Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ

Bigger than Hitler Better than Christ In this electrifying autobiography Rik stands naked in front of his vast legions of fans and disciples and invites them to take communion with the blood he has spilled for them during his thirty year

  • Title: Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
  • Author: Rik Mayall
  • ISBN: 9780007207282
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this electrifying autobiography, Rik stands naked in front of his vast legions of fans and disciples and invites them to take communion with the blood he has spilled for them during his thirty year war on show business.He invented alternative comedy with The Young Ones, he brought down the Thatcher administration with The New Statesman and he changed the face of globalIn this electrifying autobiography, Rik stands naked in front of his vast legions of fans and disciples and invites them to take communion with the blood he has spilled for them during his thirty year war on show business.He invented alternative comedy with The Young Ones, he brought down the Thatcher administration with The New Statesman and he changed the face of global culture with his masterpiece Bottom Not only was his number one single Living Doll the saviour of rock n roll but he also rescued the British film industry with the vast revenues created by his legendary movie Drop Dead Fred In 1998, he survived an assassination attempt and spent five days in a coma before he literally came back from the dead Having completed countless phenomenal feature films, TV series, live extravaganzas and radio voice overs since then, Rik Mayall is now poised on the brink of a whole new epoch shattering revolution.For the first time ever, Rik reveals in print the deep inner truth behind his gargantuan ascent to the pinnacle of international light entertainment the mental hospitals he has broken out of, the television executives he has assaulted, the drugs he has definitely not taken, the charities he has bankrupted, the countless pregnancies he has engendered, and so much .

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    1. Rik Mayall

      Richard Michael Rik Mayall was an English comedian, writer and actor Mayall was best known for his comedy partnership with Adrian Edmondson, his over the top, energetic portrayal of characters, and as a pioneer of alternative comedy in the early 1980s He appeared in numerous sitcoms including The Young Ones, Blackadder, The New Statesman and Bottom and even onto the big screen in comedy films Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso.


    1. If you're wanting to know about Rik's early life, his family and career, I suppose you could say you're in the wrong place. If, however, you are looking for more of his pure humour and genius then welcome, friend, please take a seat.Now that Rik's gone, there's just a massive hole left in the world and nothing will ever fill it.

    2. Dear Rik, I have been a fan since I was small child and my parents felt it was appropriate for me to stay up with them and watch Bottom and the Young Ones. None of my primary school chums had heard of your shows and I felt cool becuase I got to watch them. I was hugely excited (ooo err) about reading your book and as I turned the pages at the start, I was laughing quiet often at your amazing godlike wit. Then something strange happened.I got bored. I know that your book has been written as a jok [...]

    3. I'm sure that if Rik Mayall had written an ordinary autobiography without all the fictionalised digressions here he still would have been able to produce a really funny book. This is neither one thing or the other. The chapter about his recovery from the five-day coma following the quad bike accident show just what he could have achieved if he had stuck to the task of an autobiography. Many of his attempts at humour just fall flat. The joke that he will not allow his manuscript to be proof read [...]

    4. The Great BookFrom page one I was giggling hysterically.I have never laughed so much at a book in my life. By one of my favourite comedians of all time ever, he made me pee a little on numerous occasions, and on all the others, hold it in just in time.But occasionally, he would move me to shed a tear. He set aside, a few moments to say something incredibly moving and to be honest, I cried. This book has it all for me,It is pure Rik. The humour I love. Thanks to The Rik Mayall for being one of th [...]

    5. I was initially disappointed after reading the first 30 pages or so of this book and realising it was going to be a complete spoof autobiography. However, he does tell the truth, it's just in his own fantasy-like way. For example, there's a couple of pages about Ade Edmondson beating him up on tours and leaving him in hospital, which I believe is Rik just being affectionate to Ade and mentioning him in his own way (and the way Ade would expect to be mentioned).As the book goes on, you take it fo [...]

    6. Learned absolutely NOTHING about Rik Mayall's perosnla life, but what a great read! His humour is the best!

    7. Fucking hilarious.I had to put this book down many times because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

    8. First of all I would like to say that I am a huge fan of Rik Mayall and love literally all his work I have encountered so far, I have been a fan for many years and watch his shows over and over again to this very day. When I started his autobiography I did not know what to expect, so I hoped I would be positively surprised. The first chapter I was; Rik started of very funny, he had an interaction with the reader in his book that I had never seen before and liked very much, it even managed to mak [...]

    9. I decided to read this book as I was deeply saddened when Rik died. I've been a massive fan for about ten years and this book was always on my reading list but I just never got around to reading it, mostly due to educational commitments. This book is for a bit of a niche audience. It isn't really an autobiography someone can just pick up and say 'Oh that Rik Mayall guy, I want to read about his life." This book is for fans of Rik who already sort of know his story.Rik does briefly mention aspect [...]

    10. Although I've always found Adrian Edmondson funnier, I'm still a fan of Rik Mayall so I was looking forward to reading his autobiography. I was expecting to read about his life in his usual surreal/wacky/over the top way.What I didn't expect was to read such illiterate and nonsensical drivel. Firstly, he tried too hard to be funny, which ended up having the opposite effect. His constant off-topic ramblings made the book very hard to read and I almost gave up on several occasions. And I'm sorry b [...]

