An Admirer

An Admirer Kaeck is a poor shy mage barely able to keep attending University His life is work and school leaving him too busy to make friends Then one day fetching his mail from his school post box Kaeck f

  • Title: An Admirer
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781936202508
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook
  • Kaeck is a poor, shy, mage, barely able to keep attending University His life is work and school, leaving him too busy to make friends Then one day, fetching his mail from his school post box, Kaeck finds a letter from a secret admirer The letters and subsequent gifts do much to brighten Kaeck s lonely days, but even as he longs to know the identity of his admirer, he fKaeck is a poor, shy, mage, barely able to keep attending University His life is work and school, leaving him too busy to make friends Then one day, fetching his mail from his school post box, Kaeck finds a letter from a secret admirer The letters and subsequent gifts do much to brighten Kaeck s lonely days, but even as he longs to know the identity of his admirer, he finds his own admiration growing for fellow student Bellamy who in turn is enad of someone else entirely.

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      Megan is a long time resident of m m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internetderrmaderr.tumblrmaderrvejournallessthanthreepress meganaderr


    1. 4.2 starsI discovered Megan Derr only recently, and OMG her books make me deliriously HAPPY. Her stories are always wonderful, without so much as too many gimmicks (e.g. overwhelming angst, painful past or present life, abudant sex scenes, etc). The world where her characters areliving in is place where love is love, without having to worry about bigotry or religious preaches. No such thing as "being in the closet or the struggle to come out of it".*sigh*In this short story (only around 16,000 w [...]

    2. Loved the premise and the main character. However, I was disappointed that the twist wasn't more creative. I figured from the beginning that what was going to happen would happen, so I was hoping/expecting that the author had some complicated climax in store. But alas, there was not one and so it was kind of hard to really buy into it. But the story was nicely written. I was probably just expecting too much. I would actually like to read about this main character in a full length novel though, a [...]

    3. How do you do it Megan Derr? For a short story, this packed quite a wallop of information and feels. I have a special spot in my heart for the underdog, and this story has the underdoggiest of underdogs. Kaeck is studying magic without any family support, so he works for his professors and landlady in order to survive. He's surrounded by others who look down on him for his shabby clothes and choice or study (the history and research of magic rather than the more popular field magic). One day he [...]

    4. While I was reading, I had a feeling Bellamy was sending his letters and gifts to the wrong person. I still loved the book, though. I was angry at Bellamy for breaking Kaeck’s heart but hearing how Bellamy’s Master punished him for doing that to Kaeck made me feel better. :D Especially since Bellamy’s Master is friends with Master Selsor, Kaeck’s new Master, and told Bellamy to make things right or else. Of course, this being Megan Derr, there’s no smexing, just some steamy kisses. :D [...]

    5. What endearing story this was! Sad, because your heart will surely broke a little for how tough Kaeck has had it in his life, and yet filled with sweet anticipation, because, even though he doesn't know it yet, you know everything will turn out just fine at the end, and the only question is howEven though the story is short, I didn't find it lacking or anything, so if you're in a mood for a charming story about a mage getting his well-deserved happy ending and more, I wholeheartedly recommend th [...]

    6. 4.0 StarsThis was a wonderful short about Kaeck and Bellamy. From different sides of the proverbial track, Kaeck and Bellamy are a testament to the theory that opposites attract. However, Bellamy's pursuit of another and Kaeck's secret admirer relegate the two just being friends. And then everything goes tits up and and well, you've got to read it. But suffice it to say, it was wonderful in the end.Bottom line: I <3 Megan Derr.

    7. A gay fantasy story. Kaeck has a secret admirer - and you know, you just know it can't end well, not with Kaeck's crappy luck, so it's like watching a train-wreck in progress and your heart's hurting for him the whole story long because he's just so happy that something's going right for once in his life. Ouch. Well, at least Kaeck gets his happy ending and that's the important thing.

    8. A delightful tale that had me choking up towards the end. My heart broke for poor Kaeck, but luckily not for long. Only disappointment was not enough pay back for me lol.

    9. An Admirer3 starsShort, very sweet. Oh gawd, I so feel for Kaeck! Poor baby. I just wanna hug him and wrap him up to keep him safe. I love his spirit! Bucking adversity and moving forward. Gotta love it. This reads like a fairy tale to me. Kaeck –Mage. Third Year at Royal University of Magic and Combat. His field, research and the history of magic. Pauper. Geek (smooches).A country lad from Winley. Grew up in a small village and comes to the big city to study magic. A struggling mage. Keeps to [...]

    10. I actually really enjoyed this story even though it was extremely short. I had no idea who Kaeck's secret admirer was and the twist at the end was interesting. I will say that at some point I was about as upset as Kaeck was, and the fact that Megan Derr was able to draw that kind of emotion in a short story is commendable. I wanted to immediately buy the next story but was extremely disappointed to find that it is $3.99 for a 47 page eBook. I understand that a writer needs to make money and I su [...]

    11. I love these short stories that remind me of a fairy tale. In this story, Kaeck, a student mage, is struggling to manage financially while attending school. Overworked, underpaid, with low self-esteem, he starts to receive letters and small gifts from a secret admirer. When he finally meets the man of his dreams, (view spoiler)[ he finds out there's been a misunderstanding and the admirer accidentally mixed up the post office box numbers so the gifts were intended for someone else.(hide spoiler) [...]

