Loser From the author of STARGIRL a powerful novel of a young boy who is like all kids yet unlike all kids Loser is unique a one off a touching and powerful book about the pull of individuality over the

  • Title: Loser
  • Author: Jerry Spinelli
  • ISBN: 9780007143771
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • From the author of STARGIRL, a powerful novel of a young boy who is like all kids, yet unlike all kids Loser is unique, a one off, a touching and powerful book about the pull of individuality over the need to fit in

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      When Jerry Spinelli was a kid, he wanted to grow up to be either a cowboy or a baseball player Lucky for us he became a writer instead.He grew up in rural Pennsylvania and went to college at Gettysburg College and Johns Hopkins University He has published than 25 books and has six children and 16 grandchildren.Jerry Spinelli began writing when he was 16 not much older than the hero of his book Maniac Magee After his high school football team won a big game, his classmates ran cheering through the streets all except Spinelli, who went home and wrote a poem about the victory When his poem was published in the local paper, Spinelli decided to become a writer instead of a major league shortstop.In most of his books, Spinelli writes about events and feelings from his own childhood He also gets a lot of material from his seven adventurous kids Spinelli and his wife, Eileen, also a children s book author, live in Pennsylvania.


    1. This is just totally excellent and beautiful. Donald Zinkoff is a really special kid. He doesn't "get" other kids, really, but most of the time he has so much fun with his life that it doesn't really matter. He laughs so hard at words that he thinks are funny that he falls out of his chair and can't breathe. On the first day of every school year, he wants to know how many days of school are left until he graduates from highschool -- not because he can't wait to get out, but because he luxuriates [...]

    2. Do we ever relise what really makes a person a loser or a geek. well i don't know about everyone but i know that i have judged before i even knew what that person was all about. Sometimes the biggest loser in your class can be your best friend. I mean we all try to be what other people want us to be instead of being faithfull to outselves. When it get's to that point we don't think of it as changing we think of it as a life style. that what this book is about seeing that when you change yourself [...]

    3. I was in the in the 5th or 6th grade when I decided to read this book and read it in one day. I had friends that recommended me this book and told me that the story was great and I should read it too. So I did, but came up with nothing. Not that the book was entirely terrible, but I just could not see what everyone else did. Although I read it in a matter of hours, I did not enjoy one bit of the book. For the most part, I didn't really care. No I am not heartless, but this story had no aim. The [...]

    4. With a name like LOSER, I really expected to hate this book and feel sorry for the main character throughout the entire story. The story is written with an omniscient narrator, and even though the plot could focus on the kids that teased Zinkoff, it focuses on Zinkoff's positive attitudes despite his peers, instead. My favorite chapter was about Zinkoff's day shadowing his father in his job as a mailman. He was so happy to get to deliver the mail it was so cute!I'm reading this book with my advi [...]

    5. zinkoff, The dreamer and simply boy I love him and,It is realy good book for the bedtime day after day to the children :)

    6. Intial reaction is the book was disappointing. I read this after reading Schooled by Korman which also was very dissappointing so that could have affected my reaction to this book.Frist off this book is a character study and I perfer books with plot. The book also like Schooled is about a character who is above the negative opinions of his classmates. In fact like Schooled Don Zinkoff seems is clueless that he is being teased. Loser is slightly better than Schooled in that the teasing is not as [...]

    7. I saw this book in the book magazine and did not select it for reading due to the perceived angst I might feel over some mean kids and pitiful character that is bullied. I have a big aversion to the nasty use of "you're a loser" as I feel everyone has something special to contribute. Those that use "loser" to define another are the losers themselves as they are breeding ground for nastiness, exclusion, anger, hate, and hopelessness.However, my son was assigned the book to read at school, so I f [...]

    8. Loser Have you ever felt like you were a loser? The genre of "Loser" is realistic fiction because its made with fake characters but it could happen to somebody in real life. My opinion on the book is that its very good because I can relate to the book. Sometimes I can feel like a loser. So, I like it because I can relate to it.The setting of my book is school & grades in school I know this because the story takes place in school when he was in different grades during his life.The major event [...]

    9. Loser was kind of a sad book, still really good all the same. Though it had a few flaws like its lack of vocabulary, it still has a lot that makes it a good book, like its characters and message for readers about acceptance.

    10. I didn't really like it and i cant really explain what is was about and it was a lil weird plus it was nothing like school and i've been to like 20.

    11. This was my third book by Jerry Spenelli, the first ones were Stargirl and Love Stargirl. I had immediately liked the writer in the first two books; his writing style was simple, yet astonishly magical. Jerry Spenelli writes for children and juveniles, actually--his target audience are those in middle grade--yet teenagers, young adults, and adults could totally enjoy reading his books.So Loser is basically about Donald Zinkoff, which is an exceptional and special kid. Since he was young, Zinkoff [...]

    12. So.we're doing novel study in our class. And I finished this with two periods (or three?) when I was *guilty smile* NOT supposed to. *nervously laughs--heh heh heh*Right, wellThis was something I did not really like. It's about a weird, goofy, happy-go-lucky kid named Donald Zinkoff, whose handwriting was quote unquote "atrocious". See, he's not smart. He's not athletic. He's.ordinary. Average.As far as I'm concerned, he didn't really have any friends. He didn't have any best friend. Actually, h [...]

