Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure When Kyle Champlain s grandmother Molly passes away he returns to Wetlake Canada to settle her estate Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child and now he has the chance to renew his acquaint

  • Title: Lost Treasure
  • Author: Kate Sherwood
  • ISBN: 9781615816712
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Kyle Champlain s grandmother, Molly, passes away, he returns to Wetlake, Canada, to settle her estate Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan Summers, before going home to Chicago But when Kyle tries to pressure Ryan into a business decision, their renewed friendship andWhen Kyle Champlain s grandmother, Molly, passes away, he returns to Wetlake, Canada, to settle her estate Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan Summers, before going home to Chicago But when Kyle tries to pressure Ryan into a business decision, their renewed friendship and any possible attraction is almost immediately on the rocks.As Kyle begins to deliver the personalized bequests from Molly s will, he meets an odd assortment of people from all walks of life and realizes he has a lot to learn about living and love But he ll have to fight his parents, suspicious beneficiaries, and Ryan s fears if he plans to stay in Wetlake.

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    1. I am consciously stay away from Kate Sherwood's other stories before because I am not a fan of ménage -- unfortunately, Ms. Sherwood seems to be fond of this. I checked this one very clearly (from reviews) and I found out that I didn't have to worry about threesome, so I purged ahead.I'm happy that I did.This story is character driven, which is my favorite. There is a development from the first time Kyle returns to Wetlake, Canada, to take care of his grandmother's cottage until the end, when h [...]

    2. Review later - such a great story. Thanks J :)!"Kyle Champlain got lost on the way to his grandmother's cottage."Kyle is a successful businessman living in the city who is the executor of his beloved grandmother's estate. He spent summers with his grandmother in a small Canadian town but hasn't seen or spoken to her in years. The first half of the books is the backstory of Kyle's (or Casey in the summer) time spent at the cabin and his dawning realization of how much he has changed because of th [...]

    3. For a story about a guy going up to Canada to settle his estranged grandmother's estate, this is a refreshingly angst-free story. Sure, Kyle has regrets about his grandmother, but mostly he spends the book remembering why her cabin by the lake was once a happy summer retreat for him and realizing that he's been a little too compliant with his parents' expectations for his life. He also gets reunited with his childhood friend Ryan, who of course has grown up to be a total hottie, and who has a gr [...]

    4. Overall book rating: 3 Boring stars Audio book: Narrator- Jem Matzan Book cover: 3.5 StarIt started out very promising but ended up to be sooooooooo boring. I wanted more sexy action this was just flat.

    5. I don't cry often, even though I'm a die-hard romantic and adore a sweet HEA. But this book had me all teary-eyed and silly. Yes, it's got plenty of fluff, but it also really moved me. Not all that much sex (although there is some), but I didn't miss it - this one was more about love and romance than hot sex. I'm still surprised I was so moved by the book, to be honest! And I'm totally thrilled that I found this little gem.(view spoiler)[Kyle (a.k.a. "Casey") used to spend his summers in Canada [...]

    6. This was a sweet, mostly-low-angst story about second chances. Kyle comes back to the home of his deceased grandmother, the site of his childhood summers, to deal with her estate. There he encounters Ryan, an attractive man who was the boy Kyle was caught experimenting with when they were young, and whom he hasn't seen since. They both find that the old attraction hasn't dimmed, but their lives are in two very different places right now. I liked both men, especially once some of Kyle's past acti [...]

    7. Very good, well thought and touching story of second chances. I loved the location, the setting and the low-key, three dimensional, believable characters.I think I'll remember the teapot for the rest of my life. 3.5 stars

    8. AUDIOBOOK VERSION! :)Boy, I really enjoyed this A LOT! It was a great story with one of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers… And even more if it´s two friends that had lost contact for ages and found each other again. That of rediscovering the person you once loved and cared for so deeply, and rediscovering yourself with them is so amazing, and so beautiful to read.Kyle lives in Chicago, but now he´s taking a trip to Wetlake, Canada, a place he hasn´t been to in over 14 years. The reason [...]

    9. 3.5 stars (when will get half stars?!)I’m a fan of Sherwood’s previous Dark Horse stories so I chose this one based on the author and honestly I adored the cover. Lost Treasure is a contemporary story written in past tense so those that were bothered by the present tense of previous Sherwood novels can rest easy. The characters are natural, not too complicated, and the story just flows effortlessly. There is a mild tension and the only conflict is how Kyle and Ryan will eventually get toget [...]

    10. Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial reviewAudiobook -- Jem Matzan, narrator3.5 starsKyle Champlain is the executor of his grandmother’s estate in Wetlake, Canada. He and his parents have been estranged from Molly Champlain since the summer his parents caught his best friend, Ryan Summers, with his hand down Kyle’s pants. He was whisked away from the area and later told that Molly was disgusted with him and didn [...]

    11. Kyle Champlain (Casey) used to spend every idyllic summer with his grandma Molly at her cabin in Wetlake, Ontario. But when his parents caught Casey and friend Ryan Summers being affectionate behind a large tree, Casey and and his folks fled back to Chicago and that's the last time he saw his Grandma and that "Summers boy."Now Kyle has grown up and started running his own chain of Chicago area gyms and if his parents still aren't comfortable with his sexual preferences, at least there's an uneas [...]