    12. Lovely and well written!Ok, so you could have hit one character because he was such an idiotbut what makes it a good read is the emotional rolacouster! I loved the world she created and only wish the story were longer.

    13. You know, it was rly obvious and predictable but did that stop me from crying? No. It was easy to feel along the protag and overall the story was cute.

    14. Cute story, although a bit too predictable. I love this new world the author has created and I am waiting for more

    15. GoodIt's a very good short stories. I enjoyed the story and characters. I will recommend this to anyone. It's an enjoyable read

    16. Pricey for merely 36 pages, but it's alright, since I did enjoy it rather a lot. I usually like really long books and I'm a bit of a cheapskate, but Megan Derr's stories are brilliant, so I decided to squeeze my eyes shut and pressed the download button (I had to open them to enter my password, which kind of ruined the moment).If we ignore the ratio of money loss to pages gained for a second or three *throws tantrum off to the side*The summary really caught my eye because it seemed EXACTLY my fa [...]

    17. Sweet. It did not feel like a short story. It is well narrated and I like the world (I wish to read a full-length book set in this school plus magic). Of course, if it was longer, we would get to know Bellamy and confirm his feelings were true, not just for convenience.It was a bit obvious that the gifts were not for Kaeck (sorry Kaeck). I wanted too, like he did, that Bellamy were aware of him, but it was obvious Bellamy had an infatuation with the other guy. Poor Kaech, when he realizes it was [...]

    18. Derr packs a lot of sweetness, character, and world-building into this short read, to great effect.Kaeck is a hardworking third-year mage in the mage-and-combat school. He struggles to make ends meet and lives ignored by his wealthier fellow students. Then a letter from a secret admirer makes him wonder if someone notices him after all. Shortly after the first letter arrives, he befriends star combat student Bellamy. But while Kaeck soon realizes his feelings for Bellamy are more than those for [...]

    19. I'm always amazed by Ms. Derr's ability to create spectacular worlds with fascinating magic that I can just not ever get enough of. The glimpses of how magic works in this world with the embedding of the jewels and the bonding of soldiers and mages were my favorite bits of this story. The relationship itself was fairly depressing for a lot of the story, and very sudden right at the end. The world was fascinating enough that I found myself not caring as much about the relationship.Some Favorite Q [...]

    20. I have to say, anything by this author I adore. Her writing style is quaint and pleasing, her characters are sweet and well rounded whether the book is 30 pages or 300. An Admirer centers on a young mage named Kaeck (love the names she comes up with too) who has begun to receive gifts from a secret admirer. Kaeck is filled with confusion, doubt and finally hope that someone actually likes him while struggling with his feelings for another student who is right in front of his eyes. Although this [...]

    21. Main problem is that there isn't enough of it! It ended right when things got really interesting! I'd also like to have seen more magic. If you transposed the narrative to a modern, non-fantasy setting, no plot elements would have been lost. Elements of the world like mage gems and bonding were introduced but not really used. All in all, it seemed like an excellent groundwork for something that didn't get built up all the way.It is a great read if you want something quick, light, and cute. It's [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this story and want to read more of this world. I felt for poor Kaeck but was glad for how it all worked out. This is really just a beginning of a relationship but I felt the attraction and connectionA: I just checked out the other books in the series and am disappointed to find out we don't see any more of Kaeck and Bellamy. I would love to see how this pair fairs in their future of soldier and research mage.

    23. Kaeck works hard to become a full fledged mage. So what if he's poor and can afford to eat half of the time. He's determined to succeed and to hell with everything else. He's not looking for a flashy work of a field mage thought. His interest is more in a research. So why is the finest of the swordsmen even talking to him. It's almost like they're friends. But Keack doesn't have friends. At least he didn't until now. But maybe it's time for something to change in his plain and organized life.

    24. Short and sweet! A little ways in, you kind of figure out where the story will end up, but it is still entirely enjoyable. I like Bellamy and Kaeck both, but I really love the slice-of-life moments. Itwould have been nice to see a little more of K's interactions at the inn, or maybe with the other professors. verynice, though, and I lookforward to reading the others in the Jewel Bonds series. (They revolve around new characters IIRC.)

    25. This is a short story that was very well done. I could really feel Kaeck's character that is overburdened by work and school. Poor, struggling and alone trying really hard not to be rich, successful or popular but to do something he enjoys. The small ray of hope Bellamy brings is fragile yet you can feel how much it means to Kaeck. There wasn't alot of mystery to who the admirer was but for being such a short story this builds a pretty complete character that I really grew attached too.

    26. This was my first Megan Derr's book that I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.This bitter-sweet story was beautifully written. I fell in love with her writing style immediately. Even if it's very short one but it brought tears to my eyes at the end of the book. The story was predictable and quite cliche in my view, but the two main characters and their chemistry made it so special ( at least to me). I was so touched.

    27. Short and cute :) it's only shortcoming is that it was rather bland, nothing happened! And I laughed at rather inappropriate moments. . .Oh, and I would have liked more focus on the setting, and the whole mage and gem concept. It was very intriguing and I would have liked to see more of it!Recommend if you want a short, fun-ish, light read in between books. :)(and if you enjoy this genre, of course)

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