Shed Simon and Rupert spend their days playing in the fields out near the old power station but at night a visitor comes for them Older brother Simon shoulders the burden of their stepfather Everett and h

  • Title: Shed
  • Author: Jason McIntyre
  • ISBN: 9781452341576
  • Page: 434
  • Format: ebook
  • Simon and Rupert spend their days playing in the fields out near the old power station but at night, a visitor comes for them Older brother Simon shoulders the burden of their stepfather Everett and his greedy dominion over their Mama But the brothers must now stand together to heal the wounds of their real father s departure and brace themselves for a harrowing showdownSimon and Rupert spend their days playing in the fields out near the old power station but at night, a visitor comes for them Older brother Simon shoulders the burden of their stepfather Everett and his greedy dominion over their Mama But the brothers must now stand together to heal the wounds of their real father s departure and brace themselves for a harrowing showdown with Everett.

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      JASON MCINTYRE is the 1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, plus the multi layered literary suspense THALO BLUE His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards.His debut novel ON THE GATHERING STORM earned McIntyre a spot in the Top 20 Debut Authors for the Choice AwardsE DEVIL S RIGHT HAND is the latest instalment in the THE NIGHT WALK MEN saga and it s available now Acclaim Five stars Grows up around you like a vine Art Lange, Smashwords Completely unpredictable Like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film, a memoir, and something so bizarreout of the Twilight Zone Jennifer Nessen I needed to keep reading until four in the morning to see how it would turn out Will Kagan, Smashwords This is a roller coaster ride you re in the hot sun, chugging to the top, anticipating the drop the whole way and then boom the drop comes and you re gasping for air The hot wind blasts you and your guts are in your throat In the last half of the book, some scenes had me by the larynx Highly recommended Dvier, Sony Reader Store McIntyre writes some of the most beautiful sentences being published today Vincent Zandri, author of The Remains


    1. Question: if you follow this blog do you think I have read all of this author’s work? The correct answer is yes, yes, and yes again. What can I say; his incredible style and substance grew on me. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the types of novels he wrote, the shocking, twisted type of thing. He said maybe it isn’t my speed, but give one of his digital shorts a go. I read Road Markers, loved it. Then I tried The Night Walk Men & On the Gathering Storm, they blew my mind, I lov [...]

    2. This is a short read but it's packed with creepy goodness! Simon and Rupert, the main characters, are young boys living in a heartbreaking situation. On top of the loss of their beloved father, they are dealing with an abusive stepfather and the family lives in near poverty. As if that isn't enough, there is something horrible living beneath their home! But this book isn't all sadness and horror. The boys have a resilience and love for one another that transcends all their difficulties. The Shed [...]

    3. From Stucky at Smashwords: Great read. Once you start, it's hard to stop turning the pages, so make sure you have time to get through it all.

    4. Dark and highly disturbing, there can only be one author who would drive seven hours through a midnight hailstorm to creep you out: Jason McIntyre. In the style of “On the Gathering Storm”, “Shed” takes you to a place you don’t even want to think about, and then throws you a life raft. In “Shed”, our heroes come in the form of two boys, victimized by a step father who scares them more than even the monsters in the basement. And monsters there are…no spoilers!McIntyre’s style is [...]

    5. Wow. This was really good. I’m so impressed. The story reminded me a lot of Stephen King; in Shed we have a portrait of island life, the breakdown of the family unit, and the world as seen through the eyes of a child. Also hearkening back to King, we have children in peril, not only from the adults in their life, but from the dark surrounding them. This is one of those stories that once you start it, you cannot put it down. There aren’t any surprises (you pretty much know exactly what’s go [...]

    6. Simon and Rupert have lost their dad and Everett isn't much of a replacement in their lives especially when it comes to dealing with the dark and strange things going on. The story is a dark look at a suspense and mystery filled life. Readers are going to like this thriller and will find Jason McIntyre a go to author for a creepy and hard to put down tale.

