Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic - an Inspector Alastair Ransom title)

Titanic Curse of RMS Titanic an Inspector Alastair Ransom title This historical generational horror suspense science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror It is a Centenary retelling of the Titanic story to destroy all the false l

  • Title: Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic - an Inspector Alastair Ransom title)
  • Author: Robert W. Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This historical generational horror suspense science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror It is a Centenary retelling of the Titanic story to destroy all the false legends surrounding Titanic From a master of terror and suspense, according to Clive Cussler, author of Raise the Titanic, herein lies a compelling reason that forces CaptaThis historical generational horror suspense science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror It is a Centenary retelling of the Titanic story to destroy all the false legends surrounding Titanic From a master of terror and suspense, according to Clive Cussler, author of Raise the Titanic, herein lies a compelling reason that forces Captain Edward J Smith to scuttle his own ship RMS Titanic What dark secret prompts such an action on the part of a veteran, retiring captain on a ship s maiden voyage What prompts men a hundred years later to pillage the wreck of the Titanic What secret lies buried within the lost ship a secret that could destroy all life as we know it The answers are unveiled in April 1912 and in April 2012 and there will be blood

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      Aka Geoffrey Caine, Glenn Hale, Evan Kingsbury, Stephen RobertsonMaster of suspense and bone chilling terror, Robert W Walker, BS and MS in English Education, Northwestern University, has penned 44 novels and has taught language and writing for over 25 years Showing no signs of slowing down, he is currently juggling not one but three new series ideas, and has completed a film script and a TV treatment Having grown up in Chicago and having been born in the shadow of the Shiloh battlefield, near Corinth, Mississippi, Walker has two writing traditions to uphold the Windy City one and the Southern one all of which makes him uniquely suited to write City for Ransom and its sequels, Shadows in White City and City of the Absent His Dead On will be published in July 2009 Walker is currently working on a new romantic suspense historical mainstream novel, titled Children of Salem In 2003 and 2004 Walker saw an unprecedented seven novels released on the unsuspecting public, as he puts it Final Edge, Grave Instinct, and Absolute Instinct were published in 2004 City of the Absent debuted in 2008 from Avon Walker lives in Charleston, West Virginia.


    1. This is a book that I really REALLY wanted to love, because I was fascinated by the story line. I still think it’s a great plot, but the actual bookt so much, because I found it almost unreadable. It’s just not written well, and for that reason I was never able to lose myself in the story. Instead, it felt like I should be sitting there with a red editing pen to mark up the incomplete and run-on sentences; mismatched tenses; stilted dialogue; poorly placed punctuation; misused subject/object [...]

    2. In his most recent novel “Titanic 2012 (Curse of the RMS Titanic)” author Robert W. Wilson provides a new twist to the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Taking us into, not one, but two horror and suspense filled voyages, we’re introduced to a new blood sucking terror, one that threatens the very existence of mankind itself.Beginning in the shaft of a coal mine in Belfast, Ireland 1912 until one hundred years to the day of the sinking of the famed ocean liner, when the state-of-the-art, high- [...]

    3. What a fantastic story! Won't be a spoiler BUT The story constantly bounces back and fourth between 1912 and 2012 telling two different stories revolving around the same central idea: That secretly, Titanic was sabatoged and deliberatley sank with the intended loss of ALL on board. This thriller lets you read along as the 1912 team tries to resolve the mystery and prevent the tragedy while the 2012 team races to discover the cause and their own resolution to the problem. Bottom line, it puts a w [...]

    4. The story is slow moving, badly written and needs a good edit. I really couldn't get into it and like so many others simply couldn't finish the book. The story is a good concept, although for some reason I do find it a little insulting the way he's used the titanic to base this story. It would be fine on another sinking or another shipwreck, but one like the Titanic, which is so well loved and known the world over to suggest it was some monster spirit thing that sunk the ship intentionally and [...]

    5. Titanic 2012 is really two stories. The first takes place in 1912, in Belfast, Ireland and during the birth and launch of the Titanic on its first and only voyage towards North America. The second story takes place a century later as a salvage ship uses advanced dive equipment to get to Titanic as it rests two miles below the surface of the Atlantic. These two stories are tied to each other by a journald something else.If you know the name Dirk Pitt, and understand the acronym NUMA, then you'll [...]

