Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin

Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin On April Yuri Gagarin became the first person in history to leave the Earth s atmosphere and venture into space His flight aboard a Russian Vostok rocket lasted only minutes but at the

  • Title: Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin
  • Author: Jamie Doran Piers Bizony
  • ISBN: 9780802779502
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person in history to leave the Earth s atmosphere and venture into space His flight aboard a Russian Vostok rocket lasted only 108 minutes, but at the end of it he had become the most famous man in the world Back on the ground, his smiling face captured the hearts of millions around the globe Film stars, politicians and pOn April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person in history to leave the Earth s atmosphere and venture into space His flight aboard a Russian Vostok rocket lasted only 108 minutes, but at the end of it he had become the most famous man in the world Back on the ground, his smiling face captured the hearts of millions around the globe Film stars, politicians and pop stars from Europe to Japan, India to the United States vied with each other to shake his hand.Despite this immense fame, almost nothing is known about Gagarin or the exceptional people behind his dramatic space flight Starman tells for the first time Gagarin s personal odyssey from peasant to international icon, his subsequent decline as his personal life began to disintegrate under the pressures of fame, and his final disillusionment with the Russian state President Kennedy s quest to put an American on the Moon was a direct reaction to Gagarin s achievement yet before that successful moonshot occurred, Gagarin himself was dead, aged just thirty four, killed in a mysterious air crash Publicly the Soviet hierarchy mourned privately their sighs of relief were almost audible, and the KGB report into his death remains secret.Entwined with Gagarin s history is that of the breathtaking and highly secretive Russian space program its technological daring, its triumphs and disasters In a gripping account, Jamie Doran and Piers Bizony reveal the astonishing world behind the scenes of the first great space spectacular, and how Gagarin s flight came frighteningly close to destruction.

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    1. Had I not worked 16 hours straight yesterday, I may have remembered that it was the 52nd anniversary of the first manned space flight - Yuri Gagarin, 4/12/1961.Reposting this review in belated celebration of humanity's wildest dream.----------------------"After his flight he was always saying how special the world is, and how we had to be very careful not to break it.""A place that no one else in all human history can occupy. Number One. The First Man in Space."Yuri Gagarin has had a place on my [...]

    2. This became perfectly clear--I, as a person raised in the American education system, did not get enough world history. This is an unfair statement, come to think of it. I wasn't a fan of history classes. Perhaps they were not taught in a way to make them fascinating to youngsters. When I look back, all I remember was a dull skimming of decades full of names and dates with perhaps numbers thrown in. Now I take responsibility for not rectifying my lack of knowledge as an adult. I still haven't eng [...]

    3. This is the definitive book on Yuri Gagrin. No other book out there could possibly match the exhaustive research, interviews and access to key personnel close to the Gagarin legend."Starman" is truly a combination of feel-good rags-to-riches story, Cold War spy thriller, space disaster movie, rockstar biography, episode of Air Crash Investigations and a Shakespearean tragedy. Often it reads like a KGB informant just handed you a top secret document that you were never entitled to read - it's gri [...]

    4. My main quibble with this book is that it could easily be 200 pages longer. I suppose it is better to be left wanting a bit more than to be bored with trivialities, but Bizony and Doran could have given readers a bit more without suffering the slightest loss in interest. Their prose propels the story along quite satisfyingly, which in the end only makes the book seem shorter. Clearly exhaustively researched, complete with interviews of many of the principal people in Gagarin's personal and profe [...]

    5. I loved this book. It's well written and easy to read. It paints the intertwined stories of the life of Yuri Gagarin and the early space exploits of the Soviet Union without loosing either thread. It both humanizes people within the Soviet infrastructure while pointing out the bureaucracy, red tape, and failings of the system without getting political. Finally, it presents Gagarin not strictly as a hero, but as a man: "a pesant boy at ease with complex engineering equations; a programmed technic [...]

    6. A thrilling and often humorous account of the early days of the Soviet space program. Focuses mainly on the relationships between Gagarin, Kruschev, and Chief Designer, Korolev (Spoiler alert) whose death will have you sniffing and reaching for the vodka.

