The Mistaken Masterpiece

The Mistaken Masterpiece Sophie Margaret Becca and Leigh Ann are back in an all new Red Blazer Girls caper In the third installment Sophie is nose to fist with her arch rival Livvy all while taking care of movie star Na

  • Title: The Mistaken Masterpiece
  • Author: Michael D. Beil
  • ISBN: 9780375867408
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sophie, Margaret, Becca, and Leigh Ann are back in an all new Red Blazer Girls caper In the third installment, Sophie is nose to fist with her arch rival, Livvy, all while taking care of movie star Nate Etan s dog, when Father Julian hires the Blazers to help him authenticate a painting Mayhem and mystery follows as the girls attempt to uncover the truth Oh, and, uh, SoSophie, Margaret, Becca, and Leigh Ann are back in an all new Red Blazer Girls caper In the third installment, Sophie is nose to fist with her arch rival, Livvy, all while taking care of movie star Nate Etan s dog, when Father Julian hires the Blazers to help him authenticate a painting Mayhem and mystery follows as the girls attempt to uncover the truth Oh, and, uh, Sophie s friend who is not a boyfriend, Raf, is back Here s another charming and engaging adventure starring these four every girl sleuths that s perfect for readers 10 up.

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    1. Michael D. Beil

      Michael D Beil grew up in rural Ohio , where he learned to milk cows and other important lessons He was a sailor, sailmaker and lawyer before finding his true calling in 1997 Teacher.Since 2001, he has taught English and drama at Saint Vincent Ferrer, an all girls Catholic high school in Manhattan, where he also wrote and produced Aftershocks, a play based on the challenges facing the immigrant families of some of his students.He lives in New York with his wife, Laura Grimmer, and their animals, dog Isabel and cats Cyril and Emma, and his complete collection of the Harvard Classics.


    1. Father Julian, the priest at St. Veronica’s Roman Catholic Church who proved himself invaluable in The Ring of Rocamadour, hires the Red Blazer girls in this third title in the smart, charming series. Sophie St. James and her three best friends/classmates at St. Veronica’s Catholic School on East 68th Street in Manhattan, now with several successful cases under their belts, agree to help Father Julian. He has inherited a painting supposedly by the famous modern artist Leonard Pomeroy — and [...]

    2. It all starts when Sophie's arch enemy Livvy accidentally breaks Sophie's nose during swim practice, then the famous young movie star Nate Etan (starring in the vampire movie being made from that bestseller, 'No Reflections') eats at Sophie's father's French restaurant and falls in love with the food to the point at which he agrees to let Sophie and her friends spend a day on set with him in appreciation. That morphs into him asking Sophie to take care of his dog, Tilly, for a few days while he' [...]

    3. The Red Blazer girls on another case! This time there wasn't a huge paper trail as in previous books, but more of a smaller mystery entailing fewer clues. I found it interesting but have to wonder if the audience this book was geared to found the convoluted resolution and cast of characters as difficult to follow as I did. There was more day to day stuff in this book, like the stories, but I didn't find it so distracting this time around probably because I enjoyed the dog sitting part! Still an [...]

    4. Sophie is having a great time she's enjoying school, has her best sleuth friends close and has decided to join the swim team. Then BAM! Livvy accidentally breaks Sophie's nose during swim practice. She thinks things are looking up for her when she gets invited to meet THE hottest actor Nate Etan and he asks her to watch his dog for a couple of weeksr money! Then, the dog turns out to be a menace and eats her shoes and valuable clues in their next problem solving adventure! The next problem to so [...]

    5. Of course, this book is a mystery book. It all started out with a boring old painting. Father Julian, a priest in St. Veronica's Catholic School, the private school that the Red Blazer Girls attend, ask the girls to authenticate a painting. Father Julian has a painting by a very famous artist named Leonard Pomeroy. Of course, nothing is at it seems. The Red Blazer Girls start investigating pictures from Father Julian's family and start to realize that something is amiss. The further they dig, th [...]

    6. Who on earth with a book that requires French, English, and other accents hires a reader who is so bad at these? I understand that someone probably felt that her voice was "perfect" for the seventh grade girl narrator, but every time the narrator's father speaks it's just dreadful, like an awful caricature. And that French father's name is Guy. Which is not like Guys and Dolls. Hint - it's French. There's even a specific point in the book (p.29) that mentions how impressive it was that someone s [...]