    6. I only read 27% of this book. It was a free Kindle download. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this. The premise was quite intriguing and I really want to know where this story goes, but I cannot stand the sloppy writing any longer. In 20 minutes of reading earlier today, I had a mixed up pronoun (wrong gender), a character named Bowman was called Bowen, and the missing lifeboat vanished from the story completely (the missing people were now treading water in their wake). I've had enough.

    7. I initially attempted to read this in March 2012 and only got about 3% of the way through before I abandoned ship so to speak and refused to read another syllable. The opening chapters of the book describe of an expedition to plunder Titanic using divers, not submersibles. At the time, and not reading any further than the first few chapters, I was insulted that the author would think his readers so unintelligent to not know that at the depths that Titanic rests, this concept is pretty much impos [...]

    8. I wanted to love it, I really did. The story premise is good and I like the split narrative between 1912 and 2012. The technology the author introduces stretches credulity a bit, but I can live with that just fine; the book is fiction trending toward science fiction after all.All of the good ideas are wiped away by one key failing as far as I can tell: no editor. Or, if an editor was used that person was, well, not very good. A good editor could have easily cut 20,000 or more words out of the bo [...]

    9. Once again Robert Walker has penned a novel that defies categorization. In "Titanic 2012" he skillfully mixes historical, mystery, horror, and science fiction in a blend with enough depth to satisfy the hard core aficionado of any of these genres. Mr. Walker skillfully interweaves the early twentieth century perceptions of Alastair Ransom, his recurring, irascible, hard bitten detective, with those of David Ingles, a member of a dive team of tomorrow attempting to salvage artifacts from the Tita [...]

    10. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of your life January 26, 2011 Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic - an Inspector Alastair Ransom title) (Kindle Edition) Robert Walker once again takes us on the ride of our life in Titanic 1912-2012. Every page holds a backdrop to the suspense and horror that might be released again. He switches between time periods with the ease of a master, never failing to remember where he left us when he t [...]

    11. As many have said, the main problem about this book is the writing and editing. The poor grammar, confusing and repeating dialog, inaccurate historical facts and the infamous 1912 google all make reading it a pain. Even (or especially) for me whose mother tongue isn't English. I pretty much had to re-write the book in my mind as I read.Having said that, I did finish the book. The story concept is interesting and has its attractiveness. The interaction between characters are well developed. And I [...]

    12. First off, the genre. The author himself describes this book as a "paranormal generational historical novel of intrigue, suspense, and horror," which covers a lot of bases, but I would add one more: mystery. Walker starts with the premise that Captain Edward J. Smith scuttled his own ship, thereby sinking the unsinkable. But why? Jump ahead a hundred years. A dive team, on the centennial anniversary of the day the Titanic sunk, sets their sights on plundering the rumored myriad riches lying on t [...]

    13. One hell of a read! It beats me as to how to categorize this novel: alternative fiction, sic-fi, horror or psychological thriller. Forget the taxonomy. I was skeptical when i started reading it. Three pages and I didn't want to put the book down. An ancient parasites had resurfaced and made it's way onto RMS Titanic. The parasites multiples at an exponential rate and takes control of the host before it kills and use them as its egg sac. Only way it can be contained: sink The Titanic. A glorious [...]

    14. This novel is factual,mysterious and has a little science fiction all mixed together. It tells a story of what happened in 1912 and the 2012 expedition to the Titanic. In 1912 we have three unlikelyheroes Det.Constable Alastair Ransom and two medical interns,Declan and Thomas, they are devoted to a horrific enemy from leaving the ship. In 2012 we have an eight man dive team that set off on the Scorpio to make the first dive to the inside of the Titanic to find treasures from the interior of the [...]

    15. After reading the description of this book, "historical generational horror/suspense/science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror" I eagerly downloaded it and was certain I would really enjoy it. I really should have read the sample first.I have a hard enough time overlooking typos and incorrect punctuation, but bad writing is something I just can't fight my way through no matter how promising the story is. For example:"We've spoken. You called my iPhone.""Aye- [...]

    16. I'm glad this was a free ebook and I know why. Apparently we won't remember things unless they are repeated at least three times on as many pages. It's a decent idea mired down by ramblings and ping ponging non sequitir elements to up the word count. I'm 58% through it but it is getting frustrating to continue. The plus side is I haven't seen a wrong word (drinking Champaign) or lack of spell checking since chapter three or four.I finally finished. do I win a prize? I had to re-read several sect [...]