    7. "We loved our mama and as we got older we began to realize that we meant everything to her. She did everything she could to make sure we were brought up right. It became really hard for her the winter Daddy died but it became much more trying for her the summer after she married Everett."These are the thoughts of two brothers at the hands of brutality, a tale of retribution.

    8. Although this story was a tad familiar only because it contains a common widow-and-children-abused-by-stepdad theme, it's well written and gripping with a nice supernatural element to it. Simon and Rupert's dad killed himself, leaving his family with no means of an income. As many women have done throughout history, the widow marries a man who who looks like he might pan out as a good provider who will be a father to her kids, but he begins showing a violent side shortly after the nuptials. The [...]

    9. Simon and Rupert are good little boys with a very bad problem: an abusive step-father. Told from the perspective of the younger child, ‘Rupe’, the injustice, misery and hopelessness which opens the story is a heartbreaking and emotional read. But the outworking of courage, ingenuity and resolve of these seemingly helpless little fellows is uplifting and incredibly satisfying. You’ll never root for a more deserving pair of underdogs than in this page-turner by master story teller Jason McIn [...]

    10. This is a good story, that picks up pace nicely towards the end. Two boys seek revenge on their violent step-father in a very ingenious way. A horror story reminiscent of Stephen King's short stories. McIntyre sets the scene well and entertains with this dark and creepy tale.

    11. I loved this book! I loved Simon and Rupert! I love Dovetail Cove! And I am getting sad that the end is approaching! What am I going to do when the saga is over?? WHAT, I ASK YOU, Mr. McIntyre??

    12. Another great read from Jason McIntyre. Many thanks to Jason for sending me a free copy.It's all about sharing shiversWhen I first saw "Shed" I knew I wanted to read it. Just reading the blurb it reminded me of when I was a teenager and used to hide to read so I didn't have to do chores or babysit my sisters. I'd crawl in under the bathroom sink or in behind my clothes in the closet with a flash light until my sister would rat me out.How can I describe this without comparing his writing to Steph [...]

    13. Southern Gothic tales do not come any better than Jason McIntyre truly gifted tale of an island where evil lurks within the dark corners of a family's lives. McIntyre has a keen eye for the mundane and being able to observe and then lift it from the pages to spin an incredible tale of family, intrigue, horror, home spun fiction with the unbelievable talent of making it very believable. He writes in a very factual manner that lends itself to depth and credibility. This is a truly magnificent nove [...]

    14. Shed (Jason McIntyre)Simon and Rupert lead an average boys life until their father dies. Their mother then marries Everett. Everett soon becomes the boys worst nightmare. He is very cruel to them and their mother. When the boys decide they can no longer take the cruelties Everett dishes out things turn dangerous. It turns into an ugly event but who will come out on top?A great nail-biting read. Jason McIntyre has quickly become one of my favorite Authors, when I see his name on a book I am not s [...]

    15. Shed was my introduction to Jason McIntyre. I enjoyed the story and becoming familiar with McIntyre's style of writing. As with any great author, when the story ended I wanted more. I started Shed not having any idea what to expect, and I was happy to find myself liking the main characters, reluctant to stop reading even for a few minutes, and seriously interested in how it would end. Its very rare(for me)to find an author that can tell a story so well that I am willing to invite him/her back in [...]

    16. Jason McIntyre has an uncanny ability to get under your skin in the space of a few sentences.Shed is a creepy, compelling story that pulls the elements of creature-feature horror together with the awfulness of abuse. It's told from the perspective of the younger of two boys trapped in a nightmare situation, and rips along from the first page. You root for these boys, and although the ending is very satisfactory it is also bitter sweet as McIntyre makes you wonder just what kind of adults they wi [...]

    17. Pretty good story despite a familiar setting poor family, widowed mother, and abusive stepfather. Two boys take on tremendous risk to take down the man and get their revenge. Nice little book on my nook 167 pages.

    18. Once again, Jason McIntyre takes me for a wild, wonderful, maddening, creepy, inspiring ride, full of rich unforgettable characters. Good job!

    19. Entertaining read in the Steven King realm. Two brothers battle their step-father and the enemy coming from the sump-pump drain.

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