I had to know what happens next. Ironically, this novel about a kidnapping took me hostage and I only got away because I got to the last page.What’s great about it? It reminds me of Stephen King’s solitary novels – the ones where the hero is essential [...]

    29. Good first novel by Jason, who I met in the blog world, and picked up his work at Smashwords. I liked the setting, and the Sisterhood storytelling that we went after. Coming from a guy, that takes balls.ah.My reservation about the book is that it is narrated in the present tense. Perhaps it is just me, but I found this to be really cumbersome, as if my mind just couldn't get moving with it. I think it would be a much stronger work if the tense was changed. That may be a stupid comment, but heyAl [...]

    30. I purchased this book to read on my Kindle because the proceeds would be going to a charity for abused women and children. It was a quick read. I can't make up my mind how I feel about this book. Sometimes I was enthralled with it and sometimes found it boring. I may come back and edit this review after I've thought about it some more. I do have to say the author described Hannah's menstrual cramps quite accurately. I felt them along with her!

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