    17. Holy lord what a mess. Just in the first few pages the ships names are spelled incorrectly and it lists the order of building as Britannic, Titanic, Olympic which is exactly opposite the real order. If I can get past the historical errors, maybe I'll make it through to the end. The beginning thanks all the editors involved. I really think he should be calling them and asking why they set him up instead of thanking them. We'll see. Edit: I can't do it. Life is too short to waste time on a book th [...]

    18. Why do I always like a good Titanic story? My first and favorite -- A Night to Remember -- and the movie by the same name that we used to annually bore a new group of sophomores -- really? a black and white movie? how many days? but we already know how it ends! This version at least is different -- and I might have liked it if the contagion had begun and ended with Titanic. It's presence on Scorpio was just too much science fiction for me. I did laugh when a character in 1912 suggested using Goo [...]

    19. Really in this two books in one, you not only get the book for 2012 event of what happens, but 1912 event of what happens when Titanic went down. I originally got this book because like most people I loved the movie and have been interested in Titanic ever sense then, and I didn't read the entire title of the book, I just saw Titanic and got it not knowing it was about a curse and how Titanic went down on purpose. It was very interesting read but I couldn't help but go, no that's not right! The [...]

    20. I have always enjoyed reading about the Titanic and learning about this beautiful ship but after reading this book, I just don't know.It is so far out of the ordinary with the storylines but some of it does make you think "could it be real?"I guess after all the reading I have done of the Titanic I didn't like how this book painted Captain Edward Smith but on the other hand it left me wonderingI won't say any more as it could give the storyline away but I would say do read it and decide for your [...]

    21. I'm abandoning this book at around 15% in (part-way through chapter 8) because* the story idea is interesting, but it's taking a really long time for the book itself to get interesting. I haven't read the whole book so can't judge for sure but it feels like a good portion of the section I have read could be cut out and made a lot tighter.* the author has clearly done a lot of research but seems to be trying too hard to wedge all those snippets of information into the book. In particular, random [...]

    22. I found this was an interesting view on what could possibly have happened, a bit far fetched but probably easier to read than someone who was trying to make you believe what they had written was what actually happened. Spelling mistakes were dotted through out the novel which were annoying but what was of more annoyance was the over the top use of terms with technology, almost as though the author had been paid for product placement.If you aren't interested in reading truth about Titanic and und [...]

    23. Interesting take on the Titanic disaster. The alternating of story lines between 2012 and 1912 was an interesting way to move the story along. At over 500 pages I thought it was a bit too long and could have been cut by 100 pages. I would give it 3.5 stars but not an option in the rating section. I enjoyed the story but it dragged on at times and the editing was pretty weak with lots of mistakes in the transcript. I would read another of his books.

    24. This book had a great story premise,exciting, underwater action, suspenseful, intriguing. Since I'm a big Titanic fan, I found it interesting that so much history was woven into the story. Defiantly worth the reading time. One way I judge a good suspense is by whether I figure out 'who done it' before the ending. I had this one pegged but still liked it. Kindle edition does need some editing but all in all, an excellent read that kept my attention and entertained.

    25. I read this because any book about Titanic has to be good, even if it contained the list of passengers or a brief description of the behemoth. However, in addition to what I thought was to be another amazing expedition to the depths of its former glory, a story emerged that proposed that the reason for the sinking was quite different. I have already read the zombie version (Deck Z) and wasn't disappointed, and this book turned out to be enjoyable as well

    26. Got this for free on , and am grateful I didn't pay for it. I wanted to like it, and tried to like it, especially given the title. What could go wrong?The writing is cumbersome and the plot meandering. To be honest, I couldn't finish it.If MST3K skewered books instead of movies, they would have done this one.

    27. I wanted to really love this book. The premise sounded so intriguing, but in the end, I found it to just be mediocre. I felt like it was a little too confusing trying to keep track of the different characters and their relationships. The concept was good, but I thought the execution could have been better.

    28. Really excellent story, creatures that aren't exactly nice suck people dry, turn them to kindling and are now on the Titanic. I'll admit this isn't what I thought it was at first and I'm really enjoying this tale. It reminds me of a couple of sci-fi movies that I really liked a lot. I will note, parts of this book is definitely not for the squeamish.

    29. 3.5. I loved The X Files, so I wasn't disappointed with the paranormal aspect. I just thought it started too slowly, and fell just short of its potential once things went down, so to speak. ;) Still, most characters were well-developed, and I had a difficult time putting it down through the second half.

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