    7. I'm sorry to say that the quality of the books in this series seems to be steadily declining. This book, especially, seemed to be a virtual "Sophie St. Pierre" monologue, with very little action, almost no educational or historical aspects to the plot, and a much larger level of superficiality amongst all of the characters involved in the story (except between Sophie and Livvy). The band continues to be a boring and meaningless distraction, the dog "mystery" feels almost insulting in its lack of [...]

    8. I didn't get very far with this one. Some of that might be that the book seemed to expect me to know the characters already (it's not the first in the series, apparently, just the one GoodReads thought I might like). Some of that might be that I'm very skeptical about first person present tense narratives. The two or three chapters that I did get through had a lot of teen social interactions with no hint at all of a mystery. I think the social interactions were somewhat realistic; I just don't e [...]

    9. I adore the Red Blazer Girls. They're resourceful geniuses, & they're tweenage girls who are actually nice. The mystery in this one involves a painting that is a possible fake, & Sophie & the gang are trying to determine when it was painted based on dating old pictures. Sophie's also dealing with dog-sitting for a movie star (& that's not complicating her love life with friend-who's-more-than-a-friend Raf AT ALL) & trying to make peace with a girl who seems to absolutely hate [...]

    10. The Red Blazer girls are back in their third adventure, as they once again have to solve several crimes. The mysteries this time around involve mysterious packages, famous paintings, and a dog who just isn't herself.The Red Blazer girls mysteries are quick and entertaining reads. Relationships and storylines from the previous two books are continued in this installment, so it's good to read these in order. Tai Alexandra Ricci does a nice job of voicing most of the characters, except for Elizabet [...]

    11. The third in the Red Blazer Girls series, this latest outing does not disappoint. The girls are asked to help discover if a painting is REALLY that of a famous artist - and in find themselves caught up with a gallery that may be copying famous paintings. Meanwhile, Sophie meets a famous actor and winds up taking care of his dog, and discovers that there's more to her rival Livvy than meets the eye.

    12. I gave this book 3/5 stars because there was too much going on. Between meeting a celebrity pop star, dogsitting the celebrities dog, a masterpiece mystery, romance, broken nose incident and a band that played in coffee houses it was a little hard to keep up with. This book also got slow at times and I didn't really get into the book until the end. But the parts that weren't slow were very intriguing.

    13. I think that this is the 3rd book in the series. It is the first that I have read. For early tweens and teens this is a fun quick read. There are multiple plots and a host of characters that keep the reader interested. It was decent but not engaging enough to make me pick up the others in the series. Give this to girls that have read all the Nancy Drew books.

    14. I do like the tone of this series very much - like a chic urban Penderwicks. However, the mysteries are getting very thin and the puzzles are a little lame. Perhaps Mr Beil should try a different genre. And he should also have a hard talk with his publisher about the cover art which is not at all representative of the fun inside.

    15. Another great entry in the series--I hated for it to end. The narrator is so perfect for this series! I loved the sly spoof of the Twilight movies with the bits about the hot book and movie "No Reflections"! Once again I wished that I was a St. Veronica's girl and a Red Blazers Girl solving mysteries and hanging out at the Purgatory coffee shop

    16. Mystery good for middle schoolers. Female protagonist is a little hard to believe, but for children who like mysteries in series, this will do. Nice story, predictable, but fun. A new age Nancy Drew.

    17. I enjoyed this book which is probably targeted for girls in middle school. Their adventure is fun and interesting, with the girls solving mysteries and facing social situations. I'm glad I read this one, it's short and fun.

    18. Loving this series! Four smart girls, a taste of NYC, crimes that are to their level (nothing that needs the cops called in until they have it figured out, etc), depth in supporting chars and good life lessons. Altogether, sad that I have to wait for the next one :)

    19. Huge fan of the Red Blazer Girls! The Nancy Drews of the 21rst Century! Who wouldn't want to be a Red Blazer Girl! The mystery is well paced and has great plot. Very enjoyable book!

    20. I just love this series! I can't wait to recommend it to some of my 5th grade students! The dialogue is perfect, the plot multilayered, and there is something for everyone!

    21. This book is perfect for middle school age girls. The entire series fits well together. I enjoyed them all.

    22. I preferred the last two books in this series, which were a little bit less far-fetched and grounded in the everyday lives of seventh-graders. Still a satisfying caper with a surprise ending.

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