    7. I've always been fascinated by the early days of space exploration. I've read "The Right Stuff" and watched the film close to 20 times. But the early days of the Soviet space program have always remained mysterious. The great early strides that the Soviets made were shrouded in state secrecy mixed in with propaganda.This book first came out in 1998, but was re-released in 2010. It is a brief history of the very short career of the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin came from a humble backgro [...]

    8. Юрий Гагарин – човекът зад образа на героя на СССР: knigolandiafo/book-review/y Когато преди няколко месеца излезе биографията “Първият човек. Животът на Нийл Армстронг” на Джеймс Хенсън, я прочетох с голямо удоволствие – чепат човек е първият стъпил на Луната, и животът му хич не е би [...]

    9. An affective biography of Yuri Gagarin, first man to orbit the earth. It benefits from interviews with the likes of Gherman Titov, Alexei Leonov, and members of Gagarin's family. His story in many ways is similar to the stories of the first American astronauts -- an early fascination with airplanes and rockets, keen intelligence, huge ambition. Gagarin was cruelly used by the Soviet system, and his early patronage by Kruschev was used against him by Brezhnev, and his death was truly caused by th [...]

    10. This is a fascinating book that explores as much about the Soviet-era space program as the life and times of Gagarin. The authors pull in many sources, who would otherwise fade away in silence, and use these to assess some of the unknowns about Gagarin's life -- including his death. They build a compelling portrait of the personalities that made the Soviet-era space program successful, without coloring the tale too strongly from a Western perspective. When I got to the last page, I began to wish [...]

    11. Amazing! I've always been a little curious about Yuri Gagarin - the man who beat the US into the great beyond. He was just a poor farm boy who had a passion for airplanes and landed the opportunity of a lifetime - to become a cosmonaut. This book chronicles Yuri's journey from a childhood haunted by Nazi occupation to worldwide fame. Family stories, anecdotes from colleagues and friends, as well as information from former KGB officers make this book one of the most comprehensive and personal bio [...]

    12. Fascinating book! After all Gagarin did to leave everything unknown at the end was disheartening. A great book that doesn't necessarily put the US in the best light. But sometimes the truth hurts.

    13. "So there's a cosmonaut up in space, circling the globe, convinced he will never make it back to Earth; he's on the phone with Alexei Kosygin — then a high official of the Soviet Union — who is crying because he, too, thinks the cosmonaut will die."So begins Robert Krulwich’s NPR piece entitled, “Cosmonaut Crashed into Earth Crying in Rage." I couldn’t resist the title or the lead paragraph, both of which are based on Krulwich’s reading of Doran and Bizony’s Starman. I have slightl [...]

    14. I was about to start my trip to Scandinavia when this book got in my hands. I began it on the day when I got on a train to Saint-Petersburg. I am only mentioning this because the first part of the book portrays the young years of Yuri, describing his life in a village in central Russia/USSR. There is no better example to learn what Russia is about than to observe it from a window of a train. Small villages, big cities, railway stations, soviet charm, chaos and what followed after - behold the vi [...]

    15. Reading this book was a whole experience, first of all, I found it by chance, after reading a short article about Vladimir Kamarov's death and got interested on finding out a little bit more about him and "why he sacrificed himself" to protect Gagarin. I had heard about Yura's story before but never really wondered what his life was like. Well this book really shed some light in this great character and it may have it's flaws, but it did a good job telling his story and now I must say that: I co [...]

    16. Starman tells story Yuri Gagarin the first man in space and by doing so tells us the story of the start of the space race. It is easy to forget that the USSR was miles ahead of the US in the early years of the space race and had an impressive list of firsts. Which included first object put in space and the first man and woman in space. The author has crafted a well-balanced book that delivers both an entertaining and informative read. I entered this book with only cursory knowledge of Yuri and w [...]