    12. Kyle (aka Casey) has been away from Westlake for 15 years. As a teenager he got caught messing around with his boyfriend, Ryan, and subsequently rushed away and kept away until now.Kyle has returned because his grandmother has died and he’s shocked to find Ryan still lives in the quiet town. (Turns out to take care of his ailing father.)The two reminisce and reconnect – only a little – they are both afraid of what that holds for them. Kyle is still in the closet, Ryan is a father and afrai [...]

    13. 4.25This was a great read. It really was. It made me cry like a faucet - although it really isn't too angsty, it's simply very very touching sometimes - and it made me laugh. It had great characters. And although the messages left by Kyle's grandma seemed a bit too obvious to me sometimes, too unsubtly moral, they provided awesome way stations on Kyle's journey to finding himself and what he truly seeks and needs. And it's so great when he finally gets there, because in his own words: "Kyle Cham [...]

    14. As usual, this book didn't end up anywhere near its outline. Well, the right guys got together, at least, but the rest of it was HEAVILY adapted as I went. I think my outlines are all structure and theory, and then as I write, I add the heart. So it's not too surprising that I have to change things around a little.Hope everyone enjoys it.

    15. One of Ms Sherwood's better books. I loved the mellow flow of this sweet coming home story. Everyone should have a Molly in their life to help them find their way back where they belong. I liked the easy relationship that Hayley, Steve and Ryan had in raising Sean. Kyle/Casey was a wonderfully written character. The story was emotional without being full of angst. Well worth the read.

    16. Just like with the Dark Horse series - I LIKE the main story, but it's the secondary characters that I love! Sean and his family, and Pearson, and all the crazy people living in Wetlake - they're what made me love this book!

    17. I've read a couple of novels by this author and to date I've not been disappointed. Great story, lovely characters, sad, happy, very emotional and erotic without being pornographic. Seriously recommended, but keep the paper hankerchiefs close to hand :o)

    18. I enjoyed this story very much. The whole reconnect with an old love theme was well done. I liked the addition of the son, as well. Following his grandmother's instructions was so perfect. I just loved this one!

    19. Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsThis was an utterly charming story about finding your way home. This is a romance but mostly it’s about Kyle’s journey back to happiness. For Kyle that place was always his grandmother’s home in Wetlake. A small lake town where literally everyone knows your name. Where there’s an easier and carefree way of living. Kyle hasn’t been back there since his parents dragged him away when he was a teenager after catching him making out with his [...]

    20. 4.5 StarsWhen Kyle Champlain returns to his grandmother Molly's cottage on the shoreline of Muskoka Lake in Canada, it is as the executor of his deceased grandmother's estate; to pack up her things, and sell her house. He hasn't been to his grandmother's cottage since he was 14, back then it was his home away from home. Every summer of his childhood was spent there; living with his grandmother, going on scavenger hunts, and playing with his best friend, Ryan. Until, one fateful day, the last sum [...]

    21. Halfway through Lost Treasure I was ready to give the book five stars, but ultimately I feel it only deserves four. There are moments of real emotional depth in this book, moments that impressed and stirred mellowed by moments of.lity is too strong a term. Perhaps the author was working so hard to hit the target that she hammered it to a pulp instead. The book's overdone with too much perfection: the boy being raised by a perfect blended family of three parents, all loving and accepting of each [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this story. I loved seeing Kyle's growth over the course of the story. I really felt for him taken away from the one person who truly loved, and accepted him to live with two people determined to mold him into the person they want him to be. I really liked the idea of the bequests, and how simple things were able to change the lives and hearts of other people. I liked Ryan as well. He was an interesting character, and I enjoyed seeing his relationship with his son. I was surpris [...]

    23. Another romantic masterpiece by Kate Sherwood.Kyle Chaplain returns to his grandmother's cottage in Muskoka to fulfill his duties as executor of her estate, when he encounters Ryan. Ryan and Kyle were childhood friends until Kyles's homophobic mother take him back to Chicago and then convinces him that his grandmother wants nothing to do with him after finding Kyle and Rayn together in an intimate encounter.Now nearly 15 years later he is back and Ryan is in the shed on the property which he use [...]

    24. I will read anything Ms. Sherwood writes -- menage, present tense, past tensehaw, it doesn't matter. This one is about a couple who find each other again. I couldn't completely cozy up to Kyle as a character. It's hard to believe that he could have forgotten all the love his grandmother had for him. So he comes off as a bit shallow. And obsessive about his appearance. But then, who is perfect? Ryan, however, was solid in every way including overlooking these character flaws and giving Kyle space [...]

    25. 4 I sobbed like a baby starsOld ladies are my undoing. The ending of this bookSniffleiffleHusband: Babe are youying?Me: Sob, can't catch breath, Sob hystericallyHusband: JESUS are you going to be ok? Seriously babe, like you look all red, like you can't breatheMe: sobbing, trying to catch my breathbbinhOld sweet ladies are my undoingMare~Slitsread

    26. Strangely enough, I liked this book because of Kyle's journey towards making peace with his past, the relationship with his grand-mother and finding a different path for the future. The romance was unfortunately rather flat and unconvincing for me, not being fond of Ryan's alternatively 'lukewarm' and 'cold' attitude towards Kyle/Casey.

    27. The conclusion is not hard to figure out, nor are the clues along the way. Still, this is a rewarding read and a nice story.

    28. Wonderful book!! I has the right amount of humor, angst and romance. It also gives valuable lessons for life. Loved the characters, all of them!! Loved the narration too!!

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