    11. this is the sort of autobiography I really like - all funny bollocks! If you like Rik's style on stage and tube then you'll find this hilarious. It satires the celebrity biography while being one at the same time.

    12. This book is absoluetly hillerious!! The believe the man may actually be insane after reading this! To call it an autobiograhy is misleading - considering that the bulk of the book is completely fictional! I mean his name IS Rik Mayall and he is an actor and he was in all the programmes, films, and wonderful adverts he states he was in - but thats where the truth quite often ended! In this book Rik takes the truth and runs into the realms of fantasty with it! The result is laugh out loud funny! [...]

    13. ‘Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ’ is Rik Mayall’s provocatively titled autobiography. In it Rik takes us from his childhood of blackmailing teachers, to his student years, through inventing alternative comedy with Kevin Turvey and the Dangerous Brothers, to revolutionising television with ‘The Young Ones’, to revolutionising film as part of ‘The Comic Strip’, bringing down the Tory Government with his satire the ‘New Statesman’ before his legendary portrayal as the voice [...]

    14. What can you say its The Rik Mayall, It like reading the charactor in Bottom when reading. This was a funny read but you have to be a Rik Mayall fan.

    15. I personally loved this. sometimes reading someone's autobiography can be tedious but for me, Rik told his story in his own way. You'll be missed Mr Mayall.

    16. Confused rambling and ranting.but funny madcap and wonderful. Rik will always be a comedy legend to me the young ones and bottom will go down as two of Britain's greatest comedys.

    17. Firstly, awesome title. I love Rik Mayall's off the wall sense of humour so was looking forward to this, but it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. I particularly liked his interactions with Ade, and his random letters and tale of heading to the US for 'Drop Dead Fred' were the highlights for me. "Maximum Warrior Condoms: for guys with savage cock attitude" will stay with me forever 😆That said, I did find it quite hard to read and I had to keep chipping away at it as opposed to sinking i [...]

    18. I’ve been a fan of Rik’s since Drop Dead Fred, although I couldn’t fully relate to Bottom or The Young Ones, I loved the New Statesman. This book is absolutely written by Lord Flasheart; hard to spot anything serious and totally arrogant! Wooh WoohI miss you Rik x

    19. Very disappointing. I am a huge fan of Rik's comedy but this is awful. Unfunny stream of consciousness drivel. Avoid.

    20. Typical RikRick at his usual ranting, funny and brilliant best. God bless him and keep him safe up there in heaven

    21. Good but not so good. Rik Mayall has been part of my life as a young lad growing up in the eighties and nineties and his TV comedy performances are truly inspirational and revolutionary. This book is more of a comic interpretation and send up of his life and character, a comedy autobiography if you will. It's relentlessly funny, and absurd, the book reads like you would imagine . The book does not take itself seriously which I guess is the point, what at first is hilarious soon tires as it becom [...]

    22. I grew up obsessed with Bottom (Ooer.) Really. I watched all three series on a loop from 12 years old until…well, I still do. To a lesser extent I love Filthy Rich and Catflap and the Young Ones. And to an extent lesser than that I enjoyed the Comic Strip. I also loved Blackadder and Lord Flashheart was always my favourite character. I felt it important to preface with this as I wanted to make clear that I am a huge Rik Mayall fan. Outside of Axl Rose, he was my hero growing up. When the great [...]

    23. So it's not a slice of life auto biography that i was going in for but if you want to spend time in his company I do believe this is an accurate representation of what that would be like Well at least one side of his personality anyway! I also think there was a little more truth to it than first meets the eye. There were genuine moments in there Few and far between but there none the less. It sort of brought him to life for me and the more i read the more i failed to believe he was dead. BUT I d [...]

    24. As a book writer, Rik Mayall is a great comedian. I love Rik. He is one of my favourite comedians. I mourned his passing and purchased this book to read something from him in tribute. This book gives very little insight into his life, but that would have been OK if it was engaging and funny, but it just wasn't. He wrote this book in the tone of his "Richard Richard" character in Bottom, and while I liked the show, too much of it was just like watching his movie "Guesthouse Paradiso" which my bro [...]

    25. Worse than hitler,more full of it than christ.This isn't a real biography of course,the man who joined twitter only to stop some twisted faker doing it was clearly quite private.The idea is quite amusing as well, a completely over the top egotistical nightmare fake bio with The Rik at the centre of the universe .Unfortunately its all in the execution,Every single sentence has tangents and diversions and most of them aint funny.Telling us the meaning of almost every word ,constantly stating "don' [...]

    26. For years I've wanted to read this book but I never got around to it. I got it as a Christmas gift a few weeks ago and thought to myself this is going to be this year's comedy book for me like the Alan Partridge book was last year. Alas this was not to be. While it has some funny moments it tends to drag after a while mainly because Rik writes the majority of the book as a hybrid of his characters or a heightened version of himself. I actually found myself wondering if I had the patience to fini [...]

    27. Any fans of Rik Mayall's best shows (in my opinion) "The Young Ones", "The New Statesman" and "Bottom" should read this book. However if you are just looking for a comedy book but aren't really familiar with Mayall, then I'd recommend you get something else.It's written in character and as you would expect from Rik it's all ego, puns and toilet humour. It does loosely follow his actual life (at least I think) but an extremely exaggerated and at some points completely fictional version of it.I re [...]

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