    17. It was great to learn more about the life of one of my childhood heroes. As it often the case, these men and women we idolize end up changed (if not ruined) by the publicity. I finished the book feeling very sorry for this farm boy suddenly thrust into the global limelight. Quite an extraordinary individual under the circumstances with substantial flaws. In other words, just as human as any other person we'd call a hero.The prose didn't exactly flow. Very choppy. Especially when describing an in [...]

    18. Incredibly overrated book. The writing is of the style, "Gather around children, allow me to tell you the story of this legendary hero of whom you know nothing, a story which I have unlocked from the most secretive cave where you would be starved and tortured " and so on. No hyperbole is spared. No insult to the audience's intelligence. And that's just in the foreword. By the first chapter, Soviet hero worship stories are hagiographed as absolute truth. A Paul Bunyan didn't appear but a Goliath [...]

    19. A great read about a great man, much more interesting than Buzz Aldrin's book i read earlier this year.All three sections (pre Space, Space, and post Space) are interesting in their own way. Some really interesting parts early on, like a young Yuri taking on the nazis in the Second World War, and Yuri and his fellow cosmonauts racing to rescue a dog from an early space flight which had crash landed.

    20. This was an excellent book. Even if you don't know who Gagarin is, I believe that you would enjoy his story. And for all aviation/space nerds out there, I would consider it a must read. It's almost the Russian version of 'The Right Stuff'. Prior to this book, I only knew who Yuri Gagarin was, and what he did. Afterwards, I felt like I knew the man.

    21. The fast-moving prose of this book belies the detailed research and myriad interviews that went into telling the true story of the first man in space. Also a fascinating snapshot of life behind the Iron Curtain during a pivotal era in world history. Highly recommended.

    22. Nicely written, well paced, thoroughly researched and balanced account of Gagarin's life, achievements and personality. An insightful glimpse of the Soviet era and space race. The second half of the book slightly better than the first, as the availability of material increased.

    23. You think you know something about a guy, and it turns out you maybe know half the story. The early Russian space program was scary as f***.

    24. С огромно удоволствие, споделям впечатленията си от една книга, която спада към нехудожествената литература (което е малко нехарактерно за мен). Веднага, обаче, щом се появи на пазара, поисках да я прочета. Книгата за Юрий Гагарин. Бързичко си признавам, че зад желанието ми, о [...]

    25. This is an interesting book about Yuri Gagarin. Due to the Soviet Union being so secretive, data about the man is relatively scarce, especially his early life, but Jamie Doran has done a stellar job in getting interviews with people who knew him or worked with him. The book frames Gagarin around some of the major events that occurred during the space race of the 1960s. Some chapters focus on the rivalry between Mishin and the "Chief Designer" Korolev, the missed chance with the second Cosmonaut, [...]

    26. Yuri Gagarin is such a hero to many people around the world that a book which threatens to tell "the truth behind the legend" sounds intriguing. However it really doesn't deliver. Very few personal or verifiable stories emerge. By the end you have no clear idea what Yuri Gagarin was like. There is even little detail about what he did in the seven years between becoming the first man in space and his untimely death in 1968. What exactly was his role at Star City? How was he received on his PR tra [...]

    27. A very well written and especially well researched book about a chapter of space history that is surprisingly unknown. The writing is very accessible, and the interviews with people like Alexei Leonov and Gherman Titov really paint a good picture of the Soviet space programme during Gagarin's historic flight.My main gripe with the book is that it doesn't focus too much on Yuri Gagarin as a person, but rather about the path he took leading up to his flight and the months following it. I might hav [...]

    28. "It was Yuri Gagarin who called on all of us to follow the stars." -Neil Armstrong.I absolutely loved this book. What a fantastic look into the life of Yuri Gagarin and his role in the opening years of the Space Age.

    29. За съжаление доста кратка книга. Съсредоточаването в/у Гагарин води до липса на много контекст около руската космическа програма, който авторите са се опитали да добавят, но определено не е достатъчно.Също така на моменти книгата избива на жълт журнализъм, което е леко дра [...]

    30. Wonderful look behind the Iron Curtain at the lives of the brave Russian Cosmonauts and Yuri in particular. Humanizes them very well and shows you what they had to endure both in training and in politics.

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