    13. I really liked this book a lot. I didn't rated it five stars because it was changing point of views in the middle of the chapter. It's really a good book

    14. This book moved my heart. The story is so deep. Donald Zinkoff, this sweet as sugar little boy who is not the best at a lot of things is bullied. He is that one kid who is a straggler. He is brave and , despite what he can't do, this book makes you want to be him. You'll want to be the boy who has the best skill, love. If you read this book (which iI strongly recommend you do) I can promise he will make you laugh, cry, and think, WOW he has so much courage. This is a book I would read time and [...]

    15. I thought this book was actually really good because I felt like I connected with the main character, Donald Zinkoff. You get to know his story from when he was a little kid to about 6th Grade I think. He does have difficulties in life, like he's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.Donald Zinkoff wanted to stand out and be loved by everyone. Even if he wasn't popular and even if he had some enemies, he never noticed that. He always thought everyone liked him and he was friends with ever [...]

    16. I thought that the book was very well written and had me hooked from the start. The way Spinelli contrasted Zinkoff with the rest of the world: his thoughts vs their thoughts or his actions vs their actions was very interesting and already made me start to think about humans and the way we judge. The book really made me think about what we consider normal and how the minute something or someone is different, we can't accept that change in our relatively normal lives. It also made me think about [...]

    17. Full Review at loganashleyleducI read this book as required summer reading while going from 5th grade into 6th grade. That was 12 years ago, and I had absolutely no memory of what this book was about until I decided I ought to reread it.I almost want to say this isn't a children's book. Reading it feels like an adult talking about the life of a child, which is true. But it also allows a young reader to really be able to insert themselves into the story and be the one the author is talking about. [...]

    18. Zinkoff is a weird kid. Lovable, but weird. Special but weird. And you just know that the when the real world catches up with him and the disillusionment sets in it will be heart wrenching and yetThis is an amazing book. Somehow you can see that the plot is balanced on a knife-edge and despite a certain "magical realism" feel, you just dread that it will take that precipitous drop into the maudlin and yet, somehow this irrepressible kid just keeps tooling along. A great read. If only it could re [...]

    19. Just read Loser to my 5th graders. It led to some awesome conversations about bullying from different perspectives, about personal attitudes, and acceptance of others. I read a chapter a day and most days the kids didn't want me to quit. Highly recommended reading as a companion to bullyproofing instruction or when acceptance of those who are a little "different" is an issue. Let the kids lead the discussion - they have amazing insight!

    20. I drove my son Grady to Port Neches, Texas today. It was the first time he'd ever been in my hometown. We were there for my Mom's memorial service at the First Baptist Church my family attended. Loser was one of the audiobooks we listened to on our 9 hour round trip. (The others were Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, and David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell.)We both really enjoyed this story. Like Maniac Magee, this one is filled with moments ma [...]

    21. When you look at our society there are those kids who are not good in classwork and they always flop. In fact the only A they get is how well they enjoy life. Zinkoff is one of a kind in this book where Jerry takes a reader through his life as a kid. He always gets to school early even when it's the weekend because he loves school. There are teachers who are kind to him since they see a future in him while others cannot tolerate his floppiness. However, he is a lover of life, always laughing, cy [...]

    22. I think this book was okay. It was definetly meant for a younger age group. I didn't really like it because it would change point of views a lot and it made it confusing. I also thought they did a weird job of describing the main character. They would add random stuff all of the time. For example, in the middle of the book he just randomly started puking and they said he had an upside down stomach. Before you knew it he was out of school for three weeks for surgery. I think this book wasn't very [...]

    23. This book main character is ZinKoff. In the start of the book, ZinKoff goes to his first day of school. It was really special because it was the first time he goes to school. He goes to first grade! He was really excited. When he arrived at school he wasn’t nervous at all. Zinkoff was so energetic and different than others. He always volunteered with everything the teacher asked. It’s basically about Zinkoff’s day life in school. Also it is about Zinkoff’s dream. He’s dad is a mail del [...]

    24. This book was a good quick read. I've seen this book lying around my house but never toke the chance to read it. This book takes you through the childhood of Donald Zinkoff. In the beginning of the book Zinkoff is a little boy that is excited to go to school. Donald laughs really easily and his teacher doesn't like that. My favorite part of the book is when Zinkoff gets to deliver all of the letters with his mailman dad. His whole life he's looked up to his dad and he's so happy to finally follo [...]

    25. The July diversity challenge is books with mental disabilities, and this one was recommended on many of the lists I went through. Another bonus was that it was available at my library with no wait, so I could start it immediately. To add to all of that, the narrator of the audiobook is Steve Buscemi. That made this a must read for me.Read more here:platypire/j-hooligan/l

    26. Spinelli truly captures Donald's childhood in this novel. The look through a child's eyes was refreshing, but also, as a mother, heartbreaking. I hate that so many kid go through life feeling like they are a loser or nothing or nobody. That others are worthy of praise and that they are 'leftovers'. The way he was able to still try made me glad, but I just wanted to kick those other bratty kids for being mean intentionally sometimes.

    27. Grazioso romanzo per ragazzi, il cui protagonista Zinkoff ne combina in continuazione e nella sua profonda innocenza non riesce a rendersi conto di essere preso in giro da tutti. Il suo candore ha qualcosa di fiabesco, ma cmq è una lettura molto scorrevole e veloce.

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